2014 Figure International Preview, Poll & Predictions

The 2014 Figure International is one week away and defending champ, Candice Keene is looking to make it two wins in a row. Erin Stern didn’t submit for an invite and three-time Figure International Champ Nicole Wilkins withdrew due to an injury. One might think that would put Keene squarely in the driver’s seat for the victory however a few other women are looking to put the brakes on that.

2014 Arnold Figure International Preview, Poll & Predictions
Heather Dees was the runner-up last year and will bring a fuller look to the stage this year in hopes of moving up into the winner’s circle. Ann Titone has been putting in the work to continue to move up in the ranks and could be in the hunt for the top spot. She’s coming off her best year as a pro and hungry to keep the ball rolling. You can’t count out Camala Rodriquez who made the successful switch from Fitness to Figure and has more than held her own in every Figure competition she’s entered. How will Candice Lewis look? Will she come in conditioned enough in her legs to show off her incredible shape or will she be off the mark like she was at the 2013 Olympia? Those are questions we’ll have answered next week in Columbus.

You can’t overlook rookie Elissa Martis who won the 2013 Overall NPC Figure Nationals title and will be making her pro debut. A confident Alicia Coates has gone undefeated as a pro racking up two wins in her first two shows. Will she be able to hang with a deeper, more competitive line-up and make it three in a row?  Don’t bet against her but it’s far from a sure thing on that wager for another win. Dana Ambrose has quietly positioned herself as a top six contender. These women and others are in pursuit of one goal… shaking Arnold’s hand and being named the 2014 Figure International Champion.

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Hardbody Poll & Preview: 2013 Tijuana Pro Bikini

The 2013 IFBB Tijuana Pro Bikini contest is the last pro competition of the year. The event will host a Pro Men’s Bodybuilding competition in conjunction with the Pro Bikini event. The men’s turn out is dismal with only five competitors. The women’s line up is a bit stronger and there’s no clear cut winner, at least not on paper. No one in the line up has won a pro show this year and who ever takes top honors will qualify for the 2014 Olympia.


If I were a gambling man I’d put my money on Dayna Maleton winning this show. She has the physique and the looks to be a leading lady in the division. When she relaxes and SMILES she projects a positive vibe and you’re drawn to her physique. When she takes the stage looking pissed and like she wants to stab someone you’re not as drawn to her physique. Sounds silly but if you’ve seen it in person you know what I’m talking about. So Dayna if you read this SMILE! She’s come a long way in her posing and should be the leading lady at this show.

Look for Crystal Matthews to make a run at the top spot if she is in shape on the lower half. She’s been as high as third as a pro but as low as 15th. I look for her to be in the top spots at this show. Deborah Goodman will be making her pro debut and could quietly make her presence known straight out of the gate. She achieved pro status at the NPC USA contest earlier this year and one to watch.

One woman most of these competitors won’t see coming is Cristy Mendivil. She has the looks and even competed on the Olympia stage despite most people not having a clue who she is. She was second at the 2011 Tijuana Pro and headed to the Olympia in just her second pro show. If she worked on her posing and presentation don’t be shocked if she’s in the first callout at this show.

Another dark horse to watch for is Ashriel Osgood. She was fifth in her pro debut at the Houston Pro and has the potential to win this show. I’d be shocked if she doesn’t finish in the top five and would make a case for her to be compared for the win. It will come down to how she presents herself and if she can showcase her physique with confidence. Since she’s ditched the first time jitters, I’d say watch out Tijuana this brunette beauty from Chandler, Arizona is coming.

Long shots but could be in the hunt… Simone Sinclaire and Nikola Weiterova. Simone posted online that she was going to make the switch to Figure so I’m a bit surprised to see her name in the lineup. Nikola has the looks but needs to come in tighter in her lower half and ditch the bright red lipstick she showcased last week in California. If she can come in tighter with more attention to the little details like her makeup she’ll move up. I like Jessica James look but she continues to struggle in her first two pro shows. Maybe the third time will be the charm for her.


Visit ifbbtjpro.com for more information.

• Christy Cook
• Brittany Gaylord
• Deborah Goodman
• Jessica James
• Belinda Kiriakou
• Marisol Lara
• Dayna Maleton
• Crystal Matthews
• Michelle Mein
• Cristy Mendivil
• Ashriel Osgood
• Ronda Porter
• Simone Sinclaire
• Nikola Weiterova

• Gigori Atoyan
• Dexter Jackson
• Martin Kjellstrom
• Manuel Lomeli
• Kevin Ofurum


Hardbody Preview & Poll: 2013 IFBB Felicia Romero Pro Figure Classic – UPDATED

The final stop on the IFBB Pro League schedule is the first annual Felicia Romero Pro Classic. The even will be held in conjunction with a National Qualifying NPC show on Nov. 15 & 16, in Mesa, Arizona. Felicia joins the growing number of IFBB pros who are putting their competition suits on hold and putting a promoter’s hat on. Fifteen women will take the stage in hopes of snagging not only a win but also a spot on the 2014 Olympia stage.


The odds-on favorite for this show is rookie Alicia Coates. Coates burned through the competition last week in her pro debut at the Kentucky Muscle. Unless she’s spent the last week throwing down in-and-out burgers she will collect her second title in as many shows. Alicia has the looks, a tiny waist and shape that puts her in elite company despite only having a few shows under her competitive suit. In the off-season she’ll need to add a little more width to her back but in this line-up she’ll rise to the top. She’s also one of the few women who can sport short hair and do so with style and a little edge. Her biggest competition will come from Francine Sablan. Sablan finished in third last week at the Kentucky Muscle Pro and if she tightened up a bit from last week she’ll stand next to Coates for the first callout of comparisons. I don’t see her beating Coates unless Alicia is off.

The more competitive spots will be third through fifth. Look for Krista Dunn and Brooke Erickson to be leading contenders for these spots. Krista has finished in the top five in her last two shows and should do so again here. She was fifth in Kentucky last week and collected a career high third at the Houston Pro. She’s in second for the Olympia point series and if she can finish in the top five again, she’ll end the calendar year on a high note. Brooke was 6th at the Houston Pro and brought one of her best looks as a pro to the stage. If she brings a similar look to Arizona this weekend she’ll be a contender.

Chris Kramer will make the move back to the Figure division after trying her hand at the Women’s Physique Division earlier this year. Masters pros Kimberly Dickson and Robyne Roveccio will try to crack the top spots. This will be Dickson’s second show and Roveccio’s first. Crystal Lowery will return to the stage after a few years away. We last saw her at the 2009 California Pro where she finished 14th.

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This will be the last IFBB Pro Figure show until the Figure International held in Columbus, Ohio the first weekend of March.  Visit www.npcmilesproductions.com for more info on this weekend’s show.

• Sasha Brown
• Alicia Coates
• Kimberly Dickson
• Krista Dunn
• Brooke Erickson
• Dawn Fernandez
• Devin Hockensmith
• Veronica Jackson
• Chris Kramer
• Crystal Lowery
• Lisandra McGrath
• Tarah Mitchell
• Karen Noorlun
• Allesandra Pinherio
• Cinderella Richardson
• Robyne Roveccio
• Francine Sablan

2013 IFBB Kentucky Pro Figure Preview & Competitor List

The 2013 IFBB Kentucky Pro is the second-to-last show on the calendar for the Pro Figure division. The winner will head to the 2014 Olympia and those finishing in second through fifth will collect points in the ongoing Olympia Point Series. The judges will have their hands full with a variety of physiques in this year’s Kentucky line up. There’s no clear cut favorite heading into the show and it sets things up to be a bit more interesting to watch play out.


Dana Ambrose has found success since turning pro and a perennial top five finisher. She’ll likely be in the coveted first callout and looking to return to the Olympia stage. Krista Dunn continues to refine and streamline her physique in the pro ranks. She’s coming off a third place finish at 2013 Houston Pro and will undoubtedly bring a better look than her 2012 version at this contest. Francine Sablan will be one to watch in the line up. She found success straight out of the gate in her pro debut by winning the 2012 Tournament of Champions. She hit a wall against the big dogs at the Olympia and was relegated to 16th. She bounced back with a fifth place finish at the 2013 California State. If she’s on point with her conditioning look for her to be in the top spots. Chelsey Morgenstern always seems to fair well at this show and it’s one of the few shows she competes in each year. She’s coming off a 10th place finish at the Chicago Pro earlier this year. She’s finished in second at this contest the last two years. Natalie Waples has been up and down in her placings and tends to fair better in shows like the Kentucky Pro. She’s coming off a 16th place finish at the Olympia but don’t be too surprised if she’s in the first callout at Saturday’s prejudging.

My sleeper pick to shake things up in this show is Vera Mallet. She’ll be making her pro debut after taking top honors at the 2013 NPC Jr Nationals. She has incredible shape and if she added just a bit of width to her back from June she could be compared for a top spot. Remember her name because she’ll have a physique you remember from this show.

Newly added to the list (darn rookies always late to the game) is Alicia Coates. Alicia turned pro at the 2013 NPC Jr Nationals and should have a solid pro debut this weekend. She has a nice look and if she comes in tight in her lower half should be a top contender.

2013 IFBB Kentucky Pro Figure Competitor List:
• Dana Ambrose
• Jennifer Brown
• Alicia Coates
• Krista Dunn
• Tiana Gonzalez
• Devin Hockensmith
• Candice Houston
• Sandie Kight
• Monica Labriola
• Georgina Lona
• Vera Mallet
• Kaylen Manier
• Kimberly Moore
• Chelsey Morgenstern
• Melanise Pettee
• Tracy Redding
• Francine Sablan
• Shala Singer
• Laura Sutter
• Bojana Vasiljevic
• Natalie Waples

2013 IFBB IRON GAMES Pro Bikini Preview & Competitor List

The 2013 IFBB Iron Games Pro Bikini is one of the last remaining shows on the calendar. The competitors are looking to punch their ticket to the 2014 Olympia with a win and the odds are improved for them at this show. The show has just 11 women in the line up, this after thirty women competed in Sacramento. It makes you wonder why more from that show aren’t jumping at the opportunity to compete in this one.


If we’re playing the odds on this contest you have to go with Jessica Arevalo and Noy Alexander as your leading ladies in this contest. They both finished in the top spots last week at the Sacramento Pro and should be in the top spots again this weekend. Jessica has a nice look but her posing can often hinder it. If she’s relaxed, smiles and is poised she’ll be a top three contender. Noy has found a winning look for her and if she brings the same look she did from last week, it will come down to judges’ preference. Look for her to be compared for the win. Candice Conroy might have something to say about that though. She’s always found success in Souther California shows and don’t bet against her doing well once again. Candice, Jessica and Noy are your odds-on favorites for the top three in this show. Unless they come in way off or someone else brings their best you can look for this trio to pose it out for the win.

Jessica James made her pro debut last weekend with a lackluster placing and finished in the dreaded tied for 16th. If she comes in just a bit tighter and wears a different colored sued from the yellow, she’ll be a contender. I like her look and she has faired well in California shows as an amateur. Nikola Weiterova will make the trip from Slovakia in hopes of cracking the top spots. She’s steadily improved but has yet to crack the top five in the USA since winning at the Arnold Amateur in 2012. Belinda Kiriakou quietly made her pro debut last week at the Iowa Pro and finished in sixth. The lone representative of Canada has a great physique and should be a top five contender.

1. Noy Alexander
2. Jessica Arevalo
3. Candice Conroy
4. Jennifer Dietrick
5. Karey Grabow
6. Jennifer Hohnbaum
7. Jessica James
8. Belinda Kiriakou
9. Stacey Naito
10. Ronda Porter
11. Nikola Weiterova

*Narmin Assria, Lisa Kelly Valdez, Taylor Matheny Bentson, Janelle Saitone-McGuire were added after the initial preview. Narmin is coming off a win at the Iowa Pro and certainly could shake things up in the top spots.



Prejudging – 11am
Finals – 6:30pm

Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium – Culver City, CA

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Visit Musclecontest.com for tickets and more.

2013 IFBB / NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup Preview

The 2013 IFBB / NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup takes place this weekend in Florida. This show has served as the launching pad into the big leagues for a number of NPC competitors. Nathalia Melo made her NPC debut at this show in 2009 and went on to win the Olympia. India Paulino made her presence known at this event and took top honors at the 2013 Arnold. History will likely repeat itself in the NPC portion of the show.

ft lauderdale cup

The 2013 Flex Bikini model search winner, Janet Layug has been on a winning streak and gone two for two in the NPC Bikini. She’ll look to make it three in a row and I wouldn’t bet against. Every year or so there’s a woman who has the “it factor” and stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Janet is one of those women who just has “it”. She’s a natural on stage and has tight, toned physique with stunning good looks. This will be her toughest competition yet as there are always many top quality competitors at this show.

