Build Better Glutes & Hamstrings with Yeshaira Robles’ Workout

Hamstrings and Glutes with Yeshaira Robles
In the beginning I was always a fan of upper body workouts. Lower body was a challenge for me, but once I started seeing a huge difference I fell in love with training my lower half. If I could train hams and glutes every day I would! We all know that’s counterproductive so I obviously don’t but I love training them that much. I like to go up in weight every set. That’s how I get those muscles stronger and more developed.

better flutes and hamstring training workout
I start of with moderate weight and push 20 reps then I go up a couple of pounds heavier and push 15, 12, 10, 8

My first set is a warm up.
I like to do 5 sets x 20 (reps) and then on down… 15, 12, 10, 8. Try this for each the exercises noted below. I start with 20 and end with 8 (20-8)

Standing Leg Curls 5 (sets) x 20-8
Using this machine makes me push on a single leg instead of laying down and using both my legs. My left is the weakest, so when I’m laying down I tend to use my right more. Since I’m standing I have no choice but to push on my left alone.

Laying Leg Curls 5 (sets) x20-8
I like to keep my feet together instead of having them far apart.

Stiff Legs 5(sets) x20-8
Get 2 10lb weights and place them in front of you, feet apart. Step on it with your heels out and your toes right on the edge. Doing this exercise gives you the extra stretch you need when doing stiff legs

High Leg Press Machine 5(sets) x 20-8
Place your feet on the top of the leg press machine with your toes sticking out half way. Come all the way down and push up with your heels. This exercise targets your glutes and your hamstrings

Since I’m going heavy each set I do not superset. You can superset all these workouts if you have all the machines close by and stay at a moderate weight and do 15-20 reps.

Single leg Press
Place your feet on the middle of the platform and come down and push up with your heel.

Butt Blaster

Always try to push with your heel.

Standing single leg Kick Backs
Using the cable machine.

Good Mornings
With your feet far apart bend over with your back straight and when you come up squeeze your glutes. This is also a back exercise but I like to use it as part of my glutes workout as well.

When I’m getting close to a competition, I do superset all these workouts and stay at a moderate weight always at 20 reps.

better glute training

I usually end with an ab workout that is similar to this…

4 (sets) x50 Crunches
4 (sets) x30 Leg Raises

Give my workout a try and hopefully it will help you build better glutes and hamstrings. You can find me on Facebook, twitter and check out some my tips and training on my Youtube channel.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.