Video: Reebok Crossfit Champion Annie Thorisdottir’s Four Simple Training Tips

Two-time Reebok Crossfit Champion Annie Thorisdottir shares four simple but helpful tips in this Reebook Crossfit training video. She quickly describes and demonstrates pull-ups, the barbell snatch, kettlebell swing and push-ups. It’s a quick video that provides some helpful insight to getting started with basic Crossfit exercises.

1. Pull-ups and variations
2. Barbell Snatch
3. Kettlebell Swing
4. Push-up

Lead image compiled from youtube video.

Hardbody Training: CrossFit Workouts

This week the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games will feature a variety of events. In each event, the athletes will earn points and at the end of the weekend someone will be leave California with the title of “Fittest On Earth”. You don’t have to be in the finals of this year’s Games to train like one.
features a few killer Workout of the Day or WOD in CrossFit terms. Check out these workouts and if you want to follow the Games schedule of events, you can find it on

Amanda Latona’s High Five Booty Workout

Resident Hardbody, Amanda Latona shared her wildly popular cardio workout last month. A.L. is never one to disappoint and this month she delivers once again with a booty workout. Give your booty a high five with this butt blasting workout from cover model Amanda Latona. We can’t promise you’ll build a butt like Amanda’s but it’s worth a try.


Take 5 Booty exercises, I did…
1. Leg Press
2. Reverse hack squat
3. Single leg squat
4. Step ups
5. Butt blasters

Do 5 sets of each. 20 reps and up to 40 reps for drop sets. FEEL THE BURN!

High Volume for a High Booty! Have fun and Hit it HARD!

Amanda’s High Five Booty.

Follow Amanda on twitter for workout tips. If you haven’t “liked” her fan page you can do so here and lastly check out her blogs on Let us know how it goes!


photo via A.L. facebook

Fat Loss Guides For Women Over 40

If you’re over 40 and looking for more information on how to lose fat, you’ll want to check this out. Take the step towards making your body the best its ever been by following these helpful fat loss, training and supplementation programs.

Check out these popular Guides:

Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer
– Our most popular plan – more than 5 million views!
– 3-phase body-sculpting, fat-burning workout routine.
– Includes recipes, shopping list, motivational tips and more!

Lee Labrada’s LeanBody Trainer
– Based on the best-selling “LeanBody” program.
– Fitness legend becomes your personal trainer!
– Daily video instruction – workouts, nutrition and more.

JNL – The Busy Mom Fitness Plan
– The at-home fitness solution for women on the go.
– Fast-paced workouts and easy meals for fast results!
– Simple to schedule, easy to juggle with family and career.

Burn Fat – 12 Week Burning The Fat Program
– Time to junk the fad diets and workouts for real gains!
– Smart meal planning for the busy lady-on-the-go!
– Science-based workout program for efficient progress!


Spring Training Guide – Weeks 1 & 2

Summer is quickly approaching and thanks to you can mix up your Spring Training with a new workout. Check out the training, nutrition and supplement plan designed to help you get the body you want. It might be a beginner’s guide for some of you but take a look at some of the training and you might pick up a new exercise or two.



  • Use light weight and higher reps at the beginning of the workout to help enhance blood flow to muscles and burn more calories as you train.
  • With each circuit you’ll go heavier and use lower reps to stimulate your fast-twitch muscle fibers and keep your body in fat-burning mode after the workout is over.
  • Focus on compound movements to maximize the amount of work done in this short, full-body routine.
  • To keep your heart rate up, you’ll perform five minutes of cardio between each circuit at 70-75% maximum heart rate (MHR).
  • Use an average tempo like 2/1/2 (two seconds to lower the weight, one second pause, and two seconds to lift it) to ensure you perform each exercise properly.
  • Perform 45-60 minutes of cardio on your cardio days, working at 75% of your MHR.

