Sneak Peek at Next Muscle & Fitness HERS cover – Cast Your Vote

Today an email went out from Muscle & Fitness HERS asking which cover you like better. Featured on the two covers is reigning Figure Olympia Champion Erin Stern. The covers both feature Erin in workout wear. The callout is “Totally transform your body! You won’t believe Erin’s fat-blasting super-sculpting routine.”

Cast your vote for which, if either, cover you like.


Cast your vote below and join the conversation on Facebook where people are chiming in with their thoughts. Follow Erin on twitter at @ERINFAST and let her know what ya think.


Cover A


Cover B




You can catch Erin compete at the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival – Figure International the first weekend of March, in Columbus, Ohio.



Hardbody Poll: Jamie Eason vs Amanda Latona Booty Cover

The New Year is right around the corner and women’s fitness magazines are focusing on building a better booty, at least on their covers. Fitness RX for Women features popular fitness spokesmodel Jamie Eason and Muscle & Fitness HERS showcases popular Bikini Pro Amanda Latona. As you can see the magazines took totally different approaches in how they feature the female posterior. We want to know which cover do YOU like better?

booty cover, magazine,fitness, new year

The two covers feature the popular models looking over their left shoulder and both are smiling. Jamie is in workout clothes but her booty is show in a pair of pants. Amanda’s cover has her in a workout top and a mid-cut pair of bottoms. When you compare the two next to each other you can see a distinct difference in how the two magazines chose to feature the female butt.

Jamie Eason – Fitness RX for Women



Amanda Latona – Muscle & Fitness HERS

Cast your vote and feel free to leave your comments on the covers below.





Which Veronique Morin Cover is better?

Covers are a fitness model’s dream. Oxygen Magazine is often on the bucket-list of a hardbody to appear in and a cover would be a dream come true. There are only twelve covers a year for Oxygen and half of that for Muscle and Fitness HERS. HERS is published every other month so your chances of landing a cover are few and far between. Magazines are fighting for slumping sales and a great cover can help on newsstands.

veronique morin


Consider the odds of landing one cover much less two AT THE SAME TIME. It’s rare to see the same model a cover of two different magazines at the same time but this month IFBB Bikini Pro Veronique Morin did it. She is wearing workout attire on both. Oxygen went with a NIKE top while HERS opted for an Addidas top. Veronique looks significantly more muscular on HERS an sports curly hair.

We’re throwing it out to you Hardbody Nation, which cover did it better?

Which Cover is Better? Click for larger view


Vote for your favorite ESPN The Magazine BODY cover.

ESPN The Magazine launches it’s fourth annual “BODY issue this week and today we received a look at the six different covers. The annual issue will feature 27 athletes from a variety of sports. The six athletes gracing the cover are Candace Parker, Ronda Rousey, Daniela Hantuchova, Jose Bautista, Tyson Chandler and Rob Gronkowski.

ESPN’s Front Row spoke with The Mag’s Deputy Editor, Neely Lohmann how the covers were chosen.

“We had an overwhelming number of truly amazing photographs to choose from this year, which is why there are six covers. We wanted to have as many as we could get because whittling the photographs down to the best of the best isn’t easy. When making the final call, we paid attention to diversity — we like to have a good mix of men and women, a good mix of different body types represented, different sports, etc.”

Read the complete interview with Neely on and you can see the behind-the-scenes video with some of the athletes at

We have a couple covers that we’re partial to but which is YOUR favorite? Cast your vote below.

Jose Bautista

Tyson Chandler

Rob Gronkowski

Daniela Hantuchova

Candace Parker

Ronda Rousey



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The Sport of Cheating on Your Girlfriend – Reebok Under Fire

Reebok has been on the upswing recently, at least in Crossfit community, due in large part to their association with the CrossFit Games. Reebok is the title sponsor of the Crossfit Games, an event that seeks to find the “fittest on earth”. Their involvement in these types of events help build credibility, unlike their “toning shoes” which the FTC deemed false advertising and slapped them with a $25 million dollar fine.

The term “Sport of Fitness” was coined by the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, after he saw how competitive people were with the “workout of the day”. Reebok is in the news for a poster that reads, “Reebok The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived.” It’s not portion of the poster that’s causing the buzz. It’s the headline that accompanies the poster that reads, “Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout.”

Well, that’s certainly what women across the world want to hear. Um Ya, not so much.

Reebok spokesman, Dan Sarro told the ad was not part of a global marketing campaign and only appeared at a local gym partner in Germany. Thanks to Social Media it’s become a global topic and as you can imagine one met with outrage.‘s founder wrote a letter to Reebok’s headquarters stating, “This form of advertising shows a dishonest and disrespectful attitude towards women and your company should be ashamed to have even placed this ad in various places thinking it would be perceived in any other way.”

Sarro said Reebok removed the signs as soon as they were made aware of them and apologized for their offensive nature.

It could be a publicity stunt or an isolated incident. Whichever it is people are talking about Reebook but not in a positive way. Earlier this month The Wall Street Journal talked about Reebook’s financial woes.

What if the roles were reversed and it said… Cheat on Your Boyfriend, Not Your Workout… Would it cause the same controversy or would women find it empowering?


Cheat on your boyfriend





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Can Anyone Stop Adela From Another Fitness International Win?

