Video: Gretchen Bleiler’s Remarkable Recovery

Gretchen Bleiler is one of the top female snowboarders in the world. Over the weekend she finished in third at the U.S. Grand Prix in Copper Mtn., Colorado. Impressive by any standard but what makes her podium appearance an even bigger deal is the challenges she’s overcome.

gretch-bleiler recently published a video
in conjunction with Muscle Milk (one of Gretchen’s sponsors) that tells Gretchen’s remarkable story. While warming up she suffered a broken eye-socket, broken nose and a concussion. A number of people thought this would be a career ending injury for her but she wouldn’t hear any of that. As a pro athlete, Gretchen felt there was a way to get better.

When traditional eye exercises didn’t work, Gretchen and her team created their own program. The experimental technique combines ocular rehabilitation with high-intensity strength training and conditioning. Gretchen combined physical activity while focusing on a single point. Check out how Gretchen pushed herself and got back on a snowboard. She’s got her sights set on the Sochi Winter Olympics, which she says could be her last Games.

When doctors said she wouldn’t make a full recovery from a devastating eye injury, Gretchen Bleiler created an eye-strengthening training program that had never been done before and beat the odds.

Gretchen says, “I see the Olympics as this opportunity to get better, push harder and do things you never thought you could do.” We’re not all Olympic athletes but Gretchen’s story reminds us to never give up and keep pushing through adversity.

Follow Gretchen on twitter @GretchenBleiler and use #giveMestrength in your tweets to show your support. Props to Gretchen, and Muscle Milk for sharing this story.

Lead image compiled from video.

Expendable 3 Teaser

The Expendables is scheduled to be released this Summer and UFC champ, Ronda Rousey has a spot in the action packed flick. Check out the first teaser from Lionsgate and Millennium Films.

expendable 3 movie

The 411 via Youtube:

In THE EXPENDABLES 3, Barney (Stallone), Christmas (Statham) and the rest of the team comes face-to-face with Conrad Stonebanks (Gibson), who years ago co-founded The Expendables with Barney. Stonebanks subsequently became a ruthless arms trader and someone who Barney was forced to kill… or so he thought. In order to defeat Stonebanks, Barney decides that he has to fight old blood with new blood, and brings in a new era of Expendables team members, recruiting individuals who are younger, faster and more tech-savvy. The latest mission becomes a clash of classic old-school style versus high-tech expertise in the Expendables’ most personal battle yet.

with FORD

Video: Battle of the Moms

Love your body. Something we can all agree on, right? We like to think so. Two mothers, both with three children, are taking to the internet to get their message across but in different ways. One mother in Australia posted her post-baby photos to show a “more realistic” look to her body after Maria Kang made headlines over a photo.

mom battle

Maria posted a photo with her and her three children that simply said, “What’s Your Excuse.” It was simply an attempt to inspire other women but she received numerous negative comments and claims that she was “shaming” other mothers to look a certain way.

“Health is not dictated by someone’s look, their size or their weight,” say the Aussie mother and we can certainly agree with that but why is one mother right and the other is wrong?

You can love your body before and after.

Reporter: Her photos are drawing comparisons to maria kang, the mom of three, whose what’s your excuse photo caption, led to a firestorm of reactions, with many accusing her of fat shaming. I’m not a bully.

Reporter: She is now speaking out against kang, saying these ideals are unrealistic and unhealthy. And wants to encourage women to love their bodies at any size. Health is not dictated by someone’s looks, their size or their weight.

But kang says she is simply a healthy mom, trying to be a positive role model. Is there a right or wrong answer in this great mom debate? We have to be careful in our society not to characterize something as normal or not normal.

Elena’s “Hight Hopes” Journey to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Professional snowboarder and 2-time Olympian, Elena Hight is one of the elite women in snow sports. She made history earlier this year at the Winter X Games when she landed the first-ever double backside alley-oop rodeo in a half pipe competition. She was the first (male or female) to land the trick and forever cemented her name in history.

elena hight

She’s seen the podium a number of times over the years and now she has her sights set on the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Elena has a new web series, “Hight Hopes”, that will document her journey to the Winter Games. The first episode was released earlier this month and the next one is slated to launch next week.

