New Jersey Wants Restrictions on Personal Trainers

Fitness professionals in New Jersey may have a few changes coming their way in ordered to be licensed trainers. Senator Paul A. Sarlo introduced the Fitness Professionals License Act in New Jersey on October 23. The new requirements to be licensed would be:

• Complete 300 in-person classroom hours.
• Serve a 50-hour unpaid internship under a licensed professional.
• Be of good moral character.
• Have a high school education or the equivalent.
• Pass an examination.
• Possess an associate or bachelor’s degree in physical education, exercise science, exercise physiology or adult fitness.

I’m all for personal trainers being required to know what they are doing. I see too many trainers at large chained fitness clubs pushing products that garner them the highest commission and clearly don’t practice much training themselves. The requirement of “Be of good moral character”. Who decides that one and what morals are deemed good or not? I don’t agree with that. Many people are becoming licensed personal trainers by online classes and it large part because it fits their schedule.

Check out the entire article. What do you think? Should the government be passing stricter guidelines to become personal trainers?

Hardbody Song of the Day: Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock

Industry expert Lonnie “The Swami” Teper recommends today’s song of the day. We gotta cut him a little slack he just celebrated his 40th Birthday for about the 13th time this month. Lonnie once wore an Elvis outfit while emcee’n a show. Speaking of emceeing you can hear The Swami at the mic again in Columbus as he calls the action for the Arnold Classic. Enjoy Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock and if you don’t well let Teper know about it.

John Romano Living Under a Rock?

Those of you who follow the bodybuilding scene know by now that Muscular Development magazine fired two of their primary contributors, Dave Palumbo and John Romano. Romano had been with the magazine for 18 years and Dave a number of years as well. I have nothing personal against either of them and get along with them fine. I haven’t always agreed with them and have happily discussed it with them when I didn’t. This is another one of those times. Since the two are no longer part of the magazine world they’ve set up shop with their own web site. I give them props, they’ve done a great deal in a short amount of time. That aside, John is a bit off base in his latest writing.

John writes:

Dave and I believe the women of our sport have been left out in the cold for long enough. Our commitment to them will not waver because the women physique athletes make up a very large contingent of our community and, currently, no one is serving them. RX Muscle has a place for all the women of our industry; and then some. We believe in the women and their cause and we intend on showcasing them in every way possible. After all, we love women!

I guess it would depend on how you define “serving them”. Last time I checked there are a number of web sites devouted to the women in the industry. The industry magazines feature the women as well, admitedly not as much as the men but I’d hardly say women are left out in the cold. Their site is starting yet another “radio show” and it’s devoted to the women. Krissy Chin and Colette Nelson are set to host it. Cool. Great. Both are good embassadors for the women and the more exposure for women the better. I don’t have an issue with anyone who supports the women of the industry but let’s keep it real. There are a number of people who are giving the women a voice in the industry and if RX Muscle wants to be one of them, great. Don’t insult those of us who do and the women in it by saying NO ONE is serving them.

IFBB Fitness Pro Bethani Terrell Expecting

2004 USA Fitness Championships – Overall Winner

It’s been a few years since we last heard from the 2004 USA Fitness Overall champ, Bethani Terrell. I caught up with her recently and she had some exciting news to share. Bethani is considering competing again but before that is expecting her first child. When asked if she knows the gender of the little one she shared, “No, I don’t know yet. I don’t think I want to know. I kind of like the element of surprise. Although my gut feeling is that it will be a boy.” Bethani is expecting a delivery date sometime in July.
Congratulations Bethani!

Olympia Returns to The Orleans in Las Vegas

There’s been some chatter on where the Olympia would be held this year. That noise can be silenced now as the 2009 Olympia will return to The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The event will take place September 24-27, 2009. For complete details visit Special room rate are now available.
The Orleans Hotel & Casino is the official host hotel of the 2009 Olympia Weekend. For special rates call Orleans Hotel Reservations at 1-800-675-3267. Mention “Mr. Olympia Event Spectator Block” for special Olympia rates: $45 midweek / $115 Fri and Sat.

NPC Bikini Clarification

I’ve received a few inquiries about yesterday’s post regarding the NPC Bikini qualification.

“All 2009 National Bikini contests except the 2009 Junior USA Bikini Championships, an athlete must have competed in an NPC Bikini event prior to entering a national contest.”

