2012 IFBB FLEX Pro Fitness Results & Review

The first IFBB Pro show is in the books and there were some expected results mixed in with a few surprises. Adela Garcia kept her unbeaten streak alive and heads into the Fitness International as the leading lady. Rising in the ranks and finishing in second was Oksana Grishina. Canada’s Myriam Capes rounded out the top three with another consistent showing.



2012 IFBB FLEX Pro Fitness Results
Santa Monica, California
Placing / Name / 2piece / Routine / Final Score
1. Adela Garcia 5 10 15
2. Oksana Grishina 22 22 44
3. Myriam Capes 27 36 63
4. Tanji Johnson 21 56 77
5. Bethany Cisternino 10 72 82
6. Jodi Boam 40 48 88
7. Vanda Hadarean 35 54 89
8. Camala Rodriguez 19 78 97
9. Allison Ethier 51 68 119
10. Sheri Vucick 53 104 157
11. Michele Mayberry 46 112 158
12. Paula Gulman-Williams 60 108 168

HARDBODY Photo: Juliana Daniell Bikini International Competitor

Juliana Daniell positioned herself as one of the top Bikini Pros last year and is already qualified for the 2012 Bikini Olympia. She has an athletic background and was a swimmer in college. She currently cheers for the Atlanta Hawks and is prepping for her first trip to the Arnold Sports Festival where she will be a contender in the Bikini Internationals

This photo has become one of the more popular photos on pinterest.com as I receive emails on a weekly basis asking who it is. Mainly because people have taken the photo and put their own words over it, which is fine and dandy but they crop off the watermark/copyright. Not so dandy. Any whoo, now you can PIN this image and let everyone know who she is. You can see Juliana compete in Columbus and stay updated with her via facebook.

We’ll see ya there!


Photo by LIFTstudios.com – may not be reprinted or used without permission.


2012 Fitness Magazine Covers – Vote For Your Favorite

The new year is right around the corner and with that typically comes new goals, many of which include getting trim and hitting the gym. We’ve gathered six women’s fitness magazines that are hitting store shelves just in time for your New Year’s resolutions. Let’s take a look at each cover and cast your vote for which is your favorite.

2012 fitness magazines

Hardbody Breakdown:
The first thing that stands out to us is that every magazine is using a plain white background. One could argue a colored background would help stand out better but perhaps the magazines have research that shows plain white works best.

Every issue, except Muscle & Fitness HERS, uses large numbers to catch your attention. Call-outs like “Drop 10lbs in 28 days” on the Oxygen cover. FitnessRX for Women uses”Burn 1000 calories” and “101 Superfire tips for fat loss”. SHAPE gives you “12 tricks for better sleep” and they too will help you burn calories but only 600. Makes you wonder how you can burn 400 more calories, right? Maybe, maybe not. Women’s Health offers “465+ Life-Changing Health, Beauty, Nutrition, Style & Fitness Tips”. SELF will help you “lose 2 pounds this week” and offers “50 meals that melt away inches”.

It’s clear that FitnessRX and Muscle & Fitness HERS are showcasing more muscular women and only FitnessRX has a woman holding weights. Those are also the only magazines showing women in work out attire while the others use swimsuits and casual wear.


2012 Fitness Magazine covers

Click image for larger view.

Take a look at the covers and vote for your favorite cover, which you’d most likely buy and also least likely buy. Maybe you like the model in one but not the design or what the call-outs claim to share inside. Maybe you like the photo but not the color or perhaps you don’t like any of them. Let us know your thoughts in the comments field.





Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.