Arnold 2015 Bikini International Results

Bikini International
Ashley Kaltwasser became the first back-to-back Bikini International Champion. “I’ve been building this body my whole life,” Ashley told Arnold when interviewed after her win. Many people, myself included, had Canada’s own Justine Munro winning the show. Justine brought her best physique and one that was balanced from head to toe. She has one of the best booties in the division and presents herself with class. Ashley has a great physique but doesn’t present it as well as some of the other women. The presentation should play a part in it but hey what can you say, she’s the champ for the second year in a row. Coming in third was a favorite to win it heading into the show, Janet Layug. Janet wasn’t quite as full and sharp as she was at the 2014 Olympia where she took second to Ashley. Rounding out the top 6 was India Paulino, Stephanie Mahoe and Narmin Assria. India ditched the yellow bikini and opted for the black suit again. Stephanie Mahoe established herself as a top contender and Narmin showed an improved physique to land her in the top 6.

Arnold 2015 Bikini International Results
Placing – Name – Score
1. Ashley Kaltwasser – 6
2. Justine Munro – 12
3. Janet Layug – 13
4. India Paulino – 21
5. Stephanie Mahoe – 24
6. Narmin Assria – 30
7. Noemi Olah – 35
8. Sarah LeBlanc – 41
9. Nicole Ankney – 46
10. Bianca Berry – 51
11 Anna Starodubtseva – 53
12. Sarah Back – 64
13. Noy Alexander – 68
14. Christina Strom Fjaere – 69
15. Kenea Yancey – 70


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