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Cindy Whitehead’s TEDx Talk – Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word

Our super rad contributor and friend, Cindy Whitehead gives an inspiring and motivating TEDx talk. She hits on a number of topics in this video and you may need to watch it more than once. Chances are you’ll want to because there are so many awesome messages in it. Cindy talks about how she came up with “Girl is NOT a 4 Letter word”, became a sponsored pro skateboarder and even skated down the 405 Freeway not that long ago.

cindy whitehead

Cindy is practicing what she preaches which is something we can all learn from. She’s telling her story and doing “epic shit”. Check it out and give her a shout on twitter at @SportsStylist or @GirlisNOTa4LW to let her know what you think. Visit her website for more photos and inspirational features on women doing epic things…

“Live life balls to the wall. Do epic shit. Take every dare that comes your way. You can sleep when you’re dead”. This is the personal motto of Cindy Whitehead.

She conquered the male dominated profession of pro vert skateboarding in the 70’s, and quickly became one of the top ranked professional female vert skateboarders in the U.S. for pool riding and half-pipe. To this day, Cindy still holds the distinction of being the only female to be featured in the centerfold plus a two-page article in a skateboarding magazine, and is the only female skateboarder to have been sponsored by Puma.

Since then, Cindy has gone on to coin the term “Sports Stylist®,” working as a fashion stylist specializing in sports, with companies like Gatorade, Nike, the NBA,and athletes such as Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and Mia Hamm.

Last year she made national headlines by skateboarding down the closed 405 freeway in Los Angeles. In June of 2013 Cindy flew to Washington, DC to sign over some of her skateboard history to The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History’s sports collections.

Cindy has been profiled in magazines and sites such as, ESPN, The Huffington Post, & Women’s Wear Daily, and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows. She most recently spoke in Washington, DC at The Smithsonian Museum’s Innoskate event.

Her catchphrase “Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word” has become a battle cry for girls worldwide.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

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SportsStylist Tip – Model Respect

Cindy “The SportsStylist” is back with a simple time for all models and model hopefuls. The clothes provided on magazine and ad shoots are often samples or pieces specific for the job. These samples often need to be returned to the company that provided it or to the store.



SportsSylist Tip:
Trying apparel on will be part of your day before shooting, and while we don’t expect you to hang the apparel back up, we do appreciate you handing it to us right side out (and not leaving it on the bathroom floor in a ball) Remember these are samples or pieces the stylist must return to a store – be gentle and respectful.


Check out Cindy’s blog at Also make sure you follow her on (@sportsStylist). If you haven’t “liked” her Facebook page check it out…

The SportsStylist: Models,Tell The Truth

Cindy The SportsStylist® has a great tip to kick things off in 2012. If you put on a couple pounds over the holidays don’t sweat it. You’re not alone however if you’re in the business of modeling being in shape is a necessity. Check out what Cindy, who styles hundreds of men and women each year, has to say.

The SportsStylist® Tip:
When you get the call to model for that magazine shoot or advertisement, tell the truth about what shape your body is in and where it will be when the shoot happens (sometimes they will book you 3 weeks out). It’s slightly disappointing to hear a girl is not ready yet, but much better than having someone lie and show up on set out of shape. This almost always guarantees you will not be asked back in the future. Remember what your mom told you “First impressions count!”

Cindy is right, more often than not magazines and companies will not ask you back if you show up out of shape. Thousands of dollars go into photo shoots and the magazine and/or company are investing in you. Remember they chose you for a reason, if you aren’t ready they will appreciate your honesty and keep you in mind for future gigs. It’s not like they are going to stop liking your look but if you are the model who is never in shape when they call don’t expect them to keep calling.

Check out Cindy’s blog at Also make sure you follow her on (@sportsStylist). If you haven’t “liked” her Facebook page check it out…

Hardbody Style’n with The Sports Stylist: Do Your Homework

We’ve been slacking here at Hardbody when it comes to some of our favorite guest blogs but we’re changing all of that. One of our favorite tipster is hipster Cindy Whitehead aka The Sports Stylist. The Cinster has been tearing it up with a number of styling gigs which you can see on her redesigned web site She’s also started a facebook fan page where you can see some of her newest work. This stuff is rad, just like her.

Cindy has a great tip that everyone should follow no matter what your role is in the industry. Check it out!

Homework. Before every shoot I Google the photographer, hair & make-up person and the client as well as the athlete or model I am working with. You should learn to do the same – it’s always good to know who you are working with so you can have a conversation and also not stick your foot in your mouth – like a photographer I worked with did talking about another shooter who’s ex-wife was our make-up artist that day… oops!

