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Hardbody Poll – Who Are The Top Ten IFBB Pro Women of 2013?

The 2013 IFBB competitive season has come to an end and we need your help in determining who made the biggest impact. There were a number women who made an their presence known in the IFBB Pro ranks and could make a case for being on the our Top Ten list. We’ve narrowed down the lists by division. Cast your vote, one for each division. We’ll compile the votes and come up with our final top 10 list. Did we leave someone off? If you think we did mention them in the final poll below.

top ifbb pros of 2013


Tanji Johnson – Tanji won the Fitness International in Columbus and followed it up with another win at the Arnold Europe.

Adela Garcia – Adela sat out the Fitness International but won the Fitness Olympia once again. She continues to be the all-time fitness queen in Olympia victories.

Ryall Graber-Vasani – Ryall won not only the inaugural Arnold Brazil Fitness event but also took top honors at the Toronto Super Show.

Oksana Grishina – Oksana Grishina continues to be a fan favorite and moved up into the runner-up position at this year’s Olympia, her highest finish at the event. She ended the year with a win at the Phoenix Pro.

Michelle Blank – Michelle took top honors at the Tampa Pro Fitness and made her presence known after returning from an injury.



Candice Keene – Candice had a break out year in Figure. She won the Figure International to start the year off and followed it up with wins in Australia and New York.

Nicole Wilkins – Nicole Wilkins sat out the Figure International and was less than her best at the New York Pro where she finished third. Just when many were counting her out, she transformed her physique and returned to the top spot by winning the Figure Olympia.

Erin Stern – Erin Stern slipped to third at the Figure International but won the Sarasota Pro. She was turn for turn with Wilkins at the Olympia but was relegated to the runner-up spot.

Heather Dees – Heather started the year off with a second place finish at the Figure International and followed it up with a win in Sacramento. She continues to be a threat to the top five in every show she enters.

Mallory Haldeman – Mallory started the year off with a fifth place finish at the Figure International but won not only the Tampa Pro but also the Tahoe Pro. She finished out the year with a fifth place finish at the Olympia.



Iris Kyle – Iris continues to be the most dominate female bodybuilder of all-time. She won what appears to the the last Ms. International and followed it up with a record 9th Olympia victory.

Alina Popa – Alina sat out the Arnold and came back to push Iris to the wire at the Olympia. It was the best she’s ever looked and many wouldn’t have argued had she taken the top spot at the Ms. Olympia event.



Dana Linn Bailey – Dana, or DLB as she’s known in the industry, returned to the stage after many thought she hung up the posing suit for good. She was the runner-up at the Tampa Pro and followed it up with a victory in Dallas. She went on to become the first winner of the Olympia Physique showdown.

Sara Hurrle – Sara won the inaugural Mile High title and followed it up with a third place finish at the Olympia. She continues to be a contender in every Women’s Physique show she enters.

Toni West – Toni took top honors at the Toronto Pro show and went on to finish 4th at the Olympia. Many feel Toni has what it takes to be the champ in the division.

Tycie Coppett – Tycie won the Greater Gulf States and took that momentum to Vegas where she finished in second behind DLB. Tycie also has the physique to be a top contender in ever show she enters.

Patricia Mello – Patricia started the year off where she left off in 2012, the winner’s circle. She won Los Angeles Grand Prix and also the Orlando Pro. She finished the year in fifth place at the Olympia.



Ashley Kaltwasser – Ashley started the year off with a 10th place finish at the Bikini International. She bounced back, collected a few first place titles along the way before becoming the Bikini Olympia Champion. She finished the year off with a win at the Sheru Classic in India.

India Paulino – India Paulino started the year with a win at the Bikini International and followed it up with another victor in Australia. Many thought she was poised to win the Olympia however she dropped to fifth at the event.

Yeshaira Robles – Yeshaira had a break out year with victories in Pittsburgh, New York and finished in the runner-up position at the Olympia.

Amanda Latona – Amanda won the Greater Gulf States title in June. She finished in 6th place at the Olympia and went on to win the Sacramento Pro to close out the year.

Nathalia Melo – Nathalia was the runner-up at the Arnold and in Australia. She closed out the year with a fourth place finish at the Olympia. Despite not winning a show in 2013, Nathalia continues to be a fan favorite wherever she goes.

Courtney King – Courtney took top honors at the Orlando Pro and the Tampa Pro. She closed out the year with a top ten finish in her first Olympia. She was named “rookie of the year” by FLEX magazine.



Who did we miss? Write in your pick for a top IFBB PRO below.


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Women’s Tennis Association “Strong Is Beautiful” Ad Campaign… Strong or Too Sexy?

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has a new global ad campaign with the tagline “Strong is Beautiful”. This concept isn’t exactly new but it is appropriate and inspiring none-the-less. Well at least that’s how the WTA sees it but others seem to disagree. The WTA photographed 38 of their current stars and plan to use the tagline in TV, print, digital and social media. The imagery is strong and the the execution is well done but will it attract more people to follow women’s tennis? Time will tell. The organization plans to run the campaign for the next two years. recently published an article on topic of female sports advertising and apparently some people took issue with the new campaign. The article shared, “But according to a number of sports-media researchers, the campaign — like so many others in female sports—undermines its players’ achievements by sexualizing them, inadvertently or otherwise.”

I’m not sure I agree with that statement but the argument is is that it undermines the athlete’s accomplishments. The piece by William Lee Adams goes on to share,  “Yes, these women are beautiful, but we see lots of cleavage and legs, and it’s set to music that is reminiscent of soft-core porn,” says Nicole LaVoi, associate director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sports at the University of Minnesota. “That might be interesting and titillating, but it isn’t going to make me turn on Wimbledon.”

The commercial that Nicole is referring to with “soft-core porn” remnants is shown below.

I’d be curious to know how Nicole thinks women’s tennis should be portrayed in order to make people tune into women’s tennis.

There are a number of beautifully shot images shown on, check them out here. The thinking behind the campaign as shared by the WTA…

“We want to develop a closer relationship with our fans and attract a new generation of fans to women’s tennis, and the Strong is Beautiful campaign is one way to get it done. This campaign will serve as a creative marketing platform for our players, tournaments, year-end WTA Championships and the entire sport,” said Stacey Allaster, Chairman & CEO of the WTA. “The personal stories are inspirational. The unique combination of athleticism, strength and determination on the court and success, interests and inner beauty off the court is what makes women’s tennis so attractive to millions around the world.”

What do you think?


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Ad Watch: Nintendo Targets Women for their Wii Fit

Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal ran a piece about Nintendo’s Wii gaming console. The popular system is coming out with Wii Fit, an add-on that it hopes appeals to women. Their new advertising and marketing is looking to captivate women who want to lose weight. Today, I was reading my newest issue of FORTUNE magazine and there is an article that speaks about the growth of women interested in gaming. Nintendo might be striking at the right time with the new addition to their popular product.

Nintendo’s new ad.. “How will it move you?”

I’ve played the tennis and boxing games on the Wii and I felt like a kid at the first day of Fat Camp. It was a helluva workout. While it might seem like a gimmick, I don’t see it that way. I think it’s a great idea that entertains people while getting them off their ass – men and women. What do you think ladies, would you buy the Wii Fit as a way to help you keep the pounds off?

Nintendo’s Wii gaming console introduced sedentary gamers to the idea of moving off the couch. Now Nintendo is coming out with the Wii Fit, an add-on to the gaming system designed to appeal to women looking to lose weight.

The $90 attachment, dubbed the “Balance Board,” expands the range of games that can be played on the Wii to include activities such as yoga and push-ups. The Balance Board — which resembles bathroom scales — also tracks a user’s weight and body-mass index.

The Wii Fit is a daring move for Nintendo, aimed at broadening the gaming market — dominated by younger men — to women. To get their attention, the company plans a massive marketing campaign ahead of the product’s release in the U.S. May 19, including a public-relations effort under way. Television, outdoor and print ads begin the week the product becomes available. Ads via Omnicom Group’s Goodby Silverstein & Partners will carry the tagline: “How will it move you?”

As part of the PR push, “Good Morning America” host Diane Sawyer tested the exercise game on the air last week. “It really does make you work,” Ms. Sawyer told viewers. Since its release about 18 months ago, the Wii has been a smash hit — so much so that it’s still difficult to buy in the U.S. In Japan, where the Wii Fit is on the market, it has also proved hugely popular. Still, the new product is something of a gamble, moving Nintendo away from core young-male gamers, who could be turned off by the fact that Mom and girls think the Wii Fit is cool.

Check out the entire article here.


2016 Schedule of Events: IFBB Pro Women’s Figure

2016 IFBB Figure Calendar
The 2016 IFBB Pro Figure schedule of event has been posted. Currently, there are 27 IFBB Pro Figure events on the 2016 calendar. This schedule of events is subject to change without notice so continue to check back throughout the year. The IFBB Figure season kicks off with in Columbus at the Arnold Figure International on March 3rd.

