2014 IFBB Golden State Pro Competitor Lists

This weekend in Sacramento, California marks one of the last remaining shows before the Olympia. The winner of each division will qualify for the 2014 Olympia and those placing second through fifth will collect points towards the Olympia Point Series. The show will take place on Saturday, August 2, 2014 at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium.

There are a number of women looking to not only win but place high enough to collect points and punch their ticket to the Olympia. Look for Roxie Beckles, Loan Leonard, Karin Hobbs, Heather Grace, Jennifer Robinson and Carrie Simmons to be your likely top six. Jillian Reville is returning to the stage for the first time since heart surgery. Jennifer Robinson is the only woman qualified for the Olympia in this lineup.

2014 IFBB Golden State Pro Competitor Lists

2014 IFBB Golden State Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
1. Roxie Beckles
2. Heather Grace
3. Karin Hobbs
4. Leah Johnson
5. Candrea Judd Adams
6. Loan Leonard
7. Jodi Marchuck
8. Akane Nigro-Ismeal
9. Claire O’Connell
10. Jillian Reville
11. Jennifer Robinson
12. Carrie Simmons
13. Patriciia Wood

2014 IFBB Golden State Pro Master’s Women’s Physique Competitors
1. Karin Hobbs
2. Cathy Jackson
3. Candrea Judd Adams
4. Claire O’Connell

Toney Freeman, Johnnie Jackson, Essa Obaid are your likely top three in the men’s division. Look for William Bonac, An Nguyen, Akin Williams and JoJo Ntiforo to be in the mix for the top spots. While the lineup isn’t the deepest we’ve seen it will be competitive for the top spots.

2014 IFBB Golden State Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Competitors
1. Santana Anderson
2. Mohamed Ali Bannout
3. William Bonac
4. Toney Freeman
5. Johnnie Jackson
6. Kenneth Jackson
7. Manuel Lomeli
8. An Nguyen
9. Jojo Ntiforo
10. Essa Obaid
11. Manuel Romero
12. Akim Williams
13. Brian Yerskey

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