2013 Figure International Preview

Nicole Wilkins has won Figure International for the last three years. Now that she’s out of the competition, the stage is set for a new queen of fitness. Who will it be? Three-time Figure International Champion Nicole Wilkins has decided to sit out this year’s competition at the Arnold Classic. That means the door is open for one of the 18 competitors lined up to take her place. The obvious favorite, at least on paper, is Erin Stern; but Candice Keene is nipping at her heels. There’s also a crew of newcomers determined to make their presence known.

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Aleisha Hart’s Vision To Success

Canadian IFBB Figure Pro Aleisha Hart will be competing in her first Figure International. She’s coming off a trip to the Olympia and has her sights set on making her presence known in Columbus. Aleisha shares her top four tips to staying focused and creating her vision to success.



Well here I am a few weeks away from my first Arnold Classic IFBB Pro Figure. WOW~ what an honour to be 1 of 15 pros selected to be a part of this event.  What a great way to kick start another pro season! After having a phenomenal 2012 season and getting to finish on that Olympia stage ~ I couldn’t ask for more!!

It has definitely been a quick turnaround time after only 8 weeks into my off season, but getting this invite has truly set the pace for my journey to the Arnold. Creating the vision and being in that right mind set has always been priority for me, especially to be able to push myself to that next level and to keep myself in the zone. To be honest, it was a struggle starting out after the holidays with such a short down time, but my passion for this sport, wanting it so badly and the pure excitement of this invite has me determined beyond belief. Once in a lifetime opportunity at hand again~ FEELING BLESSED! Here I am weeks away from another amazing experience and feeling energized as things are coming together nicely. Big thanks to coach Jack Titone for his guidance, his belief in me, and for his no sugar tolerance and cracking the whip!!! Thx moose!!! My friends, family and hubby Sean are my biggest supporters, it is truly the best feeling in the world having the ones you love the most behind you every step of the way. xo

I have realized that be a successful athlete you truly “NEED” to create that tunnel vision focus and having a strong belief when aiming for any goal. The mind becomes the most powerful tool when wanting to achieve and succeed at anything.  Being able to compete at this caliber has been an honor and is my biggest accomplishment to date~ but at the end of the day the real competition comes from within yourself. Learning to mind the mind, pushing passed your limits and making anything possible is the true test of self-determination. Feeling your best, looking your best, training your hardest, sticking to the plan 100%, not giving into those weak moments and not allowing any hiccups to get in the way… these are some key points that keep me at the top of my game and always coming in a true winner!

Here are 4 tools I like to use to help me stay focused and not lose site on my goal: Try adding them to your goal plan whether it is a smaller goal or something over the top…plan of action is a must!!!

• CREATING MY VISION BOARD – Creating a vision board helps me to visualize my end goals more clearly, which inevitably inspires me to take consistent action and keeping pushing for top success. It also serves to remind me of my goals every day and why I do what I do!!

• CREATE MILESTONES – If you just set one huge goal, sometimes it can be discouraging – especially when you don’t achieve it after a short while. Some people may give up or even procrastinate on their goals altogether. I think it is important and helpful to break one big goal into smaller goals, this allows you to be consistent with reaching and always working towards something. It truly helps me to achieve anything I put my mind to!!

• TRACK YOUR RESULTS – It’s important for me to track the results of what I do which allows me to continue aiming for something more~ achieving higher results. Tracking is my connection to my end goal, this will let me know whether I’m on track or off track, ahead of the game or behind ~ which in turn lets me know whether to tweak my actions or to step it up a notch.

•  KNOW YOUR “WHY” – Be passionate about your “WHY” when you have a goal!! If you keep giving up on your goals halfway, perhaps you were never serious about them to begin with. For me, if I’m really serious about a goal, I will never give up on it – I keep hammering away, regardless of the obstacles and struggles. Nothing comes easy, but in the end it is always worth it. Allow yourself to be in the uncomfortable zone and learn to enjoy it. Have your “why” close to heart and why your goal is important to you. Have a strong belief in everything you do!!! Be passionate about this and have it mean something big ~ this way you will never give up on yourself and the reason why you are on this journey in the first place.