Just to be clear for 2009 ONLY… NPC Bikini competitors only have to prove that they entered a NPC Bikini contest in order to compete in a National Level Bikini event (aside from JR USAs). It doesn’t matter where they place or if it is a national qualifying show as long as it’s an NPC show. NPC Bikini competitors do need to have proof of having competed and is why the contest info will be asked for. Again this only applies for this year.

See the post below for the complete NPC Bikini Regulations.

Monique Minton Spotted on UFC Web site

Top NPC competitor and rising fitness model star, Monique “MoMo” Minton was spotted on the UFC web site. Ok, so it was a banner ad for the new Girls of BSN calendar but don’t under estimate MoMo’s fighting skills. She’s been taking up MMA training lately and tells me it’s an awesome workout. Monique will be at the Arnold Classic next weekend working the BSN booth. Stop by and say hello but don’t question the toughness behind the pretty face or you may find yourself getting choked out.

Monique represent’n on the UFC Web site.

Update: 2009 Official Bikini Qualification Announcement

Changes for the new bikini division. This news comes directly from the NPC.

Please note that for all 2009 National Bikini contests except the 2009 Junior USA Bikini Championships, an athlete must have competed in an NPC Bikini event prior to entering a national contest.

The following must be provided with your entry:

• NPC Bikini Contest Name
• Date Of Contest
• Contest Promoter
• Your Height Class & Final Placing

This includes:

Team Tight Curves Looking for Inspiring Members

The folks at Tight Curves are looking for people have what it takes to inspire others. The web site is looking for health conscious, fitness orientated women who have a passion for fitness. If you have the desire to make a positive change and have what it takes, contact Tom Richardson. The “Team” has a goal of bringing awareness to the issue of childhood obesity.

Online “Radio Shows”… What good are they?

Close to three years ago the first episode of Hardbody Radio launched with legendary IFBB Pro Lenda Murray as the guest. The show, hosted by Larry Pepe, was one of the first female only shows. I was happy to be part of it and there is still a chance Hardbody Radio could be resurrected. You may have a better chance at winning the lottery than that happening so don’t hold your breath. Whether you’d like to call them radio shows or podcasts doesn’t really matter to me, I lump them in the same category. Technology has come a long way and now anyone with a computer and a telephone can have a “radio show”. Even with a couple hundred bucks you can put the same show on an AM radio station. When polled here 60% of you said you don’t listen to online radio shows and those of you that do listen said it depends on the guest.

Do I think online radio shows are a good idea? Yes and no. The person being interviewed gets a platform to share their story, which is great. If that helps to motivate and inspire others, I’m all for it. Personal trainers can talk about their services, diet gurus can share their thoughts on nutrition, competitors can tell others a bit about themselves personally and the list goes on. The hosts can benefit by using it as a self-promotion tool. It’s one more way to get their message out to an audience. Some hosts don’t need advertisers because their model is geared towards promoting themselves or their services. Other shows rely on advertisers in order to make it worth their time.

Anyone can put out a podcast. Creating a quality one that people are interested in, is not easy. Just because you have a radio show doesn’t mean it’s good and people will listen. At the end of it all, it’s still a business. Sure it may start off fun and money isn’t the object but the novelty eventually wears off. When hours of time are being devouted each day/week and there is no financial return it only lasts so long.

It’s ultimately up to you, the listener, to decide if the show is any good.

Peanuts Cause More Recalls

Check out the comprehensive list of peanut products being recalled because of the Peanut Corporation of America. There is a growing list of bars and snacks that many people in the fitness industry use on a daily basis. The complete list is available here.

Detour Bar Maker files Bankruptcy

The maker of the popular Detour Bars has filed for bankruptcy due to the tainted peanut recall by its supplier.

Reuters reports:
Forward Foods, which makes high protein, snack and meal replacement bars primarily under the Detour name, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Delaware, saying that a significant amount of its inventory must be condemned.

The company had voluntarily recalled all Detour bars that contained roasted peanuts from Peanut Corp on Jan. 29 on worries the supplier had distributed peanut products contaminated by salmonella, an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children and the elderly.

Sales of Detour products containing peanut product from Peanut Corp made up about 75 percent of Forward Foods’ protein bar sales, the company said in documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

Read the full story here.

