Mallory Haldeman’s Road to The Arnold

Malllory Haldeman will be heading to her first Arnold in just her third year of competing (amateur and pro combined). She shot to the top of the pro ranks after achieving pro status at the 2012 NPC Jr. Nationals. In reality, Mallory has only been an IFBB Pro for a few months but she’s considered a top five contender by many at this year’s Figure International. She’ll be sharing her journey with us here on Hardbody along the way.

Mallory Haldeman – 2013 Figure International Contender

For a few years now, I have wanted to attend the Arnold but never got the chance. It doesn’t quite seem real that my first time there will be on the stage! I am really looking forward to getting on stage with all of these top competitors again. I am most excited to see the changes I have made to my physique during my off season and get the chance to be compared to girls that for so long have been my idols!

I have to admit that the first few weeks of prep are really hard for me. It takes a while for my body to start responding to all the hard work I am putting into it. Unfortunately I am not blessed with the best metabolism, SO my diet HAS to be spot on. And I can’t get away with skipping any of my cardio or conditioning. Once I start to see the changes though, I get much more excited for my gym time! It is also easier to eat the around 1300 calories I get knowing I am where I need to be. 🙂 The first show is also where you get to see all the hard work from the off season shine through and this year, at the Arnold, I am even more excited to see the changes!

I’ll be sharing more soon. Thanks!

Mallory Haldeman

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IFBB Tournament of Champions Photos & Results

The 2012 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure was the last chance to qualify for the Olympia. Rookie Pro, Francine Sablan did what few women have done… win their pro debut. The win means her second pro show will be the Figure Olympia. Fellow rookie Mallory Haldeman finished in the runner-up position and will head to the Olympia as well via the Qualification Points System. The Figure Olympia will be Mallory’s third pro show since achieving pro status at the 2012 NPC Jr. Nationals. In a bit of a surprise, Teresa Anthony was relegated to third. Look for Teresa to be better than ever at the Olympia in less than three weeks.

Our West Coast correspondent, Ron Avidan was in Culver City to capture all the action on and off the stage. Visit for complete results and photos from the 2012 Tournament of Champions.

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