2014 IFBB New York Pro Women’s Physique Results & Review

Juliana Malacarne remains undefeated as a women’s physique pro, at least in New York. She went into the 2014 IFBB New York Pro Women’s Physique competition as the favorite and she delivered with flying colors. This was the third time she’s won the New York Pro and there was no question she was the deserved winner. Will she carry that momentum to a win at the Olympia this September? We’ll have to wait and see on that but here’s the skinny on this year’s New York Pro Women’s Physique competition.

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Juliana was a bit tighter at this show than she was in Dallas the week prior. It’s likely she wasn’t at her best in Dallas due to cancelled flights and delays getting to the contest. She had the luxury of not flying for this contest and it showed. Juliana carries more muscle than many of the other competitors in the division but dare I say it’s a “pretty” look to her muscle. She’s downsized a bit from last year and will look to get into the top spot come Olympia time in a few months. No disrespect to the other women in this show but it was Juliana and everyone else.

Shawna Pringle has to be stoked with her finish as this was her IFBB Pro debut. She has nice shape and a good look for the division. If I was to nitpick, I’d say I wasn’t crazy about the suit cut on her bottoms from the back. Look for her to be a contender in future shows.

Fabiola Boulanger took home third place and had a solid showing. She carries a bit more muscle than Shawna but doesn’t have quite the shape she does. When she poses straight on her waist looks a little wide but from the side / twisting poses she hides it well.

Olga Beliakova finished in the top five for the first time in her pro career and was improved from her Dallas appearance. She has some crazy baseball sized biceps and as one of the shorter competitors has to come in a bit leaner than others. She has a nice look and has fun on stage which is refreshing. No one wants to flat footed angry posers and Olga does a good job of posing on her toes, something more Women’s Physique competitors should do.

Mascha Tieken brought an improved physique to the stage and it paid off with a fifth place finish. She came in a bit leaner than she had before and it suited her well. If she enters more competitions this year you’ll see her in the top spots once again.


2014 IFBB New York Pro Women’s Physique Results
1. Juliana Malacarne
2. Shawna Pringle
3. Fabiola Boulanger
4. Olga Beliakova
5. Mascha Tieken
6. Gloria Faulls
7. Orlandina Balan
8. Eva Pogacnik
9. Teresita Morales
10. Jill Rudison
11. Sheena Ohlig
12. Karen Gatto
13. Alicia Spearman
14. Amie Francisco
15. Nahiany Berbet Nery
16. Ida Sefland
16. Tracy Weller

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