Blewden’s Boobs Get Her Banned from Boxing

Former Model Sarah Blewden told boobs could burst.

Well here’s a story I haven’t heard before. Model-turned-boxer, Sarah Blewden has been told she cannot fight due to having fake breasts. Tony Attwood, the chairman of the Amateur Boxing Association of England, said “International rules forbid anyone with breast implants continuing to box because of risk of damage to the breast tissue.” He goes on to say, “We had been hoping to do a study on breast protection so people like Sarah could box in the future but the International Amateur Boxing Association withdrew funding for it.”

Way to protect women from busting their breasts. I guess it’s okay to get your nose broke but not a boob. Errkay. Read the full story here.

Gina Carano in New Video Game

Check out the video with MMA bad ass and American Gladiator, Gina Carano. It’s not the newest piece but still worth checking out.

Juliette Bergmann – 2009 Hall of Fame Inductee

Check out the nice write-up on female bodybuilder, Juliette Bergmann. has you covered when it comes to all the latest news and updates surrounding the IFBB Pro League.

Valentine’s Day – Gimme Some Luv or Who Cares?

The Love Holiday is just a couple days away. Gentleman have you gotten your sweetheart anything yet? Ladies what do you want from your man on Valentine’s Day? Do you get your man anything or should he be the one showering you with the love? Some women I’ve chatted with could care less. What’s your take on it?


If you need to get flowers in a jiffy, this site can get them out for ya. Those of us who are single don’t need to worry about this holiday. I’ll be spending the day with my five year old niece. 🙂

Rant: Stump’s win makes it to ESPN & SI… WTF?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Something is wrong when a dog gets more media coverage in a sports magazine than bodybuilding, fitness or figure. Sure Stump wowed the judges at the Westminster, which is the top dog competition but is that newsworthy for two of the premiere sports publications? The big story is Stump came out of retirement to take the top prize. WTF… How does a dog retire? Sure in human years the pooch is nearly 70 but does that equate to a dog show being a sport? I guess if ESPN broadcasts eating contests I shouldn’t be too surprised that Stump’s triumphant return made it’s way to their site.

Iron Sirens Special Edition Issue

A special edition of the IRON SIRENS comic book will be available at the Arnold Classic. Here’s a sneak peak at the cover that introduces IFBB Figure Pro Kristal Richardson into the mix. Pick up your copy at the Arnold Classic in a couple weeks.

Iron Sirens Special Edition.

Hardbody Guest Blogger – Pauline Nordin

We’re adding a new feature to the site today, guest bloggers. We’re teaming up with a variety of people to help bring you valuable information in a timely manner. Our newest addition who will be contributing regularly is IFBB Pro Pauline Nordin. Pauline is a no b.s. type of woman who will tell you how she feels no matter if you agree with her or not. If you have a topic you’d like her to write about post it in the comments field below or email her through her web site

Pauline Nordin sporting the guns.

Truths from Pauline via
• Ladies, your legs are seldom that muscular and big as you believe. They appear that way due to a lot of body fat on top…. So either you diet harder and lose the fat slowly but steady or you go for keeping the jiggling yet smaller legs… Your call.

• Ladies AND men, crunching does not give you lean and sexy abs… You gotta work your whole body! Going in for cardio and abs is inefficient. Go squat instead and not in the smith machine but the real thing and your abs will look so much better when combined with a great diet.

• When you walk on a high incline treadmill, don’t hold on to the rails….. it’s YOU who should walk the treadmill, don’t let the treadmill walk YOU.

• Having three bars a day on a restricted diet is not what I call eating clen!

• “I always lose the 10 first pounds with ease then I cannot do it anymore, I get stuck”. It’s the common plateau, just deal with it. People yoyo diet and lose the first pounds and then go up again when it gets tough. Stop yo yo dieting, it won’t all the sudden get easier…

• You can not and I tell you again, can not change fat to muscle. You can build muscle and BURN fat.

•  Being hungry does not kill you. It’s annoying but not dangerous at all.

• Your mind sets your limits, not your body.

• Don’t just walk into the gym and do your sets and reps. FEEL it, LIVE it, LISTEN to your muscles, SPEAK its language. Keep your focus. A great physique does not happen by accident, it happens by dedication.

For the complete list and more from Pauline visit her regularly updated blog at Let us know what you think of the new feature.