The leading ladies of Fitness will take the stage this Friday in Columbus, Ohio for the Fitness International and it’s going to be a great show. Adela Garcia hasn’t been beaten in years and already has one win under her salsa suit this year, will she collect another win? There are a number of women looking to end Adela’s winning streak this weekend but who will step up? Michelle Blank, one of the rising stars of the division is sidelined with an injury. Myriam Capes has the routine to do so but will she dial it in? Oksana Grishina has become a bit of a fan favorite but will she prevail in the judges’ eyes? Don’t forget about the return of Julie Palmer who is looking to capture a title in her own backyard.



Tanji Johnson will look to rebound from her fourth place finish and there are rising stars like Jodi Boam on the rise. Check out the entire line up and who has the best chance at beating the champ in the preview. Cast your vote below for who you want to see win the Fitness International crown.



Which IFBB Bikini Pro Would Make a Better Sports Illustrated Cover Model?

There are few magazine covers that are as highly anticipated as the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. The SI cover has turned into a media event and has helped launch model’s careers. This year’s cover, in our opinion, is one of the worst we’ve seen. The swimsuit isn’t flattering, there’s too much touch up on the body and it’s overall just bleh.

The NPC/IFBB Bikini division has hundreds of women who would make better cover models than (no offense) Kate Upton, at least as she appears on this cover. Kate is actually a beautiful woman but you’d never know it from this image. Check out the photos of her on ESQUIRE and she looks pretty hardbody . This cover, well not so much.

Photo via Sports Illustrated facebook. Kate Upton cover model.

Keeping things real, there is no chance in hell that a fitness or figure competitor would appear on an SI Swimsuit cover but the chances of a bikini competitor doing so are a bit more realistic. A bikini body is the closest thing to “mainstream” in the women’s division. That said who would you vote to put on the cover? We’re going to keep the poll open for awhile and who ever YOU think would make the best cover, we’re going to mock it up and show a comparison.

Will Sports Illustrated take note? Let’s find out.





Madonna Performs & M.I.A. flips the bird during Super Bowl halftime show

There’s no question that Madonna rocks a hard body, especially at the age of 53 but is she someone you want to see perform during the Super Bowl halftime show? Many people on facebook and twitter loved it while others hated it. When we asked our facebook fans what they thought, similar responses poured in.

While there was no wardrobe malfunction (Janet Jackson’s 2004 nip slip) the NFL and NBC found themselves apologizing for M.I.A.’s flying of the bird. M.I.A. was on of several acts that joined the material girl on stage. Millions of people witness the singer (M.I.A not Madonna) flip the camera off and appeared to sing “I don’t give a (bbeeeep)” at one point. .

“The obscene gesture in the performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing and we apologize to our fans,” said Brian McCarthy, spokesman for the NFL, which produced Madonna’s halftime show.

Madonna mixed her performance with new and familiar songs. During the opening of the show she was carried in by a gaggle of muscled up dudes. It was pretty obvious that her performance was lip synced but sadly that’s become the norm.

The one comment that continues to surface is, she looked great… for her age. People aren’t saying she looked great but rather great for her age which prompts the question, do people want to see Madonna perform during the Super Bowl?

While the verdict is still out on whether Madonna won people over with her performance, the Giants defeated the Patriots 21-17.


Photo By David J. Phillip. Parts of this story from the associated press.

2011 IFBB Iowa Pro Bikini Preview & Poll

This weekend marks the second to last chance for IFBB Bikini pros to qualify for the the 2012 Olympia, at least this year. Next year IFBB Pros will need to win a show in order to qualify for the big dance but at this show the top three women will be qualified to compete in Las Vegas next Fall. Seventeen women have signed up to compete and while there are no super-star names in the line up, it is a competitive one. This is the first time we’ve seen Pro Bikini in Iowa and promoter Jack Titone tells me it won’t be the last. Let’s break down the competition.



The Hardbody 411:
Only Vanessa Campbell is qualified for the 2012 Olympia in this line up so she’d be the logical winner, right? Not so fast. Here’s the skinny on this weekend’s competitors. Vote for who you think will win below.

1. Jennifer Andrews – Jennifer has been up and down in her placings since turning pro. She was just inside the top 10 at the Bikini International and won the St. Louis Pro in March. She slipped 12th at the Dallas Supershow and then the dreaded tied for 16th at the Olympia. Where will we see Jennifer finish at this show? She has the potential to be in the top five but will need to come in on her A game to return to the Olympia stage.

2. Vanessa Campbell – Vanessa has found her stride and continues to improve at the end of this season. She’s coming off a second place finish at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup and the pressure is off to return to the Olympia stage. She switched up her bikini suit and has been on point with her physique and presentation. I look for her to be in the hunt for her first pro win.

3. Kim DeArcangelis – This will be Kim’s pro debut and if she brings a tight backside she could fair well. It won’t be easy to crack the top spots but she found a winning combo at the Masters Nationals to achieve pro status. We’ll see how she stacks up in the big league.

4. Jennifer Dietrick – One thing you can give Jennifer props for is she’s persistent. She’s looking to improve on her 14th place finish at the Titans Grand Prix a few weeks ago and should move up here. She has a solid booty and if it was simply a booty contest she’d be in the top spots every time. Unfortunately, it’s not and she’ll have her work cut out for her to crack the top five.

