Chobani Steps It up for The Super Bowl

Recently, Chobani has been on the fast track to success in the greek yogurt market. The popular brand is raising the bar of excellence with a new commercial set to air this weekend during the Super Bowl. The ad features a hungry grizzly bear ransacking a country store with a little Bob Dylan playing in the background. Two ingredients sure to mix well for a commercial on during the big game.

How it Matters

Animals seem to always be popular in a Super Bowl spot and who doesn’t love Bob Dylan? The third (and most important) ingredient that makes this ad a winner is its honesty. The voice over says, “It’s hard these days to find food made with only real natural ingredients. But at Chobani, it’s the only way we know how.”

It ends brilliantly… “Cup of yogurt won’t change the world, But how we make it, might.”

It can be hard to find food made with only natural ingredients. Even for a big grizzly bear. That’s why at Chobani, we only use 0% preservatives, 0% artificial flavors, 0% artificial sweeteners. 100% of the time. #HowMatters

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