The IFBB Pro Bikini has a wide variety of physiques in the show and no clear cut winner, at least on paper, heading into the show. A few of these women competed on the Olympia stage and it will be interesting to see how they look compared to last month’s event. The winner of the contest will qualify for the 2014 Olympia. Second through fifth will collect points in the ongoing Olympia Point Series.

Gigi Amurao could be in the mix if her legs are down in size and she comes in tight mainly in her lower body. Jennifer Andrews will hold her own and the former beauty queen will look to get back into the winner’s circle again. Jennifer will have to be way off not to be in the mix here. Ashley Cronley-LeBlanc continues to gain more confidence and present with more poise, look for her to be a top five contender. Diana Becker brought a new, tighter, healthier look to the St. Louis stage a few weeks ago and if she presents a similar look here she’ll be in the hunt. Jennifer Dawn has been looking to find her groove again and Florida shows tend to favor her look.

Stephanie Mahoe found success straight out of the gate in the pro ranks after a hard fought road in the amateur ranks. She’s had a few weeks away from competition and will look to get back into the top 5 again here. If she brings a tight lower body she’ll be a contender. Noemi Olah will be one of the few blondes in the lineup and if her lower half is tight she’ll be in the mix. She has the looks and the presentation it will come down to her conditioning and how toned her backside is. Jessica Renee is a competitor who has the potential to be in the winner’s circle, it comes down to little details with her. Suit choice, makeup, hair and conditioning are hit or miss for her sometimes. If she brings it all together she could be top five. I like her look and she’s one who could crack the top spots every time if she puts it all together. Simone Sinclair didn’t fair as well as she’d hope in Houston but should move up into the top ten and make a case for the top five here. Angela Skeels won the NPC Nationals to achieve pro status and continues to claw her way back into the top spots as a pro. She’ll have her work cut out for her in this field but if she brings a relaxed, controlled presentation she could be a contender.

As I mentioned, there’s no clear-cut winner heading into the show so anyone could strike gold at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup today. If you’re following the coverage online search for #FLCUP and use that hashtag in your posts on twitter, instagram and facebook. It will help others follow along and see what’s happening at the event. Prejudging kicks off at 10am EST and the finals kick off with a red carpet event at 5pm. The event will also have IFBB Pro Men this year for the first time. For more info visit npcftlauderdalecup.com and check out photos on NPCNEWSonline.com throughout the weekend.

1. Gigi Amurao
2. Jennifer Andrews
3. Angeles Burke
4. Denita Clark
5. Ashley Cronley-LeBlanc
6. Jennifer Dawn
7. Maureen Doherty
8. Barbara Gonzalez
9. Diana Becker
10. Joanna Holden
11. Michon Leddy
12. Stephanie Mahoe
13. Bernadett Matassa
14. Noemi Olah
15. Jessica Renee
16. Satrice Rigsby
17. Erika Rivera
18. Simone Sinclair
19. Angela Skeels

2013 IFBB Tournament of Champions Preview – Last Chance For the Big Dance

The Tournament of Champions better known as the TOC is the last chance for the women of the IFBB Figure division to qualify for the Olympia. Win and you’re in. Those who finish in second through fifth collect points but for most women the points won’t matter however for a few they will should they come up just short of winning. The action takes place on Saturday, September 7th in Culver City, California.



The top four spots are set for through the Olympia point series. Kamla Macko is the top seed in the points and is in the Olympia. There’s a three-way tie for second between Natalie Waples, Swann Cardot and Allison Frahn. Those three women are also in the Olympia because mathematically no one else can tie them (13 points). Aleisha Hart is currently in fifth place with 9 points, reports are that she will not be competing in the TOC or the Olympia should she remain in 5th place. That leaves a few women with the opportunity to head to the Olympia should they not win but finish in the top spots.

Victoria Adelus, Candice John and Kim Sheppard are all tied for 6th place with seven points. They need to finish in fourth place (2 points) or higher in order to knock Hart out of the fifth spot. Which ever woman finishes higher, if in the top four, will qualify and head to the Olympia. Julie Mayer-Hyman has entered the TOC and is a long shot but could get in should she finish in second but only in second because she’s sitting with five points heading into the show. Other women have the points however are not entered in the contest and unless they do between now and Saturday, will not be a factor.


Latorya Watts has two fourth place finishes to her credit since winning the overall NPC USA Figure title. She has a tiny waist, broad shoulders however her hips are a bit narrow which can throw her symmetry off. As a rookie pro, she’s lighting the stage up and becoming a fan favorite. You have to figure she’ll be in the mix. Victoria Adelus has been on a bit of a steak herself. She’s coming off a carer best as a pro with a third place finish at the Tahoe Pro. She landed in fourth a week prior to that at the Dallas Europa. If Victoria can bring a similar look as she has to those shows she’ll be in the mix. Candice John has also been moving up in her placings as the season progresses. She was outside the pack against some of these women in Tahoe but moved up into third behind Macko and Stern last week at the Valenti Gold Cup. Candice has the potential and could be a top contender here. Julie Mayer-Hyman was second at the Europa pro show and dropped slightly to fifth at the Tahoe Pro. Julie will need a win or a second place finish in order to head to Vegas for the Olympia. She’ll have her work cur out for her but it’s not impossible. Kim Sheppard is another top threat and if her conditioning is on point could a contender.

Dark Horses:
Vicki Dowell debuted in Tahoe with a 13th place finish. If she brings better conditioning she could move up into the top five mix. She has the structure to hold her own in this line-up. Alissa Parker has the muscle and the structure to shake things up in her pro debut. She was second at the NPC Jr. Nationals and took top honors at this year’s Team Universe contest in July.

2013 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure Line-up:
1. Victoria Adelus
2. Beckie Boddie
3. Sasha Brown
4. Vicki Dowell
5. Karina Grau
6. Candice John
7. Julie Mayer-Hyman
8. Olga Morales
9. Alissa Parker
10. Donna Lisa Rapoza
11. Kim Sheppard
12. Bojana Vasiljevic
13. Latorya Watts

Get photos from the event on Bodybuilding.com and for more information visit musclecontest.com.


2013 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Pro Preview

The 2013 Valenti Gold Cup is in its second year. The Sarosta IFBB Pro event marks the last opportunity for many of these competitors to qualify for the Olympia in Las Vegas. Last year’s champion, Erin Stern will be back to defend her title and the Bikini division will be a competitive show to follow. The even will also play host to the Pro Men’s Physique division and a NPC competition.


Erin Stern is the obvious one to beat. She’s the reining Figure Olympia Champion and took top honors at this show last year. It will be a good warm up show for her heading into her title defense in Vegas. It’s not to say this show will be a walk in the park. Last year, we saw Kamla Macko match up fairly well to Erin and will likely be compared to her again this year. Kamla’s biggest challenge is posing with confidence but not coming across as arrogant. She fixed her shoulder poses from the back earlier this year when she competed in Tampa but came across a bit smug in her posing. If she can convey confidence without appearing arrogant it will help her. Seems silly but if you’ve seen it in person you know what I mean. She has a good chance of being in the top spots once again. Kim Sheppard, Candice John and Bernita Stuckey have all been in the mix before and could once again. Heather Nappi switched from bikini to figure and it’s paying off well for her. Holly Beck also continues to improve and if she can come in full and not stringy she could be in the mix. Agnese Russo has potential and if she can hit her posing from the back and lift her shoulder up when she does, she’ll be up there.

I don’t see Erin losing this one and Macko coming in a solid second. Who can round out those coveted top five spots and secure Olympia points, we’ll see. If Bernita or Kim are able to finish in second they’d lock in an Olympia top five, with one show to go. Bernita could also tie for a spot if she finishes in third. Beyond that no one would move up high enough after this show and be in the Olympia Point Series top five. They’d then have to go to the Tournament of Champions and finish in the top five.

2013 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Pro Figure

• Holly Beck
• Jennifer Brown
• Margarita Charaim
• Candice John
• Eleni Kritkopaulou
• Kamla Macko
• Heather Nappi
• Kiana Phi
• Kat Ramirez
• Kristina Rojas
• Agnese Russo
• Rebecca Schubeck
• Danielle Sereluca
• Kim Sheppard
• Melissa Smith
• Erin Stern
• Bernita Stuckey
• Jennifer Taylor

This is the last show to qualify for the Bikini Olympia. Gigi Amaurao sits in fifth place in the Olympia Point Series with 10. That’s a tie with Tawna Eubanks who is competing across the pond in Finland. Gigi’s biggest challenge is bringing her legs in small and tight enough. She wasn’t at her best in St. Louis and will need to tighten up a bit to be a contender in this line-up. Noemi Olah is currently in 4th place in the point standings and will need to have a strong showing here to stand in the top five. She’s improved her physique since last year and matches up well with this line-up. Yarisha from Puerto Rico has a great look and I would have placed her higher in Tampa, if she brings a similar look to the Sarasota stage she should be a top finisher. Sara LeBlanc finished in the top five last week in Sarasota and I wouldn’t be surprised if she does again here. She has a more athletic physique and it’s one that is a healthy, fit look. Stephanie Mahoe found success in her first pro show and will look to match it again. She’s been competing quite a bit this year and the big question will be how her body holds up after so many shows.

Brittany Tacy could be in the winner’s circle or she could be fighting for a top five spot. She was solid in St. Louis and wouldn’t have argued with her finishing as high as second there but she’ll need to be at her best to be in the mix once again. She too has an athletic physique and one that represents the division well. The x-factor will be Carolina Silva. She was second in her pro debut behind Courtney King. She’s a beautiful girl but was a bit softer than others when she competed in Tampa. I wouldn’t have placed her in second but I’m not a judge. I look for her to be in the top callout and for her to win this show she’ll need to be much tighter in her conditioning than in Tampa.

2013 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Pro Bikini

• Gigi Amurao
• Yarisha Ayala Otero
• Angeles Burke
• Danielle Carr
• Maria Chase
• Joanne Holden
• Sarah LeBlanc
• Stephanie Mahoe
• Bernadett Matassa
• Noemi Olah
• Kamilah Powell
• Sana Shah
• Carolina Silva
• Simone Sinclaire
• Brittany Tacy

Prize Money:

Men’s Physique
1st Place $2,000
2nd Place $1,000
3rd Place $500

Pro Bikini
1st Place $3,000
2nd Place $2,000
3rd Place $1,000

Pro Figure
1st Place $3,000
2nd Place $2,000
3rd Place $1,000

For more information on this show visit: valentigoldcup.com.

2013 IFBB Nordic Pro Championships Preview

This weekend in Lahti, Finland the IFBB pro figure and bikini competitors will hope to lock in their spot at next month’s Olympia. This is the last chance for the Bikini pros to head to Vegas and the next to last stop for the Figure Pros. The Figure competitors last stop will be the Tournament of Champions next week.


The Figure line-up will be interesting to watch. There’s no “big name” competitor in the mix and the majority of the women are from outside the USA. There’s a variety of shapes and sizes in the group with some women being a bit more muscular than others. The winner will qualify for the Olympia and is the one spot that will make the biggest impact on the Olympia. The 2-5 place finishers will get points however none of the women in this line-up are in the hunt with the Olympia qualification series.

2013 IFBB Nordic Pro Championships Figure
• Nicole Acker
• Katie Alander
• Lynsey Beattie
• Krista Dunn
• Ekaterina Gamagina
• Maria Jose Garcia Sanchez
• Candice Houston
• Inga Neverauskaite
• Natalia Revejova Leanrtova
• Kara Rogers
• Rahel Michele Ruch
• Elvimar Sanchez
• Giada Simari
• Heidi Sorsa

The Bikini competition is a bit more interesting to follow, at least in my opinion. Michelle Brannan is already qualified for the Olympia so the pressure is off her heading into this show. She’s one of the top bikini competitors in Europe so even though she’s already qualified don’t expect her to be anything less than her best.

Lacey DeLuca is tied for first in the point Series. If she places in the top five she’ll secure a spot in the Olympia. Even if she’s outside the top five, her 13 points should be enough to get in. Tawna Eubanks is tied for 5th in the point series with 10 points. If she places in the top four she’s in, fifth she might get in but no guarantee. Aly Veneno is tied for 7th in the point series. She was in the dreaded tied for 16th spot at last week’s St. Louis Pro and unless she had a miraculous change in her physique she’ll have a hard time cracking the top spots here. She needs to finish in the top four to have any chance of heading to the Olympia via the point series.

