2015 Olympia Adds Amazon as a Main Sponsor

amazon olympia sponsor

When news spread that bodybuilding.com would not be attending the 2015 Olympia the internet (as you might expect) went into a tizzy. Bodybuilding.com had been a major sponsor of the Olympia for years and provided a live, free webcast for the fans. It appears promoter Robin Chang and his team have not only addressed their absence but taken things to  another level.

How could anyone be bigger than Bodybuilding.com in the supplement world? To the hardcore bodybuilding fans they’d say there is no one bigger however in the online retail space there’s a much larger player. Enter Amazon.com.

Today the Amazon Sports Nutrition (yes, they really have a sports nutrition logo) was added to the Olympia as a main sponsor. What does this mean for fans? We’ll have to wait until the official announcement is released but it appears to be a very positive thing. You have to assume that they’ll be behind some type of webcast this year and have a large presence at the Olympia Expo.

olympia logo

This certainly makes things a bit more interesting in the supplement world. Amazon.com coming to the Olympia definitely makes a statement that they’re investing in the supplement business. How will this change the online supplement game? Only time will tell but with their distribution and buying power it could be a great thing for consumers.

2015 Olympia Sponsors


Look for an “official” announcement to be released soon.

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