Frenchy’s Protein Crepes Recipe

One of our favorite hard body women, Swann Cardot aka Frenchy, has put together her favorite protein crepes recipe. Crepes originated in France and who better to share how to perfect a protein version than a fit female from France? That’s why we asked Swann to put on her chef hat and whip us up a batch of these bad boys.

A crepe is basically a very thing pancake. They’re often filled with a variety of fillings but it’s not necessary. Give this recipe a shot and let us know how they turn out for you.

Frenchy’s Protein Crepes Recipe

– 6 egg whites*
– 1 scoop of protein of your choice, I usually use a basic flavor like vanilla or peanut butter, but you can play around with different flavors or even mix them together.
– 1 cup of water
– Splenda (about 2 Tsp, depending on your taste for sweetness)
– Salt (just a dash)
– Cinnamon, nutmeg (optional)

Blend all the ingredients very well in a mixer.

Cook in a flat pan using PAM cooking spray, butter flavor.

As for topping, I suggest Walden Farms syrups, it’s 0 calories and tastes banging! For those who have less of a sweet taste like me, you can use Butter Spray.
*You can do the exact same thing replacing the egg whites with 1 cup of Muscle Egg.


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Swann Cardot Aka Frenchy Crowned New IFBB Pro

If you’ve been a visitor to this website the name Swann Cardot is a familiar one. I first interviewed the tiny dancer from France in November of 2011. She put together an impressive winning streak in the amateur NPC Figure ranks and had the looks to match the on-stage physique. Today Swann learned that she was granted IFBB Pro status from her native country of France. She earned IFBB Pro status with her impressive amateur competitions resume. Since she’s not a U.S. Citizen she wasn’t permitted to compete in NPC pro qualifiers.


Swann isn’t the first to successfully petition for a pro card from her native country. Bikini Olympia Champion, Nathalia Melo did it. Dina Al-Sabah did it years ago by cleaning house in Figure. Arnold bound Marcela Tribin petitioned successfully in her homeland of Columbia. Join me in congratulating Swann aka Frenchy in her announcement. Swann shared she was super excited with the news and still in a state of shock. She is looking at the New York Pro as her pro debut.

swan-trxSwann demonstrating her ninja flexibility skills.

Last year around this time we shared “Follow Frenchy” as she headed into the Arnold Amateur. Check it out to learn more about her and her journey to last year’s Arnold Amateur competition. Swann is a great example of never giving up on a goal, staying focused and determined.


Congrats Swann and welcome to the pros. Follow Swann on Twitter & like her Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.