2015 FIBO POWER – IFBB Pro Show Canceled


The 2015 IFBB FIBO POWER Pro show has been canceled. On March 30th the promotion posted on Facebook that SCITEC Nutrition would be the new sponsor for the show and confirmed that three of their (the title sponsor) athletes would be competing. Yesterday, the promotion provided an update  that read (translated via Bing), “Not good news, many of you will be disappointed. We must unfortunately cancel the FIBO POWER night session. The reason: Some athletes can not start. Therefore the planned field not coming together. Since we make no half measures, we have decided to cancel the FIBO POWER night session completely. Because we think: where FIBO POWER is on it, should be in there also, FIBO POWER. Those who have already bought a ticket, refunded the entry of tickets.de of course. With the purchased ticket for the evening event you will receive free access to FIBO POWER continue to 2015.”

While a refunded ticket is great what about the competitors who trained weeks/months for the show? I’m not quite sure what “some athletes can not start” means but it’s horrible news for those who dieted their asses off to compete. It doesn’t matter if it was one or a hundred. If a show is on the schedule a competitor shouldn’t have to stress over if it is going to get canceled or not due to not enough people showing up. Is it the competitors’ fault that only a few people decided to compete? Not so much. Competitors should be pissed and so should fans.

The FIBO POWER Night session was slated to qualify one person for the Olympia in the Men’s Bodybuilding division. While this event didn’t feature any of the women’s pro events it is of concern when a pro show is canceled. It’s even more troubling when it’s canceled one week out from the competition.

The expo and other events will still take place.

FIBO POWER 2015 – Europe’s Biggest Meeting Point for the Bodybuilding, Weight Training and Martial Arts Community
2 February 2015

Comeback: the FIBO POWER Night Session returns
It’s back! The FIBO POWER Night Session will be the highlight of FIBO POWER 2015. Once FIBO had struck a deal with main sponsor Liftag late in 2014, a decision was made rapidly. Professional, competitive bodybuilding would come back to FIBO POWER. This year’s Night Session will focus on IFBB Pro Men’s Bodybuilding and the DBFV Amateur Bikini Cup sponsored by Olimp. The Night Session powered by Liftag will be staged on FIBO’s Saturday, 11 April 2015. Athletes interested in participating in the IFBB Pro competition should contact the IFBB Professional League to register, while female athletes interested in the Bikini Cup should get in touch directly with the DBFV.

Prejudging in the morning
IFBB Pro Men’s BB prejudging event will take place during the trade fair, on the new “Liftag Stage” in Hall 4.2 at 9:30 am on Saturday. Directly afterwards, all fans are invited to watch the Bikini women’s qualifying rounds in Hall 10.2 at 11:45 am.

Feminine aesthetics and defined muscles: see the finalists at the Kristallsaal
Starting at 6:00 pm, those who prevailed in prejudging will get a chance to triumph as the winners of the Night Session. Dennis “The Menace” James and Markus Rühl will serve as the hosts of the show at the Kristallsaal at the Exhibition Centre Cologne. During the first round of the IFBB Pro Men’s BB competition at 7:00 pm, all finalists will perform the compulsory poses and the group posedown. Starting at 7:45 pm, the victor of the DBFV Bikini Cup will be determined through individual performances and the T-walk. The evening’s highlight will follow at 8:15 pm: the final round of the IFBB Pro Men’s Bodybuilding competition. The champion of this event will qualify for Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas.

All visitors are welcome to watch prejudging free of charge. Tickets for the finals during the Night Session are available in a range of price categories. For those who want more, the VIP Ticket adds the option of attending the Meet the Champs autograph signing session, plus free admission to FIBO/FIBO POWER on all four days and the 30 Years of FIBO Party (after the Night Session on FIBO’s Saturday).

All tickets can be booked by visiting http://fibopower.tickets.de/de/events/5818-FIBO_POWER_Night_Session_Liftag


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