2016 Arnold Classic Results – Kai Greene wins

Kai Greene was losing going into the evening round and Cedric McMillan was in the lead. The two flip-flopped in the evening round and it was Kai that came out on top.

2016 Arnold Classic Results
1. Kai Greene
2. Cedric McMillan
3. Josh Lenartowicz
4. Justin Compton
5. Branch Warren
6. Juan Morel
7. Maxx Charles
8. Evan Centopani
9. Lukas Wyler
10. Cody Montgomery
11. Johnnie Jackson
12. Toney Freeman

Candice Lewis Wins a Record-Tieing Fifth Show

Candice Lewis’ win at the 2012 IFBB Pro World Figure Championships puts her in elite company. The win in Miami over the weekend ties her for the most pro wins in one year, a record held by Erin Stern and Nicole Wilkins. Lewis started her 2012 season in May at the Pittsburgh Pro. She finished in 7th place there but since that time she’s been on a roll. Aside from the Olympia (where she also placed 7th) she has yet to lose a show. A pretty impressive feat for someone who has only been pro for little more than one year.

figure pro world
Rookie Kamla Macko was nipping at her heels but had to settle for second place, the third runner-up finish in her pro career. Kamla achieved IFBB pro status at the 2012 USAs and has finished in the top five in each of her four pro shows. Rounding out the top three was another rookie on fire, Dana Ambrose. Dana turned pro in June, at the 2012 NPC JR Nationals, and since that time has notched three top three finishes. She was third in her pro debut in Houston, second in Kentucky and then third again here. Look for her to be on the Olympia stage in 2013 if she continues to stay consistent.

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2012 IFBB Pro World Championships Results:
1. Candice Lewis
2. Kamla Macko
3. Dana Ambrose
4. Elisha Archibold
5. Dawn Fernandez
6. Kenyatta Jones-Arietta
7. Krista Dunn
8. Maria Jose Garcia
9. Agnese Russo
10. Satrice Rigsby
11. Kim Seeley
12. Monica Labriola
13. Heather Grace
14. Jennifer DeJoya
15. Paula Frega
16. Amanda Marinelli
16. Marie Pierre Ripert

Olympic Results: Women’s 100 Meters

Team USA had three women in the Olympic 100 meter finals but only one was able to medal. Despite all three women running 11 seconds, only Carmelita Jeter’s 10.78 was fast enough to land in the top three. Jamaica’s Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce captured gold, USA’s Carmelita took home silver and Jamaica’s Veronica Capbell-Brown leaves with bronze.

Team USA’s Tianna Madison and Allyson Felix were just outside the medal times and finished in 4th and 5th respectively.

2012 London Olympic Women’s 100 Meter Finals
1. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 10.75
2. Carmelita Jeter 10.78
3. Veronica Campbell-Brown 10.81
4. Tianna Madison 10.85
5. Allyson Felix 10.89
6. Kelly-Ann Baptiste 10.94
7. AHOURE Murielle 11.00
8. OKAGBARE Blessing 11.01

2012 NPC Colorado State Championships Results and Photos

The NPC Colorado State Championships were held on July 14th in Denver, Colorado. Promoter Jeff Taylor move the venue to the Buell Theater, located in downtown Denver. The Overall winners of this event not only received the title of being the state champion they also take home a Josten’s sterling silver ring an a $250 Tokyo Joe’s Gift Card. Each competitor who entered also received a $25 Tokyo Joe’s gift card.

