Yeshaira Robles Repeats – 2014 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Results

The New York Pro always showcases the top competitors in the IFBB Bikini division and this year was no different. The reigning Ms Bikini Olympia and Bikini International champ, Ashley Kaltwasser had been on a hot streak and seemed unbeatable, at least on paper heading into this show. Yeshaira Robles was the defending New York Pro champ and coming off a win at the Pittsburgh Pro earlier this month. When it came to the finals, Yeshaira and Ashley were the last two women standing.

2014 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Results

The results played out just like last year, at least for the top two spots, and Yeshaira retained her New York Pro title. She has natural stage presence and comes across as sexy and sassy without it being over the top. She adds a little cutesy smile and you can’t help but smile with the energy she brings to the stage. Yeshaira is the epitome of class and one of the pros up and coming bikini competitors should look to on how to present themselves. She has to feel confident heading into the Olympia later this summer.

Ashley wasn’t quite as sharp as we’ve seen her in previous shows but she wasn’t too far off what we’ve seen in the past. She seems a bit nervous at times when she presents herself and her posing/walking in heels could use a bit of work. She has an athletic physique but lacks the energy some of the other women do on stage. At this point in her pro career, I’d like to see her with a bit more energy and be in the moment when on stage. Still a second place finish is nothing to be disappointed in. She was second at this show last year and like last year lost by a narrow margin to Yeshaira.

In third place was Stephanie Mahoe. Stephanie was definitely better than her Pittsburgh appearance earlier this month. She had trouble with her tanning at some shows but it wasn’t an issue here. Stephanie didn’t seem like she was having fun on stage and her presentation was good but lacked energy. I’d like to see her with a bit more sass and enjoy herself rather than just go through the motions.

Stacey Alexander was a bit off from what we’ve seen from her in previous shows. She was tighter at her Pittsburgh appearance where she finished second. Stacey has positioned herself as a top five competitor in every show she enters. The little details have been fixed like her hair and makeup. If she sticks with what works on those all she needs to do is bring a tighter booty and she’s good to go.

Lacey Deluca was much tighter than we’ve seen in previous shows and cursed (or blessed depending on your point of view) with a booty. The only thing that took me back was how drawn in her face was. She’ll need to watch that in future shows as the drawn in face flies with bodybuilders but not so much with bikini competitors. She continues to improve and as long as she keeps doing that she’ll be in the mix. A top five finish in this lineup is a solid placing for her.

A few of my personal favorites…
I like the look Belinda Kiriakou from Canada brings to the stage. She ditched the excessive hands through the hair pose she had in Dallas but still needs to work on her presentation. There’s a timing to it and she tends to hit a couple too many poses and stays on stage longer than others. She carries a bit more muscle than some of the other women but overall she has a great look.

Antanique Landry has a look that separates her from the rest of the competitors. She’s beautiful and has some of the best hair in the division. I love that she went with the natural look versus straightening it. If she brings her legs down in size just a bit you will see her move up. She’s definitely one to watch in future shows.

Amy Updike has a great physique and I like that she doesn’t cover up her tattoos. If she improves her posing from the back just a bit she’ll move up in the placings. I like her potential and the more stage time she gets the more she’ll improve.

Sabrina Nicole brought her best to the stage and it may have been a bit too much for the judges. She has a rock’n set of abs and while I’m a fan of the look it didn’t resonate with the judges this time around. She’s a taller competitor so I don’t think she needs the super thick heels she was sporting but hey what do I know?

See contest photos here.

2014 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Results
1. Yeshaira Robles
2. Ashley Kaltwasser
3. Stephanie Mahoe
4. Stacey Alexander
5. Lacey DeLuca
6. Narmin Assria
7. Belinda Kiriakou
8. Angeles Burke
9. Callie Bundy
10. Vladimira Krasova
11. Antanique Landry
12. Anna Starodubtseva
13. Breanne Hensman
14. Francine Slobodnik
15. Jade Carroll
16. Maria Annunziata
16. Yarishna Ayala
16. Chaundra Bagwell
16. Danielle Carr
16. Marcela Cabral
16. Becky Clawson
16. Rachelle Dejean
16. Diana Graham
16. Joanne Holden
16. Amira Lamb
16. Jana Majernikova
16. Sabrina Nicole
16. Jessica Renee
16. Amy Updike
16. Nissan Weaver

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