Saturday Showdown – Hardbody Preview of Toronto, Denver & Phoenix Pro

This weekend nearly 300 IFBB Pro competitors will be competing across North America. The Toronto Pro will showcase the largest field and every IFBB Pro League division. The Mile High Pro, held just outside of Denver, will feature the Men and Women’s Physique division. Last but certainly not least, the Dennis James Classic will take place in Phoenix and features the Pro Bikini division.

show preview

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This is one of the biggest shows of the year for the IFBB PRO LEAGUE and the first women’s bodybuilding event of the year. It will be interesting to see how the women show up. You have a variety of physiques ranging from the large and in charge to those who could be women’s physique competitors. Familiar names to the line up are Emery Miller, Tonia Moore, Nancy Clark and Melody Spetko. The winner goes to the Olympia so look for the women to be at their best in hopes of snagging the qualification.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Competitors
1. Nancy Clark
2. Roxanne Edwards
3. Christine Envall
4. Lisa Giesbrecht
5. Sherri Gray
6. Aurelia Grozajova
7. Margie Martin
8. Wendy McCready
9. Tananarive McGowan
10. Emery Miller
11. Tonia Moore
12. Simone Oliveria
13. Virginia Sanchez
14. Alana Shipp
15. Melody Spetko
16. Joanne Williams

If you’re going with conventional wisdom based on past events you’d most likely put your money on Trish Warren, Kizzy Vaines or Ryall Graber. All three have competed at the Olympia and done well. Kizzy always has a crazy good routine with insane flexibility. Ryall can bring a high energy, fast paced routine but we haven’t see that just yet this year. Trish has improved not only her routine but also her physique over the years.

Diana Monteiro won’t be in the top spots for the physique round but will have a routine that moves her up. Three women to watch for that could shake things up in the top spots… Vanda Hadarean is a world class athlete. When you see her routine you’ll know what I am talking about. She’s an Olympic Gymnast, yes those Olympics, and her skills are out of this world. She doesn’t tend to place as high as she should simply based on her physique round. Danielle Ruban continues to bring her routines to a higher level and has improved her physique. Look for her to finish in the top 5 and she’s always very happy on stage, which is nice. No one wants to see ANGRY FACES. The dark horse is Darrian Tissenbaum. She will have a routine that leaves people saying, “WOW”! Look for her to bring an improved physique from her last competition and a routine that puts her on the map.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Fitness Competitors
1. Marta Aguiar
2. Ryall Graber
3. Natalie Graziano
4. Vanda Hadarean
5. Amanda Hatfield
6. Nita Marquez
7. Dominique Matthews
8. Diana Monteiro
9. Kary Odiatu
10. Shelly Paton
11. Danielle Ruban
12. Shannon Siemer
13. Lovena Stamatiou-Tuley
14. Darrian Tissenbaum
15. Kizzy Vaines
16. Trish Warren

The Figure competition will likely be a two woman race. Ann Titone will be back to defend her title and Genn Strobo will likely be standing next to her looking for the win. Smart money is on Ann as she’s coming off a win in Dallas and had time to tweak things. Strobo is coming off the New York Pro and will likely be Ann’s biggest threat for an upset. Look for Andrea Calhoun to be in the mix and I really like Elissa Martis’ potential. If Elissa can pose her back just a bit better I think it will help her. I’d like to see her in that first callout if she shows up like she did in New York. Those are my picks for your top spots but as we all know anything can happen.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Figure Competitors
1. Leah Berti
2. Chaya Boone
3. Jennifer Brown
4. Andrea Calhoun
5. Maggy Cambronero
6. Linda Crossley
7. Laura Davies
8. Angela Doucette
9. Jolene Fonseca
10. Cydney Gillon
11. Erin Harding
12. Shawn Hecktor Lewis
13. Vera Mallet
14. Elissa Martis
15. Christina Mehling
16. Annette Mendez
17. Emi Perez Custodio
18. Samantha Rioux
19. Jill St. Laurent
20. Roshanda Schmitt
21. Giada Simari
22. Gennifer Strobo
23. Katerina Tarbox
24. Ann Titone
25. Zsuzsanna Toldi
26. Madgalena Wilk
27. Emily Zelinka

