Hardbody Training – Great Glutes Workout

Hardbody Lisa Schimkat stopped by to share her booty building workout with us. Give this workout a try the next time you’re training glutes.

hardbody glute workout

Hardbody Glute Workout
By Lisa Schimkat – IFBB Pro

A typical glute focused workout for me will include super setting various exercises between weighted and plyometics to keep the intensity level high. I train legs focusing on hamstrings and quads on a completely separate day.

Warm up stair master 10 minutes: Alternating between forward, sideways, backward, and kickbacks to squeeze flutes and get them warmed up.

• 4 x 15 reverse hack squat
superset with 15 jump squats

• 4 x 15 close leg sissy squat on smith machine (toes on plate)

• 4 x 15 single leg dead lifts with dumbbells
superset with walking lunges 15 each leg

• 4 x 20-30 cable kickbacks, keeping your hips parallel the whole time and pausing the squeeze at the top

• 4 x 30 sumo lateral lunges with weighted medicine ball

Typically my cardio consists of a series of HIIT sessions on the treadmill or stair master; sprints, walking lunges with kick on incline, side shuffle, kick backs.

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Great Glutes Workout

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