2014 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Preview & Competitor Lists

Nearly 100 IFBB pros will compete this weekend at the 2014 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro. The women will compete in pro bikini and figure divisions at this event. The men’s physique competitors will also take the stage. Along with the pro competition is the NPC portion of the event, which always showcases some of top amateur physiques. Many of the top male bodybuilders will also take the stage on Saturday night for the annual guest posing.

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The 2014 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini is going to be a very competitive competition and the top five could go a number of ways. Currently, 27 women are slated to compete but a few favorites should rise to the top. Look for the defending champ, Yeshaira Robles be the one to beat here. Yeshaira has the looks, the body and posing down. She’s my pick for the win as she can go from sassy and sexy to cute in a blink of an eye. She’ll be put to the test with always improving Stacey Alexander. Stacey is polished and poised on stage and continues to bring a better look each time she competes. She could be in the winner’s circle is Yeshaira isn’t at her best.

Amanda Latona will undoubtedly be in the top five but where. She’s won a number of competitions in her career but has placed behind Yeshaira and Stacey in previous outings. She’ll have to be at her best to leave Pittsburgh with the win. I see her in the 3-5 spot but hey you never know. Rising star, Janet Layug has the looks and could be the one to shake things up if she’s on her A-game. Janet continues to improve her physique with time and while she’ll have a tough time with this line up she should be in the mix for a top five spot. Sarah LeBlanc will look to make it three in a row after winning in St. Louis and Orlando. She also continues to improve with each show and this will be her toughest competition to date.

Narmin Assria will try to hang with the big dogs on the East. She typically competes on the West Coast and fairs well but will it carry over to the East? She’ll have her work cut out for her to be in the top five. Callie Bundy continues to improve and could be one in the mix. Lacey Deluca always finds her way into the top 10 but will she be able to be in the top 5? She continues to bring in a tighter physique and if her booty is tight she could be in the mix. Stephanie Mahoe is a bubble girl who is sometimes in the top spots and other times on the outside looking in. Little details like her posing and tan will make a difference here. I like the look Pollianna Moss brings to the stage. A native of Brazil and now living in Hawaii she always brings a tight and toned physique. She should be in the mix for the top callout or two. If Jessica Renee brings the look she has in the past two shows, she could also be a contender for the top spots.

Anyone could bring their best and be in the hunt but based on prior showings that’s how I see things shaking out at the 2014 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini

2014 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Natalie Abrhiem
2. Stacey Alexander
3. Narmin Assria
4. Yarishna Ayala
5. Paula Lorena Bucio Moran
6. Callie Bundy
7. Alexis Burke
8. Angeles Burke
9. Taylor Jade Carroll
10. Maria Chase
11. Lacey DeLuca
12. Breanne Hensman
13. Joanne Holden
14. Belinda Kiriakou
15. Amanda Latona
16. Janet Layug
17. Sarah LeBlanc
18. Stephanie Mahoe
19. Pollianna Moss
20. Mylien Nguyen
21. Sabrina Nicole
22. Ashley Pfaff
23. Jessica Renee
24. Satrice Rigsby
25. Yeshaira Robles
26. Lisa Schmkat
27. Francine Slobodnik

The Pro Figure competition has nearly 30 competitors listed but you have to figure it’s Camala Rodriquez’s show to lose. Since she made the switch from Fitness to Figure she’s held her own in nearly every competition she’s entered. If Camala brings the physique she has in recent shows, she will leave your champ. Allison Frahn should be in the mix but will need to be on point with her conditioning to be compared next to Camala. I like Elissa Martis for a top callout in this competition. She has a nice look and if she’s on the money with her conditioning she could be in the mix for a top spot. Monica Labriola and Laurie Green are likely candidates for the top five callout but would need to be at their all-time best to leave with the top spot. Look for Andrea Calhoun to be in in the hunt, again if her conditioning is on point. Julie Mayer has found success in her last couple of shows an could be another name you see at the top of this group.

2014 Pittsburgh Pro Figure Competitors
1. Mayla Ash
2. Laura Belew
3. Laurel Bickford
4. Tammy Bravomalo
5. Jennifer Brown
6. Andrea Calhoun
7. Maggy Cambronero
8. Andrea Cantone
9. Jessica Canty
10. Edith Driver
11. Allison Frahn
12. Susana Garcia
13. Karina Grau
14. Laurie Green
15. Ryan Hays
16. Monica Labriola
17. Georgina Lona
18. Elissa Martis
19. Julie Mayer
20. Annette Mendez
21. Alissa Parker
22. Amy Puglise
23. Camala Rodriquez
24. Rinnah Schmid
25. Danielle Sereluca
26. Melissa Smith
27. Tamen Stuve
28. Katerina Tarabox
29. Patty Zariello

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