2016 Schedule of Events: IFBB Pro Women’s Figure

March 3-6, 2016
Arnold Figure International
Columbus, Ohio

March 12, 2016
IFBB Phil Heath Pro
Houston, Texas

March 12, 2016
IFBB New Zealand Pro
Aukland, New Zealand

March 26, 2016
IFBB California Governor’s Cup
Sacramento, California

April 1-2, 2016
IFBB Miami Muscle Beach
Miami, Florida

April 29-30, 2016
IFBB Europa Orlando Pro
Orlando, Florida

May 6-7, 2016
IFBB Pittsburgh Pro
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

May 21, 2016
IFBB New York Pro
Teaneck, New Jersey

May 28, 2016
IFBB Optimum Classic Pro
Shreveport, Louisiana

June 4-5, 2016
IFBB Toronto Pro
Toronto, Canada

June 11, 2016
IFBB Omaha Pro
Omaha, Nebraska

June 17-18, 2016
IFBB Europa Dallas Pro
Dallas, Texas

June 25, 2016
IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro
New Orleans, Louisiana

July 1-2, 2016
IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro
Chicago, Illinois

July 9, 2016
IFBB Vancouver Pro
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

July 23, 2016
IFBB Los Angeles Pro (Open and Masters)
Culver City, California

August 5-6, 2016
IFBB PBW Tampa Pro
Tampa, Florida

August 12-13, 2016
IFBB San Antonio Pro
San Antonio, Texas

August 31, 2016
IFBB Pittsburgh Master Pro
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

September 16-17, 2016
Figure Olympia
Las Vegas, Nevada

September 23-24, 2016
IFBB Hurricane Pro Classic
Tampa, Florida

October 1, 2016
IFBB Border States
San Diego, California

October 8, 2016
IFBB Texas Cup Pro
Houston, Texas

October 8, 2016
IFBB Arkansas Pro
Little Rock, Arkansas

October 22, 2016
IFBB Dayana Cadeau Pro
Coral Springs, Florida

October 29, 2016
IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro
Louisville, Kentucky

November 12, 2016
IFBB San Marino Pro
Republic of San Marino, Italy

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NIKE Women Presents: Master Trainer Marie Purvis

Marie Purvis

Nike’s quintessential “trainer in your pocket” Marie Purvis launches an all-new NTC workout.

Marie Purvis was a Nike Master Trainer before the title even existed. Over the past seven years, she has helped Nike understand how to best reach female workout enthusiasts, bring fitness to new places and create a training app that would eventually touch millions of people across the globe. She was one of the driving forces behind the creation of Nike+ Training Club (NTC).

“I would definitely say NTC is my biggest accomplishment,” says Purvis. “I still pinch myself. But it’s real. I’m living it.”

Purvis excelled as a track athlete in high school. However, when she got to college, she was exhausted, injured and over-trained. She wanted to stay in the world of sports, but made the tough decision to not continue on her college track team. She became depressed, had to overcome issues with self-esteem and felt lost in the world. Then she talked to her father, who had run track himself.

“My dad told me that you make a decision every single day in life and you have to own that decision,” says Purvis. “You can’t dwell and you can’t live with regret. You have to take action.”

The conversation was a catalyst in Purvis’s journey to be #betterforit. Purvis took her dad’s advice to heart and began working at her college’s athletic training facility. The job blended her passions and her talents: sports, mentoring and exercise physiology. After graduation, she continued down that road, becoming a sports conditioning coach for a competitive soccer league in Oregon. From there, she connected with Nike, where her personal training career led her to designing workout classes that would become the precursor to NTC. Not long after, she helped design the NTC App.

“I wanted to develop tools for people who maybe didn’t have the resources to get a trainer or coach,” she says. “I wanted to educate. I wanted them to have a trainer in their pocket.”

Ok #ntctourstockholm we are coming for you tomorrow!!! Let's get #ntcfit together!!

A photo posted by Marie Purvis (@mariepurvis) on

Today, Purvis is an NTC Master Trainer based at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., who travels on workout missions all around the world. She divides her time among mentoring new trainers, researching fitness, designing workouts and educating the community. Known for her creative workouts and her ability to inspire the people she trains, Purvis gains energy and drive from helping others get fit and meet their goals.

“That’s what gets me up at 4 a.m. every single morning,” she says. “When people start exercising they get more energy, and that goes so much deeper than just being able to get through the day. Once they feel better inside, they start to shine. They glow. It’s crazy. They come into the gym and they’re smiling.”

In recent years, Purvis has gotten much of her inspiration from traveling to places around the world where fitness is just catching on and where women are just beginning to learn the many benefits of training.

“I get chills every time I see women embracing sport in a new place,” she says. “It is amazing to see thousands of girls get super excited about working out.”

Purvis’s Ready, Set, Zoom workout launches on the NTC App on July 7. The 13-minute workout is the first of six new training sessions that highlight the 12-week Find Your Fast NTC Challenge. Purvis designed it to be dynamic, fast-paced and a starting point for more challenging workouts in the weeks to come.

“This workout is about getting used to footwork and getting used to your body mechanics before the training program progresses,” says Purvis. “This will give you more body awareness as you increase your speed, build power, and develop explosiveness.”

The workout blends quick, powerful movements – like fast feet and split jumps – with full-body moves that showcase balance, poise, and core strength, like side planks and hollow bodies.

“You’re going to be out of breath and you’re going to work on strength,” she says. “The workout really sticks true to the six core moves and lays a foundation down to make you as successful as you can be over the next twelve weeks.”

To find out more, visit or follow the Nike Sport Feed in the NTC App.

Plank rows are great for core and upper body strength. Add 3×16 to your workout! #trainingtips #strongissexy

A photo posted by Marie Purvis (@mariepurvis) on

To stay in touch with Marie, follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

• Diversity and consistency are huge if you want to get results. To keep getting better, it’s important to have fun and mix it up.

• Everything is so fast-paced and high-strung these days. People are getting injured and over-training. I want people to take a breath, slow down and do a proper warm-up.

• Functional training — training your body for everyday movement — should be your foundation. This is what Nike+ Training Club is all about.

• The NTC App really is a trainer in your pocket. If you’re just starting out, pick a Beginner-level class and follow the coaching in the app. Before you know it, you’ll be advancing to higher levels and longer workouts.

• One of the most powerful motivators I’ve seen in my travels is the power of the community. Whether you’re connecting digitally or in person, find your workout friends and push one another – you’ll go much further than you would alone.

Lead Image via Nike.

All Women Are Naturally Bad Ass

Alicia Keys
Check out a new commercial from LEVI’s Featuring Alicia Keys. The commercial kicks off with Keys staying, “All women are naturally bad ass.”

Being comfortable is beautiful. Jennifer Sey, Levi’s chief marketing officer, tells the New York Times this is “the biggest investment Levi’s has ever made in a woman’s campaign.”

2015 NPC USA Women’s Results

2015 NPC USA Results
The women of the NPC were on stage in Las Vegas this weekend for the NPC USA Championships. All competitors were introduced on stage at the finals and the top five in each class were awarded trophies. All seven of the Men’s Bodybuilding classes are eligible for IFBB Pro status. The top two in the overall female bodybuilding champions are also eligible for IFBB Pro status. The top 2 in Figure, Bikini, Men and Women’s Physique are eligible for IFBB Pro status. A total of 53 pro cards were awarded. The class winners and overall winners get a little help with the $300 entry fee ($600 if it was late). Per the entry form, “Class winners will receive up to $100 toward travel expenses. Overall winners will receive up to $300 toward travel expenses.”

See who finished in the top spots and left Vegas with pro status.

*Pro Card

1. Lauren Irick*
2. Sarah Storrs*
3. Katherine Alcantara
4. Valorie Annunziata
5. Sondra Blockman

1. Lexa Mendenhall*
2. Jessica Wilson*
3. Alexandra Frias
4. Stefany Orama
5. Sarah Pearce

1. Amber Callahan*
2. Ashley Kiyonaga*
3. Angie Majeed
4. Heidi Patterson
5. Alyssa Germeroth

1. Tifanny Urrea**
2. Samantha Grimes*
3. Emily Hayden
4. Rachel Shimon
5. Na’Iyma Thompson

1. Taylor Rhodenbaugh*
2. Heather Quinn*
3. Naomi Ogden
4. Jaclyn Polimeni
5. Samantha Skolkin

1. Ashley Puida*
2. Elizabeth Martinez*
3. Rachel Fisher
4. Sofia Rodriguez
5. Jamie Collins


1. Rosa Alanis*
2. Kaylie Klitzing*
3. Traci Draizin
4. Michelle Lindsay
5. Alexandra Wilcox

1. Kayce Gorman**
2. Karla Lopez Ocasio*
3. Betzaida “Betzy” Baldger
4. Irina Kiselev
5. Christine Cecilione

1. Krystal Ricci*
2. Victoria Marie Jenks*
3. Desiree Alferes
4. Topaz Good
5. Merissa Pough

1. Malorie Scherf*
2. Monique Terry*
3. Joanna Cometa
4. Nikki Webb
5. Brittany Bull

1. Valarie Pequeno*
2. Sherry Homan*
3. Heather Weber
4. Patricia Malagrino
5. Veronica Paul

1. Sara Ard*
2. Michelle Maier*
3. Svetlana Schchavinska
4. Deanna Patterson
5. Courtney Bureau


1. Michaela Aycock*
2. Erika Kikuchi*
3. Marcelina Rivera-Chambers
4. Wendy Graack
5. Yesenia Garzoria

1. Chelsey Coleman*
2. Kimberly Anthony*
3. Tina Mauer Guadarrama
4. Natalie Bush
5. Lisa Mendoza

1. Billie Cavalier**
2. Sierra Mangus*
3. Kat Secor
4. Lindsay Bradley
5. Kortne Greene

1. Hailey McGrath*
2. Brienne Eubanks*
3. Jamie Tirabasso
4. Kimberly Rieck
5. Morisa Conner


1. Heather Osborne
2. Carla Krodinger

1. Tram Nguyen
2. Orlany Perez

1. Tarna Alderman*
2. Jacqueline Horan
3. Rachael Pecoraro
4. Yvette Bova

1. Mary Cain**
2. Joella Bernard
3. Wendy Watson


For complete scores and results visit

Women of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games

2015 Women of the CrossFit Games

This week the 2015 Reebok CrossFit® Games kick off in Carson, California and the women’s field is as strong as ever. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is back to defend her title but she has some fierce competition. Camille has competed in the Games five times and finished in the top 10 four times. Two-time champ Annie Thorisdottir will be back after a second place finish to Leblanc last year. The 2013 champ, Sam Briggs will look to return to the podium but has been battling injuries throughout the year. Emily Bridgers showed tremendous potential in the Regionals and you can’t overlook rookie Brooke Ence. The three women who could shake things up on the podium are Margaux Alvarez, Lindsey Valenzuela and Dani Horan.

