Crush Your Shoulders with Dana Linn Bailey’s Delt Training

Dana Linn Bailey was the first woman to be awarded IFBB Pro status in the Women’s Physique Division. She kept up her first-ever winning ways when she won the inaugural Women’s Physique Olympia Showdown champion last Fall. She’s become one of the most popular women in the IFBB. Sure Dana Linn (or DLB as she’s often referred to) has a hardbody but it’s her personality that helps separate her from fellow competitors.

DLB Delt Training Workout

She has built a physique that is the envy of many and her shoulders are one of her strongest body parts. DLB shares her approach with in this training video and says her approach is simple… “I hit them as hard as I can.” Dana’s training workout reinforces her approach mindset… work, hustle and kill. Check it out.

Dana Linn Bailey’s Delt Homicide
Exercise 1: Superset Bent-over Reverse Cable Flye Face Pull
Exercise 2: Single-Arm Cable Lateral Raise
Exercise 3: Reverse Hammer Strength one-arm press
Exercise 4: Superset Lying Cable Upright Row – Cable Upright Row
Exercise 5: Dumbbell Lateral Raise Pyramid
Exercise 6: Strip Superset – EZ-Bar Cable Front Raise – Plate Raise Dropset

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Get Hardbody with Nicole Wilkins’ Shoulder Workout

Looking to build bigger shoulders? Maybe you’re bored with your current shoulder training plan and looking for a few new exercises. Check out how Figure Olympia champ trains her shoulders in this video produced by Nicole takes you through her shoulder routine and offers a few tips along the way. The champ also shows you some of her gymnastic skills, yes Nicole competed in Fitness before she became the Figure champion she is today.

Let us know what you think of the workout after you give it a try.

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