Check out Cindy’s blog at for more kick ass style’n tips and ideas. She’s also one to follow on (@sportsStylist). How bad ass is she?

Hardbody Style’n – Sporty Inspiration with The Sports Stylist®, Cindy Whitehead

Our kick ass style’n guru, Cindy Whitehead aka The Sports Stylist® has some a sweet contribution this week. Check out her new “sporty inspiration”  looks that will help you stay hardbody in and out of the gym.
I’ve always thought that the most stylish girl at the gym was the one whose look was street inspired/workout rather than a full on typical “gym look”. I am a huge fan of layering the shit out of your outfit and mixing what you already have in your “everyday” closet with your workout wear (and this goes both ways). I also firmly believe that adding an awesome pop of color makes that 6 mile run on the treadmill go a bit faster. At least in my twisted little mind it does.
Check out Cindy’s blog at for more kick ass style’n tips and ideas. She’s also one to follow on (@sportsStylist). How bad ass is she?

Hardbody Style’n With Cindy – Fuel for Photo Shoots

Cindy Whitehead aka The SportsStylist® works with a variety of models every years. She styles shoots for Muscle & Fitness HERS, Nike, Wrangler and tons more. That being said she’s seen a number of things throughout the years of what to do and not do related to photo shoots. She has a simple but important tip on eating.


In a previous tip I touched on moderation and eating your face off on a shoot. On the other side of eating was the girl who had starved all week, came to set with no energy and almost fainted 3 times under the hot lights. So once again – everything in moderation. Eat foods that fuel you with out bloat, know what things will give you long lasting energy and perk you up for a few hours. This makes the day go so much smoother for you and the crew and your shots will look gorgeous since you are not tired and hungry.

Check out Cindy’s blog at She’s also one to follow on (@sportsStylist).

Cindy Whitehead’s Hardbody Style’n Tip: Be On Time

The Cinster checks in with a great tip. I can’t tell you how important this one is and it should be an obvious one. Check out what The Sports Stylist®, Cindy has to share about being punctual.


The Sports Stylist® Tip:
Be on time.

Sounds easy right? Sometimes you travel to other cities for shoots and they may rent you a car or expect you to take a taxi to the location. If you “think” it will take 30 minutes to get there, add 30 on top of that. Be on time or even 10 minutes early. It’s always appreciated. Tardiness is not. An entire crew is waiting on you and you don’t want to keep them from the tasks at hand.

Arrive at the location way too early? Go get a Starbucks and chill for a few minutes – better to be relaxed and early than stressed and late.


This holds true when you shooting at shows or on location for your own portfolio work as well. Many times photographers have multiple shoots lined up and if you’re late it screws the entire schedule up for others. If you’re going to be late for whatever reason, communicate with the photographer or your client contact. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control but as Cindy mentioned, it’s best to give yourself plenty of time especially in cities you’re new to and don’t know your way around. Also remember GOOGLE MAPS LIE – yes, I’ve had it happen that it showed my route should take 15 minutes when in fact there’s roads closed, construction or even a parade that will change your schedule and route.

If you’re THAT model who is late, the client, photographer and crew will remember it and it could be a determining factor on if you’re booked again or not.

Cindy has been doing some really cool stuff lately. Check out her blog ( to see the styling she did for a new NIKE campaign. She’s such a bad ass, we love her! Follow her on (@sportstylist) to see what she’s up to next.


Hardbody Style’n with Cindy Whitehead – Go With The Flow

The Cinster aka The Sports Stylist® aka the baddest style’n guru in the land shares her latest hardbody style’n tip for models. She sheds some light on what it’s like to be a stylist on a project and the model is asked what they think of the outfit. Some of you might think, well if you don’t want to know don’t ask me, which I won’t argue with however in this case sometimes it’s best to do as Cindy suggests, just go with the flow.

So what do you think of this outfit? Sometimes a model will get asked that question, either by the stylist, client or even the photographer. That’s a hard one. I liken this question to “how is your day?” – it’s a general question and perhaps not much more than that it’s best to smile and defer to the experts who are there to help. The stylist may know that a certain designer or color needs to be featured in this issue and knows that you are the girl that can pull this look off – so if you say “I never wear pink” tha next thing you know 5 people in the room have all decided they know what’s best and the whole team is back to square one. You know you look amazing and can pull anything off (that’s why you were chosen to model right?) so go with the flow and be happy to rock any look they give you.

