2014 IFBB Governors Cup Competitor List & Preview

The 2014 IFBB Governors Cup will showcase an open and master’s pro figure competition. The event will be held in Sacramento, California on March 28-29 in conjunction with a NPC event. There are currently 27 women slated to compete in the open pro figure with one Olympia qualification up for grabs. The Master’s figure has nearly 20 women entered despite there being no Olympia qualification for the win.

2014 Governors cup

The odds on favorite has to be Mallory Haldeman for the win. Mallory opted out of competing in the Figure International earlier this month and this will be her first time on stage this year. She’s a top six Olympia competitor and the one to beat. If she’s brought her back up a bit and can remain calm while posing she’ll be your winner. Mallory tends to shake and look nervous while on stage but has continued to improve with each show. Look for local California girl, Wendy Fortino to be compared for the win as well. Wendy brought a great look to this stage last year and should compare well to Mallory. The two squared off last year but Heather Dees took top honors. Heather will not be competing this year so look for the two of them to be the ones to beat.

Allison Frahn will likely find herself in the top callout but won’t have quiet the same amount of muscle in her lower body as Mallory and Wendy. Julie Mayer, Monica Labriola and Patty Zariello could also be contenders for the top callout. Krista Dunn will look to get back in the mix and had a great season in 2013. There are a number of women who could shake things up for the top five but Mallory Haldeman will have to be way off her game to lose this show.

2014 IFBB Governors Cup Pro Figure
1. Linda Andrew
2. Beckie Boddie
3. Nancy Bowlin
4. Tina Bozman
5. Jennifer Brown
6. Kim Clark
7. Vickie Dowel
8. Krista Dunn
9. Dawn Frenandez
10. Wendy Fortino
11. Allison Frahn
12. Jessica Graham
13. Mallory Haldeman
14. Danielle Kifer
15. Monica Labriola
16. Vera Mallet
17. Julie Mayer
18. Lisandra McGrath
19. Alessandra Pinherio
20. Christina Reed
21. Marcee Renee
22. Tamara Sedlack
23. Kim Seeley
24. Michelle Shepard
25. Bojana Vasijevic
26. Patty Zeriello
27. Emily Zelinka

The Master’s Figure competition will be a competitive group. Master’s Figure has proven far more popular than Master’s bikini. Many of the women in this line-up can and do hold their own in open events.

2014 IFBB Governors Cup Pro Figure – Masters
1. Linda Andrew
2. Nancy Bowlin
3. Tina Bozman
4. Jennifer Brown
5. Kim Clark
6. Kimberley Doehnert
7. Vickie Dowell
8. Krista Dunn
9. Dawn Fernandez
10. Danielle Kifer
11. Vera Mallet
12. Julie Mayer
13. Lisandra McGrath
14. Alessandra Pinherio
15. Christina Reed
16. Marcee Renee
17. Kim Seeley
18. Michelle Shepherd
19. Patty Zariello

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