Via YouTube:
Chapter 1 – Preparation: Professional snowboarder Elena Hight takes you through her offseason training in Oregon and New Zealand, visits Mammoth Mountain for opening weekend and prepares for the first halfpipe contest of the year!

“Hight Hopes” exposes Elena’s true path to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Spoken through her own words, Elena brings you through pressure packed qualifying and the highs and lows of achieving goals while progressing the sport.

Join my crew & earn your chance to win awesome prizes!

Follow Elena:

UFC Champ Ronda Rousey on Jimmy Kimmel Live

UFC Bantamweight Champ, Ronda Rousey made an appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel opens the segment saying there is no one he’d rather go Black Friday shopping with than Rousey. It sets the tone for the rest of interview, which was refreshingly fun. Ronda discusses how she was able to enjoy Thanksgiving and eat more than an ice cube, her words not mine. She goes onto chat with Jimmy about how her mom, AnnMaria Demars, got her into fighting. In 1984, AnnMaria was the first-ever American to win the Judo World Championships.

ronda rousey jimmy kimmel

Ronda said her mom’s motto was “always be ready”. She gives an example of how she’s always ready in part two of the interview, shown below. It was nice to see a much more light-hearted, upbeat side to the champ. Since the airing of The Ultimate Fighter, where Ronda was a coach, she’s received backlash from fight fans. This interview makes her a much more likable personality and more appealing to mainstream.

Ronda continues to take care of business in the octagon (she’s undefeated and won by arm bar in the first round of them) and will look to do so again at the end of this month. Ronda faces Meisha Tate at UFC 168 on December 28, 2013.

ronda headlocks Guillermo on jimmy kimmel live

Ronda puts Guillermo in a headlock. Pic via @JimmyKimmelLive.


VIDEO: The World of Female Bodybuilding on KATIE

Katie Couric sits down with amateur bodybuilding Brandi Akers on a recent episode of the talk show that bares her name. Joining Brandi on the couch with Katie is HBO REAL SPORTS host, Bryant Gumbel. They talk about the world of female bodybuilding on and off stage. Katie puts Brandi on the spot with a number of issues and Brandi handles herself well.

katie female bodybuilding

Gumbel talks about women being “wolfly underpaid” in the world of female bodybuilding despite the sacrifices they make. Katie then inquires about the world of muscle fetish and asks, “they’re called schmoes?” Katie says, “it’s freaky” when speaking about the world of bodybuilding she never knew existed. She proceeds to be a bit of a “schmo” herself when she asks Brandi to flex and touches her biceps. Katie proceeds hit a bicep pose after Gumbel mentions her sizable guns.

katie couric flexing

Even though the topics and questions may make some cringe, Brandi handles herself in a very professional manner. She looks and sounds feminine in the interview and does one of the best jobs I’ve seen in an interview. While female bodybuilding may not be for everyone, there is a fan base and Brandi has managed to build a sizable following in it. She’s competed a number of times as an amateur and despite not being a pro bodybuilder has found a way to capitalize on it. You don’t have to agree with her but she’s right when she says she is an entrepreneur.

Brandi Akers Katie Couric

katie couric female bodybuilding real sports

Jaimie Alexander Discusses Demanding Role in Thor & Advice for Women

In the new film Thor: The Dark World, Jaimie Alexander plays Sif, a second generation goddess of Asgard. Sif is an Asgardian warrior and lover of Thor, who often accompanies him into into battle. The role of Sif is a physically demanding one and to prepare for it Jaimie changed up her training and nutrition.

She recently sat down with to discuss her role in the latest Marvel movie. She admits the training aspect was a little intimidating but reminds women that being thin is not the way to go. Jaimie says, “I prefer to have some meat on my bones.” For the first Thor she bulked up by eating meat but for this role she changed things up to be a bit more agile.