Visit Cindy’s blog at You can also follow her on (@sportsStylist). Give her a HARDBODY shout out.


Hardbody Style’n With Cindy: A Smile is Contagious

Cindy aka The Sports Sylist Whitehead has a simple but helpful reminder for those of you doing photo shoots. As a photographer, I 110% agree with The Cinster on this tip. Something as simple as a smile can make things cruise along during a long day of shooting. Cindy is one of the best stylists in the biz, when she talks people listen.

The Sports Stylist® TIP:
It’s a photo shoot – have fun!  We all love what we do and it’s our pleasure to dress you and make you look your best. So enjoy the day and smile, take it all in, ask us to take photos of you (if you like).  Your excitement rubs off on all of us. Nothing better than spending the day with a smiling and “happy to be there” model!

Check out Cindy’s blog at Also make sure you follow her on (@sportsStylist).


Hardbody Style’n – Models, You’re Not the Boss

The resident Style’n guru, Cindy aka The Sports Stylist® has a great tip this week. Cindy works on some of the biggest photo shoots in the sports & fitness industry and has seen more than her fair share of divas on sets. No one enjoys working with a difficult person on a photo shoot. I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable a shoot with go if the model is easy to work with. That said check out what Cindy has to say about models and their ‘tude.

I have seen people treat my assistant like their own personal servant or argue with the photographer about lighting, and even tell the hair and make-up person how it “should” be done. My advice is if this is a test shoot you are paying for – do whatever you want (but be aware you may be throwing good money away by not listening to the experts you hire) but on a magazine or advertising shoot you need to realize that from top to bottom, this crew has respect for one another and if you are a diva word gets around and your reputation will proceed you – it’s a small industry.

Women, take this to heart. If you’re being paid you’re not the boss, you’re the talent. If you don’t like how your hair or make up is done, fake it. Don’t like the outfit you’re wearing? Pretend it’s something else. Successful models know how to work through any situation they are placed in and know how to make it work. That’s why they are professionals and more likely to get booked again.

Check out Cindy’s blog at Also make sure you follow her on (@sportsStylist).

Hardbody Style’n Tip – “Everything in Moderation”

Our resident style’n guru Cindy Whitehead aka The Sports Stylist® usually shares some insight on clothing but this week she’s mixing it up a bit. She gives some great style’n advice about eating on a shoot. Ladies take this to heart. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. If you’re chowing down like it’s your last supper on a shoot, the client may not invite you back. I know it’s happened. Don’t be THAT model.

Eating Part 1:
No one expects you to be perfect. But clients also do not expect you to have 3 donuts and a slice of cake at lunch when you are shooting swimwear or workout wear that day. One of the fitness models told me something that is great advice: “everything in moderation” she said this as she had one scrumptious bite of mud pie at lunch. That same weekend went on to win her division at a show. We all got an email on Monday (after her win) saying “remember what I said, everything in moderation”. Such great advice.

Check out Cindy’s blog at She’s also one to follow on (@sportsStylist).

Hardbody Style’n Tip: A Magazine Shoot isn’t A Shopping Spree

Our resident Hardbody Style’n genius, Cindy “The Sports Stylist®” Whitehead has a helpful tip this week for those of you who do photo shoots. Most women who are into modeling have a goal of being in a magazine. Magazine photo shoots are different than portfolio shoots. Typically a magazine shoot will be quite a production, complete with hair, make-up, styling and more.

If you haven’t been on a magazine shoot you may or may not know that the clothing is usually provided. Top stylists like Cindy often spend hours finding a variety of clothes for the shoot. The clothing must fit properly and not have a dated look by the time the magazine runs. Most photo shoots happen months before you see it hit the final product. Many times the clothing provided on these types of shoots aren’t in stores yet. All that considered, check out Cindy’s tip on those killer clothes.

You know that rack of amazing clothes you see at your magazine shoot and wish you could take it all home with you? The stylist and her team have spent weeks calling manufacturers and PR firms pulling in workout wear or swimsuits from many different manufacturers. Stylists usually have things in a set order on the rack and are responsible financially for getting each and every piece back to the manufacturer it came from. So always ask before you grab something that catches your eye – while it may look like the best “store” you have ever seen, with everything in your size, its filled with one of a kind pieces, product that is under wraps until it’s launched and everything in a specific order. You don’t want to give the stylist (who is going to make you look amazing) a heart attack!