Train hard ~ stay focused & dream big! Wish me luck at the Arnold.


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Candice “Trini” John’s Road To The Arnold

Candice John joins us in her journey to the 2013 Figure International. Candice has steadily risen in the pro league ranks and has positioned herself to be a contender in her first Arnold appearance. She’s the first IFBB Figure Pro from the Caribbean and had to make her own path to the top. Candice hasn’t always been in the top spots though. She shares how she found her inner confidence and writing down goals has helped her take things to another level


Candice John – 2013 Fitgure International Contender

Hi Hardbody readers, my name is Candice John, better known on the competitive circuit as “Trini”. I’m from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and I’ve been competing as an IFBB pro figure athlete for 7 years. This will be my very first time competing at the Arnold, so it seems fitting that my topic of discussion is ‘Allow Yourself to Dream’. It sounds cliche, right?? Well, I am living proof that one must dream big and set goals, even if they might sound crazy to others. I got my IFBB pro card from the Caribbean and Central-American Championship. As the first IFBB figure pro from the Caribbean, there was no road map for me to follow.

Let’s just say I had a very challenging start to my pro career. It was only within the last couple years that I began to understand what it really took to compete on this level.

Last year was a great competitive season for me. Three years ago, I wrote down two goals. One was to win a pro show and the other was to get a placing at the Olympia. Do you know what was extra special about my first pro win? Two years earlier I competed at the same show, the Pittsburgh Pro, and did not place. Yup, those two letters (NP), short for “not placed”, were placed next to my name at the bottom of the list of competitors who actually got a numerical placing. I felt like I got a one way ticket to an emotional abyss. I felt extremely disappointed. I was so confused. My biggest question was, “why should I continue if I’m not good enough to even get a placing at a pro show?” But, there is one thing I can truly say about myself… I have a CRAZY fighter spirit. Seemingly unreachable goals serve as great motivation for me.

In 2012, I knew I wanted an opportunity to compete in the Figure International, so what did I do? I acted as if I was already invited. I had not even sent in my request, but I started prepping as though I had already been selected. Faith and belief in myself were always followed by action. But, to be honest, there is often a time lag before I actually get the ball rolling. I once heard that courage is not the absence of fear, but the management of fear. I had to first get the inner confidence, so I consulted with my coach and she told me “Hell yeah, go for it!”

I have to act on my beliefs in order for my dreams to materialize. In 2010, after my result in Pittsburgh, I re-calibrated my emotions and got crazier. I actually booked a ticket to Las Vegas to compete at the Olympia which I had not even qualified for. It so happened that I failed to qualify for Olympia that year. But, delays are not denials! I eventually qualified in 2011 by placing second at the Toronto Pro Show.

Stay on the grind
I cannot allow myself to be distracted by the noise from naysayers. I know where I’m at, and I’m still not close to where I want to be, but I know I must be the one working while others sleep. It has always been like that for me, at least. A true story is that at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day, my parents called me to wish me Happy New Year and I was on my stepper training. I knew I wanted to bring in the New Year exactly how I wanted the rest of the year to continue… productive and on my grind. Now mind you, let’s be honest, all this doesn’t guarantee a top placing, but it set a work ethic and spirit inside me that brings me closer to realizing my dreams.

Till next week. See you guys.

Candice “Trini” John

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Mallory Haldeman’s Road to The Arnold

Malllory Haldeman will be heading to her first Arnold in just her third year of competing (amateur and pro combined). She shot to the top of the pro ranks after achieving pro status at the 2012 NPC Jr. Nationals. In reality, Mallory has only been an IFBB Pro for a few months but she’s considered a top five contender by many at this year’s Figure International. She’ll be sharing her journey with us here on Hardbody along the way.