5. Diana Fields – Diana has enlisted the help of bodybuilding guru Hany Rambod for her training. She was one of the first women to turn pro and her physique is playing catch up in terms of size and proportion. She’s improving and at the end of the day if you’re improving that’s the real name of the game.

6. Trina Goosby – Trina will look to crack the top five for the first time in her pro career. She’s coming off a 9th place finish at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup and will need to be a bit tighter with her conditioning than she was there if she wants to be in the hunt.

7. Candyce Graham – Candyce has a sic physique. If she doesn’t “angry pose” she’ll be in the mix. I’ve seen her pose where she over exaggerates her poses and sometimes has a scowl. If she smiles, chillaxes and presents in a calm, controlled manner she’ll have a chance at the top three.

8. Christie Marquez – Christie had her best showing at the Tijuana Pro a few weeks ago where she finished in 4th. She was 10th at the Titans Grand Prix and if she can land in the top ten here it will be a successful showing for her.

9. Christy Merritt Christy landed on the fast track to success in 2010 going from a local show, to winning the JR USAs, qualifying for the Olympia and competing at the big show. Christy has yet to crack the top five this year and she’ll look to do so here. Many times it depends on who Christy is on stage with as to how she compares. This show she should be in the top two call-outs.

10. Nicole Moneer-Guerrero – Nicole got a whole lotta love at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup where she placed fourth. She slipped to sixth at the Houston Pro and I see her finishing somewhere in that spot again here. She’s a top 10 contender but needs a bit more booty to hang in the top spots at least in my opinion.

11. Heather Nappi – Heather finished in fifth at her pro debut. She has a nice physique and look to land her in the top cal-lout. I’m not a fan of the legs spread wide pose and when she does this I think it detracts from her backside. Heather should be in the mix at this show.

12. Khahn Nguyen – Khahn is a a rockstar. Despite missing out on the top spots she continues to come back and do her best. If shows were judged on comedic ability, she’d be the winner every time because she’s hilarious. Unfortunately, it’s a physique competition and while she has a great physique it’s not one that the judges seem to favor in the division. What can she do to improve? Not much except continue to bring her best. It’s a testament of how competitive pro shows can be. She has turned competing into some modeling work so there is a silver lining to competing and not winning.

13. Tianna Ta Tianna has been in the top five her last three shows however an Olympia qualification has avoided her. She did make it to the 2010 Olympia with her 4th place finish at the Pittsburgh Pro. Can she make it into the top three? She can but it won’t be a walk in the park. She’s improved her stage presence and become much more relaxed on stage which was needed. She used to shake on stage and that’s long gone. If she has a tight booty and brings confidence to the stage, she can be top three. IF she let’s nerves get the best of her and isn’t tight from the back side, no O for her.

14. Roya Tehrani – Roya won the 2011 Team Universe and jumped into the pro competition right away. She finished 5th at the Phoenix Pro and dropped to 8th at the Houston Pro. Roya has to come in tighter in her lower body and change up her posing if she hopes to make it into the top three. When she poses with her legs spread wide and apart it’s not flattering and makes her hips look bigger.

15. Michelle Trasey-Hutton The twins are back again. Michelle finished in a respectable 7th place at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup, her pro debut. She tends to pose with borderline over the top enthusiasm. Many times you will see the “hair whip” where she flips her hair with a snap of the neck. I’m not a fan of it but she definitely has fun with it. One thing you can count on is she’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

16. Kristie Trasey-Winter Kristie tied with her twin sister for 7th at her pro debut and I guess that speaks to her physique as it compares to her sister. I give her the nod over her sister based on her presentation and I think she has a bit more balance physique. The sisters will battle it out once again this weekend.

17. Cristina Vujnich Cristina has a nice physique and one of the few women who can rock the short hair and look sexy. The only issue that I go back to with Cristina is she tries too hard to be sexy sometimes on stage. The myspace face and sometimes goofy facial expressions can be distracting. If she smiles, presents with confidence and rocks it sans goofy face she’ll be in the hunt for the top three. She finished in second at the Phoenix Pro and will becoming off a 15th place finish at the Olympia. I hated her Phoenix suit but loved her Olympia one.

Isaac’s Predictions:
1. Candyce Graham
2. Vanessa Campbell
3. Cristina Vujnich
4. Tiana Ta
5. Heather Nappi

Ron’s Predictions:
1. Cristina Vunjnich
2. Vanessa Campbell
3. Tiana Ta
4. Roya Therani
5. Candyce Graham


Event info:

Prejudging 10am / Finals 6pm
November 12, 2011

Davenport, IA

The River Center convention center
136 E. 3rd Street
Davenport, IA 52801

For more information on the show and to get tickets visit: The show will also play host to a n IFBB Men’s 2012 Bodybuilding show and a large NPC event.

2011 IFBB Kentucky Pro Figure Preview, Poll & Predictions

The 2011 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro marks the last chance for the women of the figure division to qualify for the 2012 Olympia, at least for this season. Starting in 2012 only the winners of the show will be qualified for the Olympia so this is the last chance to go top three and head to Vegas. The line up for this show ended up being pretty deep and 21 competitors are slated to compete. The only competitor qualified in the field is Gen Strobo who qualified with her second place finish at the 2011 Ft. Lauderdale Cup. Cheryl Brown will not be defending her title so a new Kentucky Champion will be crown on Saturday, November 5th.


