Six Exercises to Build a Better Back

Elissa Martis finished the 2013 competitive season by winning the overall NPC National Figure title. She’s quietly been moving her way up the ranks and will be making her IFBB Pro debut in just a few weeks at the Arnold in Columbus, Ohio. Elissa shares her six of her hardbody exercises that she incorporates into her training.

Elissa back exercises

Give these exercises a try and you’ll be sure to feel it the next day. Read more about the Figure champion in our Hardbody Profile.

• Bent over dead stop Rows
• Strict pull-ups
• Single arm dumbbell rows
• Wide grip lat pull down
• Walking rows
• Dead lifts

better back on and off stage
Elissa’s back on stage at the NPC Figure National Championships.
See more of her competition photos here.


lead photo by Dan Ray

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.