Mallory Haldeman – 2013 Figure International Contender

For a few years now, I have wanted to attend the Arnold but never got the chance. It doesn’t quite seem real that my first time there will be on the stage! I am really looking forward to getting on stage with all of these top competitors again. I am most excited to see the changes I have made to my physique during my off season and get the chance to be compared to girls that for so long have been my idols!

I have to admit that the first few weeks of prep are really hard for me. It takes a while for my body to start responding to all the hard work I am putting into it. Unfortunately I am not blessed with the best metabolism, SO my diet HAS to be spot on. And I can’t get away with skipping any of my cardio or conditioning. Once I start to see the changes though, I get much more excited for my gym time! It is also easier to eat the around 1300 calories I get knowing I am where I need to be. 🙂 The first show is also where you get to see all the hard work from the off season shine through and this year, at the Arnold, I am even more excited to see the changes!

I’ll be sharing more soon. Thanks!

Mallory Haldeman

Follow Mallory on twitter at @MalloryIFBB and like her Facebook page.


For more information on the Arnold Sports Festival visit www.arnoldsportsfestival.com and use #ASF2013 in all your tweets.

Candice Lewis Wins a Record-Tieing Fifth Show

Candice Lewis’ win at the 2012 IFBB Pro World Figure Championships puts her in elite company. The win in Miami over the weekend ties her for the most pro wins in one year, a record held by Erin Stern and Nicole Wilkins. Lewis started her 2012 season in May at the Pittsburgh Pro. She finished in 7th place there but since that time she’s been on a roll. Aside from the Olympia (where she also placed 7th) she has yet to lose a show. A pretty impressive feat for someone who has only been pro for little more than one year.

figure pro world
Rookie Kamla Macko was nipping at her heels but had to settle for second place, the third runner-up finish in her pro career. Kamla achieved IFBB pro status at the 2012 USAs and has finished in the top five in each of her four pro shows. Rounding out the top three was another rookie on fire, Dana Ambrose. Dana turned pro in June, at the 2012 NPC JR Nationals, and since that time has notched three top three finishes. She was third in her pro debut in Houston, second in Kentucky and then third again here. Look for her to be on the Olympia stage in 2013 if she continues to stay consistent.

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2012 IFBB Pro World Championships Results:
1. Candice Lewis
2. Kamla Macko
3. Dana Ambrose
4. Elisha Archibold
5. Dawn Fernandez
6. Kenyatta Jones-Arietta
7. Krista Dunn
8. Maria Jose Garcia
9. Agnese Russo
10. Satrice Rigsby
11. Kim Seeley
12. Monica Labriola
13. Heather Grace
14. Jennifer DeJoya
15. Paula Frega
16. Amanda Marinelli
16. Marie Pierre Ripert

IFBB Tournament of Champions Photos & Results

The 2012 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure was the last chance to qualify for the Olympia. Rookie Pro, Francine Sablan did what few women have done… win their pro debut. The win means her second pro show will be the Figure Olympia. Fellow rookie Mallory Haldeman finished in the runner-up position and will head to the Olympia as well via the Qualification Points System. The Figure Olympia will be Mallory’s third pro show since achieving pro status at the 2012 NPC Jr. Nationals. In a bit of a surprise, Teresa Anthony was relegated to third. Look for Teresa to be better than ever at the Olympia in less than three weeks.

Our West Coast correspondent, Ron Avidan was in Culver City to capture all the action on and off the stage. Visit Bodybuilding.com for complete results and photos from the 2012 Tournament of Champions.

Hardbody Road to The Olympia: Teresa Anthony – The Veteran

Teresa Anthony joins us on our Hardbody Road to The Olympia series. This isn’t first trip to the big dance, in fact it’s her 5th… making her one of the veterans in the line-up. Teresa shares some “Real Talk” and lessons she’s learned along the way. She also shares a sample of her favorite workout & why she decided to add Crossfit to her routine.

