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Haywire Star Gina Carano Featured in GQ

Gina Carano has been thought of as the “face of women’s MMA” for years however she hasn’t fought in quite some time. She was an American Gladiator until the show was canceled. Gina’s appeared in Muscle & Fitness, ESPN BODY issue, Super Bowl commercials and definitely has a hardbody. If you disagree, let her know and see how far that gets you. Check out the “Satan” workout we featured a couple years ago to see Gina working out.

Actually, Gina is usually quite shy when she appears on the read carpet and in interviews but don’t let her coy demeanor fool you. Gina is a bad ass and her first film as a leading actress, HAYWIRE, looks to be a legit flick.

Gina is featured in Men’s magazine, GQ and it’s a pretty kick ass photo by Carlos Serrao. The feature highlights her MMA background and why she was the perfect for the role in HAYWIRE. Check out the larger version of the feature here. This is a great example of how hardbody women can be shown in classy manner and appeal to mainstream.


Props Gina Carano, Carlos Serrao & GQ magazine.


MMA Hard Body Gina Carano Stars in Haywire

Gina Carano is one of the few women in MMA who has had any type of “mainstream” appeal. She not only has a hard body, is a bit of a bad ass but has the looks to match. She hasn’t fought in months but it hasn’t stopped her appeal with the fans. Gina has appeared in a variety of fitness magazines and she was part of the failed attempt to revitalize American Gladiators.



“Crush” as she was known on American Gladiators, will hope to do a bit of crushing at the box office early next year. Gina stars in the action packed movie HAYWIRE. This will be Gina’s first lead role in a movie and from the looks of the trailer she does a pretty damn good job in her big screen debut. Carano stars as Mallory Kane. The web site’s youtube channel shares:

Mallory Kane is a highly trained operative who works for a government security contractor in the dirtiest, most dangerous corners of the world. After successfully freeing a Chinese journalist held hostage, she is double crossed and left for dead by someone close to her in her own agency. Suddenly the target of skilled assassins who know her every move, Mallory must find the truth in order to stay alive.

Using her black-ops military training, she devises an ingenious—and dangerous—trap. But when things go haywire, Mallory realizes she’ll be killed in the blink of an eye unless she finds a way to turn the tables on her ruthless adversary.

The movie is directed by Oscar® winner Steven Soderbergh (Traffic) and has a heavy hitting cast including Channing Tatum (GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra), Ewan McGregor (The Ghost Writer), Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class), Antonio Banderas (The Legend of Zoro), Bill Paxton (“Big Love”), Michael Douglas (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps), Michael Angarano (Almost Famous).

Visit the web site for more info on the movie and check out the trailer below. Good luck Gina!

Lead photos from

Satan’s Workout with Gina Carano

Norm Turner aka Satan is Gina Carano’s strength and conditioning coach. Gina is the most popular female in MMA and you might remember her as one of the American Gladiators. She will face her toughest opponent next weekend when she fights Cyborg. One of the things that people dog Gina for his her apparent lack of discipline when it comes to making weight for her fights. She’s had some time off from fighting and by the looks of this video, I doubt she’ll miss weight this time around.

Think you train hard? Watch this video and see if you still feel the same way.

Ya, I’d say that is one helluva workout.

Street Brawl: Gina Carano vs Pontiac

Supplement companies could take a page out of this marketing initiative on how to utilize their athletes beyond cutting bars and standing at a booth. Gina Carano is the highest profile female in MMA. She was an American Gladiator and Maxim Hot 100 Finalist. Looking to capatilize on her high profile status, Pontiac has teamed up with Maxim and Gina Carano for an interactive “Street Brawl”. This is a failry engaging way to get their demographic interested in their new car and potentially win a date with Gina along the way. Check out the contest here.


The site also shows some behind-the-scenes photos, videos and downloads. There are some pretty amusing lines in the teaser. One of the funnier parts of the “test” is when Gina asks people to take a look at “these guns”. She’s definitely packing some heat behind those guns.

Gina showing off the guns.

Gina Carano in New Video Game

Check out the video with MMA bad ass and American Gladiator, Gina Carano. It’s not the newest piece but still worth checking out.

Gina Carano Appears in Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

American Gladiator and top MMA Female athlete Gina Carano appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi. Props to her and her management team for landing the gig. Her stock continues to go up as a female athlete.

