HARDBODY POLL: Baddest Bitch in the Gym – Offensive?

baddest bitch

When Dana Linn Bailey’s cover of Muscular Development hit the web most people were impressed that the magazine took a chance on putting a female on the cover. Not just a female but one with muscle and by herself. Most people have no issue with that, although I’m sure there’s someone complaining about some dude not getting a cover and how dare they put a woman on the cover.

What’s ruffling a few feathers (not DLB’s mind you) is how the magazine refer to her as. The cover calls her the “Baddest Bitch in the gym” and the opening spread inside does the same. Is it offensive? Most seem to feel that if Dana isn’t offended by it why should you? Others think referring to a woman as a bitch is offensive and should never be done much less put on a magazine cover. Join the conversation on twitter and Facebook.


Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.