Jessica Renee has a good look and if she’s a tad tighter than last week could be a top contender however this line-up will be tough. Katie Chung Hua is one of the smaller competitors in the pro ranks in terms of muscle and will need to come in with a bigger booty and more muscle than we saw her last year. Amanda Otero is also in the deep waters with this line up and if she crack the top five it would be a win for her.

The dark horse in this mix is Anna Virmajoki. She’s a curvaceous blonde with a tight midsection but a bit more muscular legs than the other women in this line-up. She could be in the top three or the bottom of the pack depending what she presents on stage.

Don’t be surprised if the blondes take over this show and lock in your top three spots. Michelle, Tawna and Anna – the blonde trio would be my pre-show picks for the top spots. Anything can happen especially traveling overseas and in front of different judges.

2013 IFBB Nordic Pro Championships Bikini
• Michelle Brennan
• Katie Chung Hua
• Lacey DeLuca
• Tawna Eubanks
• Amanda Otero
• Jessica Renee
• Aly Veneno
• Anna Virmajoki

For more information visit: nordicfitnessexpo.com.

2013 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini Preview

The Olympia is quickly approaching and that means there are only a handful of shows left for IFBB Pros to qualify for the event. The ultimate stage is the Olympia and you have to win a show to get there or finish in the top five in the Olympia Point Series. There are a number of women in this show who are in the hunt for an Olympia spot through the point series.


As you can see the points are all very close and only the top five will head to Vegas next month. Leading the point total is Lacey Deluca with 13 points. Noemi Olah is a close second with 11 and from there it gets even closer. Jessica Arevalo and Gig Amurao are both in the top spots with 10 points. Currently on the outside looking in is Tiffany Boydston and Aly Veneno. If they finish in the top five the could get in but keep in mind there are still more shows left after this one. Christie Marquez could get into the top five mix if she lands in the top four.

1. Lacey DeLuca – 13
2. Noemi Olah – 11
3. Jessica Arevalo – 10
3. Gigi Amurao – 10
3. Tawna Eubanks – 10
6. Tiffany Marie Boydston – 9
6. Aly Veneno – 9
8. Jessica Paxson – 8
8. Christie Marquez – 8

This is a VERY competitive line-up and the top five could go to a number of competitors. It all depends on who shows up at their best and who stands next to who. One thing I hope we don’t see is tacky posing. There’s no need for it at this level and in my opinion if you pose without class you should be knocked down no matter how good your physique might look.

Justine Munro is back to defend her title and she wowed everyone last year at this show with one of the best backsides in the biz. If she brings a similar look this year she’ll defend her title. Noemi Olah was on the outside of the top five in Tampa but she has a look that is appealing for the division. If I’m a judge, and let’s be clear I’m not, she’s in my top call-out if she looks like she did in Tampa. Sarah LeBlanc has a good bikini body and if she can pose with positive energy and a smile, she’ll catch the judges attention. When Jessica Renee shows up in condition she’s one who could move up into a higher spot. She has a good look but doesn’t always get in the mix as I think she could. Diana Becker (formerly Graham) is making a return to the stage and from the looks of things on her instagram account she means business. Diana could be in the top five without much argument if she’s in shape, which I believe she will. Brittany Tacy has a more athletic look to her physique and it’s one that’s appealing for the division. She wasn’t in the mix at the Orange County but she could be here. Amay Allen, Gigi and Jessica could be in the top five or fighting for a top ten spot and only because of how deep this line-up is.

The 2013 NPC USA overall champ Hunnika Villa will try her hand at the pro ranks and will get tested right out of the gate. This is one of the tougher shows of the year. I like Anna Starodubtseva’s look and if she’s a bit tighter in the lower half she could be in the hunt with her unique look. Kristal Martin will return to the stage and as one of the taller competitors her biggest challenge will be who she stands next to. She will tower over some of the women in this line-up however if she’s conditioned she’ll hold her own. Tiffany Bodyston and Aly Veneno are both in the mix for points but they’ll have a tough time finishing in the top five with this group of women. Sandi Forsythe and Crystal Green have good physiques but the little details like presentation and tanning have held them back in the past, we’ll see if they can nail it this time.

Lacey Deluca could be the x-factor in this show. Since she’s changed up her training she’s come in a bit tighter. She genetically has larger legs and a rounder rump than others in this show. If she comes in tighter and smaller in the lower half than some of her previous shows she’ll be in the top spots.

The judges will have their work cut out for them as there is no clear cut top five and will all depend who is at their best come Saturday’s prejudging. This year’s line-up is more than doubled that of last years. The show is held in conjunction with the NPC Midwest Naturals.

2013 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini Competitors
Amy Allen
Gigi Amurao
Jessica Arevalo
Diana Becker
Tiffany Boydston
Maria Chase
Jennifer Dawn
Rachelle DeJean
Lacey Deluca
Jennifer Elliott
Sandi Forsythe
Crystal Green
Michelle Johnson
Sarah LeBlanc
Michon Leddy
Christie Marquez
Kristal Martin
Justine Munro
Noemi Olah
Cecile Palacios
Jessica Renee
Angela Skeels
Anna Starodubtseva
Brittany Tacy
Hunnika Villa
Ashley Wade
Katherin Williams

Athlete Check-in

FRIDAY at the Host Hotel
PROS 5pm

Prejudging – 10am
Finals – 6pm

Rickman Auditorium
747 Jeffco Boulevard Arnold, MO 63010

For tickets and more information visit npcmidwest.com. Use #STLpro as the hashtag for your social media posts. This will organize what everyone is saying and allow you to follow along.

2013 IFBB Tahoe Pro Figure Preview & Competitors’ List

Twenty-one IFBB Figure Pros have sent their contracts in to compete at the first IFBB Tahoe Pro Women’s Figure event. The show will be held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada on August 24, 2013. This is one of the few remaining shows where the women can qualify for the Figure Olympia. The winner heads to the big dance, the top four earn points in the Olympia Point Series. The five women with the most points before the Olympia, will get invites to the show.


Olympia Point Series
Allison Frahn is in the mix with 9 points and tied for foruth. Kimberly Sheppard could get into the hunt as she sits in 8th with five points. Wendy Fortino, Candice John, Julie Mayer-Hyman and Victoria Adelus all have four points and could make a run at the point series if they finish in the top three. It will be interesting to see how these women fair and if they gain points towards the Olympia.

1. Natalie Waples – 13
1. Swann Cardot – 13
3. Kamla Macko – 12
4. Aleisha Hart – 9
4. Allison Frahn – 9
6. Kati Alander – 6
6. Bernita Stuckey – 6
8. Ava Cowan – 5
8. Kimberly Sheppard – 5
10. Natalia Revajova – 4
10. Teresa Anthony – 4
10. Wendy Fortino – 4
10. Candice John – 4
10. Linda Andrew – 4
10. Julie Mayer-Hyman – 4
10. Victoria Adelus – 4

If you were to gamble on who might be in the top three it would be smart to roll the dice on Mallory Haldeman, Allison Frahn and Julie Mayer-Hyman. Mallory won the Tampa Pro earlier this month and if she’s able to present her physique in a calm, relaxed manner she could lock in another win. She wasn’t 100% in Tampa but showed definitely improvement in her back and her posing. At the night show her hair/makeup was much better than prejudging and she seemed more relaxed. If she can duplicate her night showing, she’ll be in the mix. Allison Frahn holds her own with this group and her biggest challenge comes in the wheels department and genetic structure. She has continued to improve her physique and could be in the hunt for a top spot here. Julie Mayer-Hyman wasn’t on many people’s radar heading into last week’s Dallas Europa but she held her own. She wasn’t quite as conditioned as the winner there and it cost her the victory. She’s had a week to tighten up and if she comes in a bit sharper with her conditioning than Dallas she’ll be in the mix for the win.

Victoria Adelus has her best showing last week in Dallas and if she brings a similar look she could be in the top five once again. Vicki Dowell is getting into the game after achieving pro status earlier this year and has a nice look. Candice John has been up and down in her placings and if she can bring tight physique to the stage she could be in the top spots. Essence Money has tons of potential but has yet to nail her conditioning needed to be in a top spot. She could move up if she brings a tighter physique than Dallas.

The x-factor here could be the 2013 NPC USA Figure champ, Latorya Watts. She has a super tiny waist but small hips so it can hold her back slightly when up against taller, more balanced competitors. She could be in the top spots though.

The 2013 Tahoe Pro Figure Competitors:
Victoria Adelus
Sasha Brown
Margarita Charaim
Kim Clark
Vicki Dowell
Brooke Erickson
Wendy Fortino
Allison Frahn
Mallory Haldeman
Carin Hawkins
Jessie Hilgenberg
Candice John
Simone Mack
Julie Mayer-Hyman
Essence Money
Inga Neverauskaite
Allesandra Pinheiro
Kimberly Sheppard
Gloria Tarpley
Bojana Vasiljevic
Latorya Watts

I’m not familiar with anyone doing coverage on the show however there is a webcast for $13.95 to watch the event. Use #tahoePro for your tweets throughout the weekend as they relate to this show. Visit tahoeshow.com for more info.

2013 Dallas Europa Super Show Preview

The 2013 Dallas Europa marks one of the few remaining stops for the IFBB Pros. Nearly 100 men and women will take the stage this weekend in hopes of winning and heading to the prestigious Olympia. Those who don’t win but finish in the top five will be awarded points in the Olympia Point Series. The five with the most points in each division receive and invite to the Olympia as well. This is the last chance for the Women’s Physique division to qualify, so a great deal is riding on this show. The Figure women still have a few more chances to qualify however every point counts.


The prejudging will take place on Friday at 3pm. The prejudging and finals will be held at the Dallas Convention Center. The IFBB Pros will check-in at 7pm on Thursday at the host hotel, the Hyatt Regency – Downtown Dallas. Finals are slated for Saturday at 3:30pm and we’ll know who is heading to Vegas at the end of it.

Pro Men Physique, Pro Men Bodybuilding, Pro Women Physique and Pro Figure

IFBB Pro Meeting check-in – Thursday – 7pm Hyatt Regency Hotel
IFBB Pro Prejudging – Friday – 3:00pm – Dallas Convention Center
IFBB Pro Finals – Saturday – 3:30pm – Dallas Convention Center


Dallas Convention Center Hall A-B-C
650 Griffin Street
Dallas, Texas 75202

Shuttle from host hotel to the convention center.

Friday Open at 2pm
Saturday Open at 9am

Pro Men
1. $20,000
2. $10,000
3. $3,000
4. $1,000
5. $1,000

Pro Figure
1. $6,000
2. $3,000
3. $1,000

Pro Women Physique
1. $3,500
2. $2,000
3. $500

Pro Men Physique
1. $3,500
2. $2,000
3. $500

IFBB Pro Figure Competitors
Victoria Adelus
Dana Ambrose
Linda Andrew
Mayla Ash
Jennifer Baker
Ryan Behr
Chaya Boone
Andrea Calhoun
Swann Cardot
Maria Garcia
Ryan Hays
Jessie Hilgenberg
Dawn Hinz-Pugh
Candice John
Eleni Kritkopoulou
Tatiana Koshman
Samantha Maycock
Julie Mayer-Hyman
Essence Monet
Natalie Revajova Leanrtova
Kristina Rojas
Denise Rose
Agnese Russo
Elvimar Sanchez
Kim Sheppard
Natalie Waples
Megan Wyble

IFBB Pro Women’s Physique Competitors
Ally Baker
Nicole Ball
Roxie Beckles
Erica Blockman
Myriam Bustamante
Lyris Cappelle
Cinzia Clapp
Jessica Gaines
Karen Gatto
Nekole Hamrick
Karin Hobbs
Marnie Holley
Candrea Judd Adams
Cea Ann Kerr
Zoa Linsey
Beni Lopez
Marina Lopez
Jayla McDermott
Loana Paula Muttoni
Akane Nigro Ismeal
Sheena Ohlig
Antonia Perdikakis
Jillan Reville
Jennifer Robinson
Jill Rudison
Ida Sefland
Joele Smith
Mikaila Soto
Michelle Trapp
Lindy Waid
Stephanie Willes

Follow all the action on twitter with the hashtag #DallasEuropa. Best of luck to all competing and for more information visit: www.europaexpo.com

2013 IFBB Tampa Pro Competitor Lists: Record-Breaking Turnout

The 2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro is shaping up to be the largest IFBB Pro show of the year. The Olympia is right around the corner and many competitors are still looking to qualify. This weekend’s show is one of the few remaining events on the schedule before the big show. The winner will automatically receive a spot in the Olympia lineup and the second through fifth place finishers will earn points in the qualification series.

