IKEA asks “Have you been working out?”

ikea motivational mirror

Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA is taking the kill people with kindness and flattery approach with their new “motivational mirror”. Their Youtube channel featured the video below with the message, “With well over two-thirds of Britons claiming image insecurity and self-doubt, IKEA have today announced the launch of the ‘Motivational Mirror’ – bestowing personalised compliments to provide the nation with a much needed morale boost.”

Who doesn’t enjoy a compliment?

According to IKEA, they discovered…
• 49% of Brits receive no compliments in an average week
• 43.6 million people in the UK are self-critical about their appearance
• 33% of the nation feel they look their worst before 9am on a Monday morning
• IKEA trials ‘Motivational Mirror’ to raise the nation’s egos

Myriam Ruffo, Head of Bedrooms and Bathrooms, IKEA UK & Ireland said:

“We all know how that first look in the bathroom or bedroom mirror can determine whether we have a good or bad day. That’s why we thought – wouldn’t it be great if the mirror actually told you something positive for a change!

“It’s often the small things that make the biggest difference – something that became evident in our recently published Life at Home report which studied how Britons feel in the morning. We believe that starting the day positively, by having a good night’s sleep, quality time with loved ones, or a boost to our self-esteem, will have knock-on effects that shape not only the mood of the individual, but that of the nation.”

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.