The Hardbody Breakdown:
The favorite heading into this show has to be Gennifer Strobo given that she’s the only one qualified and has won pro shows in the past. That said, Gen is not unbeatable. If she doesn’t come in full she’ll look like a string bean on stage and will battling for a top five. I don’t see her outside of the top three but she’s not a lock for the win here.

Candice Lewis is a competitor who I think has the shape and structure combined with stunning good looks to be a leading lady in the Figure division. I have her in my top call-out and in the top three. We’ll see if the judges agree but judging by the response from fans on facebook and twitter they definitely like her look for the division as well.

Candice John has streamlined her physique and it landed her on the Olympia stage. Look for her to be in the hunt for a top spot in this show and battling for a return trip to the Olympia.

Chelsey Morganstern got a whole lotta love at this show last year when she ended up in second. This year she hasn’t faired as well. She’s a pretty woman but we’ll have to see if it was beginners luck or if this crew of judges are fond of her look again.

Charmayne Jackson was just outside the top five earlier this year at the Europa Super show. She could be a top five contender here.

Chikondi Mseka is a competitor who I had much higher on my score card than where she finished at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup. She’s the 2011 JR USA Champ and in her pro debut (Ft. Lauderdale Cup) placed 10th.

Kristen Nagrani positioned herself as a contender this year and made her way to the Olympia. She’ll look to repeat and head back to the big dance. She could be in the mix here.



There’s no clear cut top three at this show which will make it interesting to follow. We will unfortunately NOT be in attendance and unsure of who will be covering the event.

November 5, 2011

Kentucky International Convention Center
221 South 4th Street
Louisville KY, 40221

9:30am – Doors Open to the General Public
10:00am – IFBB Pro Figure Prejudging
11:30am – NPC Prejudging
7:00pm – IFBB and NPC Finals


2011 IFBB Sacramento Pro Preview, Predictions & Poll

Only three IFBB Pro Bikini competitions remain on the 2011 calendar and this weekend one will go down in Sacramento, California. Eleven hardbody bikini women will take the stage in hopes of qualifying for the 2012 Olympia. The top three will go to the big dance in Las Vegas. The defending champ, Amanda Latona will look to make it two wins in a row and hold onto her title. Tiffany Marie Boydston qualified for the Olympia with a third place finish at the Titans Grand Prix. The Vegas duo are the only ones qualified in the line up.



The Hardbody Breakdown:
1. Narmin Assria – Narmin made her pro debut at the Titans Grand Prix and held her own with another top five finish. She’ll obviously be gunning for a top three finish here. Can she do it? Yep but it won’t be easy in this line up. I have her my top five fighting for a top three spot.

2. Sandra Augustin turned pro in Fitness and will be competing in bikini. I can only assume that she’s doing this show since she lives in Sacramento. Always an energetic and lively women, Sandra will have her hands full cracking the top five here but bet on her having fun in the process.

3. Tiffany Marie Boydston – Tiffany’s birthday wish came true when she qualified for the Olympia on her birthday a couple weeks back at the Titans Grand Prix. I look for her to be in the top five but can she return to the top three? This will be a more competitive line up than she faced in Culver City so we’ll have to see.

4. Mary Jo Cooke-Elliott – Mary Jo battled back from an illness and finished in 11th at this year’s MuscleContest. She’ll look to move up now that she has the swing of things in the bikini division since making the switch from Figure.

5. Tawna Eubanks – I like the look that Tawna brings to the stage and think she has a great BIKINI body. She made her pro debut at the Houston Pro where she finished fourth. I had her in my top three and disappointed that she didn’t get the nod I thought she deserved. She’ll face some tougher competition and a different set of judges here so we’ll see how she fairs.

6. Diana Fields made her return to the competitive scene at the Tijuana Pro and finished at the bottom of the pack. She’ll make a run at it again here and will see how she fairs. You never know with a different set of eyes on you where someone like Diana may end up.

7. Brittany Gaylord returned to the stage at the Titans Grand Prix and many were left wondering WHO DAT? Those of you who have been around awhile and in the industry will remember her as Brittany Thorsch, the fitness pro. Brittany turned pro at the 2005 NPC USAs. She’s since married and had a baby. Now that she is back in the swing of things look for her to bring a better presentation and physique than she did in Culver City.

8. Many Henderson made the switch from Figure and still carries a good deal of muscle. She’s one of the shorties in the IFBB Pro league and it’s a balancing act for the shorter competitors. If you come in too soft it can look like you’re out of shape but come in too lean and you risk looking jacked. She wasn’t at the bottom of the pack but some where in the middle of the Titans Grand Prix. I look for her to be in a similar spot here.

9. Amanda Latona is obviously the one to beat. She took some time off but you wouldn’t know it when she took the stage at the Titans Grand Prix. Amanda picked up where she left off and left win another pro victory. She’s shown she is beatable however I don’t see it happening here unless she decided to hit the local fro-yo shops since her last competition. She’s the returning champ and I look for her to hold onto her title once again.