The women have turned out in huge numbers for all the events and combined with the men it looks like this show will have over 200 IFBB pros competing. Promoter Tim Gardner always does a great job of taking care of the competitors and this year should be no different. We’ll be there covering the event and keep your posted throughout the weekend. There are many women making their IFBB debuts at this show and it will be interesting to see how they match up to the seasoned veterans.

Use the hashtag #tampapro for all your social media posts. This will help others follow the action online and the hashtag categorizes your post when others are searching for updates. For more information on the show and how you can purchase tickets to watch visit ifbbtampapro.com.

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Fitness
Jennifer Bishop
Michelle Blank
• Tiffany Chandler
• Lishia Dean
• Danielle Delikat
• Nicole Duncan
• Fiona Harris
• Whitney Harris
• Amy Justice
• Somkina Liudmila
• Carly Lobato
• Babette Mulford
• Ashley Sebera
• Shannon Siemer
• Lovena Stamatiou-Tuley
• Tanis Tzavaras
• Eileen Wells
• Molly Wichman
• Paula Williams-Gulman

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Figure
• Linda Andrew
• Holly Beck
• Ryan Behr
• Chaya Boone
• Jennifer Brown
• Andrea Calhoun
• Maggy Cambronero
• Swann Cardot
• Allison Frahn
• Maria Garcia
• Mirian Gerard
• Cyndey Gillon
• Mallory Haldeman
• Dawn Hinz Pugh
• Belinda Hope
• Candice John
• Tatiana Koshman
• Eleni Kritikopoulou
• Brenda Lauver
• Kamla Macko
• Ashley Simone Maybin
• Melanise Pettee
• Kiana Phi
• Kat Ramirez
• Tamara Ribeiro Bailey
• Cinderalla Richardson
• Dani Ronquilo
• Agnese Russo
• Laurie Schnelle
• Bernita Stuckey
• Jennifer Taylor
• Teela Thompson

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Bikini
• Gigi Amurao
• Maria Annunziata
• Yarishna Ayala
• Chaundra Bagwell
• Stefanie Bambrough
• Michelle Capraru
• Danielle Carr
• Monique Gantt
• Crystal Green
• Hope Howard
• Courtney King
• Meredith Long
• Stephanie Mahoe
• Nathalie Mur
• Sabrina Nicole
• Noemi Olah
• Jessica Renee
• Carolina Silva
• Anna Starodubtseva
• Aly Veneno
• Ashley Wade
• Janet Lynn West
• Katherine Williams

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Physique
• Betty Adkins
• Alisa Alday
• Dana Linn Bailey
• Nicole Ball
• La’Drissa Bonivel
• Myriam Bustamante
• Lyris Cappelle
• Candice Carr Archer
• Laura Davies
• Katie Davis
• Jill Dearmin
• Valerie Gangi
• Karen Gatto
• NeKole Hamrick
• Catherine Hernon
• Marnie Holley
• Andrea Holliday
• Cynthia Jansen
• Candrea Judd-Adams
• Marina Lopez
• Tracy Mason
• Teresita Morales
• Loana Paula Muttoni
• Kira Neuman
• Frida Palmell
• Maria Rita Penteado
• Antonia Perdikakis
• Jillian Reville
• Leonie Rose
• Jill Rudison
• Ida Sefland
• Drorit Silverman
• Joele Smith
• Mikaila Soto
• Lori Steele
• Kathy Unger
• Irina Veselova
• Yusmary Villalobos
• Stephanie Willes
• Karen Williams

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Bodybuilding
• Alicia Alfarao
• Irene Andersen
• Natalia Batova
• Rita Bello
• Juanita Blaino
• Tina Chandler
• Tazzie Colomb
• Shannon Courtney
• Michelle Cummings
• Angela Debatin
• Beverly DiRenzo
• Agatha Dulson
• Roxanne Edwards
• Christine Envall
• Paula Francis
• Pamela Franklin
• Aurelia Grozajova
• Terri Harris
• Mary Ellen Jerumbo
• Tammy Jones
• Janeen Lankowski
• Maryse Manios
• Emery Miller
• Geraldine Morgan
• Tonia Moore
• Sharon Mould
• Helle Nielsen
• Lora Ottenad
• Melody Spetko
• Beth Wachter


2013 NPC Team Universe Preview

This weekend the NPC Team Universe & Nationals Fitness Championships will be held in Teaneck, New Jersey. The two-day event will crown sixty new IFBB Pros in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini, women’s and men’s physique.

The women’s bodybuilding division was dropped from this year’s event however that won’t hurt the number of entrants for this show. The Team Universe is one of the largest NPC shows of the year and a few winners tend to make an immediate impact in the pro league. Two winners from the 2012 class are great examples.  The overall bikini champion, Ashley Kaltwasser found her groove after finishing 10th at this year’s Arnold. She’s earned two victories and will be competing at the Olympia where she could finish in top spots. Natalie Planes took top honors in her pro fitness debut at the Pro World Championship. Who will lead the way out of this year’s graduating class? We’ll find out this weekend in New Jersey.

Use the hashtag #TeamU on your social media posts. This will help everyone follow the action around the event. Good luck to everyone competing and for complete coverage visit npcnewsonline.com.

IFBB Professional League Qualifying Rules for the women:


Top 2 in each Height Class (6 Height Classes)

Winner of Each Height Class*

Winner of Each Height Class*

*Number of classes will be determined according to number of competitors



Top 2 in each Height Class (6 Height Classes)

Winner of Each Height Class*

Winner of Each Height Class*

*Number of classes will be determined according to number of competitors


Top 2 in each Height Class (4 Height Classes)

Winner of Each Height Class*

Winner of Each Height Class*

*Number of classes will be determined according to number of competitors

Top 2 in each Height Class


Prejudging – 2:00pm
Women’s Fitness Two-Piece
Women’s Figure (Open & Masters)
Women’s Bikini (Open & Masters)
Women’s Physique


Prejudging – 9:00am
Women’s Fitness Routines
Men’s Bodybuilding (Open & Masters)
Men’s Physique (Open And Masters)

All Finals – 5:00pm

Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe
100 Frank W. Burr Blvd.
Teaneck, NJ 07666

For more information on the contest visit: http://www.bevfrancis.com/npcnortheast/npc-team-universe

Latona Stays Red Hot in Louisiana – IFBB Pro Greater Gulf Bikini Review

Amanda Latona showed she’s still one of the best in the IFBB Pro Bikini division. Latona took the stage for the first time this year and made her presence known from the get-go.  Amanda has one of the curvier physiques in the division and a booty that is the envy of many. She knows what she’s working with and isn’t afraid to show it.


1. Amanda Latona
2. Amy Allen
3. Liana Hamilton
4. Sarah LeBlanc
5. Narmin Assria
6. Ashley Cronley LeBlanc
7. Lacey DeLuca
8. Jessica Arevalo
9. Janelle Saitone-McGuire
10. Kathleen Tesori
11. Kelsie Burgin
12. Christie Marquez
13. Cassandra Dubois
14. Summer White

Top five winners. 


2013 IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro Bikini Competitors
1. Amy Allen – Amy was the surprise of the show. She was her best ever and the judges took notice. She was confident and on point. She displayed a tighter physique than we’ve seen before and presented in a “curvier” way. Congrats to her on a job well done.

2. Jessica Arevalo – Jessica is steadily improving in the division but her presentation still needs a little tweaking. Her physique continues to get a bit more stream-lined and its a nice progression. I’d like to see a bit less “big hair” and her smile more. She seems to be concentrating too much and over thinking her posing. It comes across as a scowl. SMILE GIRL!

3. Narmin Assria – Narmin is one of the smallest women in the division and looks like a peanut next to Amanda Latona. She has good energy on stage and she’s consistently in shape. It comes down to judge’s preference and this panel preferred a curvier look. She’s already qualified for the Olympia so she’s good to go.

4. Kelsey Burgin – Kelsey is a beautiful woman with a great look. She just needs to tighten up her lower body a bit and work on her posing a tad. I could see her moving up in future shows.

5. Ashley Cronley Leblanc – The crawdaddy hip-poppa has steadily improved her presentation and been consistent with her look. Again it comes down to judges preference and she doesn’t have the curviest physique in this line up. She’s a contender though and don’t rule her out of an Olympia spot just yet.

6. Lacey Deluca – While Lacey is still a bit soft in the lower body for my liking, I thought it was one of her better looks to date. She seemed less nervous and more confident with her body than I’d seen in  the past. I look for her to be back in the top spots in a future show. Whatever changes she’s made to her nutrition and training are working as it’s a nice, healthy look.

7. Cassandra DuBois – Cassandra looked good for her. At the end of the day that’s really all you can ask for, right? She ran up against a buzzsaw in this competition but as long as she keeps improving she’s winning.

8. Liana Hamilton – Mad props to Liana for jumping right into the pros. She achieved IFBB pro status last week at the NPC JR NATIONALS and waste no time getting her heels wet. Finishing third in this line up is no joke. She was tighter than she was in Chicago and showed she’s a force to be reckon with in the big leagues. Just one point separate her from second place, which again speaks volumes to her potential.

9. Amanda Latona – Lala lal laaaa tona. Amanda Latona has the “it” factor and there’s no denying it. She was on point with her physique and looked as good as ever. Amanda knows how to take the stage with confidence and have the sexy/flirty look without being over the top. She ditched the legs crossed… “I have to pee” pose and it was a good move. Amanda, in my opinion, it a top contender yet again for the Olympia.

10. Sarah LeBlanc – This was one of the best looks we’ve seen Sarah bring to the stage. She was confident, sexy and not over the top. She continues to improve and more than held her own in this line-up. Job well done for the local Louisiana girl.

11. Christie Marquez – Christie looked good and could have been a bit more confident with her posing in the morning. She seemed more relax at night. She’s up and down in the placings and could find her way to the Olympia if she locks own a couple more top five spots.

12. Janelle Saitone McGuire – Janelle has a great, healthy look. She’s not the most muscular or the curviest however she has a nice all-american girl look to her. This was the best we’ve seen her and I wouldn’t have argued with anyone if she had finished higher. Look for her to move up in future shows.
13. Kathleen Tesori – Kat returned to the stage for the first time in a number of months. She was at her best in the bikini division and it’s a better fit for her than Figure. She could have been a little bit darker in her tanning but overall it was a nice look and she could move up in future shows without much tweaking. A nice return to the stage.

14. Summer White – Summer seemed a bit nervous in the prejudging but way more confident at night. She had a good tan and was one of the better looks we’ve seen her present as a pro. I’d like to see her with a bit more confidence in the morning show and I think it could help her move up.


2013 IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro Preview

The IFBB Pro women will be on stage today, Friday June 21st, for the Greater Gulf States show. The event is held in conjunction with a large NPC show. This is always a great event held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Bikini and Women’s Physique prejudging should begin around 12pm central standard time. The finals for NPC and IFBB will be held tonight, at 6pm. This is one of the few competitions where the finals and prejudging are on the same day. The men will compete on Saturday.

The bikini competition will be very competitive. On paper the favorite has to be Amanda Latona. This will be the first time we see her compete this year but she’s rarely off. Kathleen Tesori returns to the stage after taking 2012 off from competitions. Liana Hamilton waste no time jumping into the pro ranks after turning pro at last week’s Jr Nationals. Narmin will be the smallest competitor on stage but she’s coming off a win in Cali. Jessica Arevalo continues to improve and will look to be in the top spots once again. This will be one of the most competitive line-ups we’ve seen thus far in 2013. Any number of women could be in the top spots.

2013 IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro Bikini:
1. Amy Allen
2. Jessica Arevalo
3. Narmin Assria
4. Kelsey Burgin
5. Ashley Cronley Leblanc
6. Lacey Deluca
7. Cassandra DuBois
8. Liana Hamilton
9. Amanda Latona
10. Sarah LeBlanc
11. Christie Marquez
12. Janelle Saitone McGuire
13. Kathleen Tesori
14. Summer White

The defending champ, Tamee Marie is back and she’ll have her work cut out for her if she wants to make it two in a row. Samantha Hill, Mindi O’Brien and Nola Trimble could be her biggest competition but don’t sleep on Frances Mendez and Trina Thompson. Tycie Coppett and Carrie Simmons both have nice looks and have potential to do well if they are in condition. This will be a great competition and one worth following.

2013 IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro Women’s Physique:
1. Alisa Alay
2. Cinzia Clapp
3. Tycie Coppett
4. Gloria Faulls
5. Asha Hadley
6. Samantha Hill
7. Karen Hobbs
8. Cynthia Jansen
9. Loan Lenoard
10. Tamee Marie
11. Frances Mendez
12. Mindi O’Brien
13. Jennifer Robinson
14. Carrie Simmons
15. Trina Thompson
16. Nola Trimble

Follow along on twitter with #GREATERGULF as the has tag.


