2014 NPC / IFBB Greater Gulf Preview

Things will be heating up in Metairie, Louisiana this weekend for the 2014 NPC / IFBB Greater Gulf. The show, promoted by Luke and Robin Tesvich, has become one of the favorite events for pros and amateurs. The venue is close to the airport and it’s a very laid back, well run event. Once you’re done with the competition you take a short drive into New Orleans and enjoy some of the best food in the world.

greater gulf states

This will be the third year for the pro competition of the Greater Gulf and the 21st year for the NPC Greater Gulf States. Luke and Robin are expecting over 250 NPC competitors and 67 pros to compete over the course of two days. Yes, the show has grown so large that they’ve split it into two days. Competitors love this set up as the prejudging and finals are on the same day. Women are up first and the men’s competition is held the following day. It’s also one of the few events with a wheelchair bodybuilding competition.


I expected a few more competitors to be in this show from the bikini division but perhaps learning of who was in it scared some of the women away. Amanda Latona will be back to defend her Greater Gulf title but she’ll have a little tougher time this year. On paper, Amanda has to be considered the favorite for the win but it’s not a sure thing. Last year’s overall NPC bikini winner at this show, Jenee Leger will be competing as a pro this time around. She made an immediate impact in her pro debut with a win at the Dallas Europa. She has a similar look to Latona and don’t be shocked if you see the two of them standing next to one another being compared for the win. Amanda is at her best when she doesn’t stage on stage trying to hit too many poses and doing the weird leg cocked to one side pose. It was her stage presence early on in her pro bikini career that stands out. No need to over due things when you have looks and a body that do the talking.

Rounding out the top spots will likely be Sara LeBlanc, Desiree Niemann, Aly Garcia and Michelle Lewin. Sarah found success on stage earlier this year and I see her being in the mix once again at this show. Desiree Niemann is coming off a third place finish last week, in her pro debut, and will undoubtedly be in the mix for the top five. Michelle Lewin is wildly popular on social media but still trying to find her groove on the pro competition stage. Aly Garcia, who went by Aly Veneno in the past, should also be a top contender. She’s toned down posing and if she brings the same look and presentation to this competition she’ll finish in the top spots.

Long shots:
Liana Hamilton has the potential to be in the mix but needs, in my opinion, to go back to the look that worked for her last year. She’s been a bit fuller and too soft in her competitions this year. I like the look of Marcela Cabral from San Antonio, Texas and she could sneak into the first callout but it will be tough.

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Lisa Asuncion
2. Marcela Cabral
3. Jade Carroll
4. Adrienne Crenshaw
5. Aly Garcia
6. Liana Hamilton
7. Sarah LeBlanc
8. Jenee Leger
9. Michelle Lewin
10. Meredith Mack
11. Desiree Niemann

This is one of the larger turnouts for the women’s physique division. Last year’s champ, Tycie Coppett will not be back to defend her title and is focused on the Olympia. Tamee Marie will be looking for her second victory in a row and could do it. She just has to nail the little details like her tanning. The heat in Louisiana can often be a challenge for tanning and hair due to the heat and humidity. She’ll have her work cut out for her to take top honors. Roxie Beckles, Sheena Ohlig, Leonie Rose, Mascha Tieken and Karina Nascimento are all names that jump out as contenders. There are a variety of physiques in this competition but look for the women with long and lean muscle to rise to the top.

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
1. Alisa Alday
2. Heather Barbee
3. Roxie Beckles
4. Evangeline Belton
5. Jeni Briscoe
6. Gloria Faulls
7. Hannah Hallman
8. Kari Hartman
9. Joy Henderson
10. Rosella Joseph
11. Candrea Judd Adams
12. Anne Marie Kam
13. Marina Lopez
14. Tamee Marie
15. Karina Nascimento
16. Sheena Ohlig
17. Tammy Patnode
18. Dona Pohl
19. Leonie Rose
20. Elizabeth Schneider
21. Tish Shelton
22. Sabrina Sonner
23. Leila Thompson
24. Mascha Tieken
25. Tracy Weller
26. Shelly Yakimchuk

The women’s competition takes place on Friday, June 20, 2014. The men will compete on Saturday. This is the case for both pro and amateur competitions.

FINALS: 6:30 pm

Best Western Landmark Hotel
2601 Severn Ave
Metairie, LA

For tickets and more info visit npcggs.com.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.