10. Natalie Pennington was in the top three at this show last year and don’t be surprised if she does once again. She presents a look the the judges favor and I look for this show to be much the same. I don’t mind her look from the front however when she turns to the back I’m left wondering where her booty is at. In the comparison rounds don’t be surprised if she standing next to Amanda Latona and when they turn to the back take not of the booty difference.

11. Talia Terese is looking to find her groove in the pro ranks since winning the NPC USAs in July. She improved to 6th place at the Titans Grand Prix and is a stunning woman. She’ll look to get in the hunt of things here and back to a top contender status. If she brings the look, confidence and presentation she did to USAs she can be a threat. If she doesn’t she’ll be in the middle of this pack.



Our West Coast correspondent Ron “Yogi” Avidan will be covering the action and tweeting @ronavidan the call-outs. One thing of note is that Sandi Williamson will be head judging this show which is a great opportunity for the up-and-coming NPC women and also the pros. Sandi is your go-to woman in the division and when she gives you advice it’s best to put it into action.

Ron’s Predictions:
1. Amanda Latona
2. Talia Terese
3. Narmin Assria
4. Natalie Pennington
5. Tiffany Bodyston

Isaac’s Predictions:*
1. Amanda Latona
2. Natalie Pennington
3. Narmin Assria
4. Talia Terese
5. Tawna Eubanks

*NOTE: It’s not necessarily how I would judge it based on previous shows however it’s how I see it potentially going down. These are subjective and just opinions. Don’t get your panties in a bunch if you’re not in the mix. Who will be closer to predicting the top five… Yogi or Isaac? We’ll find out on Saturday.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Prejudging – 9:30am
Finals – 6pm

Crest Theatre
1013 K Street
Sacramento, CA

More information:


Hardbody Bikini Preview & Poll: Europa Supershow Dallas

The 2011 IFBB Europa Supershow Dallas Women’s Bikini will be the most competitive show of the year, at least to date. I think it will be more competitive than the Bikini International and could be every bit as competitive as next month’s Olympia. We’ll see 15 women who on their own turn heads left and right in any room. What happens when they all take to the same stage? We’re about to find out.


The HARDBODY Breakdown:

Jessica Anderson: One word. STUNNING! Jess is a name some of you may not remember but you will after this weekend. She is one of the most beautiful women in the IFBB and you may not recall her name because this is her pro debut. She turned pro at the 2009 NPC Nationals and hasn’t taken the stage since. That’s because she’s active duty in the United States NAVY and spent some time deployed overseas. I know she’ll look better than when she turned pro, we’ll have to see if it’s enough to hang in her debut. Regardless, you’ll see a lot more of her coming up.

Jennifer Andrews: Jennifer is up and down in her placings. She could be in the top three or out of the top five. Ordinarily I’d say she’s a favorite for a top three spot but here she’ll have her work cut out for her to crack the top five simply because the field is that good.

Nicole Coleman: She continues to bring her physique down but still packs a bit too much muscle from her power-lifting and figure days. Improvement is the name of Nicole’s game and she’s doing it. Won’t be top five here but if she came finish top 10 would be a win for her.

Dianna Dahlgren: Easily one of the hottest fitness models in the industry but can she translate that to the stage. If she can watch out. We haven’t seen Dianna on stage all year so she might be off her best or she could be at her best. If her booty is tight look for her to be in the top three. Her biggest challenge is presentation, if she can bring some swagga to the stage watch out. Regardless, watch for more Dianna in the magazines in the coming months. She’s an example of a woman who doesn’t have to win a show to get a magazine cover.

Amanda Duncan: A number of people are buzzing about the little blonde Texas tornado. She certainly knows how to work it on stage and this will be her pro debut. I think she’ll be in deep waters and may need a floatie to help her swim with these bikini sharks. She needs to bring a tight booty to hang in the top five, if it is you could see her in the mix.

Sonia Gonzales: The champ has a target on her back and she has used it to fuel herself to coming in better than ever. I think we’ll see an improved booty from Sonia and she will be at her best. She’s a beautiful woman who has improved her physique steadily. She’s not the curviest girl but if she can rock the stage with confidence she’ll be the one to beat. She has shown she’s beatable so it’s not money in the bank for her.

Janet Harding: I love Janet and she is the most persistent woman on the circuit. She’s improved and definitely gotten better but this show will need to be about living in the moment and having fun for her. This is like being in the Olympia for her and if she can finish in the top 10, consider it a win.

Jessica Jessie: Jessica is a bit of a wild card here. When she’s on the money she is in the mix, when she’s off she is way off. I think she’ll have a struggle to be top three here unless her legs are tight. She’s dropped the side walk presentation and toned down the hair flips. She could be top three or on the outside of the top five.

Dayna Maleton: Dayna has one of the best butts in the biz and she’s finally relaxing with her presentation. There’s no question she has the physique to do well it will be how she presents it. If she could finish top five here she should go celebrate with shots of tequila. It will be tough for her to get in there but it is possible.

Christie Marquez: Cute girl but will be one of the women hoping to come in at her all time best. If she can crack the top ten it will be victory for her but this will be her toughest show of her career.

Taylor Matheny: Taylor is adorable. Bubbly personality onstage and off and I hear she’s one helluva a chef. I really like her look and one of the few blondes in the biz. If she can break the top five she should be stoked. It will be her pro debut so she’ll need to put the rookie jitters aside and work it. I like what she’s cook’n up, let’s see if the judges do too.

