Beyonce vs Bruno – Who Did It Better?

The Super Bowl is one of the most watch tv events in the world. It’s the final professional football game of the season and while most watching are interested in the game others are waiting for the commercials and/or halftime show. The halftime entertainment has been hit or miss over the years but it’s sure to get people talking one way or another. This year Bruno Mars opened the halftime event on the drums and then showed off some old school dance moves.

beyonce vs bruno

The Red Hot Chili Peppers then took the stage and performed “Give It Away”. Lead singer, Anthony Kiedis’ fashion may be in question but he gave men over fifty hope. Yes, he’s really 51 on and rocked the hardbody.

Last year, Beyonce performed at the Super Bowl and many thought it was nothing short of amazing. So who put on a better show… Bruno this year or Beyonce last year?

Bruno vs Beyonce


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