Women’s Open CrossFit® Games Winners:
2007 – Jolie Gentry
2008 – Caity Matter
2009 – Tanya Wagner
2010 – Kristan Clever
2011 – Annie Thorisdottir
2012 – Annie Thorisdottir
2013 – Samantha Briggs
2014 – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

The Women of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games:
Annie Thorisdottir
Samantha Briggs
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
Emily Bridgers
Brooke Ence
Michele Letendre
Kara Webb
Emily Abbott
Brooke Wells
Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir
Margaux Alvarez
Lindsey Valenzuela
Dani Horan
Alethea Boon
Carleen Mathews
Nicole Holcomb
Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
Amanda Goodman
Anna Tunnicliffe
Chyna Cho
Kari Pearce
Tia-Clair Toomey
Jessica Core
Stacie Tovar
Jenn Jones
Cassidy Lance
Alessandra Pichelli
Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault
Denae Brown
Regan Huckaby
Elisabeth Akinwale
Kristin Holte
Maddy Myers
Whitney Gelin
Rebecca Voigt
Kelley Jackson
Sammy Wood
Alex Parker
Lindy Barber
Thuridur Erla Helgadottir

ESPN will air the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games highlight shows this Fall. Schedule details will be released at a later date. ESPN Inc. is in its fifth year of presenting the CrossFit Games.

2015 Reebok CrossFit Games schedule: 

Date Time (ET) Event Networks  
Tues, July 21 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Masters and Teenagers ESPN3 Live
Wed, July 22 12 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. & 6 p.m. – 10:40 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
  12 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Masters and Teenagers  ESPN3 Live
Thurs, July 23 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Masters and Teenagers ESPN3 Live
Fri, July 24 12 p.m. – 11 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN, WatchESPN Live
Sat, July 25  10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN2, WatchESPN Tape
  12 p.m. – 3 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN, WatchESPN Tape
   3 p.m. – 6 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN, WatchESPN Live
  12 p.m. – 11:45 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
Sun, July 26 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN2, WatchESPN Tape
  12 p.m. – 9 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual and Teams ESPN3 Live
  3 p.m. – 5 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Team Finals and Individual ESPN2, WatchESPN Live
  7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games: Individual Finals ESPN2, WatchESPN Live

*Schedule subject to change.

Nike Opens First Women’s Only Store in Europe

Nike Women Europe

Nike opened its first women’s-only store in Europe today, Nike King’s Road. Located at 33 King’s Road on London’s iconic shopping street, Nike King’s Road is a 207 square metre consumer experience store that offers the best Nike’s performance products and services and is designed to inspire the women of London to reach their athletic potential. King’s Road is the third women’s only store for the brand; Nike opened locations in Shanghai, China and Newport Beach, California late last year.

Nike King’s Road offers consumers bespoke services such as pant hemming, gait analysis and bra fitting. Consumers can also get advice on the best products for individual running techniques and training programmes.

The store will create a fitness hub in the King’s Road community with free weekly Nike+ Training Club classes and a Nike+ Run Club. A booking system is housed on the digital community wall within the store allows visitors to reserve spots at all Nike running and training sessions held by Nike across London. Consumers can also access the full Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Run club schedule at, where they can book a space at any session. In addition to weekly Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Run Club gatherings, special events will celebrate key sports and fashion moments.

“Our new King’s Road store is yet another example of our commitment to women to bring them the very best of Nike,” said Heidi O’Neill, VP & GM Nike Stores. “Our women’s business has never been stronger and our deep connections with women at retail are helping fuel this growth.”

The store’s digital services offer convenient ways to connect with the Nike community and purchase products. Consumers can buy latest Nike collections via a “click and collect” system at and pick up their purchases in the store. Consumers can also showcase their personal style via by designing bespoke shoes with a NIKEiD consultant who can provide guidance on fabrics, colour palettes and the correct footwear style for all needs, including training, running and everyday use.

Europe Nike WomenNike Women Europe – London

Style forms a central theme of the new space and is highlighted by unique, creative installations in the store. Isamaya French, a London-based illustrator and make-up artist, produced a piece of art that communicates the synergy of sport and style in the store’s basement level. A separate map of London also pays homage to the UK capital and features Nike heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson and is incorporated into the store’s design. Consumer enjoy special dimmers in the changing rooms that show outfits in three different lighting scenarios –morning, afternoon and evening.

Nike’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the reclaimed wood used for the flooring and that the store’s LEED Platinum certification, the highest level granted in the green building program.

Nike King’s Road is located at 33 King’s Road, London, SW3 4LX. It is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sundays from 12 to 6pm.

2015 CrossFit® South Regional Women’s Results

2015 CrossFit South Regional
Camille LeBlanc was in the lead heading into the third and final day of the CrossFit South Regionals by 33 points. She continued her winning ways by dominating Event 6. She set the event record with a time of 13:49.1. Coming in second was Natalie Newhart who was neck and neck with Camille until the final round. Natalie finished under the 16 minute time cap with a time of 14:41.2. Rounding out the top three in Event 6 was Tiffany Hendrickson with a time of 15:02.5

Women’s Event 6 – Time Cap: 16 Minutes
Five Rounds For Time:
• 25-Calorie Row
• 16 Chest-to-bar Pull-Ups
• 9 Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups

2015 CrossFit South Regional Event 6 Results:
1. Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet
2. Natalie Newhart
3. Tiffany Hendrickson
4. Amanda Goodman
5. Rachel Garibay
6. Jenn Jones
7. Chely Galvan
8. Alexis Johnson
9. Jaime Gold
10T Tylinn Rashan
10T Tatiana Rebane

Camille has a comfortable lead heading into the seventh and final event. The fifth and final qualifying spot will be the one to watch. Only the top five women with the highest points will head to the 2015 CrossFit Games.

2015 Overall Points CrossFit South Regional WomenAfter Event 6
1. Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet (555 Points)
2. Margauex Alvarez (487 Points)
3. Jenn Jones (474 Points)
4. Amanda Goodman (457 Points)
5. Whitney Cappellucci (397 Points)
6. Natalie Newhart (388 Points)
7. Maddy Myers (388 Points)
8. Tiffany Hendrickson (380 Points)
9. Tennil Reed (377 Points)
10. Brista Mayfield (374 Points)

Amanda Goodman turned things up a notch in the final event and set the Event record. In doing so she won the event and moved up into the third place spot in the overall standings. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet finished Event 7 in second place and cruised to a victory in the overall point standings. Coming in fourth in the event and second overall was Margie Alvarez. Jenn Jones finished the overall standings in fourth. The fifth and final overall spot went to Maddy Myers. Myers was in 7th heading into the final event but an impressive third place finish launched her into that fifth and final qualifying spot.

Women’s Event 7 – Time Cap: 6 Minutes
• 15 Muscle-Ups
• 1 Squat Clean – 135bs
• 1 Squat Clean – 145lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 155lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 165lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 15lbs

2015 CrossFit South Regional Event 7 Results:
1. Amanda Goodman 1:21.0
2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 1:29.6
3. Maddy Myers 1:29.9
4. Margaux Alvarez 1:53.0
5. Tiffany Hendrickson 2:03.0
6. April Digiannantonio 2:13.6
7. Alexis Johnson 2:14.9
8. Whitney Cappellucci 2:15.3
9. Alexandra LaChance 2:18.5
10. Jaime Gold 2:20.3

2015 CrossFit® South Regional Women’s Overall Results:
1. Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet (650 Points)
2. Margauex Alvarez (572 Points)
3. Amanda Goodman (557 Points)
4. Jenn Jones (539 Points)
5. Maddy Myers (478 Points)

For complete results visit

Read more from Day 2’s competition.

2015 Women’s CrossFit® Atlantic Regional – Results

2015 CrossFit Atlantic Regionals
Heading into third and final day of competition, Anna Tunnicliffe held a 12 point lead. Emily Bridgers had a slow start in day one but turned up the intensity in day two. She was in second place heading into the sixth event with Same Briggs nipping at her Reebok Nano’s. Heading into the final heat only Hannah Richards finished Event 6 under the 16 minute time cap.

It was neck and neck between Briggs and Bridgers in Event 6. Bridgers slowed during the rowing portion of the even but made up time in the chest-to-bar pull-ups and handstand push-ups. The opposite was true for Sam Briggs who cruised through the Calorie row but slowed a bit by the time she made her way to the handstand push-ups portion. Ultimately the Atlanta favorite, Bridgers pulled away for the victory in a time of 14:01.4. Sam Briggs finished under the cap with a time of 15:22.5 and coming in third was Hannah Richards with 15:59.0. It looked as if Richards came up just short of the time cap but it was overturned. Cassidy Lance and Anna Tunnicliffe tied for fourth.

Heading into the seventh and final event the overall standings…

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Overall Standings (through 6 Events)
1. Emily Bridgers (517 Points)
2. Anna Tunnicliffe (514 Points)
3. Sam Briggs (504 Points)
4. Cassidy Lane (470 Points)
5. Whitney Gelin (410 Points)
6. Alea Helmick (382 Points)
7. Christy Adkins (376 Points)
8. Caroline Dardini (358 Points)
9. Lindsay Eder (356 Points)
10. Gretchen Kittelberger (345 Points)

Women’s Event 6 – Time Cap: 16 Minutes
Five Rounds For Time:
• 25-Calorie Row
• 16 Chest-to-bar Pull-Ups
• 9 Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Event 6 Results
1. Emily Bridgers
2. Sam Briggs
3. Hannah Richards
4T Cassidy Lance
4T Anna Tunnicliffe
5. Lauren Truskwoski
6. Lindsay Eder
7. Alanna Colon
8. Rachel Krumm
9. Caroline Dardini
10. Corrinna Benz

Emily Bridgers finished the weekend winning four of the last five events. She finished the 7th event in the number one spot and earned another trip the CrossFit Games in Carson, California. Emily finished 15 seconds ahead of Christy Adkins with a time of 1:33.9 in Event 7. Caroline Dardini was third and Alea Hemlick in fourth. Rounding out the top five in the final event was Sam Briggs. After the competition conclude, Briggs shared that she would be heading into surgery and had been competing on a broken foot.