This is Why You Are Fat

I ran across which has some fairly disturbing images. One of the more disgusting photos is the Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburgers. It is disturbing yet I find myself strangely wanting to try one. Check out the site if you need a reminder on why you should stick to your current nutrition plan.

Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers. Seriously?!

Pro Spotting: Kampsta and The Verizon guy

IFBB Figure Pro Liza Kampstra recently met the “Can you hear me now guy” and can be seen at the end of this video on youtube. The video’s description reads…

The Can You Hear Me Now Guy and his Network are at it again. Only this time braving the snow to help a Verizon Wireless customer stay connected. See what happens when the Network steps off the screen and onto the slopes.

Liza appears to be all giddy and jumping with glee. No word on if he could hear her or not.

Liza clearly excited to see the Verizon guy.

Julie Lohre Tris Something New

An ambitious Julie Lohre has her sights set on a new challenge. As if rehabbing her injury wasn’t enough, she’s taking it a step further and plans to compete in a triathlon.

So, I have set a date and am excited/nervous/overwhelmed that I will do my first triathlon in 100 days! I have chosen a local race for a GREAT cause – the Tri for Joe in Cincinnati, OH with proceeds going to Down Syndrome research. Not only is this a great test of endurance and strength, it will be a chance to contribute to a cause that I feel very passionately about. May 17th it is!

Read more about her new goal and if you’re interested in joining her in the race, drop her a note. Good Luck Julie!

Women in German Men’s Health Magazine Ads

I ran across these ads that feature women for Men’s Health magazine. The line says, “It’s all about men.” Hmmm… Really… Is that why women work out, because of the men? What do you think of these ads?

Men’s Health Ad.
“It’s all about Men.”

Profile: Inline skating champ Fabiola da Silva

Fabiola da Silva in the gym.

Check out the profile on Muscle & Fitness Hers with Brazilian hardbody skater Fabiola da Silva. This is one bad ass roller blader who is paving the way for women across the globe. Learn more about her and the workouts she goes through on the Muscle & Fitness Hers web site.

Video profile on the skating champ.

Most Hardbody readers do not work out with a trainer

Our ongoing poll showed that 67% of you do NOT workout with a trainer. Does this mean you don’t work out at all or choose to work out on your own? The economy is hitting everyone, one could assume that the added expense of a personal trainer would be one the chopping block.

Pauline Nordin’s Fighter Diet E-Book

Click here to check out the behind-the-scenes video from Pauline Nordin’s new e-book. You can read more about the book and purchase it on her web site.

Sample from Pauline’s new e-book.

IFBB Pro Rose Marie Romero Graces New Zealand Fitness Magazine Cover

Congrats to IFBB Figure Pro Rose Marie Romero for yet another cover. This time Rose Marie is on the cover of New Zealand Fitness. You can meet Rose at next month’s Arnold Classic where she is schedule to be working the San Nutrition booth.

Rose Marie Romero on the cover of New Zealand magazine.

Another Hardbody Birthday Girl – Nicole Wilkins Lee

Nicole Wilkins Lee has put her birthday celebrating on hold today as well. She joins Erin Stern in celebrating her birthday while prepping for the Arnold Classic. This year Nicole will be competing in the fitness division (last year she competed in figure). Nicole is definitely one to watch and could become the new face of fitness without too much argument from the peanut gallery. Happy Birthday Nicole!

IFBB Fitness/Figure Pro – Nicole Wilkins Lee.

The Hinds Report… Inside Fitness Magazine

Those of you in Canada are in luck, the rest of you not so much… at least not yet. Inside Fitness Magazine is a popular fitness magazine available in Canada and published by Terry Frendo. Terry is one of the good guys in the fitness industry who knows his stuff and puts out a quality publication. I’m happy to share that I’ll be helping Terry out with some USA coverage for his magazine. The current issue, with Trish Stratus on the cover, features “THE HINDS REPORT”. The column will focus mainly on NPC & IFBB contest coverage from the states. If you’re in Canada pick up the mag and let me know what you think.

Current Inside Fitness magazine.

New Gina Aliotti DVD

The defending Figure International Champ, Gina Aliotti has just released her own DVD. You can see Gina training, cooking, posing and more on this DVD. Those interested in purchasing the DVD can so in the store section of her web site.

The new Gina Aliotti DVD.

Check out a preview of what you’ll see on the DVD…

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.