NPC JR Nationals – Fabulous Female Friday Review

Hundreds of NPC female competitors took the NPC Jr Nationals‘ stage on Friday in hopes of leaving with IFBB Pro status. The Bikini competition dominated with the most entrants while women’s bodybuilding foreshadow its future. Only four women entered women’s bodybuilding and while the numbers for this show are always smaller than USAs or Nationals because of no pro card, four shows the writing on the wall.

Women’s Physique continues to thrive and come into its own as a viable division in the amateur ranks. The women in the physique division are more streamlined and while they are muscular they’re looking more like a Figure competitor with more muscle than a downsized bodybuilder.

The Figure competition showcased a number of very good competitors and while there’s no clear cut overall winner many of the classes showcased women with tremendous potential. The Bikini division was also very competitive with the C class being the largest. You know a class is large when the competitor roster takes up two pages.

Fitness had a decent showing compared to what we’ve seen in prior shows. While it’s a fading division in terms of numbers it’s still the most entertaining. The winners in each class will hold their own in the pro ranks but will likely need to be a bit more muscular in order to hang with the likes of Adela, Oksana or Tanji, the leading pro competitors.

HARBODY Predictions:
These are simply opinions and observations. They do not reflect the final out come of the show or reflect the judges’ opinions or those of the NPC. Check out all the photos from the show here.

FITNESS: Each class winner will achieve IFBB Pro League status. See the prejudging fitness routines and 2-piece photos here.

Look for Shannon Siemer to take the Fitness A class. She had not only the most complete physique but also the best routine in the class.

Nicolette Spencer had the best physique and should finish in the top spots for the routines and put her in the winner’s circle. Lishia Dean has been a long-time amateur favorite and could be in the top three but missed her conditioning in the physique round. Deanne Fry has the muscle and the physique to be in the top spots but will her routine be high enough on the scorecard? She broke out some old school Carol Semple moves in her routine.

Carly Lobato was the standout in the C class, women over 5′ 4 1/2″. She had great flexibility and a number of strength moves throughout. She also maintained her pace from start to finish. Many women start strong but end out of breath. Debbie Sizemore had a rather bizarre choice in the routine round. She brought out a huge prop which looked like a set of jail bars. It was distracting for the majority of her routine. Kimberly Stroup will be in the hunt for the top spot and should be in the top two. She had a solid routine and in the top spots for the physique round.

Barbie Thomas continues to awe and inspire everyone. She performs fitness routines and does move with ease, all with no arms. You can’t help but get a little choked up when she takes the stage. She reminds us all that there are truly no excuses. Mad respect to Barbie.

Women’s Physique: This is how I see the placings going but again they are NOT final. The winner of each class will be eligible for IFBB Pro League Status. View prejudging photos here.

Class A:
1. Erica Blockman
2. Michelle Davis
3. Justine Ansolone
4. Dawn Meininger-Wahlgren

Class B:
1. Stephanie Willes
2. Heather Mell
3. Amanda Zawojsky
4. Shannan Roskam
5. Angela Morel

Class C:
1. Joni Neilson
2. Krysta Enchill
3. Shawnna Doty
4. Jessica Bowman
5. Jennifer Underwood-Kallas

Class D:
1. Heather Barbee
2. Zandra Starr Minita
3. LeeAnn Friemoth
4. Amanda Kinnaird
5. Christine Moyer
6. Delia McNeil

Women’s Bodybuilding:
No disrespect intended to the four women who did step up and enter the show but this was, in my opinion, foreshadowing of the division. When only four women total show up, you know things are going downhill fast. Props to the four women who did enter.

Light Heavyweight
1. Laura Brown

1. Kasia Topor
2. Carrie Rapp
3. Lisa O’Kelly

The winner of each height class will be eligible for IFBB Pro League status. The bikini competition was some of the best to date and the physiques continue to improve across the board. View prejudging photos here.

Bikini A:
1. Ashriel Osgood
2. Yasmin Ali
3. Annie Parker
4. Elle Delallo
5. Caryn Paolini

Bikini B:
1. Susan Waters
2. Nissan Weaver
3. Lisa Schimkat
4. Sana Shah
5. Alli Petriella
6. Melanie Kate
7. Lisa Campbell
8 Amy Lindsey

Bikini C:
This was a HUGE class. It was a very tough competition and also had something happen, I hadn’t seen before. Miroslava Reese was in the fourth callout but was brought back with the top five women in a final callout and put in the middle. What that will mean, if anything is anyone’s guess. I spoke with the head judge on this an she told me she thought Miroslava had been overlooked and deserved a look at the top spots. Whether she will finish there or not, we’ll see but it’s a good reminder to all competitors you never know how things will go until the awards are handed out.

1. Collette Barbera
2. Yarisha Ayala
3. Angeles Burke
4. Antanique Lanry
5. Angelica Gonzalez

Bikini D:
1. Liana Hamilton
2. Stephanie Mahoe
3. Ashley Kurtenbach
4. Trista Anderson
5. Lauren Gregory

Bikini E:
1. Chaundra Bagwell
2. Amber Orton
3. Whitney Wiser
4. Jennifer Menezes
5. Angela Okon

Bikini F:
1. Hope Howard
2. Amanda Woolery
3. Asia Mendoza
4. Holly Elizabeth
5. Alexis Nicole Jones

The winners of each height class will be eligible for IFBB Pro League status. This was a very competitive group of women and if the overall winner follows in previous winners’ footsteps they’ll be great. Last year’s winner Mallory Haldeman went on to compete in the Olympia the same year as turning pro and the prior year Candice Lewis took top honors. Candice has positioned herself as one of the top women in the pro ranks as well. View prejudging photos here.

Figure A:
1. Andrea Calhoun
2. Rina Patel
3. Jacqueline Thomas
4. Milva Galati
5. Kim Clark

Figure B:
1. Irina Kiselev
2. Kaelin Tuell
3. Trisha Fleischer
4. Arista Jackson
5. Tarah Mitchell

Figure C:
1. Jennifer Brown
2. Jennifer Cordovez
3. Katherine Lane
4. Christina Watson
5. Lauren Williams
6. Tiffany Garrett
**Alicia McDowell stood out has having tremendous potential in the months ahead. She missed her conditioning and won’t be in the top spots here but keep an eye on her.

Figure D:
1. Alicia Coates
2. Ryan Behr
3. Taniqua Mary Medina
4. Rocio Ruiz
5. Carla Araujo
6. Michele Horan

Figure E:
1. Vera Mallet
2. Alissa Parker
3. Annette Mendez
4. Kaylee Rae Flanagan
5. Angelina Masino

Figure F:
1. Roshonda Schmitt
2. Kimberly Dickson
3. Alexandria Berriman
4. Jackie Faine
5. Rebecca Mitchell

Finals will be held tonight, Saturday, where we’ll find out who wins and how accurate the Hardbody picks are. Again, the above are NOT the judges’ placings and are NOT final. Good luck to all competing and congratulations on taking the stage! Follow the coverage on twitter with the hashtag #NPCJRNATS to see results tonight.

See more show photos on FLEXonline.com and NPCnewsonline.com.

Hardbody 411: 2013 NPC JR Nationals – Chicago, IL

This weekend around 500 hungry, tanned men and women will head to Chicago for the 2013 NPC JR Nationals. The event is one of the best of the year and the winners have gone on to big things in the pro ranks. Last year’s Figure champion Mallory Haldeman went on to be named rookie of the year in the pro ranks by Flex Magazine. Lacey Deluca, the Bikini overall champ, consistently placed high in pro shows. Who will be ones to watch this year? The venue is attached to the host hotel which makes it very easy for competitors, especially when it’s raining out as it has in previous years.

The 2013 Optimum Nutrition NPC Jr. National Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Physique Championships, to be held June 14-15 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont (Chicago area), Illinois. There are 4 weight classes for the Women’s Bodybuilding, 7 weight classes for Men’s Bodybuilding, 3 height classes for Fitness competitors, 6 height classes for Figure and Bikini competitors, 4 height classes for Women’s Physique and 6 Height classes for Men’s Physique. IFBB Pro Cards will be awarded to all height class winners.

U.S. Citizenship is required for Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Men’s & Women’s Physique Competitors only (pro-qualifiers). All bodybuilding athletes must provide either proof of U.S. Citizenship or Legal Resident Alien status (Green Card).

Please note: The height class winners are all required to participate in the NPC NEWS photo shoot with J.M.M Manion on Sunday following the contest. The shoot is schedule for 8:30am to 1pm on June 16th. For more information on the winners’ shoot click here.

Lift Studios will be the official stage photographer. Photos will be available for purchase here.

Ticket Info:
FINALS: $75 & $50 -All Seats Reserved
PREJUDGING:Friday Night -$30; Saturday Morning -$30 (Open Seating)

Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel
9300 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Rosemont, IL 60018

HYATT REGENCY O’HARE HOTEL Thursday, June 13: Weigh-Ins and Check-Ins for all athletes will take place on a “rolling” basis from 2 -8 p.m. on Thursday ONLY! Competitors can come in to the room at any time during those 6 hours. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WEIGH-IN or CHECK-IN ON FRIDAY!


All competitors will be introduced on stage at the Finals. The top five in each Bodybuilding and Women’s Physique class and the top five in each Fitness class will perform their routines. Fitness competitors will be compared in their two-piece swimsuit, as will the top five figure, bikini and men’s & women’s physique competitors. The top five athletes in all divisions and classes will be awarded trophies. An overall trophy will be awarded in all divisions. The winners of each height class winners in Fitness, Figure, Bikini, and Men’s & Women’s Physique will be eligible to receive their IFBB pro cards.

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel
24 hours Microwave Room TBD 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Promoter’s Office Grand Reg Office 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. All weigh-ins and check-ins on a “rolling” schedule Grand E 24 hours ProTan – Appointment Only TBD

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel and Grand ABCD Ballroom

24 hours Microwave Room TBD 24 hours ProTan – Appointment Only TBD 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. NPC/Promoter’s Office Grand Reg Office

Please note: Mandatory report times will be confirmed and posted at weigh/check-ins on Thursday

1 p.m. Fitness Mandatory Meeting
1:30 p.m. Women’s BB Mandatory Meeting TBA Women’s Physique, Bikini, Figure Meeting
1:30 p.m. Doors open to public 2 p.m. Fabulous Female Friday – Prejudging Ballroom

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel Grand ABCD Ballroom
24 hours ProTan – Appointment Only TBD

7:30 a.m. Men’s Bodybuilding Mandatory Meeting Ballroom
8 a.m. Men’s Physique Mandatory Meeting
8:30 a.m. Doors open to the public
9 a.m. Men’s Bodybuilding Prejudging / Men’s Physique Prejudging
5:00 p.m. All Competitors Mandatory Meeting
5:30 p.m. Doors open to the public
6:00 p.m. Finals – All Ballroom

All Competitors should arrive 15 minutes early for meetings. Meetings WILL start on time. Competitors – please note that this schedule is subject to change and the final schedule will be posted at the Hyatt Regency during weigh-in and check-in on Thursday.


For more info visit npcjrnationals.com


lead photo via hyatt o’hare. Content from NPC Jr. Nationals website.

Hardbody Preview: 2013 IFBB Southern California Pro Bikini

Ten women are set to go for the 2013 IFBB Southern California Pro Bikini competition. This won’t be the largest competition of the year but it will be competitive. The prejudging kicks off this morning in San Diego, California and the finals will crown the winner later tonight.

The Hardbody 411:
Amy Allen – Amy continues to improve her physique since achieving pro status. She has a chance to move up in the top five and is coming off a 16th place finish at the Muscle Contest.

Jessica Arevalo – If the judges find Jessica as appealing as her fans on instagram she’ll be your winner. Fortunately for the other women in this show it’s not based on photo popularity. She continues to improve her posing and presentation. She should be in the mix for a top spot if she brings the same confidence today.

Narmin Assria – Narmin has a pro win to her credit and on paper has the most the best chance at being the show favorite. She’s small but mighty and if she brings a conditioned physique she’ll be in the hunt for the top spot.

Theresa Byrne – Theresa continues to shed some of the muscle that has prevented her from placing in the top spots. If she brings a more streamlined look she’ll be a contender. She was a little off her game at the Muscle Contest, so look for her to redeem herself at this show.

Candice Conroy – Candice could be your dark horse in this show. The blonde California beauty will be making her pro debut and has a smile that will light up the darkest room. She’s got the look and as long as the rookier nerves don’t get the best of her she’ll be in the mix.