Jaimie discusses running and physical activity that not only helps her physically but also mentally. As a runner in high school, she said it helped her clear her mind but lately Hot Yoga helps her do this. Jaimie shared the benefits of how yoga has helped her not only look better but feel better.

jaimie-alexanderJaimie has shares great advice for women in this interview. Via Bbcom.

Jaimie encourages women to “know your body and don’t mistreat it.” She reminds women that starving yourself is not the way to go. Jaimie says, “You know when you eat something and it makes you sick and you don’t feel well, and you know when you eat something that makes you feel great. And that’s something that you need to pay attention to.”

She really hits the nail on the head when she reminds women not to compare their bodies to others and to respect themselves. “Respect yourself and live healthy,” Alexander wisely offers at the end of the interview.

Visit for more on this feature.

Images via bbcom.

Lululemon Hears You But Are They Listening?

After igniting a massive firestorm earlier in the week, Lululemon’s founder Chip Wilson issued an apology today. Chip and his wife appeared on Bloomberg TV and a number of his comments related to the brand’s troubles raised more than an eyebrow. Today’s apology reminds us all why he should never appear on camera if the company wants to continue to stay in business.


He says, “I’m sad… I’m really sad for the repercussions of my actions. I’m sad for the people of lululemon that I care so much about.”

Chip goes on to say, “I take responsibility for all that has occurred. I’m sorry to have put you all through this.” He’s sorry for what his words have caused Lululemon but he fails to apologize for his comments about the customers. In the 53 second video, not once does he apologize for what is at the heart of all of this. His comment related to Lululemon’s pats were… “they don’t work for certain some women’s bodies” and that the cause of recent pilling is “really about the rubbing through the thighs” and “how much pressure is there.”

Lululemon is in the middle of a public relations nightmare and while I’m sure the intentions were good for Chip to apologize for his asinine comments, it’s likely little will be done by issuing this video. It’s more likely to infuriate customers that the founder never owns up to his own comments and still has yet to be transparent about the quality of their product deteriorating over recents years.

We hear you.
A message from Chip Wilson.
Let’s stay in the conversation.

Via YouTube

Nicole Wilkins Seeks Redemption at The Olympia

Nicole Wilkins has positioned herself as one of the leading ladies in the IFBB Pro Figure division. She’s won the Arnold three times and the Olympia twice. Many pundits say you’re only as good as your last show and that may be true for some but don’t label Wilkins with that cliché.  She’s coming off a third place finish at the New York Pro (her lowest placing since 2009) but if you’ve followed her training and online updates since that dreary May Day, you know she’s on a path of redemption.


Nicole has switched things up heading into this year’s Olympia contest. She’s switched trainers, which is always challenging for any competitor. Competitors build lasting relationships with their coach/trainer over the years and changing that can often get them out of their comfort zone, in a good way. Change is often necessary but uncomfortable.

If you follow the world of Figure you’ve seen Nicole a bit uncomfortable on stage lately. When she’s not on point her confidence and demeanor changes on stage. Don’t bet on seeing that look next week at the 10th annual Figure Olympia. Nicole is determined, focused and on track to reclaim the title she’s held twice before.

FitnessRX for Women will be following Nicole in a five part video series as she heads into her 6th Olympia. She talks about changes she’s made and how she’s bringing a new physique to the stage. The video series will give fans a look at some of what is in store for the redefined Nicole.

View photos of Nicole from various shows throughout here career here. Follow this series and more with Nicole on

Brandon Curry & Brandy Leaver Reveal… a Boy or Girl

One of the nicest couples in fitness, Brandon Curry and Brandy Leaver are expecting their fourth child. Brandy will be sharing her pregnancy journey here on Hardbody News along the way. The power couple recently found out the sex of their baby and their sharing it exclusively in this video.


