Katy Perry’s Halftime Show – Love it or Hate it?

katy perry rides a tiger or lion
The people who sit by their TVs and watch the Super Bowl Halftime show instead of getting another snack or walking the dog want to be entertained. They’ve grown to expect larger than life performances and why wouldn’t they? It’s the biggest day in American football and one of the few times people choose to watch commercials. The halftime show is no different. Most people genuinely want to like it before it starts. Sure there are a few “haters” who will think it sucks no matter what happens but that’s the case in anything.

So what about this year? Did Katy Perry deliver or did it fall flatter than a Patriots ball in a playoff game? We’ve seen comments range from YOU ROCKED to THAT SUCKED and everything in between.

One debate was did Katy ride in on a lion or was it a tiger? The verdict is still out. The question we want to know is where does that feline end up and how can we get a ride on it? Seriously.

Missy Elliott seemed to be a hit with most who watched it, especially those 90s kids. The younger generation watching it may not understand the excitement their elders had for seeing Missy on stage but that’s to be expected. Just chalked that up to #oldPeopleProblems.

Hardbody Poll – Katy Perry’s Halftime Show – Love it or Hate it? Cast your vote.

The dancing sharks were more memorable that most of the commercials even if it felt like you were watching a Barnie meets Sharknado mashup on acid.

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