Christie Marquez – Christie is the veteran of the group and continues to come into her own on stage. She seems to be more relaxed and having more fun when she competes. She’s coming off a fourth place finish in St. Louis and will look to match and surpass that here.

Janelle Saitone McGuire – Janelle is a beautiful model and has great energy that you can’t help but be drawn to. If she comes in a bit fuller than in past shows she’ll be in the top five since turning pro.

Amanda Sexsmith – Amanda is the lone competitor not residing in California. She was 6th at the Toronto Super show, her pro debut. If she wears a brighter colored suit and tones down the big hair she’ll be in the mix. She has a great physique and with some minor tweaks she could be a threat for the top spots in any show she enters. Beautiful woman with lots of potential.

Angela Skeels – Angela has yet to find her groove in the pro ranks. She was the overall bikini champion at the 2012 NPC Nationals and her highest finish was 8th at the St. Louis Pro. She’ll need to be at her best to crack the top five here.

Jen Stevens – Jen will be making her IFBB Pro debut after achieving pro status at the NPC JR USAs last month. She has a nice look and as long as she’s not too conditioning and poses small she’ll be in the mix. “Posing small” meaning she has a bit more muscle than the other women in this show so can’t appear too muscular in her poses.

2013 IFBB Southern California Pro Bikini
1. Amy Allen – Temecula, California
2. Jessica Arevalo – San Jose, California
3. Narmin Assria – Murrieta, California
4. Theresa Byrne – Roseville, California
5. Candice Conroy – Canyon Lake, California
6. Christie Marquez – Santa Monica, California
7. Janelle Saitone McGuire – Murrieta, California
8. Amanda Sexsmith – Alberta, Canada
9. Angela Skeels – Santa Paula, California
10. Jen Stevens – Clayton, California

Scottish Rite Event Center
1895 Camino Del Rio S.
San Diego, California 92108

More info at: lindsayproductions.com

Hardbody Preview: Omaha IFBB Pro Figure

The second annual IFBB Omaha Pro Figure contest will be held this weekend in Omaha, Nebraska. Seventeen women are slated to compete in hopes of heading to the Olympia. The competition will be very competitive and the judges will have their hands full on deciding the top spots in this line-up.


On paper you have to go with Candice Lewis as the one to beat. She won this show last year and it helped launch her into the discussion as one of the industry’s top figure competitors. She has brought down her legs and has incredible symmetry. If she brings a similar look with spot on conditioning she’ll be the two-time champ. New to the Figure discussion is Camala Rodriquez. Camala made the switch from Fitness to Figure and is coming off a win in California. She’ll look to upset the defending champ in this one.

Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz has steadily improved her physique and positioned herself as one of the women on the rise in the division. Allison Frahn can’t be left out of the discussion as a top five contender here. Kim Sheappard is coming off her best finish at the Cal Pro an will look to be in the mix again here. Aleisha Hart makes the trek down from Canada looking to shake things up in the top spots. Victoria Adelus also made the move from Fitness to Figure and if she comes in with a full physique she’ll hold her own.

Samantha Maycock is wasting no time jumping into the pro ranks after turning pro last month at the NPC JR USAs. She’ll test the waters against a competitive lineup. Also making her pro debut is Lauren Lessnau from Denver. She made a splash in the Women’s Physique Division last year as an amateur but has decided to try her hand at the Figure division. She won’t be the biggest or most muscular competitor on stage so she’ll have to shine with her shape and conditioning.

Bernita Stuckey is coming off a third place finish at the Kentucky Muscle but will have her work cut out for her in this line-up. Krista Dunn continues to improve her physique and presentation. If she can open up her back a bit more when she poses from behind she’ll showcase her hard work a bit better. Ginette Delhaes has also refined her physique and look to move into the top ten here. Dawn Fernandez will look to get back into the top ten after the Cal Pro. Elizabeth Jenkins will have the advantage of sleeping in her own bed and competing in own backyard of Omaha. She’s improved her physique with each show and will look to be in the top callouts this time around.

2013 IFBB Omaha Pro Figure Competitors
1. Victoria Adelus – Bend, Oregon
2. Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz – Chile
3. Nancy Bowlin – Castle Rock, Colorado
4. Ginette Delhaes – Quebec, Canada
5. Krista Dunn – Broomfield, Colorado
6. Dawn Fernandez – Peoria, Arizona
7. Allison Frahn – Dallas, Texas
8. Aleisha Hart – Ontario, Canada
9. Elizabeth Jenkins – Omaha, Nebraska
10. Lauren Lessnau – Englewood, Colorado
11. Candice Lewis – Chandler, Arizona
12. Samantha Maycock – Dallas, Georgia
13. Linda McKown – Wichita, Kansas
14. Cinderella Richardson – Stockbridge, Georgia
15. Camala Rodriguez – Morrison, Colorado
16. Kim Sheppard – Katy, Texas
17. Bernita Stuckey – Columbia, South Carolina

Schedule of Events:
Athlete Checkin:
PROS: 5:00 pm
AMATEURS: 6:00 pm

Prejudging – 10am
Finals – 6pm

Holland Performance Center
1200 Douglas St
Omaha NE 68102

Host Hotel
Marriot Courtyard Omaha Downtown/Old Market Area

Hotel is 1/2 block from venue.

2013 Toronto Pro – Women’s Preview

This weekend over 100 IFBB Pros will head north to Canada for the annual Toronto Pro Show. The competition is shaping up to be highly competitive in each division. Despite the continued low numbers in Fitness it will be a tough line-up. Fans will also get to see Bikini, Figure, Physique and female bodybuilding. The show is held over two days and continues to get better and better each year. Check out the competitors slated to compete and the Hardbody breakdown on each division.



The Bikini division has to favor Ashley Kaltwasser for the win. She’s been on fire all year and consistently in the top three since the Bikini International. Aside from Ashley the field is fairly wide open. Gigi continues to bring her legs down which could put her in the top five. Jennifer Dawn looks to get back in the top ranks after missing out in her recent showings. Yarleis Gonzalez should be contending for the top spot but has yet to crack the top three since her pro debut. If she can bring her lower half in tighter she’ll be in the top spots, if not she’ll be outside the top three again. Dayna Maleton has a smoke’n physique but comes in a bit too hard and muscular for most bikini competitions. If she can tone it down a bit she’ll be top five. Amanda Sexsmith could catch some people sleeping and sneak into a top spot. Canadian Jaclyn Wilson will stand out as one of the lone blondes in the group. If she can bring a tight physique she could contend for a top five spot.


Gigi Amurao
Cynthia Benoit
Leigh Brandt
Danielle Carr
Eboney Chipman
Becky Clawson
Jennifer Dawn
Dana French
Yarelis Gonzalez
Ashley Kaltwasser
Meredith Long
Dayna Maleton
Nathalie Mur
Amanda Sexsmith
Simone Sinclair
Anna Lee Van Hatten
Janet Lynn West
Jaclyn Wilson

The fitness competitors are often heard grumbling about few competitions on the schedule but when there are shows few turn out. This is why most promoters opt not to include fitness. Props to the ten women who have entered this show as it will be one to watch and highly competitive despite the low turn out. Michelle Blank will make things interesting in her return since being injured and switching to Women’s Physique for the 2012 season. She’ll have a solid routine and will be a question of how conditioned she is for the physique round. Look for her to finish in the top spots. Nicole Duncan can be the winner here if she brings the high flying, high intensity we’ve expected from her routines and nails her conditioning. She tightened up for the Arnold Brasil and if she comes even sharper she’ll be in the mix. Lately she seems to be a bit winded at the end of her routines. If she nails the routines all the way through she could be the queen of the night. Ryall has to be considered the one to beat after taking top honors at the Arnold Brasil. She has the physique and a high-flying, energetic routine. Vanda Hadarean has the looks and incredible gymnastic skills. If she’s in the hunt after the 2-piece round she’ll be a contender for the top five. Fiona Harris has the physique and it’s a matter of putting together a well choreographed routine with consistent strength moves. Amanda Hatfield continues to improve with each pro show and look for her to move up even more this time around. Babette has yet to find her groove in the pro ranks and if she brings a tighter physique this time around will move up. Ashley Sebera will be making her pro debut and has the cute factor working for her. She’ll need to come in conditioned and tight to be in contention here. Tanis Tzavaras is an inspiration to all women. She returned to the stage shortly after having a baby and more than held her own at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup. Look for her to be a crowd favorite here no matter where she finishes. Eileen Wells will be making her pro debut and will need to bring an energetic routine with strength moves to hang with this group but a great show to test herself in the pro ranks.


Michelle Blank
Nicole Duncan
Ryall Graber Vasani
Vanda Hadarean
Fiona Harris
Amanda Hatfield
Babette Mulford
Ashley Sebera
Tanis Tzavaras
Eileen Wells

The Figure competition will be a hard fought challenge for the top spots. Ann Titone has to be the favorite heading into the show with her recent showings and refined physique. Natalie Waples will look to challenge her as well Aleisha Hart. Both Aleisha and Natalie would love to win in their native country, the only opportunity afforded to them since every other pro show is held outside of Canada. Swann Cardot positioned herself as one to watch after her runner-up finish at the New York Pro. She won’t carry the most muscle of the group but if she matches her presentation and conditioning from New York will be a contender for the top spots.  While those might be the leading ladies on paper any number of women could slip into the top five at this show.

Leah Berti
Magela Camronero
Swann Cardot
Vicki Counts
Ginette Delhaes
Krista Dunn
Melanie Gardner
Cydney Gillon
Erin Harding
Aleisha Hart
Kenyatta Jones Arietta
Veronique Morin
Tiani Norman
Tamara Ribeiro Bailey
Tissilli Rogers
Jill St. Laurent
Danielle Sereluca
Ann Titone
Natalie Waples

The Physique competition will also be hotly contested. Kim Tilden made the switch from Figure to Physique and has shown she has the structure to be a top contender in the division. Toni West is coming off a third place finish and if she tightens up just a bit from her New York finish she’ll be in the hunt once again. Joelle Smith is also poised to be a contender in this line-up after a strong finish in New York. Mindi O’Brien will be the dark horse in the line-up as she switches from Fitness to Physique due to nagging injuries. Jen Louwagie has a good look and should have been higher in my opinion at the New York Pro. CeaAnna Kerr is another Figure to Physique competitor who could contend for the top five. It’ll all depend on how every shows up and compares to one another but given there’s no clear cut winner it’ll make for an exciting show.

Debbie Barrable Leung
La’Drissa Bonivel
Jill Dearmin
Nathalie Falk
Cynthia Jansen
CeaAnna Kerr
Michelle Krack
Sandra Lombardo
Jen Louwagie
Mindi O’Brien
Tammy Patnode
Janessa Roy
Jill Rudison
Joelle Smith
Tammy Strome
Kim Tilden
Toni West

Despite the constant complaining of so few shows for female bodybuilders, few have entered the competition. You’d think we’d see over 20 women in the line-up but that’s not the case. Maria Rita Bello will be a crowd favorite with all the muscle she carries but don’t look for the judges to share the same thoughts. She’s big and blocky but did finish in 4th at the 2011 Tampa Pro. Anne Freitas will likely show up with freaky size and conditioning. Gillian Kovack was fourth at this show last year and doesn’t have the smallest waist but could be a top contender. Janeen Lankowski was third at the Chicago Pro and could be a top five finisher here if she matches that look. Marina Lopez returns to female bodybuilding after trying her hand at physique and always being “too big”. She could be the top contender here if she brings in a small waist and controls her breathing / stomach while posing. Melody Spetko could be top five and match her 2012 Tampa Pro finish.

Maria Rita Bello
Michelle Brent
Laura Davies
Guisy Caputo
Christine Envall
Anne Freitas
Gillian Kovack
Janeen Lankowski
Marina Lopez
Maryse Manios
Rene Marven
Sharon Mould
Jennifer Scarpetta
Athena Siganakis
Melody Spetko

Visit www.torontoprosupershow.com for more info and use #TOPRO for all your tweets related to the show.

IFBB Pro Women’s Meeting (Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness and Bikini)
Friday May 31st, 2013
Metro Toronto Convention Centre


2013 Mile High Women’s Physique Pro Preview

The inaugural IFBB Mile High Women’s Physique Pro event will take place this Saturday in Denver, Colorado. Fifteen women have enlisted in the event to date and it will be a competitive show. A third of the roster is from Colorado with another third of the women coming in from nearby states. There’s a few familiar names along with a few rookies.


