Bethany Cisternino’s Arm Blastin Workout

Gynmastics coach and fitness pro, Bethany Cisternino isn’t a big fan of training her arms. That doesn’t stop her from training hard though. She’s developed a workout that will help you blast your guns in the gym.


Blastin Arms
Arm Day! My least favorite day of the week. I just find it boring. Don’t get me wrong I train ‘em hard but I just don’t find it as fun and challenging as the other body parts. Today I’m going to do a bi, tri, calf circuit because I dislike calves equally as much. Not only will this help me blow through the workout, but will keep my heart rate up for a great fat burning workout!

Did you know: both heads of the bicep and one of the heads of the tricep originate on the scapula? And they all insert onto the bones of the forearm (radius/ulna)? Therefore it is important to warm up the shoulder joint as well as the elbow joint! I will do 2 sets of light bicep curls and tricep kick backs. I also warm up by rotator cuff in the shoulder by doing some adduction, abduction, lateral, and medial rotation movements.

Check out what I listen to while blasting my arms.

Ok now that you’re anatomy lesson is over let’s get down to business.

3 rounds 12-15 reps (medium to heavy weight)
No Rest

Circuit 1
• Barbell Bicep Curls
• Straight Bar Tricep Cable Push Down
• Horizontal Calf Raise

Circuit 2
• Overhead Tricep Extenstion (machine preferred)
• Dumbbell Bicep Curl (twist at the top- slightly turn palm out)
• Weighted Standing Toe Raise (machine preferred)

Circuit 3
• Straight Bar Cable Bicep curl
• Rope Tricep Pushdown
• No Weight Standing Calf Raise (20 reps each leg)

Have a great week and remember you are only yourself when no one is watching – or at least think no one is watching. Ha! Message me on twitter @Bfitness80 and let me know how you liked this workout!

Amanda Latona’s High Five Booty Workout

Resident Hardbody, Amanda Latona shared her wildly popular cardio workout last month. A.L. is never one to disappoint and this month she delivers once again with a booty workout. Give your booty a high five with this butt blasting workout from cover model Amanda Latona. We can’t promise you’ll build a butt like Amanda’s but it’s worth a try.


Take 5 Booty exercises, I did…
1. Leg Press
2. Reverse hack squat
3. Single leg squat
4. Step ups
5. Butt blasters

Do 5 sets of each. 20 reps and up to 40 reps for drop sets. FEEL THE BURN!

High Volume for a High Booty! Have fun and Hit it HARD!

Amanda’s High Five Booty.

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photo via A.L. facebook

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.