Five Tips & Tricks for a Flawless Valentine’s Day

Looking forward to that PERFECT Valentine’s Day night with someone special? Have you been prepping to make sure everything goes according to plan? This Valentine’s Day, make sure to prep with these essential tips to make the night (and yourself!) flawless – from start to goodnight-kiss finish!


Tip #1: All About the Fragrance:
Looking your best is just part of it – you also have to feel your best, and SMELL your best! Research shows that a large part of attraction is based on smell, so make sure you grab the perfect perfume for the big day! For Valentine’s Day, a floral fragrance is ideal. If you don’t normally wear perfume, consider a scented body lotion or oil for just a touch of scent that he won’t forget.

Tip #2: Look great, no matter what “time of the month” it may be: We girls know that “that time” comes around RIGHT when you don’t want it – unnecessary bloating, horrible cramps can leave you feeling terrible. To combat PMS symptoms, try Girl Uninterrupted®, a fresh, new and all-natural approach to PMS relief. It’s composed of an all-natural blend of essential amino acids and herbs that have been specifically formulated to directly address those common symptoms of PMS. With Girl Uninterrupted, you’ll be able to curb bloating to fit into that gorgeous red dress and keep those PMS side effects at bay!

Tip #3: Get Your Beauty Sleep. More than just a pretty-making mechanism, sleep is an essential component to staying slim. During those coveted 8hrs of shut-eye, your digestive system is pumping hard to process your food, metabolizing carbohydrates and breaking down fats – so make sure you don’t skimp out on sleep before the big day so you can look (and feel!) your best!

Tip #4: Moisturize!
Valentine’s Day can leave you stressed, but your skin should be the last of your worries before the big day! Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated, smooth and unaffected by changes in air and temperature that usually dry out skin.

Tip #5: Pre-Dinner Workout: Whether you’ve been working out every day before Valentine’s Day or you barely managed to hit the gym, a quick workout before you go out with your guy can help bring color to your cheeks, achieve that natural glow and can help settle nerves while you tone! Try a small circuit of pushups, squats, crunches and high knees to get your heart rate up and tone specific areas before your night out.

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Nicole Nagrani’s 10 Fit Tips For Students

Champion Bikini Pro, Nicole Nagrani shares a few tips on how she stays in top shape while attending college. Anyone who has attended college knows it’s not easy to eat healthy but it can be done. How does Nicole juggle prepping for a show while attending class, finishing home work, eating all her meals and working out? Find out she avoided the “Freshman 15” and more in her top ten fit tips for students.



By Nicole Nagrani

When attending school, things can get really busy when you have to go to class, finish homework, make time for studying, workout, find (healthy) food to eat, and attempt to have a social life. Yes, they say college days are your best days, but the way you treat your body in your adult-forming years can have a huge impact on your future health. Also, by forming good habits early on, you are more likely to continue taking care of yourself as you get older.

I began competing in the NPC as a teen figure competitor when I began college. Initially, my plan wasn’t to compete, but I was just attempting to avoid the “freshman 15” by eating healthy and working out. A lot of students are going out on their own for the first time and don’t really know how to acclimate to the new freedom they are given so they go buck wild with the partying, junk food, and staying up all night. Well, I have a few tips that worked for me that helped me stick to being healthy when I began college.

1. SET GOALS – Before you embark on your fitness journey, make goals for yourself and write them down. You are more likely to achieve what you set out for if you know exactly what you want to accomplish.

2. PRIORITIZE – If you are student, whether you are in high school, college, masters program or any type of educational institution, obviously your studies are most important. Then from there, you need to determine what is most important to you. If working out is really important to you to improve your overall well-being once you lay out all of your tasks on the table, then make sure it actually become a priority!

3. MAKE A SCHEDULE – When planning out your week ahead of time, include your classes, when you would want to workout, what body part you plan on training, when you’d have time to study, and when you’d have time to rest. This way if you follow your schedule you will get everything accomplished that you need.

4. EAT RIGHT – It is definitely not easy to make healthy choices at college, especially if you are on a meal plan. BUT… it is possible! You just have to be conscious about the choices you are making and really attempt to stay away from the garbage. Also, you can always stock up on healthy foods that are easy to grab on the go like tuna, rice cakes, carrots, and so on.

5. GET A WORKOUT PARTNER – It’s easy to let your busy day wear you out and prevent you from hitting the gym. If you have a scheduled workout with a friend you are less likely to stand them up.

6. WORKOUT WITH MUSIC – I can’t even tell you how many times I go into the gym at my University and feel like its social hour. People go there to see friends, talk in between sets, and really just create more distractions for themselves. If you wear headphones, you are less likely to pay attention to the dude trying to interrupt your workout and get your number!

7. DRESS NICE – I am a firm believer in the idea that if you look good, you feel good. Even if I have class at 8 am, I make sure I get up ahead of time to make sure I look cute because it really reflects on my mood. When I look cute it gives me a better attitude to approach my day, and I can better apply myself to whatever I am doing. This also goes for the gym. If you wear sloppy clothes and look like hell, once you start seeing people you know you are going to want to get out of that gym ASAP. Get some cute outfits so you feel comfortable in the gym and want to sport your new attire when you’re working on your fitness!

8. STUDY – When you apply your mind, you actually burn calories. Your brain utilizes a lot of nutrients that you put in your body. So maybe if you think of studying as a second workout, it wont be such a pain to actually get done!

9. GET YOUR FRIENDS INVOLVED – When you are at school and away from home, you really rely on your friends that you make to comfort you. If you’re friends are also interested in working out and eating healthy, then if you all are doing it, it will be much easier. Believe me, I know what its like to be sitting around all of your friends eating pizza and drinking beers while they repeatedly try and get you to join them against your own will. So maybe if they were all on the same page as you, you wouldn’t have such a hard time resisting them.

10. LEARN BALANCE – Nobody said that if you want to eat healthy and workout, that you can’t enjoy some of the indulgences that come with being a student. Every once in a while it’s a good thing to go out and enjoy yourself and maybe have a drink or so. It won’t kill you. Don’t deprive yourself of the experience, but learn how to balance yourself between your fitness goals and college fun.


Follow Nicole on twitter at @NicoleNagrani and like her Facebook page. You can watch Nicole compete at the  Arnold Sports Festival where she will attempt to reclaim her title of Bikini International Champion. Cisit for more information.

Video: Reebok Crossfit Champion Annie Thorisdottir’s Four Simple Training Tips

Two-time Reebok Crossfit Champion Annie Thorisdottir shares four simple but helpful tips in this Reebook Crossfit training video. She quickly describes and demonstrates pull-ups, the barbell snatch, kettlebell swing and push-ups. It’s a quick video that provides some helpful insight to getting started with basic Crossfit exercises.

1. Pull-ups and variations
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Lead image compiled from youtube video.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.