Getting Back on Track

Just Under 4 weeks out
By Teresa Anthony

It is that time again…the Figure Olympia. This will be my 5th Olympia and have to admit it is still exciting to have the chance to grace that stage. Now with that said, this year’s prep as been challenging one and I find myself having to dig deeper than ever. In May I lost my best friend, my biggest fan and the love of my life, my Mother to cancer and it is a daily reality check that she is not with us. Right after her passing I spent 3 weeks with my family in Louisiana, and let’s just say I emotionally ate everything that was put in my path. Wow, the scale was not my friend… starting my Olympia prep at a whopping 160lbs which looked awesome in jeans but not so much in bikini. A lesson learned in the situation is that life happens and we must forgive ourselves and move on.

Prepping for this Olympia I decided to do something a little different. I found myself getting bored with the same old gym scene and workouts, so I decided to shake up things with Crossfit, which has been my saving grace. With that said my day starts at 4:30am where I am banging out cardio and training a major body part. Then like many other competitors, I am off to work for 8 to 9 hours and then at my Crossfit facility at 6:30pm.I think I might be one of the grandmothers of the crew… so my main goal for the Olympia is to show these 20 something year old gals that I can still hang.

My biggest challenge going into any Olympia is not looking too stringy and staying fuller. It is always a daunting task with these long limbs… thank goodness for my training coach Kim Oddo. The size game is very mentally challenging for me so this year I have decided to just embrace my skinny limbs and roll with it. Let’s see how that works out.

I am always asked what my secret to dieting is and getting ready for a show… breaking news, there is no secret, it is discipline and will power and a good support team! While prepping I am very, very mean and irritable and I totally dislike silly questions about my diets, etc… sorry just being honest.I totally hate when a person interrupts my workouts… my pet peeve.. go away! Lol

My favorite bodypart to train is back…(shh, don’t tell Kim O, he doesn’t like me to train it that much). Here is a typical routine for back day. Give it a try and let me know how you like it.

• Pull ups (unassisted and weighted sometimes) – 4 sets – 10 reps
• Dumbbell rows or Barbell rows – 4 sets- 12 reps
• Lat Pull downs – 4 sets – 15 reps
• Partial deadlifts – 4 sets – 8 reps (heavy)

I’m competing this weekend at the Tournament of Champions in California and feel like I’m on point. This will give me time to make any changes before the Olympia.


Become a fan of Teresa’s on Facebook, follow her on twitter @FitTeresaNicole and check out her stage photos!

2012 Nordic Pro Figure Championships

Fifteen women are slated to compete in the IFBB Nordic Pro Women’s Figure event held in Lahti, Finland. The women will have one last chance to qualify for the Olympia on September 8, 2012. Chances are we’ll see an unfamiliar name and face added to the Olympia line up from this show. Ann Pratt is the lone representative from the United States. European competitors have to be thrilled at this opportunity as many of the IFBB pro shows are held in the U.S. The event will also have a Fitness Expo.

Competitor’s list:

Kati Alander – Finland
Lynsey Beattie – England
Susanne Bock – Germany
Cristiana Casoni – Italy
Thea Erichsen – Norway
Gal Ferreira-Yates – Brazil
Maria Jose Garcia – Spain
Lisbeth Halikka – Finland
Anny Pratt – USA
Natalia Revajova Lenartova – Slovakia
Miriam Sanchez – Lo Pagan
Nina Sandvold Moe – Norway
Giada Simari – Italy
Heidi Simari – Finland
Larua Tolonen – Finland

For more information visit: http://www.fitnessexpo.fi or https://www.facebook.com/NordicPro.

Show info from IFBB Nordic Pro Championships promoter KP Ourama, via MD.

Transportation in Lahti
All the competitors will have a bus for the transportation in Lahti, from the hotel to the contest venue and back. We will give you all the exact time schedules as you enter the front desk or at the Airport as you arrive. Your friends can also come to bus with you.