Check out the video below to see if they will be having a boy or a girl. They shared the news with family by opening a box that revealed the sex of the child with either pink balloons for a girl or blue balloons for a boy.

Congratulations Brandon and Brandy!

Abby Head On – ESPN Feature

Abby Wambach is one of the most popular soccer players in the world. She’s help put women’s soccer back on the map and one of the leaders of TEAM USA. ESPN does a great job of featuring Abby and how she narrowed down her choice of college.


The best line comes at the very end when Abby talks about not being offered much by the best college soccer program (North Carolina) at the time. She says, “I can decide to go to this school or I can go to another school and beat them.” That gives you a bit of insight into her competitive spirit.

SEC Storied Abby Head On premiered Wednesday May 15th 8pm ET on ESPNU.

UFC 157 Primetime: Rousey vs. Carmouche Episode One Recap & Full Video

UFC’s cameras follow Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche as they head into UFC 157. UFC Primetime is a documentary style approach to give fans a raw and real look inside their headline fighters. They don’t produce a prime time show for every title fight but when they do it’s very professional and carefully edited.


UFC 157 is a historic event that will feature women’s MMA for the first time inside the octagon. President of the UFC, Dana White told the fans and reporters they’d never see women fight in the UFC. That changed when a trash talking Ronda Rousey did more than talk, she delivered and finished fights. All of them. She has yet to allow an opponent to make it to a second round.

The first first of the UFC’s three part series aired last night and focused largely on Rousey. Those who follow the UFC and Rousey’s meteoric rise would expect nothing less. She has the looks, she provides the sound bites worthy of headlines and she can fight. Some would argue that she’s only getting the attention she is because of her looks but those are the same people who don’t know her story and her struggles from day birth.

In episode one, we learn Ronda was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. It caused her to struggle with her speech and it was nearly three years before she could talk. Ronda shared, “My sisters would translate my gibberish.” Near the end of the show, we see a side of Ronda that often goes unseen with the MMA bad ass. She breaks down into tears. It one of the few times you’ll see a vulnerable Rousey, she shares the story of how her father committed suicide after a sledding accident. Ronda was a young girl when the tragedy happened but you get a sense the memory lives with her every day.

Ronda was the first American woman to win an Olympia medal in Judo. “After the Olympics they pretty much gave me gave me 10 grand & a handshake,” said Rousey. Ronda worked as a waitress and bartender while trying to get her MMA career on track. Those days are long gone and you get the feeling she’s doing whatever it takes to never go back to those jobs.

Rousey’s opponent, Liz Carmouche gets about a third of the airtime in the first episode. UFC Primetime chose to highlight Liz’s sexual orientation right out of the gate. She served five years in the US Marine Corp but we learn little about that instead we hear about her being a lesbian. Carmouche openly talks about it and her relationship with her girlfriend. She doesn’t live a glamorous life but you don’t hear her complain about it.

Liz is the underdog in the fight. Unlike Rousey she has yet to reach super-star status. Liz opens the doors to her gym, the San Diego Combat academy, and helps close them at the end of the night. She answers phones, teaches classes and often runs the front desk. In one of the few moments we hear from Liz in episode one she says, “I was brought in to be the underdog ’cause they think that she’s going to win and I’m okay with that. I like having people think that. I absolutely think I’m gonna spoil the UFC plans.”

Watch as UFC Primetime cameras follow women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and challenger Liz Carmouche in the weeks leading up to their historic bout at UFC 157.

Wondering what the song was that played during Ronda’s drive to the gym? It’s ZZ Ward’s “Move Like U Stole it”. Listen to it on Spotify.

Props UFC

UFC’s First Female Fighter, Ronda Rousey on HBO’s ‘Real Sports’

HBO will profile their first MMA fighter in an upcoming spotlight on “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel”. The program will air on February 19th at 10 p.m. ET. The feature will focus on the UFC’s first female fighter, Ronda Rousey. Ronda will headline UFC 157 and from the looks of this teaser, people will be interested to see her journey continue.

