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‘Too Fit’ – Reverse Discrimination at Planet Fitness

How far will Planet Fitness take their ridiculousness? The gym chain with over 5 million members claims to have a “Judgement Free Zone” but that apparently only applies if you’re an out of shape member. Recently, a California woman was told she was intimidating people with her toned body and was told to put on a tshirt. Let’s be clear, she wasn’t in a scantily clad outfit. No, Tiffany Austin was wearing a pink tank-top that showed her midsection and a pari of capri pants.

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Tiffany joined Planet Fitness to get back into shape after a car accident. She hit the gym for her workout on the treadmill but it was cut short when she was told she was violating the dress code. Tiffany was asked to put on a tshirt and she agreed. While waiting for the “approved” apparel she was approached by another employee who took issue with how she looked. It was then that she had enough and left but not without getting her money back and canceling her membership.

Austin said, “Really I felt like intimidated and harassed by the place that says ‘No intimidation.’” She goes on to say with a laugh, “I don’t feel like it’s anything crazy, but I mean you tell me if it’s burning your eyes.”

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The “Judgement Free Zone” policy claims to ban “gymtimidation” but it appears the staff doesn’t have to follow the same rules its members do. Shame on Planet Fitness for shaming Tiffany Austin and other members like her.

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  1. There’s no such thing as reverse discrimination, it’s just called discrimination.

  2. Jack Salz says:

    She was violating the posted dress code and ADMITTED IT. What is so hard to understand about this Isaac? The employees at Planet Fitness deny ever telling her she was “intimidating” anyone. Look at her, I believe you are smart enough to know exactly what is going on here. But kudos to you for using this woman’s “story” to get on your soap box. Well done.

    And based on the Wikipedia article you linked to, you are correct that there is such a thing as reverse discrimination. But unless you are saying that Ms Austin it in the majority at Planet Fitness, I am not sure that term applies here.

  3. Wow Jack such hostility behind your post. Why so angry?

  4. My 18 yr old daughter was asked to leave her home gym because she was “distracting the male customers” Total BS..She was so mortified she won’t go back. She was wearing Nike spandex shorts and a lose full shape t-shirt! She is toned and tiny. I have tried to speak to the club about it, but they refuse to even discuss it with me. They were even arguing with me about it. I am not one to argue with moron’s. So disappointing. I hope they don’t keep harassing fit girls. The management and staff need some classes on discrimination and a brush up on their Mission Statement to provide “a safe, energetic, everyone feels accepted and respected” BTW, this was the Derry, NH Planet Fitness

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