Brooke Mora: Another gorgeous woman who will likely have more success off stage with her modeling then she will winning shows. She competed in last year’s inaugural Bikini Olympia so she has what it takes to do well. She could be in the top three or on the outside of the top five. It’s her first show of the year so we’ll have to see if she has any bikini rust.

Natalie Pennington: Natalie is a bit of an x factor here. The judges are really drawn to her look and she’s already headed to the Olympia so she has no pressure to qualify. Look for her to be in the first or second call-out.

Talia Terese: Talia is the one to watch out of all the rookies making their pro debut. She won the 2011 NPC USAs just a couple weeks ago and in my opinion it was no contest when it came to picking the overall at that show. She lights up the stage with her smile and has the looks to stop traffic. The question will be how tight her her backside and was she able to stay on her diet since USAs. Competing in shows close together is good for some as they improve with each show and then others it works against them. She’s the rookie to watch, not that it’s a chore to do so.

Cristina Vujnich: She’s one of the few women who can rock short hair and pull it off. It works for her look and she’s an attractive woman. The one thing that could work against her is her facial expressions when she presents herself. I know it sounds silly but I often wonder what she’s thinking while on stage. When she smiles she’s golden when she’s not it’s like she’s trying out for Zoolander. I like her look but I think she’ll struggle to crack the top three in her debut. If she can make top five she should be stoked because even that will be tough here.

A few things I hope NOT to see from these pros today at prejudging. Just MY OPINIONS from someone who is in the pit at nearly every show and seen thousands of bikini competitors since its inception.
• Legs spread wide when posing from the back. It’s not classy and doesn’t flatter your physique so why do it?
• Flipping of the hair by snapping your neck around. Why? It makes you look like you do that for a living off stage. Don’t do it, it’s tacky.
• Don’t do the myspace face or duck bill lips when posing.
• Don’t open your mouth and gasp while posing. You look like a small mouth bass out of water. It’s not a good look, especially in still photos.
• Don’t try to be a cookie cutter. What posing works for one girl doesn’t work for everyone. Just because you see Ali Rosen do a shimmy and a hip pop at the end of her posing doesn’t mean you should. Ali does it and pulls it off as her “signature” pose, find one that works for you.

Cast your vote for who you think will win the Bikini show. I would not want to be a judge at this one, they will have their work cut out for them!

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HARDBODY Europa Dallas: Figure Preview and Poll

This afternoon 25 hardbody IFBB Figure pros will take the stage in hopes of qualifying for the 2011 Olympia. The 2011 Europa Supershow is one of the last chances for women to qualify so look for a few women to step up their game.

The HARDBODY Breakdown:
No disrespect intended to the women in this show but I see this as a two woman race with the rest of the field hoping one slips up and it’s anyone’s game for third. The top two, at least on paper, look to be Ava Cowan and rookie pro Heather Dees. Ava has streamlined her physique and is looking for her first win as an IFBB Pro. It could come this weekend in Dallas. Heather Dees may have a little something to say about that. She’s competing in her first year as a pro and has solidified herself as one of the leading ladies. Heather has toned down her muscle and it’s helped her physique flow better. I look for her and Ava to stand next to each other in the middle and one of them leaving with their first pro wins.

That’s not to say they are both unbeatable. Heather’s done a number of shows already this year and some women aren’t able to be at their best every show. Will it effect Heather? Ava has been away from the stage since March which could mean she’s fresh or a little rusty.

Could someone beat Heather and Ava? Absolutely although I wouldn’t bet on it. So who gets in the third spot if Ava and Heather do go one and two? Julie Ann Kulla when on her game is good but if she comes in too small she’ll be not only on the outside of the top three but out of the top five. She could be in the mix but we’ll have to see what package she brings. Alea Suarez has been close to a top three finish since switching from bikini. She could be there. I really like Elvimar Sanchez’s look but she doesn’t come in tight enough to be in the mix. Michell Bates has a nice look and could be a top five contender. Charmayne Jackson has been knocking at the door of the top spots but will have her work cut out for her here.

Three rookies could shake things up in their pro debuts. Jamie DeBernard turned pro at the NPC USAs and Kavvy Sonhos and Rebecca Bowers won their class and turned pro at this year’s NPC Team Universe.

Cast your vote for who you think will win.


Appitalism & Hardbody Team Up – Get These Top Health & Fitness Apps

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Check back as we profile more Health & Fitness Apps.

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Which Training Tools Are You Most Likely to Use at the Gym?

Take a second to cast your vote in our newest Hardbody Poll. Feel free to comment what tool is your favorite.



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Hardbody Poll Results: Majority Buy Online & Retail Store

Last month we asked visitors to cast their vote on where they buy vitamins/supplements. Over 600 of you voted with 52% buying both online and at a store. I’m part of the majority on this one. I typically buy supplements online but there are times when I run out or forget. It’s usually cheaper to buy online but there are times when you need to visit a traditional store.


Hardbody February Poll:

* Both Online & A Store (52%, 319 Votes)
* Online (27%, 166 Votes)
* Store (18%, 112 Votes)
* I don’t buy them (3%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 614

HARDBODY Poll: Arnold Classic Rap – Like or Dislike

There’s a new Arnold Classic Rap video out by a rapper that calls himself SMOKE. What do you think of it?

