9 Bodybuilding & Fitness Events to Watch This Weekend

There are nine NPC competitions taking place this weekend across the U.S. The Greater Gulf States kicked things off yesterday with its two day event. IFBB Pros Tracey Greenwood, Adela Garcia and Bill Wilmore are putting on their promoter’s hat this weekend for their own events. One of the biggest events will be the Bev Francis Atlantic States. The New York show always draws some of the best new competitors not only from the East coast but across the US. All the best to the competitors who have trained for this weekend.

this weekend

Greater Gulf States
New Orleans, LA

Philadelphia/Tracey Greenwood Classic
Philadelphia, PA

Adela Garcia Classic
Pfiguerville, TX

Bev Francis Atlantic States
New York, NY

Minnesota State Championships
Minneapolis, MN

Mid Florida Classic
Orlando, FL

Indiana State Championships
Anderson, IN

Bill Wilmore Ultimate Classic
Hollywood, FL

Team Gro Gladiator Classic
Lynwood, WA

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