Meeting fans at the Fitness Expo on Sunday

If you stay over Sunday and you want to meet your Finnish fans that can be easily done by contacting IFBB Nordic Pro main sponsor Mass Nutrition’s Robert Walker (robert@mass.fi). Robert is very pleased if you sit in his very BIG) booth on Sunday and you can have a seat, sell your merchandise, pose with the fans and talk to them.

Competition Schedule
13:00 (1.00 p.m.)
Athletes Meeting: Men’s Pro Bodybuilding & Women’s Pro Figure
All Athletes – Fitness Expo, Lahti Fair Centre (Athlete briefing & hand in music)

14:00 (2.00 p.m.)
Meet the IFBB Pro Champions
All Athletes – Fitness Expo, Lahti Fair Centre
If you want to sell your signed photographs or DVD’s or other merchandise, you are welcomed to attend “Meet the IFBB Pro Champions” where you will have your own desk and chair to meet the Finnish fans at the Expo.

19:00 (7.00 p.m.)
Pre-Judging and Finals
All Athletes – Fitness Expo, Lahti Fair Centre
Pre-Judging and finals will be held together. We are starting with Pro Figure Pre-Judging and moving to Men’s Pro Bodybuilding Pre-Judging. After a short break we will continue with the Finals.

Jan Tana Spray Tanning Services
IFBB Nordic Pro will have a Jan Tana Spray Tanning Services at the host hotel Cumulus (2nd floor) on Saturday from 07.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Please, make the reservation in advance and make sure that you will look good on stage! Price is 150 Euro (cash only).
Ask Nina Tanner about her services:
Email: nokoninnu@hotmail.com
Phone: +358 40 5681278

Make Up Services for Pro Figure Competitors
If you want to have a glamorous stage look you can book time for the Nordic Pro Official Make Up Artist Tiina Ylikahri. Please, contact to Tiina and make the reservation in advance! Make sure that you will look good on stage!
Email: tiina@puuteripilvi.fi
Phone: +358 40 3424549

If you want to have a workout or two, just let us know and you will be drive to our gym where you can train without disruption of people staring or asking you something. We have all the basic Precor Icarian Line equipments, free weights and some machines plus cardio equipments. Just tell us before you arrive when you want to have a workout and we will fix you a drive to the gym!

ATTENTION: Please let us know if you want to have a workout before the competition as you arrive. Let us know the date and times you want to train and we will take you to the gym by car.

Hardbody Preview: 2012 NPC USA Championships

Over 800 competitors will take the stage this weekend at the 2012 NPC USA Bodybuilding, Bikini, Figure and Physique Championships. This will be the biggest turnout in the show’s 30-year history. The action starts at high noon on Friday, July 27th at UNLV’s Artemis Hall in Las Vegas, NV.

npc usa preview las vegas

A record number of pro cards (53) for this event will be awarded on Saturday night. Prejudging for Friday will start with Men’s Bodybuilding followed by Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique and ending on Bikini. Saturday’s prejudging will showcase Men’s Physique and Figure at 9am. The finals begin 5:30pm for all events.

Last year Wendy Fortino took home top honors in the Figure division and Talia Terese was the leading lady in the bikini division. This will be the second year that the NPC USAs features Women’s Physique. Last year’s overall winners have yet to make an impact in the pro ranks however other pro card winners have made their mark. Brittany Tacy, winner of the C class last year, won her first bikini pro show at the Greater Gulf States earlier this year and will head to the Olympia in September. Jami DeBenard will also be competing in the Olympia this year in the Figure division. She was last year’s D class winner.

Who will be the ones to watch this year? There are a number of women who could turn pro. I like Kalani Barber’s look and chances at a win in Figure. She was second to Tamara Montoya last year and one to watch this year. Another Figure competitor who has a winning look is Phannary Pen from Modesto, California. Dawn Hinz has consistently been in the top spots in the Figure F class and another who should make her mark this weekend. The Colorado State Figure Champion, Stephanie Spencer has a chance to leave a pro if she comes in just a bit tighter than her overall win earlier this month in Denver, Colorado. California State Champ, Francine Sablan has a nice look and should also be in the mix. Dani Freitas Ronquilio has been close a number of times to a pro card but comes up just short. Look for her to be a contender for a pro card.