The Workout Split

Day 1: Upper-body Circuit, Abs
Day 2: Lower-body Circuit
Day 3: Cardio, Abs
Day 4: Upper-body Circuit, Abs
Day 5: Lower-body Circuit
Day 6: Cardio, Abs
Day 7: Rest

Visit for the complete overview and exercises. There’s also some helpful info on nutrition as well.

Shake Up Your Training with 21s

If you’re looking to shake up your training you’ll want to give “21s” a try. has a a comprehensive article and program on how you can breathe new life into your workout and take things to a new level. All exercises have a range of motion and with 21s this is broken down into three parts. Each range gets hit 7 times for a total of 21.


Benefits to 21s:
Increased Endurance:
You’ll perform muscle-building exercises for longer amounts of time, challenging your muscular stamina and tolerance. While many single-joint exercises are performed in the 8- to 15-repetition range, 21s will require longer muscular endurance and vitality to support the grueling sets.

Muscle Confusion: By attacking repetitions from multiple starting and ending points, the atypical execution pattern will keep the body guessing and reacting to the shock value of the work.

Newbie-Friendly: Not only known for positive physical results, incorporating new training techniques into any exercise program can also enhance your physiological responses. Look forward to freshening up basic, no-nonsense moves, which can become monotonous and boring over time.

Time Saving: With 21s, fewer exercises per body part can be executed, due to the quick pump your muscles will feel during the longer sets and unique ROMs. One or two exercises per muscle group can be eliminated from your standard lifting plan when 21s are properly executed.


Visit for the complete workout more information on the benefits of this type of training.

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Try This Fat Burning Cardio Workout

Check out this 45 minute Fat Burning Cardio workout from cover girl Amanda Latona. Amanda updated her BSN Athlete blog and shared how she’s spent Easter weekend and a few thing she dined on. She wrapped up her blog with a cardio work out that she says will leave you dripping in sweat. It has us sweating just reading it but give it a try and let us and her know what you think of it.

– start with jumping rope, 100 rotations
– treadmill incline 8% jogging for 4 min.
– jump rope for 1 min.
– incline walk 15% for 4 min.
– jump rope 1 min.
– incline walk 15% for 10 min.
– jump rope 2 min.
– incline 8% jog for 3 min.
– incline walk 15% for 5 min.
– jump rope 2 min.
– stepmill for 10 min.
– jog 2 min., walk 1 min., cool down

45 minutes. No time to get bored…tons of fat burning! GET IT!

Visit for more from Amanda.

Get Hardbody with Nicole Wilkins’ Shoulder Workout

Looking to build bigger shoulders? Maybe you’re bored with your current shoulder training plan and looking for a few new exercises. Check out how Figure Olympia champ trains her shoulders in this video produced by Nicole takes you through her shoulder routine and offers a few tips along the way. The champ also shows you some of her gymnastic skills, yes Nicole competed in Fitness before she became the Figure champion she is today.

Let us know what you think of the workout after you give it a try.

If you’re looking for the compete shoulder workout including the sets, reps and helpful tips visit

Hardbody Training: Change Up your Cardio with Amanda’s Triathlon

The holidays are behind us and if you’re like us you may have noticed your pants fitting a bit tighter than usual. Diet and exercise is the key to trimming that booty down. One of the key ingredients to getting the butt you’ve always wanted is hitting the cardio. As you know, cardio can be quite boring especially if you’re doing more than 20 minutes. That’s why we’ve adapted a new routine that IFBB Pro Bikini and cover girl Amanda Latona suggested on her twitter account.


Amanda shared, “Great cardio session today. Bike, ski, and stairs.” Which got us thinking – hey that’s kinda of a cool way to mix things up. So we gave it a try. We chose the stair-climber, rowing machine and elliptical at 20 minutes each. Talk about whoop your butt! When we shared that this was going to be known as the Amanda Latona Hardbody Triathlon she responded, “Yeah buddy! My new thing… enjoying different styles of workouts. Cardio is fun now, not robotic :)”

Give it a try and let us know how it went for you in the comments field or on twitter @hardbodynews. Follow Amanda on her twitter account @AmandaLatona and be sure to become a fan on her Facebook Page. Make cardio fun again! If you try it post on Amanda’s Facebook Page and let her know you tried the “Amanda Latona Hardbody Triathlon”.

