Paris Hilton Training to Be a Bodybuilder?

File this in the ridiculous celebrity news of the week folder.  Recently, Paris Hilton has been rumored to have taken a liking to bodybuilding. SAY WHAT? Yes, the same wafer-ish reality tv star better known for like, you know, her like. smarts. Wait, that’s not true and neither is the story that she’s taking up bodybuilding any time soon.

She is however eating healthy and working out thanks to the help of her trainer boyfriend Cy Waits. Paris’ latest tv show is called, “The World According to Paris and said to give viewers a look into the mega-star’s everyday life. Which apparently now includes a “3,500 calories-a-day diet coupled with a high-intensity cardio and weight-lifting regime to change her body shape.” At least according to The story also says, “She’s even drinking body-builders’ protein shakes in a bid to add muscle to her previously stick-thin frame.” Paris recently showed of her more muscular figure at a Sao Paulo fashion show last week.

What kind of protein drink do you think she’s having? What’s the over/under odds that it’s Muscle Milk?

Don’t care? Ya, don’t blame you but hey gotta give her props she’s working out and thanks to the help of her trainer (and not some type of toning shoes…yet) she’s getting fit.

At any rate, Paris dismissed the rumor on her twitter account. As if anyone REALLY believes she will come close to a “bodybuilder’s” physique.

Perhaps we’ll see Paris and her boyfriend at the Arnold Sports Expo next month?

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Golden Globe’s Hottest Hardbody – Halle Berry

There are a gazillion blogs commenting on who was the best and worst dressed celebrity at the 2011 Golden Globes. Meh. We’ll leave the comments on the celebrity attire to the likes of Joan Rivers and Perez Hilton. We’d like to give props to the celebrity who displayed the best Hardbody.

Halle Berry was nominated for Best Actress for her performance in “Frankie and Alice”. She showed that she not only has a rock’n hardbody physique but also an excellent example of elegance and class. Can you name anyone who had a better hardbody than Halle? We can’t. Props Ms. Berry!

Halle Berry on the Red Carpet

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Jim Carrey’s Does Entire Interview on a Treadmill

I don’t know that I’ve seen this before. Actor Jim Carrey ran on a treadmill for the duration of his interview on the Jimmy Fallon show. Check out some of the highlights here.

Snooki Wants to Show “The Situation” What’s Up By Getting Ripped

America’s favorite pint-sized Jersey Girl, Snooki has vowed to get into shape for the new year. Millions of people share the same vow for change in the new year. What makes her so special? People love reality tv and she’s one of the break out reality stars on MTV’s Jersey Shore.

She’s talked with a number of news outlets about her diet goals and shared with PEOPLE magazine, “”I want to stick to my diet and work with my trainer.” What’s on her diet and training regime? She recently appeared on ELLEN where she shared her workout regime. It’s pretty amusing and well, there isn’t much working out actually shown. Snooki tells Ellen that she used to be a cheerleader and ripped. Her goal is to get back into shape and “show him what’s up”, referring to co-star and wanna-be abs guy, The Situation.

Snooki at the 2010 Arnold Sports Festival – photo by

Last year Snooki drew hordes of people every where she went at the Arnold Sports Festival. She was spotted several times walking the expo hall with her then boyfriend Emilio. Apparently, Emilio is a big bodybuilding fan and hits the iron on the East Coast. The two split last months ago however rumor has it, Snooki may be returning to the Arnold Sports Festival again this year. We’ll have to wait and see but in the mean time check out the recent appearance on ELLEN.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.