Women’s Event 7 – Time Cap: 6 Minutes
• 15 Muscle-Ups
• 1 Squat Clean – 135bs
• 1 Squat Clean – 145lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 155lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 165lbs
• 1 Squat Clean – 15lbs

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Event 7 Results
1. Emily Bridgers
2. Christy Adkins
3. Caroline Dardini
4. Alea Helmick
5. Sam Briggs
6. Sarabeth Phillips
7. Whitney Gelin
8. Cassidy Lance
9. Allan Colon
10. Corinna Benz

The top five from each regional qualify for the 2015 CrossFit Games in July. Emily, Sam, Anna and Cassidy have all been to the Games before. This will be Whitney Gelin’s first trip to the CrossFit Games. Your final standings in the Atlantic Regional.

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Overall Final Standings
1. Emily Bridgers (617 Points)
2. Sam Briggs (584 Points)
3. Anna Tunnicliffe (561 Points)
4. Cassidy Lance (541 Points)
5. Whitney Gelin (483 Points)

For complete results from the 2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional visit

Read more: from day 2 at the Women’s Atlantic Regional.

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Results – Day 2

Atlantic Regional Day 2
Day two is in the books at the 2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional and there’s a new leader in the Women’s Individual division. Anna Tunnicliffe sits in the top spot with 429 points. Fan favorite and the leader after Day 1, Sam Briggs fell to third and sits 20 points behind Anna. Emily Bridgers made up tremendous ground from day one and currently sits in second. Emily was in sixth heading into the second day of action.

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Individual Events 3

Heat 1 – 0:00:00
Heat 2 – 0:30:00
Heat 3 – 1:00:00
Heat 4 – 1:30:00

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Event 3 Results
1. Emily Bridgers
2. Anna Tunnicliffe
3. Sam Briggs
4. Christy Adkins
5. Kim Cocce
6. Caroline Dardini
7. Lindsay Eder
8T. Whitney Gelin
8T. Cassidy Lance
10. Jaimie Byerly

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Individual Events 4 & 5

Heat 1 – 0:05:45
Heat 2 – 0:16:45
Heat 3 – 0:27:00
Heat 4 – 0:39:00

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Event 4 Results
1. Emily Bridgers
2. Jessica Carillon
3. Cassidy Lance
4. Hannah Richards
5. Nicole Corey
6. Elizabeth Parry
7. Anna Tunnicliffe
8. Sarabeth Phillips
9. Gretchen Kittelberger
10. Linsey Wise

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Event 5 Results
1T. Nicole Corey
1T. Cassidy Lance
3. Whitney Gelin
4T. Emily Bridgers
4T. Gretchen Kittelberger
6. Alea Helmeck
7. Corinna Benz
8T. Sarabeth Phillips
8T. Anna Tunnicliffe
10. Caroline Dardini

2015 Women’s Atlantic Regional Overall Standings
1. Anna Tunnicliffe (429 points)
2. Emily Bridgers (417 points)
3. Samantha Briggs (409 points)
4. Cassidy Lance (385 points)
5. Whitney Gelin (363 points)
6. Alea Helmick (333 points)
7. Christy Adkins (313 points)
8. Nicole Corey (309 points)
9. Jessica Carillon (291 points)
10. Caroline Dardini (291 points)

2015 CrossFit Regional Women’s Standings – Day 1

2015 CrossFit Regional
Anna Tunnicliffe and Sam Briggs battle it out in the Atlantic Region while Margaux Alvarez and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet are the top two women at the South Regional. Sam Briggs sits in the top spot at the Atlantic Regionals with 195 points after day one. Briggs is on a mission this year and it shows. She was the 2013 CrossFit Games winner but failed to qualify last year. It’s also worth noting that Sam is competing in a new region this year. She had previously competed in the European Region.

Anna Tunnicliffe is in second just five points behind Briggs. Anna Tunnicliffe is a two-time Olympian and won a Gold Medal in the 2008 Olympic Games sailing. Anna was seeded in the number six spot heading into the Atlantic Regional.

Emily Bridgers and Christy Adkins will be ones to keep an eye on in the Day 2 events.

2015 CrossFit Regional Women’s Standings – Day 1

Atlantic Regional Women’s Event 1
1. Samantha Briggs (2:28.8)
2. Cassidy Lance (2:45.8)
3. Anna Tunnicliffe (2:52.3)
4. Alea Helmick (2:55.7)
5. Christy Adkins (2:55.9)

Atlantic Regional – Individual Event 1

Heat 1 – 40:00
Heat 2 – 52:00
Heat 3 – 102:00
Heat 4 – 110:00

Atlantic Regional Women’s Event 2
1. Anna Tunnicliffe (8:24.9)
2. Samantha Briggs (9:36.4)
3. Whitney Gelin (10:51.3)
4. Madi Mansberger (11:00)
5. Christy Adkins (11:01.7)

Atlantic Regional – Individual Event 2

Heat 1 – 5:00
Heat 2 – 26:00
Heat 3 – 46:00
Heat 4 – 106:00

Atlantic Regional Overall Women Standings after Day 1:
1. Samantha Briggs (195 points)
2. Anna Tunnicliffe (190 points)
3. Christy Adkins (160 points)
4. Whitney Gelin (153 points)
5. Alea Helmick (152 points)
6. Emily Bridgers (132 points)
7. Jessica Carillon (130 points)
8. Laura Brannen (130 points)
9. Madi Mansberger (128 points)
10. Cassidy Lance (124 points)

Watch Atlantic Regional Day One Events

Margaux Alvarez was the number four seed heading into Day One’s South Region events but ended up in the number one spot after two events. She dominated in Event one with a time of 2:35.3. She followed up that up with an impressive showing in the second event. The 2014 CrossFit Games champ, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet finished day one in second place and 15 points behind Alvarez. There are still plenty of points to be earned in the next two days. As evident with Andrea Ager’s event two performance, anything is possible. Andrea’s win in Event 2 helped her finish the day in the third place, this after a 10th place finish in Event 1.

South Regional Women’s Event 1
1. Margaux Alvarez 2:35.3
2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 2:42.2
3. Jasmine Dever 2:44.7
4. Jenn Jones 2:44.8
5. Rachel Garibay 2:47.6

South Regional Individual Event 1

Heat 1 – 103:00
Heat 2 – 113:00
Heat 3 – 123:00
Heat 4 – 133:00
Heat 5- 143:00

South Regional Women’s Event 2
1. Andrea Ager (8:32.0)
2. Margaux Alvarez (9:33.4)
3. Natalie Newhart (9:42.9)
4. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (9:47.9)
5. Whitney Cappellucci (9:56.1)

South Regional Individual Event 2

Heat 1 – 1:50:00
Heat 2 – 2:10:00
Heat 3 – 2:30:00
Heat 4 – 2:51:00
Heat 5 – 3:11:00
End of Day 1 at the Desk – 3:30:00

South Regional Overall Women’s Standings after Day 1:
1. Margaux Alvarez (195 points)
2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (180 points)
3. Andrea Ager (167 points)
4. Amanda Goodman (148 points)
5. Jenn Jones (146 points)
6. Gabrielle Andrews (144 points)
7. Whitney Cappellucci (143 points)
8. Randi Stevens (142 points)
9. Maddy Myers (132 points)
10. Natalie Newhart (131 points)

Watch South Regional Day One Events

The action resumes on Saturday May 16th. Watch the South Regional and Atlantic Regional live on Youtube. For more information visit

Nike Inspires Women to Get Active

nike mexico

For the first-time in Mexico, Nike offered a women’s-only 21K race for 5,000 women.

Following the launch of Nike’s #betterforit initiative to inspire women to get active, Nike hosted two days of sweat-drenched activities in Mexico City just for her. More than 6,500 women hit their #betterforit milestones with a five-hour Nike+ Training Club (N+TC) experience and a 21K race.

The Mexico City N+TC Tour stop, at the iconic World Trade Center building, saw 1,500 women at six different workouts, which ranged from NTC to Adrenaline Hit.

The events are the latest step toward Nike’s long-standing commitment to help women achieve their personal goals. The participants in Mexico City added kilometers to their Nike+ Running App and achieved multiple training sessions with the N+TC App over the last three months of training.

At part of the Mexico City N+TC Tour stop, at the iconic World Trade Center building, 1,500 women raised their heart rates at six different breakout workouts, which ranged from NTC to Adrenaline Hit.

“The space buzzed with an amazing energy — there was never a lull. It was inspiring to see women of all fitness levels push and help one another to finish,” said Flor Beckmann, a Nike Master Trainer who has been leading the N+TC Tour across the globe.

Additionally, and for the first time in Mexico, Nike offered a women’s-only 21K race for 5,000 women. The starting line at Fuente de la Diana Cazadora (Fountain of Diana the Hunter) served as an immediate tribute to women. It is one of the few monuments in the city that celebrates women’s freedom, and one of the most relevant pieces of Mexican art near Paseo de la Reforma. The race route touched other symbols of the city such as the Angel de la Independencia statue, and then crossed over the Bosque de Chapultepec, the large forest in the heart of the city. The highest point of the circuit reached 2,383 meters above sea level. Road bicycle racer Ingrid Drexel and heptathlete Jessamyn Sauceda cheered on the field.

“As an athlete, I embrace the competitive mindset. It’s as much about the other athletes as it’s about competing with myself, pushing myself to really go for it,” said Sauceda. “Looking at that field of women, I felt that drive from them — the unrelenting mindset to go for it and be better because of it.”

Mexico Nike Women

The winner of the 21K race, Karina Pérez, broke her personal best after reaching the finish line in 1 hour and 24 minutes. “The best prize was to have conquered my mind. Nothing in life is easy. Life is full of challenges and this race was not easy, but I overcame my challenge, crossing the finish line winning the Nike Mexico 21K,” said Pérez, an elite runner from Tlaxcala who has been running professionally for the last nine years.


As part of the training journey that led up to the race, Nike offered two Run Clubs dedicated to women that attracted more than 2,500 participants. These run clubs also included special functional training sessions with N+TC. Athletes also found support through Nike’s digital community of nearly 70 million women. The Nike+ ecosystem, which includes the Nike+ Running App and N+TC App, provides customized running and training programs to help women reach their goals.

