8x Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray in Adam Sandler’s New Movie

Lenda Murray Movie
Fans of bodybuilding refer to Lenda Murray as an icon and legend. She’s an eight-time Ms. Olympia champion known for feminine muscularity and upbeat attitude. She’s often referred to as the greatest female bodybuilder of all-time despite her adversary Iris Kyle having won more titles (ten). Lenda retired from competition years ago but that hasn’t stopped her from working out and leading a healthy lifestyle.

The champ has been sharing her latest project on social media and you can sense her enthusiasm in every post. The project? A role in a movie. Adam Sandler is currently filming a new movie in New Mexico called “The Ridiculous Six”. It’s described as a spoof on “The Magnificent Seven” and bring produced for Netflix. The cast includes the Sandman himself, Terry Crews, Nick Nolte, Steve Bucemi, Vanilla Ice and may more.

According to Lenda’s social media posts, her role is the mother to Terry Crews’ character in the film. “LIGHTS….. CAMERA….. ACTION. I’m ready for my close up. This has been an awesome experience,” Lenda shared on her Facebook page.

When she finished filming Lenda posted, “What an Amazing experience! Thank you Adam Sandler for the opportunity to hang out with an Incredible cast. You treated ALL like Box Office Stars.”

On my way to Hair and Makeup for my role as a mother to one of the stars. I'm having a blast.

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