Check out Cindy’s blog at Cindy has been traveling all over the globe on killer photo shoots so be sure to follow her adventures on (@sportsStylist).

Hardbody Hook Up with The Sports Stylist – FREE APPAREL

Check this out Hardbody peeps! Thanks to our Hardbody style’n gurus, Cindy Whitehead aka The Sports Stylist® you have a chance at a Hardbody Hook up.


Here’s the skinny…

photo by Ian Logan

NUX clothing is giving one lucky HARDBODY the entire 3 piece outfit Cindy featured in the photo above – all in your size of course!

To enter visit the Nux website and check out all the cool apparel, then in the comments field on Cindy’s Blog write…


“I’m a hardbody and my favorite NUX item is _____________ because _________ . Thanks for the hook up Cindy!”

Must enter by May 31, 2011 – midnight PST. The contest is open to USA residents only. Cindy will announce the winner on June 1 – Good Luck!

** Skateboard and waist pouch are not included in the giveaway. :)


The Sports Stylist® Tip: Get a Face Mask

Cindy Whitehead travels all over the globe and works with some of the biggest names in sports. She’s kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to share a tip. This week’s tip involves not jack’n up your make up when changing clothes for a photo shoot. What’s the solution? A face mask. HUH?


Worried about putting on that tight workout wear over a perfect make-up job? Ask the stylist to help by pulling neckline of the top away from your face when putting it on. You can also carry a mesh type “face mask” with you which helps. It goes over your face, zips in the back and looks really pretty (kidding). I carry one in my kit but not everyone does. You can usually find them for under $15 at your local department store lingerie department.

Cindy has some sweet new info on her blog check it out at You can also follow her on various shoot via her (@sportsStylist). The newest issue of Muscle & Fitness HERS has a cool feature on shoes compliments of the The Cinster, check it out too!


Hardbody Style’n with The Sports Stylist® – Social Disaster

Our resident Hardbody Stylist, Cindy Whitehead has another tip for you but this time it’s related to client agreements. Check out what The Sports Stylist has to share this week. Good stuff!


Social Disaster:
Most of us love to tweet, facebook and perhaps even have a blog. But you have to be careful what and when you share when involved in a paid shoot. Sometimes the client will ask you to sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement), which makes things very clear as to when you can “talk”. If not, ask before you share. They may not want the world to know yet that you will be gracing the pages of their magazine or starring in their upcoming ad. Or maybe they will – you never know until, you ask.


Cindy continues to rock on her blog check it out at She’s also scoot’n across the country and you can keep up with her on (@sportsStylist).

The Sports Stylist® Says Get a Mani/Pedi

When Cindy Whitehead speaks, people listen and if they don’t list while on a set they will. Cindy aka The Sports Stylist® has another Hardbody tip related to you hands and feet. Simple but worth remembering.



Doing a shoot? Show up with clear or very sheer pink nails on your hands and feet. The reason being is it’s not distracting or competing with you or the apparel. And if  someone says don’t worry about your feet – worry! You never know when the photographer or creative team will decide to do something barefoot – and you don’t want to be sporting that bright blue polish you just had to try last week!


Cindy was recently on assignment in Dallas, Texas. Check out her blog,, for updates on this and other trips and while you’re at it follow her on (@sportsStylist). Show her some Hardbody love.

A Simple Thank You Goes a Long Way

Our resident Sports Stylist® Cindy Whitehead has a great tip and this time it’s a social style. We’re all busy and we tend to get caught up in ourselves from time to time but remember this simple tip from Cindy. It goes a long way.



Thank You.

I don’t think its an absolute necessity in any way but I always find it a nice gesture when I receive (or the whole team receives) a email note from one of the models saying what a great day she had or some other positive note about the shoot. Sometimes we get these after the shoot is published which is nice too. We are always happy to hear you had a great time and loved the way you looked!

I’ll add one thing from my experience as a photographer and columnist for Muscle & Fitness HERS… A simple text or email saying thanks leaves a lasting impression. The ones who stood out even more were individuals who took the time to write a note and send it via “snail mai”l. Is it necessary? No, but it certainly puts you in front of someone who was a pain in the butt and didn’t bother to say thank you.

Cindy is heat’n things up on her blog check it out at Follow her on (@sportsStylist) for more great tips and a little entertainment.

Cindy’s Hardbody Style’n Tip: Photo Shoot Prep

Our resident Hardbody Style’n expert, Cindy Whitehead aka The Sports Stylist® has a great tip this week related to photo shoots. As a photographer I agree with Cindy 100% on this week’s tip. She’s right on the money.