In the Bikini division it is up in the air as so many of these women have won a show and done very well on the regional level. Who will step up to the plate at this Pro Qualifier? Look for Noy Alexander to take home gold in her backyard. The current Vegas resident has come close a number of times and many felt could have won her class at the JR. Nationals with no one complaining about it. Ashley Cronley LeBlanc has been on the way up and coming off an overall win at the Greater Gulf States. She has a good look and the potential to win not only her class but the overall here. Amy Allen and Shannon Martinez are two who could take home pro cards. They’ve held their own on the national stage before and will have a solid chance at leaving pros. Former NFL cheerleader, Lisa Perry could be in the hunt if she brings better conditioning then she displayed at the Jr. Nationals. The 2012 Emerald Cup overall Bikini winner Paola Terry will look to move back into the winner’s circle and could do so here. She showed potential at the Team Universe event earlier this month.

Keep an eye on Laura Gutilla and Jill Rudison to make some noise in the Women’s Physique division. If Antonia Perdikakis can dial in her legs a bit tighter she could be in the hunt for the top spots in her class. LaDawn McDay and Alyssa Stroud could battle it out in the heavyweight division of female bodybuilding with the winner likely leaving the overall champ. If Christine Sabo comes in a bit tighter than her last outing she too could leave with IFBB Pro Status.

Top 2 Placers in the Overall of Women’s Bodybuilding (4 Weight Classes)
Open Figure the Top 2 in each Height Class (6 Height Classes)
Open Bikini the Top 2 in each Height Class (6 Height Classes)
Women’s Physique the Top 2 in each Height Class (4 Height Classes)

If you’re following the action on twitter use #NPCUSAs as the hashtag. MusclePhone, GetbigNews, RonAvidan and NPCNEWSonline will be your best sources for twitter coverage throughout the weekend. Official NPC USA stage photos available at: photos.liftstudios.com.


2012 NPC Colorado State Championships Results and Photos

The NPC Colorado State Championships were held on July 14th in Denver, Colorado. Promoter Jeff Taylor move the venue to the Buell Theater, located in downtown Denver. The Overall winners of this event not only received the title of being the state champion they also take home a Josten’s sterling silver ring an a $250 Tokyo Joe’s Gift Card. Each competitor who entered also received a $25 Tokyo Joe’s gift card.

Bikini 35-40
1- Lara Fortune
2- Melissa Lorenzo
3- Gianna Ficco
4- Seaira Caldwell
5- Michelle Poirier
6- Christina Rockwell

Bikini 40+
1 – LeeAnn Johnson
2 – Lisa Romero
3 – Colleen Ruppe
4- Tracy Ludlow
5- Robin Repass
6- Jenny Brown
7- Heidi Boerstler

Overall Bikini Age Group Winner: LeeAnn Johnson

Bikini Novice A

1- Kendra Taylor

Bikini Novice B
1 – Emily Patton
2 – Nicole Mulleady
3 – Megan Varner
4 – Nita Williams
5 – Christina Rockwell
6 – Angela Giulitto
7 – Shaina Downing
8 – Olga Kirilchuk

Bikini Novice C
1 – Melissa Lorenzo
2 – Porcia Thompson
3 – Jackie Parra
4 – Brianne Bateman
5 – Julia Bell
6 – Nicole Maher

Bikini Novice D
1- Tarrah Speer
2- Aome Selk
3- Tanisha Millard
Bikini Novice Overall
Emily Patton

