Top Fitness Pro Tanji Johnson Switches to Women’s Physique

Top IFBB Fitness Pro Tanji Johnson announced that she would will be switching divisions. Now before you get your workout shorts in a bunch, hold on. She’s not leaving the Fitness division for good. The Washington native is taking advantage of the wildly popular Emerald Cup adding a pro show this year. Tanji shared the news on her Facebook page.

tanji johnson

Excited and happy to announce that I will be making my Debut in Women’s physique in the Pro Division at the 2014 Emerald Cup on 26 April. I am NOT retiring from Fitness, I just want to represent the NW as we bring back a Pro show to the northwest (which has been since 2005). This is also going to be a tribute for me to celebrate the heart of our sport…Bodybuilding! I love weight training and being fit for life and going to have a blast flexing and smiling and influencing others towards a life of health and fitness! Thank u in advance for ur love, support and encouragement!

What happens if she qualifies for the Olympia in Women’s Physique, will she choose WPD over Fitness? I asked her this in a brief interview and she assured me, “I will definately be doing Fitness at the Olympia.” The 2013 Fitness International Champ shared that her training for this competition will be different. She said, “I will be training more like a bodybuilder, heavier weights and less athletic performance training.” It will be interesting to see what her physique looks like compared to this year’s Fitness International. When it comes to the diet Tanji said she it will be stricter and will implement more cardio to complement the change in training. She went on to say, “My plan is to come in my best condition ever (glutes & back) and then bring THAT package to the Olympia with a physique that I’ve never shown on a fitness stage.”

tanji previewTanji making her announcement online. 

Along with training for next month’s Emerald Cup she is helping train over 50 competitors who will be in the NPC portion of the show. You can keep up with Tanji on Facebook, twitter and


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