Reebok Encourages You to Live Free Range

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live free range

Reebok released a new commercial yesterday and it features a chicken. Not exactly the star athlete you might expect to appear in a running ad. The spot starts with a chicken breaking free from its cage (which resembles a prison cell) and going on the run. Despite the cliché chicken crossing the road part of the ad, it’s pretty amusing and held my attention throughout. It’s not often you find yourself watching an ad from start to finish, especially one that is over a minute long. The Reebok “Live Free Range” ad has only been up a day but more than 600,000 people have watched it.


Free Range celebrates the kind of fitness we believe in here at Reebok. Watch as our hero breaks free from a life of monotony in search of an inspiring, life-long approach to physical activity. Find out more at or join the conversation with #LiveFreeRange. reports that the Reebok spot was created by their agency Venables Bell & Partners and will be part of #liveFreeRange campaign.

Live Free Range Chicken

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