Carano falls to Cyborg

Carano versus Cyborg was the first headline event for women’s Mixed Martial Arts. This was a big step for the women in MMA. Gina Carano has been the face of women’s MMA but on Saturday night she fell to Cyborg in the first round. How will this change the landscape of women’s MMA in the months ahead? Only time will tell but this was one helluva fight. You can hear the fans going nuts in this video. Check it out…

Props to both women.

Carano Crushes Young in Prime Time

Despite not making weight for the Elite XC fights, Gina “Conviction” Carano provided one of the most entertaining fights of the night. The fights marked the debut of MMA on network TV. Gina stated after the fight that she didn’t have enough time to prepare for the fights due to her schedule with the American Gladiators. She goes by “Conviction” in the MMA world and “Crush” on American Gladiators but whatever you want to coin her she is a badass who helped elevate women’s MMA on Saturday night. It’s reported that Gina had to weigh between 150-170 for her role on American Gladiators, so it’s understandable that she would have some difficulty getting down to 140 in a short amount of time. She’s only 26 and still learning about herself and how to control her weight. Gina provided an impressive fight against Kaitlin Young, winning at the end of the second round due to doctor’s stoppage.

Gina Curano lands a punch against Kaitlin Young on Saturday.
Photo by Dave Mandel of

muscle.jpgProps to Gina for giving women a voice in MMA and showing she is much more than a pretty face. Her stint on American Gladiators helped bring attention to women in MMA. The broadcast on CBS mentioned she is featured in Muscle & Fitness magazine. Check out the July issue on stands now for the feature on Gina and more the M&F website. Many of our visitors who are fitness and figure athletes follow the world of MMA. What do you think about women in MMA? Let us know your thought and take our poll below:


Hardbody Poll – Should Wonder Woman Be More Muscular Than Gal Gadot?

Gal Gadot was announced as the new Wonder Woman and fitness fans are not stoked. Our friends at FitnessRX for Women magazine posted the announcement on their Facebook fan page and asked, “Are there any current fitness personalities or competitors you think have the ideal shape for Wonder Woman?”


The two most popular responses to the question were Gina Carano and Erin Stern. Amanda Latona had a few votes as well. Obviously, the role of Wonder Woman requires some acting chops but should the character be more muscular?


The following comments all came from women on the FitnessRX for Women fan page…

– She looks anorexic… I thought Wonder Woman is supposed to be strong and fit!

– This Gal I don’t Know Who, is thin with no muscles on…

– I would expect someone more like a fitness model or more muscle.

– Hate me all you wont but I love my comic characters & she will ruin it.

– She needs to gain some weight… Too skinny

– She does not have the physique of Wonder Woman. I am disappointed with the choice, but hopefully she can bulk up.

– She’s pretty but wonder women has way more muscle and is bustier.

– The only thing to wonder about this woman is how she can stand with just a meal day.

– She’s thin… wonder woman looks strong and sexy.

– I personally think she is too skinny and doesn’t represent a fit body.

Lead image of Erin Stern by Scott Harben via fb.

ESPN The Magazine BODY Issue

ESPN The Magazine takes a bold step with their next issue where they, “take it off in body”. Their web site says, “ESPN The Magazine will show some skin and examine the world’s sexiest athletes in a way we’ve never seen before for our upcoming BODY issue in October.”

The BODY issue will go on sale this Friday with a variety of covers, two of which can be seen below. The women slated to be in the magazine are Serena Williams (Tennis), Christina Kim (LPGA), Gina Carano (MMA), Claire Bevilacqua (Surfing), Jessica Mendoza (Softball).


Gina Carano ESPN cover.

Serena Williams ESPN cover.

This issue has been getting quite a bit of publicity. I occasionally look at this magazine but will check out this issue. It’s reminds of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in that it gets a lot of coverage based on the photography and subjects shown. Maybe next year we can see a pro fitness, figure or bikini competitor in it.

Elaine Goodlad’s Christmas at the Coutures

UFC icon Randy Couture and his wife Kim played host to a holiday party this weekend. Spotted in the photo gallery on was none other than IFBB Figure Pro Elaine Goodlad. Also seen at the party was American Gladiator and MMA Female super star, Gina Carano.

Elaine Goodlad and a friend with matching pjs.