This weekend’s events help drive the women’s sport movement to grow and evolve, both as women bond with one another and as Nike expands the sport and fitness lifestyle in new places. Connecting to a global community of female athletes, #betterforit stands out as Nike’s largest initiative to support and motivate women’s athletic journeys. To learn more, visit

If you’re brave enough to try, you’re strong enough to finish.


Story and Images Via Nike

2015 IFBB Spartan Pro Women’s Physique Competitors

2015 Spartan Pro

The Women’s Physique competition in San Diego will feature 11 competitors on May 2, 2015. While it’s not the biggest line up it certainly will be competitive. See who will be competing at the 2015 IFBB Spartan’s Pro Women’s Physique.

2015 IFBB Spartan Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
Jacklyn Abrams
Erica Blockman
La’Drissa Bonivel
Tonya Hooker
Candrea Judd Adams
Erika Laine
Danielle Mastromatteo
Tammy Patnode
Leonie Rose
Susan Salazar
Marnee Winn

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Prejudging: 10am
Finals: 5pm

Scottish Rite Event Center
1895 Camino Del Rio, San Diego, California

2015 Drake Relays Includes Women’s Masters Invitational

DES MOINES, Iowa, April 23, 2015  – The world-renowned Drake Relays will include a Masters Invitational Women’s 800m (Final), at Drake Stadium, 11:17 AM this Saturday, April 25.  The stadium is at 2719 Forest Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa  50311.  The star-studded field includes several age-group World and American record holders in the 400-800 and Olympic Trials qualifiers.

Mark Cleary, USATF Masters Invitational Chair, said, “We are hoping for a new meet record to come out of this field. It’s our largest field yet. Great weather is forecasted, 62 to 64 degrees.”

Drake Relays Facts:

  • 327,429 Athletes have competed within the 102 year history.
  • Overall attendance for Drake Relays has reached 2,541,417 people.
  • Saturday Sessions at Drake have sold out for 46 Consecutive Years.
  • Between Drake Relays Staff, Volunteers, Track Officials, and Support Staff, over 1,144 people put in a collective total of approximately 224,220 hours yearly.

Masters 800 Women’s Invitational Names  (Age) Affiliation, Hometown  Notes

Felicia Bishop, (Age 47) Ronald McDonald House of Providence Running Club, Barrington, Rhode Island

Chris Gentile, (Age 45) The Janes Elite Racing, Castle Rock, Colorado, defending champion.  Chris’s winning time last year was 2:24.9. Chris ran for Villanova University.  She qualified for the 800, and the 1500 Meter Olympic trials in 2000, at Sacramento, CA.

Alisa Harvey , (Age 49) RIADHA, Manassas, Virginia, Event Record Holder, with a time of 2:17.78.  She ran at the Olympic trials in New Orleans in ’91 (1500 Meter Run, sixth place), and is the Current Masters World Record holder for the Indoor 800 (W45-49), and the Indoor American Record holder in the 800 (W40-44). She also holds the Outdoor American Record in the 800 (W40-44), and (W45-49) with a time of 2:13.67.

Kate Maurer, (Age 43) Ankeny, Iowa, she attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Donna Mills, (Age 50) Orange City, IA, unattached.

Kara Parker, (Age 45) St.Paul, Minnesota, former track star for the University of Minnesota.

Christine Price, (Age 46) Runablaze Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa, second place last year in this race.

Charmaine Roberts, (Age 47) Athena, Washington, District of Columbia. Current Masters World Indoor Champion in the (W45-49) 400/800 with a Pending American Record for the Indoor 400 Meter Run.

Jill Vollweiler, (Age 46) So Cal Track Club, Purchase, NY, this is her third year running the event.

Laurie Wisotsky, (Age 44) So Cal Track Club, Largo, Florida

Cleary added, “Drake Relays Meet Director Brian Brown and Assistant Meet Director Carolyn  Hill have been fantastic to work with. They deliver a great meet for the athletes every year and have made all the Masters athletes with the Invitational program feel valued and supported.  We appreciate Brian including us in this amazing Meet.”

SOURCE: Robert Weiner Associates and USATF Masters Media Committee

Nike Women: Don’t let you stop you.

Nike Better for it
Nike has a new ad that encourages women to push through their inner voice and any doubts. The result? You’ll be be better for it. It’s a fun, lighthearted and real approach that will will resonate with anyone who has tried yoga, spinning running or even lifting weights. Nike Women – “Don’t let you stop you.”

Better For It – Inner Thoughts


via youtube.

2015 ARNOLD: Women’s Physique International Results

women's Physique International
Congratulations Juliana Malacarne on winning the first ever Arnold Women’s Physique International title. Coming in second was Dana Linn Bailey with Tycie Coppett in third.

Women’s Physique International Results:
Placing – Name – Score
1. Juliana Malacarne – 5
2. Dana Linn Bailey – 10
3. Tycie Coppett – 15
4. Karina Nascimento – 20
5. La’Drissa Bonivel – 25
6. Sabrina Taylor – 26
7. Jillian Reville – 35
8. Mindi O’Brien – 41
9. Heather Grace – 44
10. Jennifer Robinson – 52
11. Nathalie Falk – 53

Arnold Women’s Physique International Poll, Preview & Predictions

Arnold Physique International

This year the Arnold Sports Festival has added the IFBB Pro Women’s Physique division. Many of the women are familiar names to those who follow the division. The inaugural Women’s Physique International will likely be a repeat of what we saw at the 2014 Women’s Physique Olympia. You’ll likely see fan favorite, Dana Linn Bailey standing next to the genetic wonder girl Juliana Malacarne. Dana Linn Bailey, or DLB as she’s known to her thousands of fans, won the first-ever Women’s Physique Olympia. She finished in the runner-up position to Juliana Malacarne last year. In 2013, Juliana was too big and too muscular for what the judges were going for. Last year, she brought a smaller and more streamlined look and the judges rewarded her for it.

While those two women will likely be the last two standing, don’t count out Tycie Coppett. Tycie is one of the taller women in the division and with that has to enter the show with more muscle than the other women to fill out her tall frame. I like the look she brings to the stage and wouldn’t argue with her taking the top spot. She’s that good. I don’t see anyone shaking up the top three but you never know what will happen until show time.

Cast your vote for who you think will win the the Arnold Women’s Physique International. You can read a full preview on all the competitors on If you’re unable to attend the Arnold you can watch a replay of the action on There will be no live webcast of the event but there will be video footage provided after the show.

IFBB Pro League Women’s Physique will be held at the Arnold Sports Festival for the first time in 2015. Prejudging and finals will be held on the Arnold Fitness EXPO Stage at Noon, Friday, March 6.

2015 Arnold Women’s Physique International Payout:
1st: $5,000
2nd: $2,000
3rd: $1,500
4th: $1,000
5th: $1,000
6th: $500

1st: Juliana Malacarne
2nd: Dana Linn Bailey
3rd: Tycie Coppett
4th: Karina Nascimento
5th: Sabrina Taylor
6th: Jillian Reville

Schedule of events for Arnold Women’s Physique International
WHEN: Friday, March 6, 2015
TIME: Prejudging & Finals / Noon-1:30 p.m.

2015 Arnold Women’s Physique International Competitor List
Dana Linn Bailey
LaDrissa Bonivel
Tycie Coppett
Nathalie Falk
Heather Grace
Juliana Malacarne
Karina Nascimento
Mindi O’Brien
Jillian Reville
Jennifer Robinson
Sabrina Taylor

For more information visit and follow @arnoldsports on twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #asf2015 for all your Arnold related tweets.

Supplement Companies Want Women to “Be Strong”

Be Strong

We’re seeing more and more companies embrace and empower women in their marketing efforts. The ALWAYS’ “Like a Girl” campaign and Under Armour Women’s “I WILL WANT I WANT” are just a couple that have been successful with their messaging. I’m a fan of both campaigns and more importantly women are. Last year, 13-year-old Mo’ne Davis put the world on notice and forced everyone to rethink what “throw like a girl”. Last month “This Girl Can” was another campaign encouraging women to “do their thing”.

The “empowerment movement” is catching on with a few supplement companies. Instead of showing dudes looking like their constipated and screaming in pain they’re opting to feature strong women. Companies are taking varied approaches and some have created women specific lines. The results remain to be seen as it’s still too early to tell how successful a women’s only supplement line will be. Most of the companies are using pink (or some shade variation of it) for their “women’s line”. One could argue it’s smart to use pink because you’ll automatically associate it with women. Others may debate that it’s a bad move in that you’re implying it’s a “weaker” version of a men’s line. The color pink is commonly associated with feminine so can pink be strong? Two companies currently targeting women would like to think so. So much so that they are both using the hashtag #BESTRONG.

The first is MusclePharm’s women’s line “FITMISS”. They use the colors black and pink in their marketing and claim “the new brand dosed + formulated specifically for women”. They’ve trademarked “STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY” and utilize it throughout their marketing efforts.  I’m not a huge fan of the saying but that’s a topic for another time. Most of their imagery tends to feel “real” and convey “strong” at least when it comes to featuring the face of the brand, WBFF pro Chady Dunmore. In the image below, they show Chady in a gym with the hashtag #BESTRONG . It’s much better than their background banner on the site that showcases Chady and “instafamous model” Jen Seltzer (which is a little weird considering neither is a NPC or IFBB competitor).

BE STRONG - FITMISSFitmiss wants you to #BESTRONG

A new supplement line is using the same hashtag but with different imagery. MuscleTech’s new line called “STRONG GIRL” claims to have  “effective formulas, made by strong women, for strong women.” They want you to “Be the best you!” and to “Be Positive”. I’m not quite sure how they arrived at all of that but again another topic for another day. They’re using race car driver Danica Patrick as their lead athlete and also using the hashtag #BESTRONG. STRONG girl uses more of a purple than pink with black for their color scheme. The line is exclusive to GNC which means you’ll have to order it through the GNC website or visit your local shop to BE STRONG with STRONG GIRL.

