Jacklyn Abrams Wins 2015 IFBB Mile High Pro

2015 IFBB Mile High Pro
The hometown favorite delivered in Denver on Saturday night. Jacklyn Abrams has steadily added sized to her physique since her competition days as a Fitness competitor. The added size and balance paid off at the 2015 IFBB Mile High Pro. The win earned a trip to the Olympia Women’s Physique showdown held in September. She beat out a competitive field of women and didn’t have to travel far to so. Coming in second was Erica Blackman and rounding out the top three was Paula Frega. Fourth place went to Tracy Hess and in fifth was Laura Richards. This was Laura’s pro debut and made the switch to Physique after turning pro in Women’s Bodybuilding at the 2014 NPC USA.

Earnest Flowers from Colorado Springs, Colorado took home the top spot and a trip to the Olympia showdown. Alex Carneiro and Jake Campus tied for second and third but Jake ended up winning the tie-breaker.

2015 IFBB Mile High Pro Women’s Physique Results
May 30, 2015 – Denver, Colorado
1. Jacklyn Abrams
2. Erica Blockman
3. Paula Frega
4. Tracy Hess
5. Laura Richards
6. Rachel Loftis
7. Melissa Pearo
8. Keri Ann Heitzman
9. CeaAnna Kerr
10. Lisa Stark
11. Antonia Perdikakis
12. Kellyn Huehn
13. Janeen Lankowski
14. Nadia Meyer
15. Roxie Beckles
16. Andrea Boudreaux

2015 IFBB Mile High Pro Men’s Physique Results
May 30, 2015 – Denver, Colorado
1. Earnest Flowers
2. Jake Campus
3. Alex Carneiro
4. Brandon Hendrickson
5. Brent Guillory
6. Anthony Ramsey
7. Stephen Mass
8. Cory Lagasse
9. Kameron Bailey
10. Jason Alan Robinson
11. Brent Johnson
12. Negus Ferguson
13. Austin Standage
14. Tim DeGroot
15. Tony Torres
16. Trevor Larsen

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