2014 IFBB New York Pro Figure Results and Review

The 2014 IFBB New York Pro Figure showcased a number of competitors however the judges had their hands full with what they were presented with. We saw some women with more vascularity than the male bodybuilders and others who left you wondering where they had turned pro.

Heading into the show it appeared to be a three woman race with the favorites (at least on paper) being Heather Dees, Camala Rodriquez and Genn Strobo. Based on previous shows and finishes Heather Dees was the one to beat. Things didn’t quite shake out that way.

new york pro figure

Camala Rodriquez was better than what we saw in Pittsburgh earlier this month but still not at her all-time best. She had the best shape and symmetry in the show and that deservedly put her in the winner’s circle. She’ll need to be a bit tighter at the Olympia if she hopes to be in the top three. Overall not a bad show for her and she was head and shoulders above the rest in this field. Look for her to make it three wins in a row if she heads to California for the Cal Pro.

Genn Strobo appeared a bit over depleted and tired on stage. I’m not a big fan of the dark makeup around the eyes and it make her appear even more drawn in than she was. She has to watch her vascularity on stage especially in her shoulders. I know it’s a timing thing with her and she has a fast metabolism so one minute she can appear flat and the others she’s full and vascular. Genetically, she doesn’t have the same flow to her physique as some of the other competitors but has steadily improved since turning pro. She’s not qualified for the Olympia yet so we’ll see her on stage again. I like her with longer hair (like she had here) and her suit was gorgeous.

Laurie Green finished in third and has to be ecstatic with her placing. She was just two points away from finishing in the runner-up spot. I like the fullness she brought to the stage last year but it’s hard to argue with her improved placings. She has a noticeably downsized physique and the judges have been rewarding her new look. She’s was a bit smaller in her quads and shallow in her upper chest compared to Camala but held her own. If she continues to add some width to her back and brings up her quads up in size she’ll continue to be in the mix. Overall a great finish for Laurie.

Andrea Calhoun finished in fourth and continues to improve. She’s one of the shorter competitors but has great shape and hangs with the taller gals. If she continues to improve her posing and presentation she’ll be a contender for the top five in future shows. Andrea tends to present a little lopsided and lean too far forward when posing her back. She doesn’t need to add any more size to her quads and could have been a tad tighter in her glutes and hamstrings.

Beckie Boddie rounded out the top five. She brought a fair amount of muscle to the stage and a bit too vascular in my opinion. This was her highest finish as a pro. We’ll see if she can duplicate t his finish in future competitions.

Kelly Keiser showed promise in her pro debut with a sixth place finish. She’ll need to continue to add size to her frame to move up but overall a good showing. Elissa Martis has a ton of potential. She finished in seventh at this show and I wouldn’t have argued if she was in the top five. She just needs to streamline her physique a bit but overall she’s one to watch in the months ahead.

Overall the competition was a bit lackluster. Some of the women came in way too hard and overly conditioned. The judges should see striations in a Figure competitor’s glutes. A few competitors looked like they were ready to transition into the bikini division. The judges were faced with trying to place a field of competitors with a variety of looks. Yes, this is often the case however this show was more than I’ve seen in quite some time.

What about Dees? Heather was way off. She knew it and you could see it on her face when she took the stage. She finished out of the top ten for the first time in over 3 years. Earlier this year (in March), Heather placed second at the Figure International and the Australian Pro. The drastic drop to 14th at this show was a surprise to everyone. Something clearly didn’t go as planned. She’ll likely take some time off to regroup before the Olympia. She’ll likely enter a show before the Figure Olympia to regain some momentum.


2014 IFBB New York Pro Figure Results
1. Camala Rodriguez
2. Gennifer Strobo
3. Laurie Green
4. Andrea Calhoun
5. Beckie Boddie
6. Kelly Keiser
7. Elissa Martis
8. Annette Mendez
9. Georgina Lona
10. Andrea Cantone
11. Patty Zariello
12. Rinnah Schmid
13. Tara Chandler
14. Heather Dees
15. Diana Schnaidt
16. Maria Allegro
16. Laurel Bickford
16. Kim Clark
16. Laura Davies
16. Erin Ehrlich
16. Robynn Europe
16. Sidibe Khoudiedji
16. Elizabeth Maurice
16. Lisandra McGrath
16. Christina Mehling
16. Tamara Sedlack
16. Jill St.Laurent
16. Tamen Stuve
16. Katerina Tarbox
16. Magdalena Wilk

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