Danica Patrick StrongStrong Girl wants you to #BESTRONG

FITMISS has been on the market for awhile and STRONG girl only recently launched. So… FITMISS did it first but did they do it better than STRONG girl? Cast your vote below.

American Media Inc. Sells SHAPE & Other Women’s Magazine Titles to Meredith Corp.

Meredith buys SHape It’s no secret that print magazines have been faced with many challenges, especially in the fitness industry. As advertisers move their ad dollars to online and social media avenues, print magazines have struggled. We’ve seen the number of issues reduced, paper quality dropped and many times the same photos and articles are being recycled. Fitness magazines are often their own worst enemies. It’s not that print is dying, it’s more the case of magazine failing to offer something unique and fresh.

Today Meredith Corporation announced it has acquired popular women’s fitness magazine, SHAPE from American Media Inc (AMI). Meredith has acquired not only print but also the digital assets to Shape, Natural Health and Fit Pregnancy brands. Meredith will begin publishing SHAPE with the May 2015 issue and combine it with their existing Fitness magazine. Fitness magazine will no longer be printed but its website will continue to operate separately from SHAPE’s website. Subscribers of Fitness magazine will be receiving SHAPE with the May issue. Meredith will stop printing Fit Pregnancy and Natural Health magazines but will continue with an online presence with both titles.

The news of this sale could be foreshadowing with other AMI titles. Don’t be surprised to see Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness HERS and/or Flex sold this year. It wouldn’t be shocking to see Muscle & Fitness HERS cease to exist sooner than later. The writing is on the wall, in my opinion, when Meredith purchased the three other brands in AMI’s Women’s Active Lifestyle Group but not HERS. Meredith likely saw little value in the HERS assets and opted not to acquire them. The only other option for HERS is to be packaged with big brother Muscle & Fitness magazine and attempt to sell them together.

The New York Post is reporting the sale of SHAPE, Fit Pregnancy and Natural Health was for “$60 million in cash, plus future profit-sharing” according to their sources.


Meredith To Acquire Popular Shape Brand From American Media
Merging Fitness Magazine into Shape to Create Leading Media Brand in Women’s Active Lifestyle Category
NEW YORK and DES MOINES, Iowa, Jan. 28, 2015 — Meredith Corporation (NYSE:MDP,, the leading media and marketing company serving more than 100 million unduplicated American women, announced today that it has reached an agreement to acquire Shape magazine and the digital assets of the Shape, Natural Health, and Fit Pregnancy brands from American Media (AMI).

Meredith introduces an updated market positioning and logo that reflect the strength of Meredith’s national and local consumer media brands as well as its expanded portfolio of marketing solutions.

Meredith will begin producing Shape magazine with the May 2015 issue, with current readers of Shape and Meredith’s Fitness magazine receiving the new and enhanced Shape magazine. Shape will have a rate base of 2.5 million, an increase of 60 percent from its current level of 1.6 million. The Shape and Fitness websites sites will continue to operate as separate digital destinations, with a combined reach of almost 7 million unduplicated unique monthly visitors.

“The acquisition of Shape establishes Meredith as the leader in the women’s active lifestyle media category,” said National Media Group President Tom Harty. “It increases our reach among millennial women to over 23 million, creating an unmatched opportunity for advertisers to connect with this highly-valued audience across multiple media channels.”
Shape magazine covers exercise, beauty, nutrition, health, fashion, wellness, and other lifestyle topics to help women lead a healthier, active lifestyle. It is the category leader and has a median household income of $87,000 and median age of 39, the youngest in the category.

Tom Witschi, President of the Meredith Women’s Lifestyle Group, will oversee the new brands. The digital brands and related assets will report to Jon Werther, President, Meredith Digital. In addition, Galvanized LLC will be working with Meredith on the newly combined Shape and Fitness.

“We’re excited that David Zinczenko and his team from Galvanized will continue to oversee the editorial and brand vision for Shape to ensure stability and continued quality throughout the transition,” Witschi said. “David has been the acting Editorial Director for Shape at AMI, and he and his team bring an unsurpassed expertise in the healthy, active lifestyle field, as demonstrated by their success in building Men’s Health; the launch of Women’s Health; and the recent award-winning re-launch of Men’s Fitness.”

“As Shape joins Meredith’s Women’s Lifestyle Group, it is poised to build upon it’s extraordinary position as the category leader in both ad pages and circulation to deepen connections with its audience, while reaching out to new ones,” said David J. Pecker Chairman and CEO AMI. “We couldn’t be more proud of the work of the editors and publishers who have helped build Shape into the industry-leader it is today, and I look forward to seeing it continue its remarkable success at Meredith in the years ahead.”

Financial terms were not disclosed. The transaction will be accretive to Meredith’s fiscal 2015 financial performance. Meredith will provide more detail when it reports its fiscal 2015 second quarter results on January 28, 2015.

The acquisition of Shape is the latest in a series of acquisitions, launches and alliances for Meredith’s National Media Group including:
• A 10-year licensing agreement with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia to acquire the rights to Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings and media properties.

• The launch of the award-winning Allrecipes magazine, which followed the acquisition of Last week Meredith raised the rate base of Allrecipes to 1.1 million.

• The acquisition of leading digital destinations, including the growing website and native and engagement-based digital advertising leaders Selectable Media.

Additionally, over the last three years, Meredith has acquired the Eating Well, Family Fun, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Parenting and Baby Talk brands. In spring of 2015, Meredith plans to launch Parents Latina, an English-language magazine with a ratebase of 700,000 targeting millennial Hispanic moms.

“We continue to strengthen our focus on the important areas of home, family, food and health,” said Meredith Chairman and CEO Steve Lacy. “This acquisition strengthens our portfolio in both the print and digital space, and is consistent with our Total Shareholder Return strategy to pursue investments that scale our business and increase shareholder value.”
Meredith has also been executing a strategy to expand its broadcast television footprint. In the last year, Meredith’s Local Media Group has completed or announced the acquisition of television stations in Phoenix, St. Louis, Mobile-Pensacola and Springfield (Mass.).

“We continue to look for strategic acquisitions, partnerships and investment opportunities like these to expand our reach and create additional shareholder value,” said Meredith Chief Development Officer John Zieser.

Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP; has been committed to service journalism for more than 110 years. Today, Meredith uses multiple distribution platforms – including broadcast television, print, digital, mobile and video – to provide consumers with content they desire and to deliver the messages of its advertising and marketing partners.
Meredith’s National Media Group reaches an audience of over 230 million monthly, including 100 million unduplicated women and 60 percent of American millennial women. Meredith is the leader in creating content across media platforms in key consumer interest areas such as food, home, parenthood and health through well-known brands such as Better Homes and Gardens, Parents and Allrecipes. The National Media Group features robust brand licensing activities, including over 3,000 SKUs of branded products at 4,000 Walmart stores across the U.S. Meredith Xcelerated Marketing is a leader at developing and delivering custom content and customer relationship marketing programs for many of the world’s top brands.
Meredith’s Local Media Group includes 17 owned or operated television stations reaching 11 percent of U.S. households. Meredith’s portfolio is concentrated in large, fast-growing markets, with seven stations in the nation’s Top 25 – including Atlanta, Phoenix, St. Louis and Portland – and 13 in Top 50 markets.
Meredith’s balanced portfolio consistently generates substantial free cash flow, and Meredith is committed to growing Total Shareholder Return through dividend payments, share repurchases and strategic business investments. Meredith’s current annualized dividend of $1.73 per share yields approximately 3.5 percent. Meredith has paid a dividend for 67 straight years and increased it for 21 consecutive years.

SOURCE Meredith Corporation

This Girl Can Video: Women… Do Your Thing

this girl can
This Girl Can is described as “a national campaign developed by Sport England and a wide range of partnership organisations.” The campaign aims to celebrate women who are setting aside fear and self-doubt by “doing their thing”. The video has only been up a couple of days and it’s already closing in on one million Youtube views. Why? It feels authentic, real and in turn creating a buzz online.

It’s easy to give this video a pass and overlook some of the clichéd sayings like “sweat like a pig”. You’re not going to see models with rock hard physiques in this video and that’s the point. Not every one aspires to be on a cover of a magazine. This Girl Can offers a great reminder, “Fear of judgement is stopping many of us from taking part in exercise. But as thousands of women up and down the country are proving, it really doesn’t have to.”

The video is set to female rap artist, Missy Elliott’s “Get UR Freak On”. Elliott was noted for her weight-loss in 2014 and has an on-going battle Graves’ disease. The singer encouraged her 2.5 million twitter followers to check out the #thisgirlCan campaign.

This Girl Can:
I jiggle there for I am
Sweat like a pig, feeling like a fox
I kick balls, deal with it
Damn right I look hot

This Girl Can celebrates the women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get. They’re here to inspire us to wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement is a barrier that can be overcome.#thisgirlcan

Twitter @ThisGirlCanUK

this girl can

This Girl Can Video – Do Your Thing.

2015 IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Contest Schedule

women's bodybuilding
The 2015 IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding contest schedule has been released and there’s a couple of changes. In 2014, Women’s Pro Bodybuilding was dropped from the Arnold Sports Festival which many felt was a sign of things to come. Meaning women’s bodybuilding was on its last lifeline as part of the IFBB Pro League. The division isn’t dead… yet. There are six pro shows on the 2015 schedule however the Ms. Olympia is missing. Will there be an Olympia for the Women’s Bodybuilders? As of now, no but don’t rule it out. I’m told by reliable sources that the Ms. Olympia could be put back on the schedule but when and where has not yet been determined.

If it weren’t for Wings of Strength sponsoring the majority of these shows there would be no women’s bodybuilding. They’ve added another show to the lineup for the women at the Houston Pro, which is the only new event for the Women’s Bodybuilding division.