P.S. Elaine you still owe me for that Randy bet you made in Kentucky. 🙂

American Gladiators: Ultimate Joke

Fans have most likely seen the last of the new American Gladiators, at least on TV in the United States. American Gladiator junkies can still get their fix with a new DVD. Now you can follow the workouts of a defunked cast. Doesn’t that sound like fun? The description of “American Gladiators Ultimate Workout” is almost as lame as the remake of the show.

NBC’s smash hit American Gladiators inspires fans with the power of ultimate physical fitness. Now these hard-core American Gladiators challenge you to step into the gauntlet for a full-on fat assault with three muscle-pumping, flab-eliminating workouts designed to transform your body from regular to ripped. Mix up these cutting-edge strength and cardio routines and you’ll never hit a wall. It’s time to get up, get fierce, and get fit!

Muscle Madness Strength 1: Power train with Titan, Phoenix, and Wolf for a super-strong, super-sleek physique using moves that tackle the quads, biceps, back, and abs.

Muscle Makeover Strength 2: Toa, Crush, and Jet prepare you for battle and the beach with muscle-molding moves that hit the triceps, chest, hamstrings, glutes, and abs.

Cardio Crusade: Follow the Gladiators into cardio combat and sideswipe those extra pounds with kickboxing, jacks, and explosive combinations.

Bonus: Enter the arena with Jet, Titan, and Wolf and challenge your body with the bonus Glute Gauntlet, Ab Quake, and Arm Assault routines!

Product Information
Studio: Lionsgate
Production Year: 2008
Release Date: 12/16/2008

Length: 89 mins
Rating: NR

It amusing that the folks who put this DVD together chose not to include any of the female competitors/Gladiators from the IFBB. The cover says “Eliminate Fat & Shape Muscle”. Wouldn’t it make sense to include people who know how to do this? Gina Carano aka Crush, while beautiful and a badass, has trouble making weight for her MMA fights. I’d sooner take workout advice from Richard Simmons than “follow the Gladiators into cardio combat”.

Now you too can be like a cancelled show!

American Gladiators Return in 2009?

It looked like I stood a better chance of winning the lottery than NBC’s American Gladiators returning for a third season. The show that featured a number of IFBB female competitors and popular MMA athlete Gina Carano appeared to be finished. Many, myself included, had high hopes for the return of the classic but the show failed to deliver.

In an article about a few American Gladiators visiting troops, reports:

The gladiators will soon be back in the U.S. to begin their new season of “American Gladiators” in January. During their next season, they will acknowledge the troops they’ve visited and the men and women that will serve overseas in the future.

Today, I spoke with someone close to the show about it’s return to see if I could confirm things. I’m told the show is still up in the air on whether it will return or not. Sounds like there is still hope for me winning the lottery, guess I better buy a ticket.

American Gladiator named Blast is revealed

Seven new female American Gladiators were cast for the new series beginning on January 6th, 2008 on NBC.  We have not had the complete list until now. Here they are

  • Venom – Beth Horn
  • Siren – Valerie Waugaman
  • Stealth – Tanji Johnson
  • Fury – Jamie Reed
  • Helga – Robin Coleman
  • Crush – Gina Carano

and the last Gladiator…

  • Blast – Jenny Berry

We will write more about Jenny Berry in an upcoming post, as Jenny also has an interesting past!

Also, you can check out the latest commercials and pictures at this link…

And read more about the tryouts, the set, and Ron’s experience at this link


Valerie Waugaman, Beth Horn, Jamie Reed, Tanji Johnson & Mike O’Hearn – American Gladiators

Tomorrow, taping begins for the new American Gladiators’ show. A new commercial is currently airing on NBC for the show, which will begin in January. The commercial features a couple familiar faces; IFBB Pro Figure champ, Valerie Waugaman and former IFBB competitor, Beth Horn. We also spotted NPC competitor Jamie Reed and IFBB star Tanji Johnson. No official announcement of who the Gladiators are but given that taping starts tomorrow, we’d expect one soon.

IFBB Figure Pro, Valerie Waugaman in new commercial.
Beth Horn shows off her guns on the recent commercial.
NPC Figure competitor shown in the new spot.
Mike O’Hearn shown in the front with Tanji Johnson and others in the background.

Sources close to the show tell us that the show is slated for six seasons, with 12 days of shooting per season. Former competitive bodybuilder and cover model Mike O’Hearn is also featured in the commercial. Rumor has it that MMA fighter, Gina Carano is also an American Gladiator. You can view the commercial on

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