2015 Arnold Brazil Bodybuilding & Fitness Preview Plus Prize Money

2015 Arnold Classic Brazil
The 3rd annual Arnold Classic Brazil will take place on Saturday May 30th in Rio de Janiero. The IFBB Pro portion of the weekend is an invite only competition and it has shaped up to be one the best line-ups of the year. The IFBB Pro League event features Men’s Open Bodybuilding and Fitness. Bethany Wagner, the defending champ, and Ryall Graber the inaugural champ are both in the line up looking to become the first 2x winner in Pro Fitness. The buzz is around Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay in the men’s competition but there are a number of competitors who could take the top spot.

Tanji Johnson will be making her first appearance in Brazil and could shake things up in the top spots. It will largely come down to how conditioned she is and be in the top spots for the physique round. Bethany can repeat if she brings a solid routine to the stage. Look for her to go back to the Hot for Teacher routine instead of the Wicked Witch she did at the Arnold in Columbus. It will likely be Bethany, Michelle, Tanji and Ryall to be in the top spots for the physique round if they are all on the A-Game. Regiane has been placing higher in the physique rounds lately but I don’t see it other than she brings better conditioning than most. Ryall has to bring a conditioned physique if she wants to be in the top spots. She’ll likely be in the 3-4 range with her routine score. Regiane Da Silva has shown she’s a threat for a top spot in every show she enters. She will likely score high in the routine round and don’t be shocked if you see her finish in the top three. Marta Aguair has a great routine and if she can move up a bit in the physique portion of the show she could be in the top spots. Michelle Blank is coming off a win and will look to make it two in a row. She’s improved her physique presentation and routine so she could be up in the mix. Ashley Sebera will have her work cut out for her in this line up and may be have to settle with being happy to be there.

Marta Aguiar
Michelle Blank
Regiane Da Silva
Ryall Graber
Tanji Johnson
Ashley Sebera
Bethany Wagner

2015 ARNOLD BRAZIL PRIZE MONEY: Fitness ($16,000)
1st Place – $6,000
2nd Place – $3,500
3rd Place – $2,000
4th Place – $1,500
5th Place – $1,000
6th Place – $1,000
7th Place – $1,000

My Predictions:
1. Bethany Wagner
2. Regiane Da Silva
3. Tanji Johnson
4. Michelle Blank
5. Ryalla Graber
6. Marta Aguiar
7. Ashley Sebera

This show is stacked! The only show with a better line up this year will be the Olympia. While there are only 10 guys in the show, they are ten top notch competitors. It’s not like the 10 we saw in California earlier this month where you’re wondering who was who. These are familiar names that will have the fans following along to see who comes out on top. It’s no secret that Arnold loves Cedric’s physique but Rio hasn’t been the kindest place for McMillan to compete. In the inaugural Arnold Brazil he was disqualified for missing showing up late to the competitor’s meeting and ended up not competing after a bizarre string of events. He’ll be looking for a bit of redemption but will have some tough competition. The biggest guy in the line-up and the one with the most buzz in the industry is Big Ramy. The question that remains for the big guy is will he bring the conditioning it takes to win. He’s working with a new “guru” and that leaves people wondering if they’ll have the right plan the first time working together. We’ve seen Ramy go from a giant water ballon in preview pics before to ripped on stage. He’ll need to be on point to win his first Arnold title. Lionel Beyeke will be looking for a top spot and arguably could have been much higher than his fourth place finish last year at this show. Brandon Curry won the inaugural Arnold Classic Brazil and will look to add another win to his resume. He’ll have a tough time overcoming most guys in this lineup due to their sheer size. Victor Martinez will be the x-factor in this lineup and if he’s conditioning could be the winner, if he’s slightly off you could see him in a 3-5 place spot. One of the seasoned veterans to the stage, Toney Freeman likely won’t be the winner but he’ll show that he can still hang with the younger cats. Last year, Juan Morel was second to Steve Kuclo and is coming off a win at the New York Pro. Look for him to be in the top spots when the dust settles at the finals. Jose Luis Rodriguez won the Arnold Amateur Brazil overall title last year and this will be his pro debut. It’ll be a tough show to make a debut at but he should be able hold his own. Marius Dohne needs to bring an entirely different look than he did to Columbus or he’ll be at the bottom of the pack. He’ll be outsized in this lineup so his only hope will be conditioning to keep him in the top five. Fred Smalls continues to improve his physique but has become known for his smooth moves in his routine. He’ll entertain the crowd at the night show but will need a miracle to be in the top five of this lineup.

Lionel Beyeke
Brandon Curry
Marius Dohne
Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay
Toney Freeman
Victor Martinez
Cedric McMillan
Juan Morel
Jose Luis Rodriguez
Fred Smalls

1st Place – $22,500
2nd Place – $15,000
3rd Place – $10,000
4th Place – $7,500
5th Place – $5,000
6th Place – $1,000
7th Place – $1,000
8th Place – $1,000
9th Place – $1,000
10th Place – $1,000

My Predictions:
1. Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay
2. Victor Martinez
3. Juan Morel
4. Cedric McMillan
5. Brandon Curry
6. Lionel Beyeke
7. Toney Freeman
8. Fred Smalls
9. Marius Dohne
10. Jose Luis Rodriguez

Visit arnoldclassicbrasil.com.br for more information and follow Arnold Rio on Facebook. The main Arnold Sports Facebook page will also be sharing information throughout the weekend on this event. There will not be a live webcast of the show.

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