There’s an attempt online to save women’s bodybuilding but it’s received very little response. You can read the “petition”

2015 IFBB Women’s Bodybuilding Schedule

Date: May 30, 2015
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Promoter: Jack Titone – 314‐686‐3828 –
Prize Money: $6,000.00

Date: June 6-7, 2015
Location: Toronto, Canada
Promoter: Ron Hache – 705‐561‐0775 –

Date: July 2-4, 2015
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Promoter: Tim Gardner – 813‐908‐7843  0

Date: August 6-8, 2015
Location: Tampa, Florida
Promoter: Tim Gardner – 813‐908‐7843 –

Date: August 21-22, 2015
Location: Houston, Texas
Promoter: Tim Gardner – 813‐908‐7843 –

Over 35/Over 45/Over 55
Date: September 3, 2015
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Promoter: Gary Udit – 412‐377‐1438 –

2015 IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Contest Schedule is updated at

2015 Contests – IFBB Women’s Physique Schedule

2015 IFBB Women's Phyisque
There are currently 21 contests on the 2015 IFBB Women’s Physique contest schedule and the prize money ranges from $3,500 on up. A number of shows have decreased their prize money from 2014. Four shows that took place in California have been removed with one addition. Canadians will be happy to see two new pro events added to the schedule and are the lone shows outside of the USA for Women’s Physique. There will be new shows in Atlantic City, Houston and Little Rock in 2015. The biggest addition for the Women’s Physique division is the first ever Women’s Physique International that will be part of the Arnold Sports Festival.

Note the dates on the shows below. There are a few that are on the same day/weekend.

• Women’s Physique International – see who got invited.

• New York Pro is in Teaneck, NJ and on Sunday
• Dallas Europa moved to June
• San Jose moves from July to June


2015 Contests – IFBB Women’s Physique Schedule

Date: March 5-8, 2015
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Promoter: Jim Lorimer – 614‐431‐2600 –

Date:  April 4, 2015
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Promoter: Jack Titone – 314‐686‐3828 –
Prize Money: $3,500.00

Date: April 18, 2015
Location: Alberta, Canada
Promoter: Rick Knight
Prize Money: $20,000.00

Date:  May 1-2, 2015
Location: Orlando, Florida
Promoter: Ed and Betty Pariso – 817‐498‐3631 –
Prize Money: $4,000.00

Date:  May 2, 2015
Location: San Diego, California
Promoter: Jon Lindsay – 866‐370‐3011
Prize Money: $3,500.00

Date:  May 9, 2015
Location: Shreveport, Louisiana
Promoter: Robert Blount – 318-347-2208 –
Prize Money: $3,500

Date:  May 10, 2015
Location: New York, New York
Promoter: Steve Weinberger – 516‐933‐1111 –

Date:  May 30, 2015
Location: Denver, Colorado
Promoter: Jeff Taylor – 303‐668‐8578 –
Prize Money: $3,500.00

Date:  May 30, 2015
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Promoter: Jack Titone – 314‐686‐3828 –
Prize Money: $3,500.00

Date:  June 6-7, 2015
Location: Toronto, Canada
Promoter: Ron Hache – 705‐561‐0775 –

Date:  June 19-20, 2015
Location: Dallas, Texas
Promoter: Ed and Betty Pariso – 817‐498‐3631 –
Prize Money: $4,000.00

Date:  June 19-20, 2015
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Promoter: Luke Tesvich – 504‐439‐6224 –
Prize Money: $3,500.00

Date:  June 26-27, 2015
Location: San Jose, California
Promoter: Steve O’Brien and George Jackson – 408‐384‐9039
Prize Money: $3,500.00

Date:  July 2-5, 2015
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Promoter: Tim Gardner – 813‐908‐7843 –

Date: July 18, 2015
Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Promoter: QC‐BB Promotions – Andres Miller –  561‐376‐9849 –
Prize Money: $3,000.00

Date: July 25, 2015
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Promoter: Michelle Krack – 778‐878‐2267 –
Prize Money: $4,000.00

Date:  August 6-8, 2015
Location: Tampa, Florida
Promoter: Tim Gardner – 813‐908‐7843 –

Date:  August 22, 2015
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Promoter: Jack Titone – 314‐686‐3828 –
Prize Money: $3,500.00

Date: August 21-22, 2015
Location: Houston, TX
Promoter: Tim Gardner – 813‐908‐7843 –

Over 35/Over 45
Date:September 3, 2015
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Promoter: Gary Udit – 412‐377‐1438 –

Date: August 28-29, 2015
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Promoter: Ed and Betty Pariso –
Prize Money: $4,000.00

Date: September 17-20, 2015
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Promoter: Robin Chang – 866‐676‐2007 –

Date:  October 10-11, 2015
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Promoter: Ed and Betty Pariso – 817‐498‐3631 –
Prize Money: $4,000.00

Date: November 7, 2015
Location: San Diego, California
Jon Lindsay 866‐370‐3011
Prize Money: $3,500.00

Check back as the shows change throughout the year. More info at

Women’s Semifinal Results – Dew Tour Mountain Championships

dew tour 2014

Women’s Semifinal Results – Dew Tour Mountain Championships
The field is set for the women’s 2014 Dew Tour Mountain Championships events. The semifinals took place today in Breckenridge, Colorado and the top five women advanced directly to the finals. New to the Dew Tour this year is a last chance qualifier (LCQ). The LCQ provides the next eight top ranked competitors with one more attempt to earn a spot in the finals. The top score from the LCQ advances to the finals.

1. Kelly Clark – 95.00
2. Arielle Gold – 92.95
3. Chloe Kim – 89.00
4. Xuetong Cai – 85.75
5. Elena Hight – 80.75
LCQ Qualifier – Hanna Teter – 75.50

Complete semifinal results on

1. Annalissa Drew – 84.75
2. Ayana Onozuka – 81.25
3. Maddie Bowman – 78.00
4. Janina Kuzma – 77.00
5. Virginie Faivre – 74.25
LCQ Qaulifier – Roz Groenewoud – 73.00
Complete Freeski Superpipe Final results on

1. Maggie Voisin – 83.50
2. Julia Krass – 80.25
3. Anouk Purnelle-Faniel – 77.25
4. Emma Dahlstrom – 77.00
5. Keri Herman – 76.25
LCQ Qualifier – Kim Lamarre – 76.75

Complete Freeski Slopestyle Results on

1. Enni Rukajarvi – 93.50
2. Spencer O’Brien – 92.00
3. Anna Gasser – 88.25
4. Jamie Anderson – 85.25
5. Sina Candrian – 80.00
LCQ Qualifier – Christy Prior – 91.50

Visit for complete results.

Check out the latest updates on Dew Tour’s Facebook. Watch the finals on

Nike Women: Brasilian Skateboarder Leticia Bufoni

leticia-bufoni nike women

NIKE Women has released a new video featuring Brasilian skateboarder Leticia Bufoni. She’s been with Nike for awhile but they haven’t utilized her much to date. It’s great to see Nike supporting women in sport and investing in talented athletes like Leticia. She has over half a million Facebook fans and 218,000 followers on Instagram.

For Leticia Bufoni, skateboarding wasn’t love at first sight. Rather, it was love at first touch.

“The first time I touched the board, I was like, ‘Wow, I want to skate, I want to skate every day,’” the Brasil native says.

And skate every day she did, although it wasn’t always easy to find the time.

“Every day my dad went to work, I took my board and went to skate,” Bufoni says. “But I made sure to be back home before he returned because he didn’t like skating at all, mostly because I was skating with boys.”

Nike Women: Brasilian Skateboarder Leticia Bufoni

While Bufoni’s persistence and dedication eventually convinced her father to let her skate, it was her victory in the first event she ever entered that convinced him she had talent.

This talent brought her to Southern California, the mecca of skateboarding. Since landing in the states in 2007, Bufoni’s career has taken off. She’s considered one of the leading faces of women’s skateboarding, and at 21 years of age, Bufoni is just getting started.

“I’m living my dream,” Bufoni says. “I’m skating every day. I’m traveling around the world and skating with friends I know from Brasil and the U.S. It’s just a dream.”

With the exception of the NTM x Jordan Sneaker Tight, the footwear and apparel featured on Bufoni are from the Nike Women’s Spring 2015 collection. Product from this collection will be available in select retailers and on beginning in January. The NTM x Jordan Sneaker Tight is available beginning Nov. 28.

Lead images via youtube.

2014 Ultimate Warriors Pro Women’s Physique Competitors

Ten women are slated to compete this weekend at the 2014 Ulimate Warriors Pro Women’s Physique competition in San Diego, California. A quick look at the list, the smart bet would be on Heather Grace for the win. There are only ten women slated to compete but the event should be competitive.

2014 Ultimate Warriors Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
San Diego, California – November 1, 2014

Vicki Diaz
Heather Grace
Marnie Holley
Candrea Judd Adams
Katerina Kyptova
Jodi Marchuck
Loana Paula Muttoni
Claire O’Connell
Leonie Ross
Gillian Ward

US Wins First Major Women’s Volleyball Title

US wins first major women’s volleyball title
MILAN (AP) – Kimberly Hill led the United States to its first major women’s volleyball title, scoring 20 points in a 3-1 victory over China on Sunday in the world championships.

Hill had the final kill, and captain Christa Dietzen added 15 points in the Americans’ 27-25, 25-20, 16-25, 26-24 victory before 12,600 fans at the Mediolanum Forum.

“We came here to make history and we made it,” said U.S. coach Karch Kiraly, a three-time Olympic champion. “It was a tough battle, but we made it.”

The U.S. women had never won the world championships, World Cup or Olympics. The Americans finished second in the world championships in 1967 and 2002.

“It’s the first time for the USA and we made it,” said Dietzen, the Hopewell Township, Pennsylvania, player who had knee surgery in December. “We represented present and future volleyball programs, but most importantly we did it together.”

The 6-foot-4 Hill, from Portland, Oregon, was selected the tournament’s most valuable player and best spiker. She was 19 of 31 with only one fault and had 13 digs and 25 excellent receptions on 39 attempts.

“I feel ecstatic and happy and just cannot believe it is real,” Hill said. “The award was a surprise and I still cannot believe it either, it is just amazing. Tonight it is everything. Eating, drinking and we are just going to celebrate being together.”