Photo Shoot Hair & Make-up:
Come to the shoot completely bare faced and with either clean hair or unwashed hair depending on your hair texture. If you are not sure – call the hair & make-up artist the day before and ask what she prefers. I hear some H&M people say that unwashed hair holds curl better and some prefer freshly washed. It may feel weird to go on set with a bare face but it’s much better for the team to not have to remove everything you just put on. And so much better for your skin!

Cindy has been a busy bee and has a lot of great stuff on her blog check it out at You can also follow her on (@sportsStylist) to see what she’s up to next.

Hardbody Style’n with Cindy – The Client Calls the Shots

Our resident stylist is back with a ton of great tips and insight from her world as a professional stylist. Cindy Whitehead aka The Sports Stylist® calls California home but she’s always traveling and works with some of the biggest names in sports. Fitness women who have shot with Muscle & Fitness Hers always rave about the clothes Cindy finds. There’s a great deal of work that goes into her job and she’s a professional at if for a reason. She knows what she’s doing and she’s damn good at it. We’re honored to have Cindy share her insight and tips with the Hardbody family. Enjoy.

Cindy’s Insight/Tip of the Week:

When you get hired (aka paid) to be in a magazine photo shoot or advertisement, you have to try and remember that it’s really up to the client, stylist, & hair & make-up person as to how they want you to look. Unlike a test shoot that you pay for, this team was hired by the client and that’s ultimately who they need to please. The best models (think fashion models you admire) can make anything look great – so rock whatever look they decide on and try to be open minded.

This is a great tip as many models forget this on a shoot. When you pay for the shoot you can dictate the look and how your make up is but when you’re paid to shoot you’re there to do a job. I’ve been on the photographer side of things with this insight and when the model is pouting and complaining about her make up or the clothing it’s not professional. If you want to get hired again put a happy face and rock whatever outfit your wearing or hair style you’re sporting. If you complain and act like a diva your chances of shooting for that team again are slim to none.

Check out Cindy’s blog on You can also follow her on (@sportstylist) to see what she’s up to next.

Hardbody Style’n with The Cinster in the New Year

Happy New Year! Our resident style’n guru Cindy Whitehead aka “The Sports Stylist” is back with more helpful tips. Check it out!

When there is a situation where you need to bring your own wardrobe to set as there isn’t a stylist, make sure to bring a nice variety of looks. You will want to bring body conscious clothing (swimsuit, workout wear, tank top, short skirt or shorts) that flatters YOUR body. Make sure it won’t look dated 6 months down the road, and isn’t all based on black or white or too many patterns.

Check out Cindy’s blog on You can also follow her on (@sportstylist) to see what she’s up to next.

The Sports Stylist® Style’n Tip: How to Turn Down the High Beams

Hardbody Style’n Guru, Cindy Whitehead aka the Sports Stylists® has a helpful tip for concealing your nippls on a shoot. Wha… Wha… What? You say? Read on…

Covering Up:
(Nipple concealers) If you are worried about your “high beams” being visible during a shoot you can always buy “petals”, “top hats”, “nip-its”, “low beans” or even “silicone nipples” to cover anything you may see through the sports bra fabric (cold studios & nightclubs keep those products selling like mad). Keep some in your bag so you have them if needed. But remember, on a magazine shoot they may ask you not to use them as sometimes its easier for them to photo shop the natural nipple out later than it is the edges of these products. Most of these items are available at your local Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom and other major department stores.

Check out Cindy’s blog on She’s been doing some kick ass style’n lately. This week she’s in Texas working with Gatorade. How cool is that? Ya, those are the types of clients The Cinster rolls with. Follow her on (@sportstylist) to see what she’s up to next.

Hardbody Style’n with The Sports Stylist® – Looks for Your Porfolio

Trying to determine your looks for building your portfolio? Cindy has some helpful tips in this week’s edition of Hardbody Stlye’n with the Sports Stylist®.

Look through magazine layouts or friends modeling cards – what do you like/dislike about what you see? Make an inspiration board with those images as it will help you to define a pattern of what you would like your look to be once you start testing. This way you will have a clear idea of what you want to shoot and what you need to bring with you.

Check out Cindy’s blog on

Sports Stylist® Hardbody Tip – Get Your Shine On

Cindy, The Sports Stylist®, has a great tip for getting your shine on. Take note of the best way to glow for your next photo shoot.

