Noy Alexander Wins the 2014 MuscleContest Pro Bikini

The 2014 Pro Bikini field wasn’t the largest we’ve seen in the pro ranks but with three contests being held on the same day, one was bound to field fewer than the others. Despite the small turnout, the winner was no less deserving. Noy Alexander notched her first pro open win of her career in unanimous fashion. She was victorious last year in the inaugural Sacramento Pro Master’s division. Lissette Howard finished in second and Canada’s Jaclyn Wilson finished in third.

2014 MuscleContest Pro Bikini Results
1. Noy Alexander
2. Lisette Howard
3. Jaclyn Wilson
4. Tamara Haddad
5. Karey A Grabow
6. Ashley Pfaff
7. Lisa Roy

2014 MuscleContest Pro Bikini Masters Results
1. Lisa Roy

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