Alisha Glass of Leland, Michigan, was honored as the best setter. She had 36 running sets, 53 still sets and four faults.

“I can’t find the words,” Glass said. “I am incredibly proud of this team, of the USA Volleyball organization, everybody that played a part. It was such a team win. We did something that’s never been done. This is only the beginning. We’re going to get better and better.”

Zeng Chunlei led China with 20 points.

“I would like to congratulate Lang Ping and her team,” Kiraly said. “They played a marvelous tournament. After we got a 2-0 lead we knew China would never give up. It was a battle to the end and they have some great young players, as do we.

“I hope that we will be playing against each other in the future. It is just good for the sport to have teams with such history performing at a high level.”

In Saturday’s semifinals, the U.S. stunned top-ranked Olympic champion Brazil 3-0.

Brazil beat Italy 25-15, 25-13, 22-25, 22-25, 15-7 in the bronze-medal match.

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espnW Announces Sponsors for its Fifth Annual Women + Sports Summit


espnW Announces Sponsors for its Fifth Annual Women + Sports Summit
Today espnW announced the roster of sponsors for its fifth annual espnW: Women + Sports Summit presented by Toyota. This year’s Summit, held October 8-10 in Dana Point, Calif., is themed “Making an Impact” and will again gather thought leaders and influencers from the sports industry and beyond to focus on creating greater opportunity for women in sports. Toyota returns as the presenting sponsor, along with returning sponsors CoverGirl, Gatorade, JBL and Under Armour. The latest blue-chip company to join the roster is EY.

In addition to branding and on-site integrations, the sponsorships feature digital and social activations across espnW’s platforms. As presenting sponsor, Toyota will again recognize and honor three “Everyday Heroes,” an award that celebrates individuals making a difference for women and girls in their local communities through sports.
Beauty and cosmetics partner CoverGirl will showcase its #GirlsCan campaign through print and digital quote tiles featuring female athletes who have broken barriers throughout history. The brand will also gift guests with products at the Summit’s gifting suite.

Gatorade, the sports nutrition sponsor for the fourth consecutive year, will provide guests with Gatorade products at all “points of sweat” throughout the venue, including morning runs, core training, surfing, yoga and cycling. James Carter from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute will participate in the Summit’s performance panel, “Human Potential and Pushing Beyond Our Limits.”

JBL, the official sound partner, will gift guests with their latest JBL Reflect BT Wireless Sport headphones, a product developed with key insights and feedback provided by 2013 Summit attendees. JBL will also present Surf Camp at the Summit, with hands-on surf instructions in and out of the water during the Summit sport activities sessions.

Under Armour, the Summit’s official training partner, will gift all attendees with innovative apparel, footwear and accessories from their elevated women’s collection. The brand will also present Todd Durkin’s I.M.P.A.C.T Challenge, as well as yoga classes with international instructor Kathryn Budig, as part of the Summit’s sports activities.

The Summit’s newest partner, EY, will be featuring its Women Athletes Business Network, a program focused on harnessing the untapped leadership potential of female athletes after their retirement from sport. Athletes and executives will have an opportunity to sign up for the program in the gifting suite.

The Summit will be held for the second straight year at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort. For more information about The espnW: Women + Sports Summit and to see the complete agenda visit or follow on Twitter with @espnW and #espnWsummit.

About espnW
espnW serves women who love sports. provides an engaging environment that offers total access to female athletes and the sports they play, takes fans inside the biggest events, and shares a unique point of view on the sports stories that matter most to women. Founded in July, 2010, espnW lives across television, films, events, digital and social platforms. The annual espnW: Women + Sports Summit is the leading event of its kind in the sports industry. The Women’s Sports Foundation is a charity of choice for espnW.

All Women Sports Show “We Need to Talk” Airs on CBS Sports Network

NEW YORK (AP) — What perfect timing.

An all-women sports show premieres Tuesday night after weeks of NFL domestic violence cases dominating the headlines. Co-coordinating producer Emilie Deutsch has spent a lot of time listening to that male bastion of sports talk radio to prepare for the gig, and she marvels that “I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard someone say, ‘Well, I talked to my wife about this and my wife said this.'”

A core panel of a dozen female commentators will get to speak for themselves on “We Need to Talk,” which airs on cable channel CBS Sports Network. The weekly, hour-long, prime-time show is the first of its kind.

To Deutsch and fellow coordinating producer Suzanne Smith, the all-women cast makes it completely different than other sports programs — yet no different at the same time.

Smith notes that “The NFL Today” studio is next door to that of “We Need to Talk,” and she believes any of her 12 commentators could comfortably slide onto that set.

“They can talk the talk,” said Smith, the only woman currently producing or directing NFL games.

But CBS wouldn’t be doing the show unless its executives believed their talk would offer a different perspective.

“They bring their experiences as young girls, women, mothers, daughters to the topics,” said Deutsch, a vice president of features and original programming.

The main panelists are a mix of veteran broadcasters and former pro athletes. CBS is using five of its own announcers: Pro Football Hall of Fame honoree Lesley Visser; former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask; sideline reporters Tracy Wolfson and Allie LaForce; and radio host Dana Jacobson. They are joined by reporter Andrea Kremer of NFL Network and HBO Sports, boxer Laila Ali, basketball stars Lisa Leslie and Swin Cash, swimmers Dara Torres and Summer Sanders, and tennis player Katrina Adams.

This is not a show specifically about women’s sports, unless they happen to be a major source of news. The domestic violence charges against star U.S. Soccer goalie Hope Solo will likely be discussed during Tuesday’s premiere — a subject that has received plenty of mainstream media attention in the context of the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice case.

The first two planned segments Tuesday are on the league’s response to domestic violence allegations, hardly a stretch considering that has been by far the biggest sports story of the last month.

“(Viewers) are craving these women’s voices now more than ever before,” Smith said Monday.

“We Need to Talk” was announced in late August and in the works long before that. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was facing criticism at the time for handing Rice a two-game suspension, but only later did the issue become massive national news when TMZ released video of the Baltimore running back assaulting his then-fiancee.

Goodell, who had since acknowledged that the initial punishment was too lenient, suspended Rice indefinitely after the Ravens released him.

“All these things happened that totally needed a women’s perspective also,” Leslie said. “You had men addressing abuse that’s happening to a woman. What do women think?”

Leslie also thinks, though, that she brings a perspective of a hardcore fan no different from the male sports talk radio hosts she loves to listen to in the car. The passion that makes her yell at the TV and decide to attend 7 a.m. church services so she can make it home in time to watch her favorite New England Patriots.

After the first two segments Tuesday, the premiere will turn to more on-the-field sports topics such as Derek Jeter’s retirement and the job security of Michigan football coach Brady Hoke. And there may very well be male guests in future weeks.

CBS has shown its commitment to the show by promoting it during hugely popular NFL and SEC broadcasts. Trask and Kremer will also appear on Tuesday’s “CBS This Morning” to plug it.

The audience for “We Need to Talk” will be limited, though, by the distribution for CBS Sports Network, which is in fewer than half of the country’s homes with televisions. The channel is not rated by Nielsen, so viewership numbers won’t be available.

Just the existence of the show is important to Deutsch, who respects Visser, Wolfson and LaForce’s work as sideline reporters but is frustrated that women aren’t in the booth on NFL games.

“It’s really time for women to have more of an opportunity,” Deutsch said, “than being relegated to three minutes during a three-hour football game.”

“I am so honored to be a part of a ground-breaking show that exemplifies knowledge and expertise in the world of sports with some of the most reputable and respected voices in the sports arena. There’s no better time than now to express our views as women in the sports world that represent such a large base of athletes and fans.” – Katrina Adams

“I am thrilled and honored to have a seat at the table for meaningful conversation with so many accomplished women in the sports world.” – Laila Ali

“As a passionate sports fan, as well as an athlete, I am excited to be a part of CBS Sports Network’s historic sports-focused program hosted entirely by women, especially at a time when the influence of women in sports has evolved to where it is today.” – Swin Cash

“I’m excited to be a part of the show. While the buzz may be about this being an all-female sports show, once we start talking, I have no doubt that what we’re saying, not the gender of who is saying it, is what will resonate most.” – Dana Jacobson

“When I first heard about the show, my reaction was ‘finally.’ I applaud CBS for taking this historic step and am flattered and grateful to join the stellar group of women on the CBS roster and beyond. I have known and worked alongside Lesley Visser and Amy Trask for virtually my entire career. It’s ironic that over the years we’ve had so many conversations that start out with, ‘We need to talk about…’ Now we all get to share our knowledge and opinions on the burning issues in sports in this unique new forum.” – Andrea Kremer

“As human beings, we have the opportunity every day to redefine the preconceived standards that others set for us. No one but ourselves can know what we are capable of achieving. This show gives women an opportunity to challenge the status quo and set higher standards for what we can achieve as broadcasters.” – Allie LaForce

“I am honored to join the CBS Sports family to inspire, entertain and deliver insight on a platform with amazing women doing what we do best – talk sports. I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of such a ground-breaking show. Yet we cannot do it alone. We hope to have the support of men and women because it’s time, and ‘We Need To Talk!’” – Lisa Leslie

“Sports have always been a huge part of my life and my conversations. It is a thrill and an honor to be a part of this ground-breaking show. I am a competitor at heart, but a true sports fan to my core.” – Summer Sanders

“Being an Olympic Medalist was a team effort. So I am honored to be a part of CBS Sports’ WE NEED TO TALK cast of iconic women. Being part of a show with some of my broadcasting and sports idols is an honor.” – Dara Torres

“I am delighted to be part of this electrifying project. It is certainly fitting that such leading edge programming is being presented by this tremendous network. I look forward to collaborating with the many terrific people who are working on this innovative project, both in front and behind the camera.” – Amy Trask

“The sports world is in need of a show like this and there is no better place for it than CBS. I am so excited to be part of this project and working alongside these talented, knowledgeable women as we bring our view on all the hot topics in sports.” – Tracy Wolfson

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