If you arrive on set and the photographer needs you to do your own “shine” to get your skin glowing, the best products you to use are: baby oil, Neutragena body oil, and any sort of lotion that has shea butter in it. All these products (used lightly) will make the skin glisten and sheen. What you don’t want is a product that has glitter or adds pink or white “highlights” to the skin – these all look very unnatural on camera. Make sure once you oil up you don’t rub your hands over your skin and then touch your clothing as it will show up on film.

Check out more styling tips on Cindy’s Blog.

Hardbody Style’n with The Sports Stylist® – Don’t Get Discouraged

The Cinster is back with a Hardbody Style’n Tip. She’s offers a great reminder for ladies who are on a shoot.

Congratulations, you scored that magazine shoot or ad campaign you have been wanting! We (the stylists and art directors) may have you try on numerous outfits, so don’t get discouraged!  It does not mean that they we can’t find anything we like on you. We may be trying to find the perfect look for your set of exercises or the background color at the gym. We want you to look your best too so bear with us and keep smiling!

Check out more on Cindy’s Blog and follow her on twitter.

Hardbody Style’n with The Sports Stylist® – Rotate Those Sneaks

I know I’m guilty of not following this bit advice. I’m guessing most of you have more than one pair of sneakers… Great tip from Cindy aka The Sports Stylist®.

You should never wear the same pair day to day to workout in. Have at least 2 pairs that you rotate so they can air out and breathe. If you find that they are less than “fresh” at times, stick a dryer sheet inside them to help take the odor out. Works great to keep your gym bag smelling fresh too!

Check out more tips and style’n info on Cindy’s blog.

Hardbody Style’n with the Sports Stylist – Find Boy Shorts

Cindy “The Sports Stylist®” has a solid tip for picking out shorts.

A lot of girls want the really short workout shorts look for their photo shoots and sometimes even Nike size xs’s are too long or too big. My suggestion is look through swimwear lines to find “boy short” bottoms which will be even shorter and smaller than traditional workout shorts. You may even be able to buy just the bottoms with some swimwear lines, which will save you money.

Visit for more tips.

The Sports Stylist’s Tip of the Week: To Accessorize or Not

Cindy “The Sports Stylist®” has another great tip this week. Should you accessorize for your shoot or not?

I get asked a lot for fitness shoots if we should “accessorize”. The answer is usually NO. You want YOU to be the focus of the shots that decision makers such as; editors, photographers, ad agencies, modeling agencies, etc. end up seeing. Its not about the accessories in body shots, its about YOU.

Visit Cindy’s blog for more great style’n info.

The Sports Stylist® – Don’t Deplete for Your Photo Shoot

Cindy Whitehead aka The Sports Stylist® has a great Hardbody Style’n Tip to remember. As a photographer, I’ve seen this happen before and she is spot on.

I see a lot of girls who don’t want to eat or drink anything until after the shoot. Not a great idea. The pros know that these shoots usually take all day and fueling themselves every few hours is the best way to stay energized and look good in the shots. So bring your meals, bars and shakes, just in case the shoot doesn’t supply the specific type of food you require. Trust me, an unhappy, depleted girl half way through the day doesn’t look as pretty in pictures as the girl who keeps her energy level up.

Check out more from Cindy on her blog at

Great advice Cindy!

Hardbody Style’n with Cindy – Three Things Bring to a Major Photo Shoot

Our resident Style’n guru, Cindy Whitehead aka The Sports Stylist® has some good insight on what to bring to a major photo shoot.

Going on a major photo shoot for the first time? We stylists don’t expect you to bring anything but yourself,  but its always nice if you have the following (just in case).
• A “skin color” smooth style bra (which ever color is closest to your skin color is the one you want). Make sure it adjusts from a regular back to a racer back.
No show athletic socks.
• A nude thong. OnGossamer makes great ones that lay flat and don’t show through the clothes.

Check out Cindy’s blog at and follow her on twitter @SportsStylist.

Hardbody Style’n with the Sports Stylist® – Shoes too small? Don’t sweat it.

Cindy Whitehead aka the Sports Stylist® has another great tip this week. Check it out.


If you ever get to a shoot and the shoes are a bit too small, simply ask if you can remove the insole that comes with them. This will give you a half size to a full size larger and room for your foot! If they are too large, you can always carry inexpensive insoles in your set bag to take up the slack.

Cindy is currently in Boise, Idaho. Check out her blog to see what’s she up to out there.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.