Check it out and cast your vote. Do you like or dislike it?

SMOKE – Arnold Classic Music Video from william ortiz on Vimeo.


{democracy:187} is promoting the video and you can purchase the song if you like it. A portion of the proceeds of the proceeds go to benefit the Jayden DeLuca Foundation.

Which IFBB Bikini Pro Would Make the Best Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model?

The NPC/IFBB Bikini division has introduced the world to a new crop of beautiful hardbody women. Being realistic, Sports Illustrated would never put a figure or fitness competitor on their Swimsuit cover. That’s a given, however they might take notice of a bikini competitor. The Bikini Body is the closest thing to “mainstream” as you’ll get in the competition scene.

There are a number of IFBB Bikini pros who have the looks and the body to rock a swimsuit but which would be the best suited for the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue? Cast your votes below and feel free to comment on your favorite.



Who Will Win the First Bikini Olympia?

Twenty four IFBB Bikini pros will take the stage in the first ever Bikini Olympia. It’s a very impressive group of women and a number of women are legitimate contenders for the crown.

Will it be the 18 year old, Nicole Nagrani who has some of the best stage presence and a great bikini body? Nathalia Melo will look to find the winner’s circle after slipping to third in Dallas, can she do it? Amanda Latona is coming off a win at the 2010 Europa Super show. Latona has one of the best booties in the show, if not thee best. Bodybuilding shows are won from the back, will bikini be the same? It will definitely play a role in the judges decision. Sonia Gonzales has won three out of four pro shows, can she topple this competitive field? The judges have really taken a liking to Ali Rosen will she land in the winner’s circle again? Noemi Olah won her pro debut in Detroit and is a dark horse to shake things up in the top six. Shelsea Montes found her groove in the middle of the season and could be in the mix for a top six spot. Jaime Baird has consistently been in the top five of every show, will she keep her streak alive? Dianna Dahlgren has a win under her suit, will she be able to hang with the curvier girls in this line up? Monique Minton slipped out of the top five in Dallas and will look to move back up in the mix here. Jessica Jessie is in a similar boat, she slid in Detroit and will be playing catch up this week to get back in the mix. Dina Al-Sabah will be the first and only competitor to compete in the first Figure Olympia and now the first Bikini Olympia. She should find herself in the top two callouts.

It’s a tough one to call. My top three in no particular order… Nicole Nagrani, Amanda Latona and Nathalia Melo. Who do YOU think will win the first ever bikini Olympia? Share your thoughts in the comments field and cast your vote below.


Hardbody Poll: Who is the Fastest Female in the IFBB?

I recently noticed a common theme with a number of women in the IFBB… Many do sprint workouts. A number of IFBB Pros also ran track at some level before they were pros. It got my wheels turning…What if we conducted a race of 100 meters… Who would win it? There are a number of women who can haul ass but which would be the fastest? It could be an interesting showdown.

Feel free to add yourself or someone else to the poll below that I may have missed. This could be a fun poll to actually put to the test in real life.


2010 Hardbody Fitness Olympia Poll

We’re just days away from the 15th Annual Fitness Olympia. This year has a number of story lines leading into it.

Mia Finnegan was the very first Fitness Olympia champ in 1995 and she’ll return this year. Adela Garcia will attempt to make history by winning a record 5th title. She’s currently tied with Susie Curry with 4 titles to her credit. Tracy Greenwood, Julie Palmer and Jen Hendershott are all sitting out this year. Tracey announced her retirement earlier this year and Julie Palmer is expecting her first child. Jen Hendershott has been busy with her off stage business.

This leaves the top six wide open. We’ll likely see Adela and Tanji Johnson battling it out for the crown but that’s not a given. Trish Warren has been coming on strong in her latest shows and could be a contender. Oksana Grishina has one of the best routines and continues to improve her physique. Shannon Meteraud is no stranger to big shows and a strong candidate for the top five. Camala Rodriquez will be competing in her first Olympia and many people thinks she’s a top three threat. She certainly has the potential.


Calorie Counting Goes Beyond Restaurants & Food Labels

It looks like displaying calorie counts will go beyond restaurants. Earlier this year, President Obama signed a law that will require all chain restaurants with 20 or more stores to post a calorie count. Soon consumers will see grocery stores, airlines, convenience stores and movie theaters displaying calorie counts.

The Wall Street Journal recently published a story regarding the changes. The changes are getting praise and criticisms.

The expansion stems from provisions in the health-care overhaul enacted in March. The government wants calorie listings posted to make it easier for consumers to select healthier options, and the restaurant industry backed the move so it could avoid a patchwork of local ordinances that are developing.

So far, the expansion of the calorie counts beyond restaurants has drawn praise from nutrition advocates but push-back from industries that say the original legislation was never intended to hit them.

“People don’t go to movie theaters for the primary purpose of eating,” said Gary Klein, a vice president for a group representing theater owners. “Why aren’t ballparks covered? You think the food served at ballparks is healthy?”

Check out the full story here.