Photos by Ron Avidan.


Amanda Latona’s Shoulder Workout & Video

Hardbody Amanda Latona takes you through her shoulder workout and it’s a good one. The cover girl shares her workout, some tips and a boatload of energy in this training video.


Warm-Up: 2-3 minutes with light weight (standing dumbbell shoulder press, lateral raise and front raise)

Rest Period: 30 seconds rest between working sets

Exercise 1 – Dumbbell Shoulder Press
(4 sets of 10-18 reps)

Exercise 2 – Lateral / Front Raise Combo
(4 sets of 15-18 reps)

Exercise 3 – Dumbbell Upright Row
(4 sets of 10-12 reps)

Exercise 4 – Reverse And Forward Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
(4 supersets of 12-15 reps)

Exercise 5 – Reverse Pec Dec Superset With Rear Lateral Raise

Click here to get the complete details and tips on this workout.

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Build A Hard Body with Short, Intense Workouts

You don’t have to train for hours every day to build a hardbody. Long training sessions may seem like a good idea but you can achieve the body you want with short, intense workouts. The key here is INTENSE. There’s no time to stand around and chat about what was on tv last night. Get in the gym, haul ass and get out.

You want to burn fat, right? Well, it is going to require a hardbody state of mind and a commitment to change. You will need to get out of your comfort zone and elevate your heart rate while you’re in the gym.

Visit for a solid article that details how you can elevate your game and heart rate. We’ll continue down this path to building a hardbody in the weeks ahead. If you have specific questions, email us at info @ or post them in the comments below. Until then, get in the gym and GET HARDBODY!


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Gina Suggests Tabata Training – Find out Why

G’s back with a tip of the week. This time she shares a tip on Tabata training. What The Freak is that? Check it out.

Say you don’t have enough time to workout or don’t think a few extra minutes can get the job done, reconsider with Tabata training! Everybody has an extra four minutes on hand. Tabata training is a quick, fun and intense way to gain amazing results. The full Tabata program is four minutes long but may be the longest four minutes of your life. Tabata intervals follow this structure:

Push hard for 20 seconds
Rest for 10 seconds.
Repeat this eight times.

You can do this with exercises, preferably large muscle exercises, such as front squats or better yet, I love to use Tabata training for sprint work! Of course, this will not replace every cardio/workout session but for a change, when you have limited time, get in and get out with Tabata!

Gina Aliotti-Silva
Nutrition, Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant


After reading G’s tip, I was intrigued to find out more on the Tabata workout. Here’s an except from

The Tabata workout routine was discovered by Dr. Izumi Tabata, along with a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. The team studied a speed skating coach’s workout that consisted of six to seven 20 second full speed sprints that were followed by 10 second rest periods.

During the study, men who performed the routine five days a week for six weeks improved their maximum aerobic capacity by 14%. Aerobic capacity is the measurement of the body’s ability to take in oxygen. The more oxygen a person can take in, the longer and harder a person can run. Not only did it improve their aerobic capacity, but it also improved their anaerobic capacity by 28%. Anaerobic capacity is the measurement of your speed endurance.

Read more on the workouts and the thought process behind it here.

Follow IFBB Pro Felicia Romero’s Training & Nutrition Program

Top IFBB Figure Pro, Felicia Romero grew up an athlete spending many of her college days practicing and playing softball. She’s steadily improved her physique into one of the best it the Pro League and scored a few covers along the way. Now Felicia works as a personal trainer and helps run a gym in Arizona. Find out what it takes to get a body like hers!

Visit the 2011 Bodyspace finalist’s page on to see her complete training regime and cutting program. When preparing for a cover shoot Felicia changes her diet up. Check it out, it’s all broken down here!