Video: People Vs Fitness

This might be the funniest video you see all year. We’re betting it’s definitely the funniest one you see today. Check out some of these amusing and often painful sights in “people vs fitness”.


Sit back and watch what not to do in an attempt to get fit.

– Watch More Funny Videos

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Awesome Snowboarding Video: P.S. Episode 3 It’s Deep

In the mood to hit the slopes? We are after seeing this rad video from ESPN.


Robin Van Gyn, Amber Stackhouse, Erin Comstock and Annie Boulanger head to Baldface lodge in Canada for some pow laps.

via youtube

Hardbody Training Video: Ryall’s Endurance Drill

Ryall Vasani’s Endurance Training for the 2013 Fitness International. Check out Ryall’s website and give her facebook page a “like”. You can see her competition photos on For more information on the Arnold Sports Festival visit and use #ASF2013 in all your tweets.

Training Video: Erin Stern Bench Dips

Erin Stern hits the bench weights hard with some added weight. She’s looking on point headed into the 2013 Figure International. Follow her on Facebook en route to her return to the Arnold Stage.

Video Series: Amanda Latona Turning Heads – Pushups

Team BSN athlete and popular fitness model Amanda Latona has a video series that is appropriately named, “Turning Heads”. In this 14 part series Amanda shares a variety of tips for your workouts. She also shares some of the BSN supplements she uses when she’s prepping for a contest. Check out Amanda gets hardbody with pushups.


Season One: Episode 9. Amanda Latona // Team BSN “Turning Heads” // PUSHUPS

Get BSN supplements here and follow Amanda Latona on twitter @amandaLatona.

Video: Corsets Comeback

ABC News / Nightline recently featured a growing (or slimming in this case) trend in Hollywood… Corsets. Corsets have been around for years but thanks to Hollywood stars they’re making a comeback as a fashion statement. Is it comfortable? It certainly doesn’t look like it from this video but what’s a little discomfort when you can have a slim, trim waistline, right?

corset comeback fashion
Corsets are not only a growing trend in Fashion but they are also a popular garment for fitness fanatics. Over the years, hundreds of competitors have convinced themselves that wearing a corset (or similar garment) will ultimately slim their waistline. It’s a trick women have used for years but does it work or another gimmick? If you’re one of the ladies currently rock’n a corset, remember nothing will replace exercise and eating healthy to get a sleek, slim waistline. Check out the ABC video below for the feature on corsets as a Fashion statement.

Video: Nine Queens – Progression Of Women’s Freeskiing with Jen Hudak

It’s not winter yet but this video makes us kinda wish it was. Professional freeskier Jen Hudak takes the lead on this video and describes women’s freeskiing progression and as you can see in the video below it definitely has. This is an amazing video that showcases the best female freeskiing hardbodies in the world. RAD!

From Vimeo
About Nine Queens:
Three years ago Nico Zacek, Germany’s number one freeski pro innovated the freeskiing world with an original event concept. The idea was simple: Nico built a distinctive jump obstacle and brought together the best athletes, photographers and film crews from all over the world and offered them perfect setting. From this winning formula NINE KNIGHTS was born and only three years later it has developed into one of the most anticipated freeski events in the world.

This big success was the reason why Nico thought about a female edition of his medieval spectacle. Who else could be the host of a NINE QUEENS Freeski event if not his good friend and Völkl team mate Virginie Faivre from Switzerland? Virginie, the current FIS- halfpipe world champion and repeated winner of the European Open, is now looking forward to inviting some of the best female freeskiers like Sarah Burke, Kaya Turski, Grete Eliasson, and Eva Patscheider to their contest highlight of the year. From March 21th to 25th the great skiing resort of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Tyrol (Austria) will be the host location for the NINE QUEENS chateau, a unique jump- and jib feature, built by the Schneestern crew who also built all NINE KNIGHTS obstacles. Some outstanding photographers and film crews will be on hand to record the best that the world’s female freeskiing royalty has to offer.