Ms. Olympia Contender & Hardbody Poll

The Ms. Olympia is just three weeks away. Three of last year’s top six women will not be competing this year. Lisa Aukland and Betty Pariso have both retired and Heather Armbrust is sitting this one out. Iris Kyle has dominated the Ms. Olympia the last four years. Will anyone be able to topple her this year?


Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia won this show back in 2005 but since then it’s been all Iris. Many felt Heather Armbrust had the potential to beat Iris but we won’t see that battle in Vegas. Instead, Yaxeni and new-comer Brigita Brezovac have the best chance at beating Iris. What do you think… Will Iris win her 6th Olympia title or will someone else take the top spot in three weeks?


Hardbody Poll: What’s Your Favorite Female Body Part?

When you look at a magazine or see others on stage, you often think… I wish I had her _______ or wow I love her _______ .


Hardbody Poll: Do You Follow Workouts in Magazines?

Fitness magazines are packed with information and many times include workouts. I see women carrying magazines in the gym and following the routines printed. Is this something you do or did when you were first starting?


Melo, Latona or Someone Else the Bikini Olympia Favorite?

The IFBB’s first Bikini Olympia is just weeks away and the landscape changed a bit after last weekend’s Europa Super show. Many, myself included, felt that Nathalia Melo was the standard for bikini and on her way to becoming the first Bikini Olympia champ. She was off at the Europa show in a few ways. At the prejudging her make-up was flat and a bit muddy, her upper body was way too lean and stringy and her posing wasn’t what we’ve come to expect. Amanda Latona on the other hand, brought a more balanced physique and improved stage presence. I’d still like to see Amanda bring a bit more confidence and sass to her individual poses. When she is posing in the comparison rounds you can see her competitive nature come out and she turns it up a notch.

I expected Nathalia to be announced in second but she was relegated to third. A reminder that if it isn’t broke don’t try to fix it. She presented a different look than what won her two previous shows. If you’re winning it makes little sense to change things up, unless the judges tell you to. She came in looking like a different competitor at the night show with improved make up and a softer upper body.

Brazilian Bikini competitor – Nathalia Melo.

Amanda Latona moving to the front of the bikini pack.

So what can we make of this?

Latona improves and beats a less than spot on Melo. Ali Rosen has been a judge’s favorite since turning pro last month at the NPC USAs. We also have Sonia Gonzales who has improved steadily over the year and Dianna Dahlgren who notched a win in Hartford. If Melo is 100% and looks more like she did in Orlando and less like Dallas I’d still consider her the front runner for the Olympia. There’s no arguing that Amanda Latona is a stunning woman and is in the mix for the top spot as well. Both Latona and Melo have booties that are unmatchable in the bikini division. Which is why I find it perplexing that Rosen finds herself in the mix of a top five spot heading into the Olympia. It’s no knock on her but the judges have taken a liking to her physique which is completely different from Latona and Melo’s. Amanda has a bit more muscle than Melo and Rosen which also throws a wrench into what the standard for bikini should be. All of these women are beautiful and the top five will make for an impressive line-up.

It will definitely make for a competitive Bikini Olympia. What do you think?


Which Fan Cover Photo is Your Fav?

Hardbody peeps we need your votes. Fans submitted themselves with current Muscle & Fitness Hers cover girl, Kathleen Tesori’s issue. Now you get to decide who wins the prize. Vote below…

Cover One

Cover One

Cover 2

Cover Two

Cover Three

Cover Three

Cover Four

Cover Four

Cover Five

Cover Five

Cover Six

Cover Six

Cover Seven

Cover Seven


Who Will Win the IFBB Jacksonville Pro Bikini?

The 2010 IFBB Jacksonville Pro Bikini contest has a very competitive field. Michelle Adams will return to the stage for the first time in a number of years. She’s another cross-over from the figure division. Bianca Binno, the Penelope Cruz look-alike, will make her pro debut at this event. Late entrant, Sonya Vecchiarelli will also step on the pro stage for the first time. Last weekend’s USA winner Ali Rosen is competing as well. Eighteen women will take the stage this weekend in hopes of securing a qualification to the 2010 Olympia.

For more information on this show visit,



Hardbody Poll – Jacksonville Pro Figure… A Tough Line Up

The 2010 IFBB Jacksonville Pro is shaping up to be one of the toughest figure competitions of the year. For more information on this show visit, Who do you think will win the show?



Who will win the 2010 NY Pro Figure?

We’re a week and a half out from the 2010 IFBB NY PRO Figure and 2010 Team Universe event. The event is shaping up to be the biggest pro figure line-up of the year with 28 women currently entered. The pro figure event is held in conjunction with the Team Universe competition. This year the event moves up a few weeks and over to New Jersey.


Jelena Abbou will return to figure after trying her heels in bikini earlier this year. Holly Beck made a splash at the PA Pro and is one to watch. Cheryl Brown is already qualified for the Olympia and will look for her first win of the season. Marcy Porter and Gennifer Strobo are also qualified for the Olympia and have to be considered top contenders in this show. Nicole Coleman will be making her pro debut as will Kat Ramirez, Kim Trowbridge and Gina Trochiano. Terri Turner will be back on stage and will look to finish in an Olympia qualifying spot. I’ll be giving my top five predictions but who do YOU think will win this year’s NY Pro Figure?

I will be photographing and covering the event once again this year. Follow all the New York contest coverage here on


Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.