Laura Bailey’s Nutrition, Training & Supplementation

Laura Bailey is one of the top NPC Figure competitors in the nation. She’s consistently done well in her competitions and it’s not by accident. It takes hard work, dedication a proper nutrition plan and solid training. Laura was one of the finalists in the BodySpace Spokesmodel compeition and gives us a look into how she got that rock’n hardbody.


Visit to get Laura’s exact training, nutrition and supplementation program. It’s a sweet breakdown of everything she eats and includes the breakdown of calories, protein, carbs and more. You’ll also get an idea of her workouts on the site. Great content from Laura and TEAM

Laura’s Personal Philosophy:

My philosophy regarding nutrition is simple: “If it doesn’t taste good, I’m not eating it!” I hear so many people say, “I can eat plain chicken and oatmeal forever”. No they can’t, otherwise they would stay in shape forever.

This is exactly why most people fall off their nutrition after about a week, and is also the reason most competitors rebound so bad in the off season. Their nutrition plan makes them miserable. They are cranky and don’t like what they eat.

I don’t believe in eating food; I believe in eating meals….good meals! There’s a big difference. “food” can be bland and boring, but “meals” have flavor and life! I have to enjoy what I’m eating if I’m going to make those habits a lifestyle rather than something that is only seasonal.

The best investment I ever made was in a nutritionist. He helped me relearn everything about eating and completely changed my perspective.

I never enjoyed cooking, but have learned to become quite the chef out of necessity. I took foods that I enjoyed and learned how to prepare them with healthy substitutions that still allowed me to eat them, even during competition season.

Some of my favorites are: lemon poppy seed muffins, chocolate muffins, zucchini bread and carrot cake muffins, strawberry pancakes, 7-layer bean dip, Mexican pizza, potato skins, crab cakes, chicken and shrimp fried rice. Now that’s good eating! I always look forward to my next meal, and so should you.

Get educated about nutrition, get recipes, get in that kitchen, and get creative! You’ve got nothing to lose except pounds!


Check out Laura’s  video and more here!


Follow Bodyspace Spokesmodel Jenn Rankin’s Winning Workouts

Jen Rankin was crowned the 2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel Winner earlier this year and now she’s sharing some of what helps keep her fit. Find out what this small-town Texan does for her workouts and nutrition on


Meal 1:
4 Egg Whites (1 Yolk)
1/3 cup Oatmeal
1/3 Banana

Meal 2:
1 scoop HydroWhey (Whey Isolate)
1 tbsp all natural Peanut Butter

Get the Jen’s complete diet and training routine here.

Which Body Do YOU Want? has a feature on Nicole Wilkins, the 2010 & 2011 Figure International Champion and Nicole Nagrani the 2011 Bikini International Champ. Which of these two bodies do YOU want? Check out what both women did for their diet & nutrition, training and supplementation which helped them win their respective titles.



Check out their complete diet, training and favorite supplements on!

Muscle & Fitness HERS Video: Nicole Wilkins-Lee Shoulder Training

Check out this Muscle & Fitness Hers training video with current Figure Olympia Champion, Nicole Wilkins-Lee. Nicole and her training Kim Oddo take you through a sample shoulder workout. This video was shot at the beginning of Nicole’s Olympia prep.

Nicole’s shoulder workout typically takes her 45 minutes but the video is condensed down to around 11 minutes. It’s chalked full of some helpful tips. View the video here.


Meet Your New Running Partner

Nike has launched a super cool new app available in the iTunes store. The Nike+ GPS App helps you get more out of every run with a variety of features. You can track your indoor and outdoor workouts without a sensor. It allows you to record your pace, distance and even a running route. The app shares messages from some of Nike’s top athletes and you can set a PowerSong to help keep you motivated. The new app is designed for the iPhone but it’s also compatible with the iPod touch.

The App allows you to set goals, brag to friends or set up challenges on and Facebook. I think I’ll give it a try since it’s only $1.99. Share your thoughts in the comments below if you’re a Nike+ user.

Download the Nike+ App.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.