To help us all carry on Sarah’s legacy, please support the Sarah Burke foundation, you can find more info at:

Bizarre Video from Crossfit Founder & CEO Greg Glassman

Crossfit continues to be one of the hottest things going in the world of fitness. New affiliate gyms are popping up all over the world and since Crossfit has made its way onto ESPN it’s exploded. Companies are now sponsoring Crossfit athletes and looking to get into the Crossfit world.

Many people not into the Crossfit scene comment that it’s “weird” and a bit of a “cult”. Those who are into Crossfit often live and breathe it but would disagree the naysayers. If this video with Crossfit founder & CEO Greg Glassman is any indication, it is definitely a different way of thinking.

CrossfitHQ posted a video where Mr. Glassman is asked a few questions at a gathering. The video is a bit herky-jerky and the we hear odd statements from him like, “We don’t need money” and “I haven’t heard a new good idea in a long time. And you can bucket them all.” Greg says the company is debt-free and doesn’t need money. Something you don’t often here a CEO openly say. What company says, “we don’t need money” in the current state of the US ecomony? Apparently, Crossfit Inc.

Although it’s not clear in the video, it appears Glassman is referring to a company wanting to buy into Crossfit Inc. for $20 million dollars. He says, “No one spends $20 million for fun. These are money guys… They’ve got to get rid of me. I stand between them and the affiliates.”

Glassman borders on arrogance at times when uttering things like, “I shoot down ‘good ideas’ for a living.” Perhaps he does and he clearly isn’t shy about sharing it. Sounds like he auditioning for the “Horrible Bosses II” with lines like that.

When asked if he’s afraid of “giving away” all his “secrets” Glassman says, “Kinda but no one’s been able to do shit with it other than us.” The founder is then asked about his exit strategy and he laughs. “There’s no retirement for me. To do fucking what?” He goes on to say, “Tried golf. Stupid fucking game.”

Greg says his agenda is “Health and Wealth” and he wants “Just to make the world a better place.”

Check out the video and let us know what your take is on it.

Lead image compiled from Youtube video shown.

Olympic Sprinter Allyson Felix – The Weight Room is Huge

ESPN’s Julie Foudy chats with Team USA sprinter, Allyson Felix about the upcoming London Olympics. Allyson talks about her two previous trips to the Olympics and her plans for the upcoming games. Every Olympic competitor wants the gold medal but how will this year be different for Felix? Maturity. She feels her experience and maturity will be her biggest asset in bringing home gold.

Julie asks Allyson how important the weight room is and she says it’s “huge”. Fans watch the races but don’t often see the countless hours spent on the track and in the weight room. Felix feels getting out of the blocks has been a challenge but hitting the weight room is helping her to be more aggressive and explosive.

Follow Julie Foudy (@JulieFoudy) and Allyson Felix (@allysonfelix) on twitter. See more videos on

Lead image via ESPN video.

Video: Reebok Crossfit Champion Annie Thorisdottir’s Four Simple Training Tips

Two-time Reebok Crossfit Champion Annie Thorisdottir shares four simple but helpful tips in this Reebook Crossfit training video. She quickly describes and demonstrates pull-ups, the barbell snatch, kettlebell swing and push-ups. It’s a quick video that provides some helpful insight to getting started with basic Crossfit exercises.

1. Pull-ups and variations
2. Barbell Snatch
3. Kettlebell Swing
4. Push-up

Lead image compiled from youtube video.

Video: Game On World: Nike Training Club Live London

Nike continues to do incredible things with women. On July 7, 2012 Nike Training Club UK held their first-ever women’s training festival in London. Our Hardbody Training friend Marie Purvis (@NikeGetFit) was one of the featured trainers at this stellar events.

On 7th July, 2012 Nike Training Club UK welcomed fans and friends down to NTC Live — our first-ever women’s training festival held Thames-side in London. Following massive NTC and yoga classes, the girls relaxed with massage, manicures, physio sessions, and a stellar performance from UK singer-songwriter Katy B.

