Lewis wins in St. Louis – IFBB Figure Pro Results

Candice Lewis was in the shape of her life at the 2014 Figure International and despited missing out on the top three she wasn’t about to let an opportunity go to waste. She headed to St. Louis, Missouri and scored a unanimous win in the field of 24 women. Lewis’ incredibly tiny waist combined with just the right amount of conditioning propelled her to the win. If she brings a similar look to the Olympia stage this Fall she’ll be a threat for the title.

st louis pro figure

Dana Ambrose was back in the driver’s seat and back in the top callout. She was just on the outside of the top spots at the Figure International in Columbus but was back in the groove here. She scored a 13, one point better than Monica Labriola who was arguably at her all time best. Monica has nice shape and she found the right balance of conditioning to suit her frame this time around. Allison Frahn and Natalie Waples rounded out the top five.

Congrats to all the Figure Pros and to promoters Jack and Ann Titone on another successful event.

1. Candice Lewis
2. Dana Ambrose
3. Monica Labriola
4. Allison Frahn
5. Natalie Waples
6. Krista Dunn
7. Vicki Counts
8. Victoria Adelus
9. Julie Mayer-Hyman
10. Maria Sanchez
11. Jennifer Iritano
12. Leah Berti
13. Ryan Seely
14. Dawn Hinz-Pugh
15. Vera Mallett
16. Angela Coleman
17. Agnese Russo
17. Christina Reed
17. Gretchen Lichtenstein
17. Kim Clark
17. Linda Potter
17. Marcee Renee
17. Marci Colliau
17. Samantha Maycock

photo by Dan Ray

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