Results: Angela Marquez & Danielle Reardon win 2015 IFBB Greater Gulf States

IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Results
Angela Marquez and Danielle Reardon notched unamious wins at the 2015 IFBB Greater Gulf States on Friday, June 20th. Reardon has been a fan favorite in the Women’s Physique Division since she started competing. She has a spunky personality and a killer physique. Marquez has been outside of the top Bikini spot her last two outings but put it all together in the judges’ eyes today. She’ll return to the Olympia with the win. Reardon’s victory also qualifies her for the 2015 Olympia held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sarah LeBlanc finished in second in front of a hometown crowd and fellow Southerner Brittany Taylor rounded out the top three. Kate Abate fresh off a win in California had to settle for third in this competitive lineup. Adrienne Crenshaw rounded out the top five in the Bikini competition.

2015 IFBB Greater Gulf States Women’s Results

2015 IFBB Greater Gulf States Bikini Results
New Orleans, Louisiana – June 19, 2015
1. Angela Marquez
2. Sarah LeBlanc
3. Brittany Taylor
4. Kate Abate
5. Adrienne Crenshaw
6. Cynthia Benoit
7. Michelle Slyvia
8. Kenea Yancey
9. Jazmeen Hernandez
10. Marcela Cabral
11. Jamie Adams
12. Lea Beaumont
13. Alicia Marie
14. Anya Ells
15. Harriet Davis
16. Lisa Asuncion
16. Krissy Chin
16. Kelsie Clark
16. Vicki Counts
16. Monica Labriola
16. Antique Landry
16. Sara Moylan
16. Beth Transue
16. Whitney Wiser

2015 IFBB Greater Gulf States Women’s Physique Results
New Orleans, Louisiana – June 19, 2015
1. Danielle Reardon
2. Venus Nguyen
3. Jill Dearmin
4. Caroline Gaume
5. Alisa Lamay
6. Roxie Beckles
7. Melissa DeBernardo
8. Trish Swander
9. Nicole Carter
10. Margarita Charaim
11. Loan Leonard
12. Jennie Verdi
13. Robin Connell
14. Andrea Boudreaux
15. Kari Hartmann
16. Monica Gries
16. Joy Henderson
16. Lisa Sanders
16. Patricia Vasquez

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