Crush Your Shoulders with Dana Linn Bailey’s Delt Training

Dana Linn Bailey was the first woman to be awarded IFBB Pro status in the Women’s Physique Division. She kept up her first-ever winning ways when she won the inaugural Women’s Physique Olympia Showdown champion last Fall. She’s become one of the most popular women in the IFBB. Sure Dana Linn (or DLB as she’s often referred to) has a hardbody but it’s her personality that helps separate her from fellow competitors.

DLB Delt Training Workout

She has built a physique that is the envy of many and her shoulders are one of her strongest body parts. DLB shares her approach with in this training video and says her approach is simple… “I hit them as hard as I can.” Dana’s training workout reinforces her approach mindset… work, hustle and kill. Check it out.

Dana Linn Bailey’s Delt Homicide
Exercise 1: Superset Bent-over Reverse Cable Flye Face Pull
Exercise 2: Single-Arm Cable Lateral Raise
Exercise 3: Reverse Hammer Strength one-arm press
Exercise 4: Superset Lying Cable Upright Row – Cable Upright Row
Exercise 5: Dumbbell Lateral Raise Pyramid
Exercise 6: Strip Superset – EZ-Bar Cable Front Raise – Plate Raise Dropset

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IFBB Greater Gulf Championships Preview

The women of the IFBB are on stage once again and this time it’s in Metaire, Louisiana. The competition on stage will surpass the scorching temps outside and for y’all wondering – that’s hot. Nearly 250 NPC competitors will also take the stage at NPC Greater Gulf States, a National Qualifier since 1983. Take a look at the Hardbody breakdown of this weekend’s IFBB Bikini & Women’s Physique competition.


1. Stacey Alexander Stacey will return to the Nawlins show once again, only this time as a pro. Stacey took home top honors as a NPC Bikini competitor and will look to repeat as an IFBB pro. She’s the only woman in the line-up qualified for the Olympia however she’s been beaten by a couple of women in this line-up since her Phoenix Pro win. This is her third pro show and will look to finish in the top spots once again.

2. Jessica Arevalo This will be Jessica’s second pro show since achieving the title of IFBB Pro at the 2011 NPC Nationals.  Jessica finished 8th at a very competitive New York Pro last month and should move up from that finish here.

3. Narmin Assria Narmin might be the smallest competitor on stage but don’t let her pint size stature fool you. She’s the mighty mouse of the Bikini division and is looking to head to her first Olympia. She’s in the mix with the new Olympia Qualification Series but a pro win is what every competitor is after. Narmin has the potential to do so and should be in the mix once again here. She’s coming off a third place finish at the Muscle Contest Pro.

4. Jennifer Chapman Jennifer will look to continue her hot streak this weekend. She’s coming off a second place finish at the Toronto Pro and has yet to finish out of the top three this year. Jennifer leads the Olympia qualification series, so even if she doesn’t win the show she could secure more points for an Olympia invite.

5. Christy Cook If the name throws you off, don’t worry it did us too. Prior to this year, she competed as Christy Merritt. Christy burst onto the scene when she took home the 2011 NPC JR USA overall crown. She followed it up with a second place finish in her pro debut and earned and Olympia spot. Since then, she’s struggled to find the top five. This will be her first time on stage this year and with a switch in training camps she’ll be bringing a new look to the stage. We’ll see if the changes put her back in contention for the Olympia

6. Marisa Lee This Georgia peach has a great look. This will be her third pro show since achieve pro status at the 2011 Team Universe event. Marisa just needed to bring her quads down a bit to match her upper body. She was 8th at this year’s IFBB Pittsburgh Pro and will look to move back into the top 5. Marisa finished third at the 2011 Jacksonville Pro, her pro debut.

7. Dayna Maleton Dayna is coming off her highest finish as an IFBB Pro, 4th at the Toronto Super show. She found success in a relatively short time in the NPC ranks but struggled to find her groove in the pro ranks. Dayna’s biggest issue was her presentation but at the Toronto Pro that wasn’t an issue. Dayna has a rock’n physique with a bit more muscle than some but that shouldn’t hold her back from a strong showing here.

8. Christie Marquez Christie has been up and down in her pro placings and will look to crack the top five here. She’s placed 4th on two occasions and has her sights set on moving into the money spots this time out. If she can pose with poise and stay relaxed she has what it takes to do so. At this level of competition it comes down to little details and if she’s refined those she’ll be in the mix.

9. Justine Munro Justine is coming off a slightly disappointing finish in her homeland. She finished sixth at the Toronto pro, a placing that doesn’t reflect what she brought to the stage. If she brings the same presentation and physique to this stage she’ll be in the hunt for the win. Justine has one of the best booties in the game and if her legs are tight she’ll be top three without a doubt, at least on our score sheet.