Bikini Open Class A
1- Sheina Heinicke
2- Jaime Benson
3- Jessica Romero

Bikini Open Class B
1- Chloe Miller
2- Gianna Ficco

Bikini Open Class C

1- Emily Patton
2- Krystie Velasco
3- Nita Williams
4- Christina Rockwell
5- Nicole Mulleady
6- Shaina Downing
7- Robin Repass
8- Olga Kirilchuk

Bikini Open Class D
1- Lisa Romero
2- Melissa Lorenzo
3- Jackie Parra
4- Jessica Romero(a)
5- Colleen Ruppe
6- Lara Fortune
7- Julia Bell

Bikini Open Class E

1- Alyssa Gross
2- Kelsea Androes
3- LeeAnn Johnson
4- Porchia Thompson
5- Tarrah Speer
6- Tracy Ludlow

Bikini Open Class F
1- Jenn Anderson
2- Whitney Rawlings
3- Dawn Weigum
4- Aome Selk
5- Inayah Hays

Bikini Overall CO STATE Champion and Winner of The RING: Emily Patton!

Figure 35-40
1- Tera Harrington
2- Andrea Willems
3- Shannon Mullin
4- LeeAnn Samaco

Figure 40-45
1- Renee Bosco
2- Angel Granieri
3- Linda Potter
4- Katherine Ewald

Figure 45-50
1- Sandy Davis
2- Leasa Schwaebe
3- Cynthia Rickerd

Figure 50+
1- Gina Dawn Thorpe
2- Missy Moore-Lee

Age Group Figure Overall Champion – Tera Harrington

Figure NOVICE A Class
1 – Sandy Davis
2 – Andrea Willems
3 – Cynthia Rickerd
4 – Katherine Ewald

Figure NOVICE B Class
1- Jeri Kafoed
2- Gina Dawn Thorpe

Figure NOVICE C Class

1- Jamie Byron
2- Shannon Mullin
3- Shannon Stitt


1 – Missy Moore-Lee

Fitness Overall CO STATE Champion and Winner of The RING:Missy Moore-Lee

OPEN Figure A Class
1 – Amy Manzanares
2 — Sandy Davis
3 — Andrea Willems
4 — Eraca Lee Sprague

OPEN Figure B Class

1 — Stephanie Spencer
2 – Tera Harrington
3 — Jeri Kofoed
4 — Angel Granieri
5 — Macy Mullins

OPEN Figure C Class
1 – Renee Bosco
2 — Amy Laner
3 — Jamie Byron
4 — Shannon Stitt
5 — Sarah Bork

OPEN Figure D Class
1 — Noora Kuusivuori
2 — Jessica Walter
3 — Linda Potter
4 — Jennifer Helms
5 — Amy Ferguson

OPEN Figure Overall CO STATE Champion & Winner of The RING:

Stephanie Spencer

Women’s Physique 40+
1- Sandy Davis
2- Mercy Gonzales

Women’s Physique A
1- Laura Gutilla
2- Sandy Davis
3- Angie Sprague

Women’s Physique B
1- Megan Casey
2- Mercy Gonzales

Women’s Physique C
1- Dalia McNeil

Women’s Physique CO State Overall Champion and Winner of The Ring: Laura Gutilla

Complete results & photo here!

LIVE COVERAGE from the Arnold Sports Festival

The 2012 Arnold Sports Festival has arrive and we’re in Columbus, Ohio covering the epic fitness event. Things get started today and will be going non-stop until the end of Sunday. Lots of amazing athletes of various disciplines will be competing this weekend. While we’ll primarily be focused on the women’s events you can follow all the action here.

If you’re on twitter, you can see the live updates via twitter.com/hardbodynews, twitter.com/MusclePhone, twitter.com/BBcomcontests and twitter.com/RonAvidan. Joining in the coverage? Use the hashtag #asf2012 for the event in all your tweets. You can see what everyone is tweet’n about with that tag by checking out hashtags.org/asf2012.

Visit Bodybuilding.com throughout the weekend for photographic coverage.

Stay tuned for more coverage throughout the weekend. Good luck to everyone competing this weekend.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.