Sara Hurrle made the switch from Figure to Physique last year with success. She notched two pro victories to her credit and a runner-up finish last year. She has to be considered the one to beat and on her home turf. Karin Hobbs will look to give her a run for her money as she too had success in the division last year. She hasn’t found her groove just yet this year but should be in the mix. Nicole Berg competed as a bodybuilder and making the transition into a physique competitor. Nicole achieved pro status at the 2009 NPC Nationals. Valerie Gangi made the switch from Figure to Physique and finished in seventh at this year’s Governor’s Cup.

Colorado’s Chris Kramer will be making her pro debut and could hold her own against the veterans. She’ll need to have her tanning on point as she tends to be appear a bit light on stage. Toni Perdikakis will look to get back into the top spots and will need to bring a more conditioned physique than New York if she hopes to do so. Alecia Rankovic was 16th at the New York Pro but has a physique that could be in the top five. Jillian Reville undoubtedly will be one of the competitors having the most fun on stage and a contender for the top spot. She has long, lean muscles and can appear flat if she’s not carbed up enough. She could be the one to challenge for the top spot though. Carrie Simmons and Jacklyn Abrams will both be making the move from Fitness to Physique as will Paula Williams. Jacklyn’s move to fitness is a bit surprising as she had one of the most entertaining routines and energetic new-comers to the circuit last year. This is just her second year as a pro after turning pro at the 2012 NPC JR USA in Fitness.

The event will be held in conjunction with the 2013 NPC Max Muscle Mile High Championships.

2013 IFBB Mile High Women’s Physique Pro Competitors

Evangeline Belton
Nicole Berg
Tracy Bodner
Valerie Gangi
Kari Ann Heitzman
Karin Hobbs
Sara Hurrle
Anne Marie Kam
Chris Kramer
Toni Perdikakis
Alecia Rankovic
Jillian Reville
Carrie Simmons
Jacklyn Sutton Abrams
Paula Williams Gulman

Colorado Heights University Theater
3001 S. Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO

June 1, 2013

For more information visit jeffTaylor.com.

2013 Ifbb New York Pro Women’s Preview

The 2013 IFBB New York Pro is upon us and the women’s division will be highly competitive. The Figure, Bikini and Women’s Physique all have a few fan favorites but no clear-cut winner heading into the event. The prejudging will take place at 11am EST at the Tribecca Performing Arts Center and there we’ll get a better idea of who will leave the champion, crowned later in the night at the finals.


Ones to Watch in Figure:
The match-up that everyone will be watching is the reigning Figure International Champ, Candice Keene and top Figure Pro Nicole Wilkins. Nicole sat out this year’s Arnold to give her body a little rest. This will be the first show of the year for her and she’ll either be relaxed, rest and refreshed or a bit rusty. Knowing Nicole, don’t look for her to be on stage rusty. The only x-factor will be if the flight delay disrupted her final hours of prep. Candice will likely be the harder and appear more muscular of the two however Nicole has better symmetry and shape. It’s hard think that anyone will beat either of these two, however anything is possible.

Marcy Porter is back on stage after a few months layoff. She was once a top tier pro, can she return to the top five? Shelly Albetta will be making her pro debut and look for the New York crowd to be behind her. Swann aka Frenchy Cardot will be grinning ear-to-ear after being proposed to on the eve of the show. She’ll be sporting a new rock and will much sharper than her Pittsburgh showing. Monica Specking has the shape and if she comes in a bit sharper with the little details she’ll be in the mix. Patty Zariello will also have the hometown crowd behind her and if she goes back to her Pittsburgh look she’ll be in the hunt.

Shelly Albetta
Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz
Corinna Booth
Andrea Cantone
Swann Cardot
Lauren Cascio
Michelle DeRosa
Kenyatta Jones Arietta
Candice Keene
Tiani Norman
Melanise Pettee
Marcy Porter
Amy Puglise
Cinderella Richardson
Tissilli Rogers
Elvimar Sanchez
Rebecca Schubeck
Monica Specking
Katerina Tarbox
Rebecca Vera
Nicole Wilkins
Patty Zariello

Ones to Watch in Bikini:
The bikini division will be a very competitive division. Lindsey Waters achieved IFBB Pro status at the NPC JR USAs last week and is wasting no time getting into the mix. She has a rock’n physique and my only nit-pick thing is sometimes her eyeshadow / makeup is too dark and heavy around her eyes. She’s cute so would like to see her play up the cutesy part and not try to have a sultry look. She could win this show but she’ll have her work cut out for her. Yeshaira Robles is a class act on and off the stage. She’s one of the few women who can be smiling and cute and in the flip of her hair she’s captivating you with a sexy, whoa hot momma look. The thing about Yeshaira that women need to note is her energy. She ALWAYS has positive energy to her on stage and you can’t help but be drawn to her. She’s got the body to match and it’s the little things that always put Yeshaira on top. Ashley Kaltwasser has a sic physique from her years of running and it’s one of the most athletic looks n the division. If she nails her tanning and doesn’t cake on the heavy eye make-up she’s your winner. She continues to get better and better with more stage time. Once she nails all the little details, she’ll be a top 6 Olympia competitor and collect a few more first place wins like she did two weeks ago in Detroit.

The X-factor in this show is Yarelis Gonzalez. She’s one of the shorter competitors and if she’s is slightly off she’s on the outside looking in. Her upper body is usually spot on but her legs and Cuban booty tend to be a bit bigger and drop her down in her placings. If she comes in with a tight booty and smaller legs than Pittsburgh she’ll be tough to beat. She has yet to reach her potential and if she nails it here she’ll be back in the mix as a top competitor. If she doesn’t it’ll leave you wondering if she will ever be able to match the look she had as an amateur. Dayna Maleton has a great physique and if she poses without looking like a fish out of water she’ll be in the top spots. She always has impeccable hair and makeup, so ladies take note. Leigh Brandt, the original Canadian Cutie, will look to get in the top spots. She has the looks but doesn’t have as much muscle as some of the others but still one to watch. Gigi Amurao could be in the hunt if she brings her legs down and comes in a bit tighter than Pittsburgh. Nikola Weiterova and Ashley Wade have stunning looks but yet to crack the top five. Meredith Long will be making her IFBB Pro debut and will be next to another tall competitor Tabitha Klausen. Both women are beautiful and will be two of the taller women in the show, we’ll see how they match up. The Nawlins’ Hip-hop-poppa Ashley Cronley LeBlanc has the potential to be in the top five and if she can present in a relaxed, poised manner without twisting herself in half she’ll be in the mix.

As you can see this a VERY tough line-up.

Gigi Amurao
Maria Annunziata
Cynthia Benoit
Leigh Brandt
Danielle Carr
Ashley Cronley Leblanc
Yarelis Gonzalez
Janet Harding
Andrea Hertlein
Ashley Kaltwasser
Tabitha Klausen
Meredith Long
Dayna Maleton
Nathalie Mur
Cecile Palacios
Yeshaira Robles
Anna Starodubtseva
Anna Lee Van Hattan
Ashley Wade
Lindsey Waters
Nikola Weiterova
Francesca Yumul

Women’s Physique Ones to Watch: The IFBB Women’s Physique division is in its second year and there are still some growing pains with what “the look” should be. It’s definitely making headway and gone are the female bodybuilders with too much muscle, generally speaking. You’ll see apples to oranges in terms of physiques. The likely battle will come down to Juliana Malacarne and Karina Nascimento. The two Brazilians have a great look without being over the top with the muscle factor. Karina plays up her sex appeal when she presents, which tends to help draw your attention to her. Joele Smith and Toni West both have nice looks and could be in the mix for a top spot. Hometown favorite Jillian Reville will be a contender if she comes in full and doesn’t look too stringy. Jill Rudison has potential to be in the mix if she has her legs dialed down and doesn’t appear too muscular in the lower body. It’ll be an interesting show to watch and will be foreshadowing of what’s to come at future shows in terms of “the look”.

Women’s Physique
Sarah Bridges
Sheilahe Brown
Cynthia Colon
Melissa DiBernardo
Nathalie Falk
Gloria Faulls
Nathalie Foreau
Asha Hadley
Carmen Knights
Michelle Krack
Sandra Lombardo
Jen Louwagie
Juliana Malacarne
Frances Mendez
Teresita Morales
Karina Nascimento
Sheena Ohlig
Vallerie Paul
Antonia Perdikakis
Audrey Presson
Gina Quinn
Alecia Rankovic
Jillian Reville
Jill Rudison
Jane Santos
Stacy Simons McDowell
Joele Smith
Kathy Unger
Jennie Verde
Toni West

2013 IFBB California Pro Figure Preview

Things will heat up this weekend in Culver City, California as 27 IFBB Figure Pros take the stage in hopes of not only bragging rights but also an Olympia qualification. While the list below isn’t final it’s a good indicator as to who we’ll see in the event. There’s no clear cut favorite for the win which will make for an interesting show.

Based on previous outings, we could see these women in the mix… Victoria Adelus continues to refine her physique and if she comes in full she could be in the mix. Krista Dunn could fair a bit better here than in other shows as she carries a fair amount of muscle and many of the women in this line up do as well. Wendy Fortina had success earlier this year at the Governor’s Cup and will look to be in the top spots once again here. If she brings a similar look she could. Allison Frahn wasn’t at her best at the Detroit pro but a couple of weeks have passed since then and she should come in better here. She always seems to be in the mix here so don’t be surprised if she’s in the top five once again. Monica Labriola has a great physique and a bit shorter than some of the others here. She’ll need to come in a bit tighter than others and could be in the top spots if she does. Michele Mayberry has been all over the map in her placings but brought a nice look last year. We’ll have to see what she brings this year. Laurie Schnelle found a nice balance in Pittsburgh and the judges took a liking to it. This will be a different set of judges and different line up so no telling if she’ll find similar results. She does have a solid physique that can hang though.

If you’re a gambler then you’re likely to wager on the contest being between Camala Rodriquez and Francine Sablan. Camala was recently married and if that didn’t disrupt her prep you’ll see her in the top call-out. Francine Sablan has the home turf Cali advantage and likely a bit more determined than others. She was snubbed on an Arnold invite and this will be the first time we see her on stage this year. If she brings the look she did last year she’ll be in the hunt for the win. The big question is if she will come in sharp enough her first time back on stage.

2013 IFBB California Pro Figure

Victoria Adelus
Leah Berti
Clarissa Castaneda
Krista Dunn
Dawn Fernandez
Wendy Fortino
Allison Frahn
Maria Garcia
Cristina Gedang
Erin Harding
Rose Hendricks
Elizabeth Jenkins
Christine Kluger
Monica Labriola
Georgina Lona
Michele Mayberry
Julie Mayer Hyman
Queren Pacheco
Alessandra Pinheiro
Tiffany Radzwill
Camala Rodriquez
Francine Sablan
Jill St. Laurent
Laurie Schnelle
Tamara Sedlack
Michelle Shepherd
Bojana Vasiljevic

More info visit musclecontest.com and use the hashtag #CALPRO in all your tweets.

2013 NPC JR USA Preview – Charleston, South Carolina

The first IFBB Pro qualifier will take place on May 18, 2013 in Charleston, South Carolina. Over 450 National Physique Committee (NPC) competitors are expected to compete. Promoter Tres Bennett always takes great care of the competitors and the venue, North Charleston Performing Arts Center, is one of the best. It’s such a great venue that Bonnie Raitt and Jason Aldean will be performing in it the night before.

Those checking into the host hotel, take note that parking could be challenging on Friday night because of the concert. The venue is across the parking lot from the Embassy Suites hotel, which makes it convenient for competitors. The area around the venue continues to grow. There are numerous restaurants, a Super Wal-mart, shopping and more all with-in a five minute drive. The venue is about 10-15 minutes from the airport, which is also convenient. If you have some extra time head into Charleston and enjoy some amazing seafood. The character of the city is rich in history and worth visiting.

The show will be dominated by the Bikini, Figure and Men’s Physique divisions. Sadly, there looks to be fewer than 10 total fitness competitors entered in the show. It’s unfortunate to see these numbers so low as one of these women will leave with IFBB Pro status. Another sign of the times and the change that is happening is the Women’s Bodybuilding division. There were only TWO (2) female bodybuilders entered in the competition. There is no pro card for the division but still, it’s very telling what’s in store for the division. When competitors don’t enter, women can’t expect promoters to continue to add it to their shows.

Expect to see around 40 Women’s Physique competitors. Making the transition from Figure to Women’s Physique will be Kelly Diffenderfer. She’ll be one to watch in this division on Saturday.