10. Brittany Tacy Brittany might be one of the most underrated pros in the league today. She has a kick ass physique and one that can hang with the top women in the division. Brittany’s highest finish to date was 4th at the Titans Grand Prix. She’ll have her work cut out for her to match it but she certainly has the potential to surpass it.

11. Summer White Miss White will be making her IFBB Pro debut and will be the dark horse in this line up. She exudes sexiness on stage and if she can harness that and pose with confidence, she’ll be in the mix. Summer turned pro at the 2011 NPC Nationals and many had her winning the overall. Can she make a splash in the top spots her first time out? Don’t bet against it.


1. Tracy Bodner Tracy will return to the stage once again and will look to find her groove in the pro ranks. She took a step back at the St. Louis Pro show when she showed up way too light with her tan. If she comes in how she likes instead of playing a guessing game of what the judges want, she’ll fair better. Tracy is at her best when she’s confident as it shows on stage.

2. La’Drissa Bonivel La’Drissa turned pro at the 2011 NPC USA, a show that rewarded more muscular physiques. The division has shown that women resembling female bodybuilders tend to not fair well. That said, La’Drissa will need to have brought her muscularity down from what we saw in St. Louis if she hopes to crack a top spot here. This will be her third show and will look to improve upon the 9th place finish her last time out.

3. Gloria Faulls Gloria is coming off an 8th place finish at the Toronto Pro show (her pro debut) and should finish better here. She’ll need to watch not being overly vascular when she takes the stage but balance it with her legs tight. It’ll be a balancing act for this Jersey girl but one she should be able to do with the first time jitters out of the way.

4. Karin Kimura Karin will look to continue her winning streak in this her second pro show. Karin successfully made the switch to Physique from Figure and took home top honors at the 2011 NPC Nationals. She followed it up with a close win over Sara Hurrle at the Governor’s Cup in her pro debut. She’s the one to beat at this show however you never know how it will go with a different panel of judges. We got a sneak peek at her one day out and can say she has nothing to worry about, she’s done her homework and looks great.

5. Tamee Marie Tamee will be making her debut in the Women’s Physique division and it should suit her well. She faired well in the NPC ranks as a Figure competitor however turned pro as a Fitness competitor and has yet to find the top five. Tamee is a taller competitor and needs muscle on her frame to not look “stringy” or “skinny”. This division is a good fit for her structure and could be the one she does the best at. Look for her to be in the top call-out if she’s not too hard in her conditioning.

6. Jennifer Robinson Jennifer hasn’t finished out of the top five in over 2 years. She was a leading lady in the NPC Figure ranks and has successfully made the switch to the Women’s Physique division. If she has refined her posing and brings a similar look to that of the St. Louis Pro she’ll be in the hunt for her first win. Jennifer found success on this stage as an amateur figure competitor when she took top honors in 2010. Can she repeat her efforts as a pro? The magic 8-ball says things look promising.

7. Joele Smith Joele has a nice look and placed consistently in the top spots as a pro. Her highest finish was 4th at the Orlando Pro and look for her to be in the mix for a top three here. Joele turned pro at the 2011 NPC Nationals and will be one to watch in this line-up. Joele is coming off a fifth place finish at the New York Pro.

8. Mikaila Soto Mikaila has been to hell and back off stage. While she may not place as well as she likes, she shows that simply taking the stage can be rewarding. Last year, Mikaila suffered an asthma attack and was later diagnosed with pneumonia. She gained nearly 40 pounds due to the medication but proved that a powerful mind can overcome adversity. If she’s able to bring in a physique similar to her Figure days she’ll move up in her final placings.

9. Gina Trochiano – This will be Gina’s debut in the Women’s Physique Division. She fared well as a Figure competitor and made it to the Olympia in 2010. It will be interesting to see what look she brings to the stage in this new division. She could be the dark horse to shake things up in the top spots.

When asked where the must see action of New Orleans is at (besides the on-stage competition of course) Louisiana State Chairman and show promoter Luke L. Tesvich III shared this with us..

You must see Jackson Square, (since 1700’s), St. Louis Cathedral, (behind the Square, also since the 1700’s and the oldest Basilica in the U.S.) the Pontalba Apartments that run along both sides of the Square are the oldest apartment buildings in the U.S. (since the 1700’s) and have Cafe au Lait and Beignets at the corner across from the Square at Cafe du Monde… that is the heart of the French Quarter… within a 3 block radius of the Jackson Square is a multitude of shops, restaurants, Jazz bars, etc…etc.. and Bourbon Street!”

Looks like we’ll have our hands full on and off stage. Follow all the action here on and for live coverage via twitter follow the hashtag #GR8GULF.

Best Western Landmark Hotel Ballroom
2601 Severn Avenue Metairie, LA

Pro Meeting / Check-in: 5pm
Prejudging: 7pm

Finals: 6:30pm

More Information & complete NPC Schedule:


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