Rowdy Ronda Rousey Remains Undefeated

Two Olympic athletes. Two undefeated records. Two women who respected one another. The fight didn’t go two rounds. Heck it didn’t even go two minutes.

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Heading into UFC 170 there was very little media hype, at least compared to the first time Ronda Rousey stepped into the Octagon. On paper, this was to be her toughest opponent and one many felt should have been the first match-up. Sara McMann was undefeated heading into this fight. She was an Olympic medalist, something she shared in common with her opponent. Sara medaled in 2004 Olympic wrestling and Ronda in Judo at the 2008 Olympics.

Ronda made quick work of her Sara and moved to 9-0 in the process. This was the third time she defended her belt but the first time she’s won by TKO. Referee Herb Deen stepped in and called the after 1:06. McMann was clearly hurt when she fell to the matt after being pinned against the cage and kneed hard to the liver.

What’s next for Ronda? Acting. She told ESPN’s Jim Basquil that she’ll be filming for the movie Entourage next month. She shared, “I wouldn’t be fighting again that soon so why not fill that time with a quick acting job?” Rousey has yet to suffer much physical damage inside the octagon and finishing fights inside the first round allows her to do things like acting.

Who will Ronda face next? There’s Cat Zingano however cat is still recovering from a knee injury and yet to fight since being sidelined. UFC president, Dana White confirmed in a post-fight interview that Cat is next in line to fight Ronda. Aside from Zingano there’s really no one else on the current roster to put the champ to the test.

The internet is all a buzz with Chris Cyborg (who isn’t currently in the UFC) dropping down in White to fight her however the UFC Prez isn’t convinced. He’d like to see Cyborg make weight and fight at 135lbs before bringing her into the UFC. Only time will tell if we see Cyborg in the UFC. In the meantime, Ronda remains on top of the world and one of the biggest stars of the UFC.

Lead photo via espn video.

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