Bikini 35-40
1- Lara Fortune
2- Melissa Lorenzo
3- Gianna Ficco
4- Seaira Caldwell
5- Michelle Poirier
6- Christina Rockwell

Bikini 40+
1 – LeeAnn Johnson
2 – Lisa Romero
3 – Colleen Ruppe
4- Tracy Ludlow
5- Robin Repass
6- Jenny Brown
7- Heidi Boerstler

Overall Bikini Age Group Winner: LeeAnn Johnson

Bikini Novice A

1- Kendra Taylor

Bikini Novice B
1 – Emily Patton
2 – Nicole Mulleady
3 – Megan Varner
4 – Nita Williams
5 – Christina Rockwell
6 – Angela Giulitto
7 – Shaina Downing
8 – Olga Kirilchuk

Bikini Novice C
1 – Melissa Lorenzo
2 – Porcia Thompson
3 – Jackie Parra
4 – Brianne Bateman
5 – Julia Bell
6 – Nicole Maher

Bikini Novice D
1- Tarrah Speer
2- Aome Selk
3- Tanisha Millard
Bikini Novice Overall
Emily Patton

Bikini Open Class A
1- Sheina Heinicke
2- Jaime Benson
3- Jessica Romero

Bikini Open Class B
1- Chloe Miller
2- Gianna Ficco

Bikini Open Class C

1- Emily Patton
2- Krystie Velasco
3- Nita Williams
4- Christina Rockwell
5- Nicole Mulleady
6- Shaina Downing
7- Robin Repass
8- Olga Kirilchuk

Bikini Open Class D
1- Lisa Romero
2- Melissa Lorenzo
3- Jackie Parra
4- Jessica Romero(a)
5- Colleen Ruppe
6- Lara Fortune
7- Julia Bell

Bikini Open Class E

1- Alyssa Gross
2- Kelsea Androes
3- LeeAnn Johnson
4- Porchia Thompson
5- Tarrah Speer
6- Tracy Ludlow

Bikini Open Class F
1- Jenn Anderson
2- Whitney Rawlings
3- Dawn Weigum
4- Aome Selk
5- Inayah Hays

Bikini Overall CO STATE Champion and Winner of The RING: Emily Patton!

Figure 35-40
1- Tera Harrington
2- Andrea Willems
3- Shannon Mullin
4- LeeAnn Samaco

Figure 40-45
1- Renee Bosco
2- Angel Granieri
3- Linda Potter
4- Katherine Ewald

Figure 45-50
1- Sandy Davis
2- Leasa Schwaebe
3- Cynthia Rickerd

Figure 50+
1- Gina Dawn Thorpe
2- Missy Moore-Lee

Age Group Figure Overall Champion – Tera Harrington

Figure NOVICE A Class
1 – Sandy Davis
2 – Andrea Willems
3 – Cynthia Rickerd
4 – Katherine Ewald

Figure NOVICE B Class
1- Jeri Kafoed
2- Gina Dawn Thorpe

Figure NOVICE C Class

1- Jamie Byron
2- Shannon Mullin
3- Shannon Stitt


1 – Missy Moore-Lee

Fitness Overall CO STATE Champion and Winner of The RING:Missy Moore-Lee

OPEN Figure A Class
1 – Amy Manzanares
2 — Sandy Davis
3 — Andrea Willems
4 — Eraca Lee Sprague

OPEN Figure B Class

1 — Stephanie Spencer
2 – Tera Harrington
3 — Jeri Kofoed
4 — Angel Granieri
5 — Macy Mullins

OPEN Figure C Class
1 – Renee Bosco
2 — Amy Laner
3 — Jamie Byron
4 — Shannon Stitt
5 — Sarah Bork

OPEN Figure D Class
1 — Noora Kuusivuori
2 — Jessica Walter
3 — Linda Potter
4 — Jennifer Helms
5 — Amy Ferguson

OPEN Figure Overall CO STATE Champion & Winner of The RING:

Stephanie Spencer

Women’s Physique 40+
1- Sandy Davis
2- Mercy Gonzales

Women’s Physique A
1- Laura Gutilla
2- Sandy Davis
3- Angie Sprague

Women’s Physique B
1- Megan Casey
2- Mercy Gonzales

Women’s Physique C
1- Dalia McNeil

Women’s Physique CO State Overall Champion and Winner of The Ring: Laura Gutilla

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