To learn more about the NTC UK community, visit

Lead Image via Nike Youtube.

Figure Olympia Champ Erin Stern at the 2012 Crossfit Games

Figure Olympia Champion, Erin Stern is known for her athletic background, sic physique and knack for trying new feats of strength. Over the weekend, Erin ventured to California for the 2012 Reebook Crossfit Games on behalf of her supplement sponsor Dymatize. While at the Games, Erin learned the proper technique to lifting an atlas stone.

Check out the video from the event and subscribe to Erin’s Youtube channel where she shares more videos on a variety of topics.

Video: Posing For Figure

Head judge for the NPC & IFBB Women, Sandy Williamson narrates this “Posing for Figure” video. IFBB Pro Gen Strobo demonstrates the poses for this piece. This video is intended to be a basic guide of what to expect when it comes to NPC/IFBB Figure.

Check out the video below and visit for more info on the NPC.

IFBB Fitness Pro Jodi Boam Video Blog

IFBB Fitness Pro Jodi Boam has positioned herself as one of the leading ladies in fitness. She continues to refine her physique and always brings incredible strength moves to the stage. Jodi notched another win earlier this month at the Pittsburgh Pro and currently days out from defending her title as Toronto Super Show Fitness Champion. This video blog gives you a peek at the incredible strength and talent she has.

The beginning she talks a bit about what she does and why she does it and then she gets down to business. Watch as she performs the strength moves and not just ones but multiple times. We’d encourage you to try this yourself to understand how difficult they but we don’t want you to hurt yourself. Jodi makes it look easy and that’s why she’s a pro. Follow Jodi on Facebook as she tries to avoid parking tickets and dials it in for the 2012 Toronto Super Show.

Video: Michelle Obama’s Olympic Message

First Lady Michelle Obama recently spoke about the Olympic Games and how she hopes the games will inspire children to be active. The First Lady was at the Olympic Games Media Summit to announce her commitment to getting more children active and healthy. One of the athletes she mentioned in her speech is 7x Olympic Gold Medalist Jessica Long. Jessica is a woman who defines the word HARDBODY not only physically but mentally as well. We’re stoked to have the honor and unique opportunity to feature Jessica here on in the coming weeks. Check out the video where Michelle Obama mentions Jessica and check back as we help tell her story.

The First Lady talks about the London Olympic Games and triumphing over adversity. Congrats to our Hardbody buddy Jessica Long on being mentioned in the speech! Follow Jess on twitter at and check back in the coming weeks as we feature Jessica.

Visit and type in your zip code to find programs in your area.

Red Bull Air Drop

Red Bull continues to innovate and push the limits with their marketing. Today Red Bull is sharing the love by “giving wings” to millions of students around the world. Their latest stunt includes dropping crates of Red Bull across 400 campuses, in 55 countries, and 6 continents.

Visit to track where the drops have been made. You can also follow the tweets via #Airdrop. Following some of the tweets it’s a pretty wild stunt and it has people buzzing around the globe.

Leave a Message – A Women’s Surf Film

While perusing Cindy Whitehead’s (our resident Hardbody style’n guru) blog, I ran across an ad featuring Lakey Peterson. The simple surfing image caught my attention and lead me to There was a nice assembly of female athletes but more interestingly was a link to a surfing film featuring only women. The film “leave a message” is a pretty rad collection of women surfing.


The film is well edited and has some sic footage of women doing incredible moves.

“Leave a Message”
“Leave a Message is a true testament of just how much this generation of surfers has changed their sport. This is a performance surf film, with an emphasis on performance. But beyond the groundbreaking aerials and long barrels is a message that transcends well beyond the lineup: they enjoy what they do and do it to the fullest. Unintentionally, they wrote a new script for women’s surfing.

Deliberately, they’ve left their message.


lead image via Cindy’s Blog.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.