Over 120 women will compete for pro status in the Bikini division and it’s always a competitive group. There will be six height classes and the winners of each class will be compared for pro status. Three of the six will be awarded pro status. Some shows each class winner and even the top two achieve pro status but this one you’ll need to win not only your class but also be one of three in the overall comparisons. The C and D class typically have the largest turn out and this year will likely be the same. Sundae Marshall, Patrice Lee-Seyon and Kadie McDuffie are potentials in the C class. Names like Hayley Davis, Trang Grider, Siliana Gaspard, Michelle LaCost and Paige Hathaway will likely all be in the D Class and ones to watch. Keep an eye out for Whitney Wiser in the E division and Callie Bundy in the F class. Tina Elias and Asia Mendoza are also two contenders in the F class.

The same holds true for the Figure competition and well over 100 women will compete for pro status. Camille Clarke has a unique look and continues to improve her physique in the F Class. Look for the 2012 NPC Music City Muscle Classic overall winner, Ecko Johnson in the F Class as well. She came up just short of pro status at last year’s NPC Nationals and has the potential to win the whole show this weekend. Familiar names like Michelle Moody and Tara Zito will be in the hunt of the E class. Brooke Merritt and Lacy Smith could be contenders in the B Class. Lacy Smith has really improved over the last year and was the overall figure champion in Sacramento earlier this year.

We won’t know who is in the show until late Friday night so there could be any a number of women who enter and could be your next IFBB Pros.

If you’re looking for official video of the competition you can purchase it through Mark “Money” Mason. Official NPC stage photos can be viewed and purchased through LIFT Studios.

North Charleston Performing Arts Center
5001 Coliseum Dr. North Charleston, SC 29418

FRIDAY MAY 17, 2013

9:00AM-11:00AM or 5:00PM-7:00PM

*NOTE: Athletes are only required to check in once, either @ the morning session or the evening session.

SATURDAY MAY 18, 2013:






2013 IFBB Optimum Pro Women’s Physique Competitor List

The women of the IFBB Pro Women’s Physique division will be back this weekend in Shreveport, Louisiana. The show was added late to the schedule and little mention has been made about the contest. Despite the lackluster promotion for this pro event, twelve women are listed to compete.


Last year’s stand out Karina Nascimento will be on stage for the first time this year to see if she can pick up where she left off in 2012. Karin Hobbs will look to get back in the winner’s circle and should be a top contender. Jennifer Robinson tends to fair better in the southern shows and could be in the top spots here. Venus Nyguyen was in the top placings in California last month but will have her work cut out for her in this lineup. If Toni Perdikakis comes in tighter with her conditioning, specifically her lower body she could be a contender. Sheilahe Brown will be one to watch as she’s one of the bigger competitors in the division. She’ll either be at the top or very bottom.

2013 IFBB Optimum Pro Women’s Physique

Candrea J Adams
Evageline Belton
Sheilahe Brown
Tycie Coppett
Samantha Hill
Karin Hobbs
Karina Nascimento
Venus Nguyen
Toni Perdikakis
Jennifer Robinson
Joele Smith
Lindy Waid

2013 IFBB Powerhouse Pro Competitor Lists & Hardbody Preview

The IFBB Pro League will head to Detroit, Michigan for the 2013 Powerhouse Classic. The event will feature Figure, Bikini and Men’s Physique. The three divisions that seem to be the most popular and drawing the most entrants as of late. This weekend has strong numbers and should be a competitive show.


Heather Nappi appears to be making the switch from Bikini to Figure for the first time. Look for seasoned veterans to be in the mix for the top spots… Monica Specking, Gennifer Strobo and Allison Frahn have to be the favorites at least on paper. Look for Dana Ambrose, Natalie Waples, Vicki Counts and Chikonda Mseka to also be contenders. Patty Zariello also showed she can be a contender with her showing last week in Pittsburgh.

2013 IFBB Powerhouse Pro Figure
Dana Ambrose
Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz
Summer Bernard
Corinna Booth
Rebecca Book
Chaya Boone
Tammy Bravomalo
Vicki Counts
Allison Frahn
Kenyatta Jones Arietta
Monica Labriola
Julie Mayer Hyman
Chikonda Mseka
Heather Nappi
Kiana Phi
Nina Richter
Nicole Sims
Monica Specking
Gennifer Strobo
Katerina Tarbox
Sarah Venturini
Natalie Waples
Patty Zariello

Bikini has a a competitive group with Courtney King leading the way. She has the momentum heading into this show and will be the one to beat. Ashley Kaltwasser and Stacey Alexander will also be in the mix as they were two and three in Pittsburgh. Francesca Yuml has a unique look that could get the judges attention. Sandi Forsythe and Jessica Renee have the potential to be top five if they come in at their best.

2013 IFBB Powerhouse Pro Bikini
Natalie Abrhiem
Stacey Alexander
Maria Annunziata
Rachelle Dejean
Sandi Forsythe
Heather Gonyea
Ashley Kaltwasser
Courtney King
Vladimira Krasova
Noemi Olah
Jessica Renee
Janet Lynn West
Jaclyn Wilson
Francesca Yumul

The event will also play host to the Men’s Physique division. Look for Michael Anderson and Anton Antipov to be the leading contenders in this line-up.

2013 IFBB Powerhouse Pro Men’s Physique
Michael Anderson
Anton Antipov
Angel Cordero
Deniz Duygulu
Dean Fazzolari
Michael Ferguson
David Gonzalez
Robert Grote
David Herskovitz
Ian Lauer
Chris Mercadel
William Sullivan
Collin Wasiak

For more information visit:

2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure Competitor List & Hardbody Preview

The IFBB Figure ladies will take the stage today at the Pittsburgh Pro. The competition will be fierce and the show is anyone’s for the taking. We’ll see a combination of seasoned veterans and rookies making their pro debuts.


Dana Ambrose has consistently been in the top five since turning pro, look for her to stay in the mix here. Candice John has been up and down in her placings and will all come down to how conditioned her physique is whether she stays in the mix. Monica Labriola may not be the tallest competitor on stage but she can hang with the best of them. Gen Strobo will look to get back into the winner’s circle and return to the Olympia. She just needs to come in full and not look too hard in the process. Ann Titone has refined her physique over the last few months and positioned herself as a leading lady in this line up. If she brings a similar look as she has in the past count on her being in the top spots. Patty Zariello showed promise in the division last year and could move up from her previous showings if she matches the look she had when turning pro. Jessie Hilgenberg will be one to watch, she stands out with her short blonde hair and as long as her arms and shoulders are too overpowering she could be in the mix.

Swann Cardot and Corinna Booth will look to make their presence known in the pro division. The two will be the rookies on this stage but have the potential to look like seasoned vets if they are at their best.

Follow all the action on twitter with #pittpro and #paPro hashtags.

2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure
Pittsburgh, PA – May 4, 2013
Dana Ambrose
Summer Bernard
Corinna Booth
Tammy Bravomalo
Swann Cardot
Lauren Cascio
Krista Dunn
Dawn Fernandez
Melissa Frederick
Jessie Hilgenberg
Elizabeth Jenkins
Candice John
Monica Labriola
Amy Pugllise
Julie “DJ” Rengert
Ninamarie Richter
Satrice Rigsby
Agnese Russo
Laurie Schnelle
Danielle Sereluca
Gennifer Strobo
Katerina Tarbox
Ann Titone
Yoko Washington
Tanya Weinle
Sarah Venturini
Patty Zariello

2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini Competitors & Hardbody Preview

The IFBB bikini pros are back on stage this weekend in Pittsburgh. The line-up is a very competitive one and there’s no odds-on favorite for the win, which should make for an interesting show. Who will show up on their game and who will miss the mark?


Those of you who follow Hardbody know we’re not going to take the easy route and say everyone looks amazing. Yes, all of these women do look great and that’s why they are pros. When you cut the crap and get down to it, there’s a few physique that stand out from the rest and are ones to watch this weekend.

Stacey Alexander made the trip from Cali and tends to be in the mix on the West Coast, will she find similar fortune on the East? Gigi Amurao is always in the top 10 contention and if she brings in slightly smaller legs than Daytona she’ll be a contender. Maria Annunziata finished in the top 5 in Orlando but will need to have a better tan and tighter lower body to match that finish. Ashley Cronly Leblanc found her groove at the end of 2012 and will be on stage for the first time this season. Will she be rested and ready or need to clear out the competition cobwebs?

Yarelis Gonzales has the potential to win this show and be a star in the pro bikini division but will she be in shape? She’s her own worst enemy and being a shorter competitor she needs to come very tight or will way look off. We haven’t seen her since December so who knows what she will bring to the stage. Ashley Kaltwasser has an athletic physique and should be a contender, it’s the little details like hair, make-up and tanning that could hold her back. Pollianna Moss has positioned herself as a contender in every show and if she matches the look she had in Daytona she’ll be in a top spot.

Yeshaira Robles is always a contender and the perfect blend of cute and sexy on stage. Look for her to be in the top spots. Aly Veneno will get a true test this time around. She’s been in the top five her last couple of shows but this is a much tougher line-up. If she’s on point she can hang but any misstep and she’ll be on the outside looking in. Lastly, Nicole Witbeck could be a contender. She’s been competing in a number of shows so it will either help her find her groove or take its toll on her body.

The show takes place on Saturday, May 3, 2013 in Pittsburgh. Follow the hashtag #pittpro on twitter and check back here for updates throughout the weekend.

2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini:
Natalie Abrhiem
Stacey Alexander
Gigi Amurao
Maria Annunziata
Kelsie Burgin
Becky Clawson
Ashley Cronley Leblanc
Rachelle Dejean
Lacey DeLuca
Cassandra DuBois
Jennifer Elliott
Heather Gonyea
Yarelis Gonzales
Ashley Kaltwasser
Vladimira Krasova
Michon Leddy
Pollianna Moss
Natalie Pennington
Jessica Renee
Yeshaira Robles
Lynn Sambuco
Melissa Sayles
Anna Starodubtseva
Aly Veneno
Nicole Witbeck

2013 Arnold Classic Brasil – Pro Fitness Preview

The Arnold Classic heads Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this weekend for its inaugural event in South America. The wildly popular Arnold Sports Festival is rooted in Columbus, Ohio where Jim Lormier and Arnold Schwarzenegger became partners on the event over a handshake. The event is part of a much larger project called “Brazilian Sports”. The weekend will feature a three-day expo with all the latest supplement companies, workout apparel, gym equipment and more.

The IFBB Fitness pros will take the stage on Saturday evening for prejudging and the finals will be held shortly afterwards. This is a rare schedule as the prejudging is often the night before or earlier in the morning. The women will share the stage with the IFBB Pro Bodybuilders.

The biggest story from Rio was that the reigning Fitness International Champion, Tanji Johnson would not be competing this weekend. Head Judge, Lee Thompson shared at the athlete’s meeting that Tanji had VISA issues and was unable to make the trip. This makes the competition very interesting.

2013 Arnold Brasil – IFBB Pro Fitness
1. Regiane Da Silva – Regiane has a high flying, fast-paced routine and her physique continues to improve with each show. Look for her to be a top contender for the title.

2. Nicole Duncan – We know what Nicole is capable of but lately she’s come up just a bit short. If Nicole brings a conditioned physique and her high energy routine that features incredible gymnastics and dance moves she’s a contender. Loads of potential in Ms. Duncan.

3. Allison Ethier – Allison has steadily improved her physique and her routine. If she brings a high paced routine with solid strength moves she could be in the hunt.

4. Ryall Graber Vasani – Ryall has moved up in the ranks and if she bring a similar look that she showcased in prior shows this year, she’ll be in the top spots. She has great strength skills and should be in the top callout in the physique round.

5. Fiona Harris – Fiona has the looks, the physique and now it’s a matter of putting it all together. The judges don’t often reward her routines as good as some feel they are. If she can wow the judges a bit more with her routine, she’ll be in the mix.

6. Amanda Hatfield – Amanda continues to chip away at the pro ranks. She has solid gynmastics and will look to move up in the placings. She’ll have her work cut out for her in this line-up.

7. Diana Monteiro – Diana is one of the more muscular and taller competitors in this group. She has the how stage advantage and is the lone Brazilian in the group. Diana has been up and down in her placings so it will be interesting to see how she fares here.

8. Natalie Planes – Natalie is the darkhorse in this line-up. She’s caught veterans on their heels and is a force to be reckoned with. She made her IFBB pro debut last year and left the winner. Since she’s already qualified for the Olympia, look for her to be relaxed and wow the crowd with her routine.

9. Kizzy Vaines will rock the blonde hair this time around and if she can nail her routine she’ll be in the top 5. If it’s too slow and she’s not at her best she’ll be on the outside looking in.

10. Trish Warren – Trish returned to the stage after having her first child. She more than held her own in the return when she competed last month at the Fitness International in Columbus, Ohio. Look for her to be in the top spots on Saturday night.

Check back for more information on the Arnold Brasil all weekend long.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.