2015 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini Results

IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini Results

The IFBB Patriots Pro Prejudging took place this morning at the Orleans hotel and convention center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The judges had their hands full with a tough line-up in both the open and Masters Pro Bikini competition. After prejudging it looked to be Rachelle DeJean, Angela Marquez, Justine Munro and Noy Alexander in the top spots.

When the final results were announced it was Justine Munro with the win. The judges gave Tamara Haddad and Noy Alexander an extra long look at the finals but ultimately Tamara prevailed for the second place spot.

Iveth Carreon of El Paso, Texas won the Masters Bikini competition.

2015 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini Results
Las Vegas, Nevada – July 4, 2015
1. Justine Munro
2. Tamara Haddad
3. Noy Alexander
4. Angela Marquez
5. Rachelle DeJean
6. Amanda Otero
7. Nina Simone Ross
8. Crystal Rose Matthews
9. Lisa Asuncion
10. Iveth Carreon
11. Harriet Davis
12. Michelle Mein
13. Liana Moroz
14. Caryn Paolini
15. Vicki Counts
16. Emma Fernandez
16. Michon Leddy
16. Anna Lee McKill
16. Lori Micheff
16. Angelika Perez
16. Lisa Roy
16. Sofia Tandilian
16. Nikola Weiterova

2015 IFBB Patriots Pro Masters Bikini Results
Las Vegas, Nevada – July 4, 2015
1. Iveth Carreon
2. Harriet Davis
3. Michelle Mein
4. Vicki Counts
5. Ann Lee McKill
6. Lori Micheff
7. Emma Fernandez
8. Michon Leddy
9. Lisa Roy

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