The defending champ, Ashley Kaltwasser will be back to defend her title. She’s shown that she’s not unbeatable. Ashley is coming off a second place finish at the New York Pro but don’t look for her to be out of the winner’s circle. I like Belinda Kiriakou’s physique and if she doesn’t “over pose” she should be in the mix. Gigi Amurao could be in the top five if her legs aren’t too muscular. Stephanie Mahoe finished in third in New York and will likely be in the top spots again this weekend. Noemi Olah is looking to get back to the Olympia but hasn’t found the winning look as of late. Sabrina Nicole will have some of the best abs on stage but it could cost her for being “too muscular”. Canada’s own Natalie Waples will have a large cheering section as she competes in Bikini again. Nat has the personality for the division but needs a little more booty to finish in the top spots.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Gigi Amurao
2. Maria Annunziata
3. Yarisna Ayala
4. Cynthia Benoit
5. Callie Bundy
6. Valerie Cantin
7. Danielle Carr
8. Denita Clark
9. Becky Clawson
10. Jennifer Dawn
11. Dana French
12. Breanne Hensman
13. Joanne Holden
14. Ashley Kaltwasser
15. Belinda Kiriakou
16. Natalie Mack
17. Stephanie Mahoe
18. Jana Majernikova
19. Nathalie Mur
20. Sabrina Nicole
21. Noemi Olah
22. Marissa Rivero
23. Francine Slobodnik
24. Anna Starodubtseva
25. Natalie Waples
26. Nissan Weaver

Look for Mindi O’Brien and CeAnna Kerr to be your top women in the Women’s Physique portion of the show. There are a number of women who have the potential to be in the top spots but my money is on it coming down to those two for the win.

2014 Toronto Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
1. Olandina Balan
2. Fabiola Boulanger
3. Jessica Bowman
4. Nathalie Foreau
5. Amie Francisco
6. Aurelia Grozajova
7. Leah Johnson
8. CeaAnna Kerr
9. Michelle Krack
10. Sandra Lombardo
11. Terista Morales
12. Colette Nelson
13. Nkechi Nwafor Robinson
14. Mindi O’Brien
15. Jill Rudison
16. Ida Sefland
17. Lise Thexton
18. Tracy Weller


The judges will have their hands full with a variety of physiques taking the stage at the Mile High Pro. Look for Rachel Baker and Samantha Jo Hill to be in the mix for the top spots. They’re coming off the Optimum Classic last weekend and unless they did something crazy in between then could be your top two again. Roxie Beckles has long, lean muscle but should make her presence known. If Carrie Simmons brings in a tight physique she could be in the top spots. Jacklyn Sutton Abrams won’t be the biggest competitor on stage but will hold her own in her hometown. Jen Louwagie could find herself in the mix if she brings her best. The 2013 Champ, Sara Hurrle will not be competing but will be on stage as the emcee. Sara is expecting her first child later this year.

2014 IFBB MILE HIGH PRO Women’s Physique
1. Rachel Baker
2. Roxie Beckles
3. Rose Brunner
4. Cinzia Clapp
5. Jill Dearmin
6. Jessica Gaines
7. Susan Graham
8. Samantha Jo Hill
9. Cathy Jackson
10. Candrea Judd Adams
11. Anna Marie Kam
12. Marina Lopez
13. Jen Louwagie
14. Meredith Mack
15. Delia McNeil
16. Marga Lee Overby
17. Antonia Perdikakis
18. Rita Rae
19. Drorit Silverman
20. Carrie Simmons
21. Stacy Simons McDowell
22. Jacklyn Sutton Abrams
23. Shelly Yamchuck

This weekend’s Phoenix Pro could go a number of ways but you have to look to Lacey DeLuca as the favorite. If Lacey brings in a tight booty without looking too drawn in she could leave the champ. I like Ashriel Osgood’s look and would put her up in the top spots but I’m not judging. I also like the look Amy Updike brings to the stage and she rocks the tats like no other bikini pro. If she’s more relaxed with her back posing she’ll be up there. Angela Marquez may not sound familiar and that’s because she competed as Angela Skeels. She recently married and will look to return to the top spots. Angela has struggled to find her groove since winning the 2012 Overall NPC Nationals title. Nikola Weiterova has a great look and gets the award for longest travel, making the trip all the way from Slovakia. No, it’s not a mistake that Krissy Chin’s name is in the Bikini line-up. This is Krissy’s first time on stage since having her baby and don’t be surprised if she brings a completely new physique and holds her own. Debora Goodman deserves a standing ovation for the rock’n body she brings to the stage. She is a mother of not just one, not two but SIX children. Yes, SIX! I like what she brings to the stage and how can you not cheer for a mom of six bringing a hardbody like hers to the stage? Karey Grabow has a good look for the division and has steadily improved. I like her chances for a top five finish.

2014 IFBB Dennis James Pro Bikini Competitor List
1. Sandy Avelar
2. Krissy Chin
3. Kelsie Clark
4. My Coustels
5. Lacey DeLuca
6. Deborah Goodman
7. Karey Grabow
8. Lisa Kelly
9. Angela Marquez
10. Stacey Naito
11. Ashriel Osgood
12. Caryn Paolini
13. Amy Updike
14. Nikola Weiterova

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