2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Results

Tamee Marie continued her winning ways in Louisiana tonight by taking top honors at the Greater Gulf pro. This is the second time Tamee has won this show and it’s her second victory this month. The win is her fourth title since making the switch from Figure to the Women’s Physique division. She beat out a competitive field and positions herself as one to watch at the Olympia this September.

2014 Greater Gulf States Pro

The bikini winner doesn’t come as much of a surprise to those who follow the division. Amanda Latona successfully defended her title; the win is her 10th in the IFBB Pro Bikini division and first of 2014. Amanda finished third at the Bikini International in March and had a third place finish at the Pittsburgh Pro in May. Look for her to make a run at the Olympia top spots in September.

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Bikini Results:
1. Amanda Latona
2. Sarah LeBlanc
3. Jenee Leger
4. Brittany Taylor
5. Desiree Niemann
6. Michelle Lewin
7. Marcela Cabral
8. Aly Garcia
9. Lisa Asuncion
10. Jade Carroll
11. Meredith Mack
12. Adrienne Crenshaw
13. Liana Hamilton

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Women’s Physique Results:
1. Tamee Marie
2. Leila Thompson
3. Karina Nascimento
4. Gloria Faulls
5. Shelly Yakimchuk
6. Mascha Tieken
7. Anne Marrie Kam
8. Alisa Alday
9. Leonie Rose
10. Rosella Joseph
11. Candrea Judd-Adams
12. Roxie Beckles
13. Heather Barbee
14. Evangeline Belton
15. Tammy Patnode
16. Joy Henderson
17. Jeni Briscoe
17. Hannah Hallman
17. Kari Hartmann
17. Marina Lopez
17. Sheena Ohlig
17. Dona Pohl
17. Elizabeth Schneider
17. Tish Shelton
17. Sabrina Sonner
17. Tracy Weller

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